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Are they necessary? Or just in the way of progress?


Not so much the idea of them, as people who have them connect through them, but just the ones that people cling to for the sole reason of not letting things go for no real benefit.



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I believe that traditions shouldn't be a way to set a certain line of thought, idea, or decision in stone. However I do think they're important to give people peace of mind and comfort. So as long as they don't get used as a reason not to consider change I think they're fine.




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Hobsbawm is a pretty good guy to read up on about this subject imo.


Traditions are not practical but their emotional value is pretty important. A lot of nations had to rely partly on traditions to construct their national identities and communities. Traditions claim perpetuity (oftentimes falsely but that doesn't matter) which provides a feeling of legitimacy which can be pretty important. It's not as simple a matter as just hoping they'd disappear so progress can happen, as detrimental to progress as they may be. Traditions will continue to exist, some of them will continue to impede progress, and new ones will continue to be invented.

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