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Update our anti spam measures perhaps


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IDK what anti spam measures we have right now, but clearly they aren't working. How should we fix this?


edit: Meant to say "Spambot"


One idea would be to have people look up the 6 digit ID passcode on a card:


EG http://yugioh.wikia....i/Dark_Magician is 46986414 Its easy to google but hard for a bot to guess. Maybe we can ask for the cover card on a certain booster pack? That would also be easy to google but hard for a bot to guess. EG Q: What is the cover card of "Code of the duelist?"  A: Firewall Dragon

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The bots must have gotten around Sakura's antibot measures. You know, the admin's name, name of the site, etc.?




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From a forum perspective, there isn't much that we can physically do, generic security passwords don't actually stop that many bots (regardless of complexity) I mean don't get me wrong, it definitely somewhat helps but in the grand scheme of things it won't much solve anything.


We can look at adding some more complex questions just to at least somewhat ease the pain, the only thing that I can suggest as of now is to just continue to report them and we will clear them as and when they pop up - it's frustrating but so long as you realize it's a spambot they are fairly easy to ignore, obviously the potentially harmful nature of the links are a major cause for concern which is definitely something that the staff team acknowledges and we will continue to do all in our power to get rid of them.

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