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Nathanael D. Striker

U.S. Government Set to Shutdown for Third Time This Year

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Three migrant children died in US custody, while others are being molested. I frankly don't by their excuse that administering the vaccines would be so difficult for them. Incidentally, reports of sexual abuse increased specifically while the family separation policy as in place.
But sure, I guess some random list copied from Imam Tawhidi is clearly a coherent counterargument, even though it has been continuously proven false.

Nunes is suing a parody of a cow because it said mean things about him. Nunes is not a legitimate example, and this is more about Nunes filing a frivolous lawsuit (Something that he himself has condemned in the past), and he's all but admitted to abusing the legal system to attack journalists.



So Devin didn't even bother to show up to the hearing to dismiss his case against Twitter. No ruling for another seven to ten days, though the judge left open the possibility that the case against Twitter would be dismissed from Virginia, which was largely irrelevant to Devin's grievances.




Meanwhile, the DOJ mistakenly included a blog post from a white supremacist site. While the DOJ condemned the post, they acknowledged that post was indeed supporting white supremacy, and as such should not have been included. However, it does follow Trump singling out Jews as "disloyal" if they vote for Democrats. Because, you know, singling out Jews as disloyal doesn't have any historical precedent related to genocide.

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19 states have failed a lawsuit to prevent the Trump administration from holding migrant children in these concentration camps indefinitely. The states cite the government's aforementioned decision to refuse providing basic hygiene, adequate food, and clean water, which a discredited far-right troll had lied about.

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