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Sudden Doomsday

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Sudden Doomsday
[Normal Spell]

To activate this card, you must draw it for your normal draw in your Draw Phase, reveal it, and keep it revealed until your Main Phase 1. During the start of your Main Phase 1 that same turn: You can activate this card from your hand. Send all cards on the field to the GY. Neither player can activate cards in response to this card's activation.

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The card has a powerful effect: non-destruction field wipe. Of course, it would most likely be used as a last resort if your opponent has the edge, or to simply remove any of your opponent's persisting cards if you believe you can recover and potentially KO your opponent. It's restrictions make it more balanced: you must draw it for your normal Draw Phase to activate it, and if you choose not to when you do, it remains a dead card in your hand. This makes it viable for discard fodder or for a shuffle into the Deck (which might prove to be a viable strategy). Any Archetype or Deck that utilizes in searching rather than drawing would do well with this card, since searching for cards removes the chance of adding this card to your hand when you can't use it—in contrast to drawing, in which anything is possible (all you have to do is believe). In short, this card is restricted to what kinds of Decks or strategies it can play in, but it is, when used right, an effective card in the right kind of Deck. My two cents.

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