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Alligator Archetype

- - - - - Alligator Reptile Support


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This is a series of cards I thought of similar to that of Thunder Dragons ( cards that work well as an archetype together but offer good generic support to their type ). 


The origin card for this set is Lion Alligator 


I will be releasing this archetype in a series of waves, so please leave your thoughts below :D 


Cards To Consider With This Archetype


Wave 1



Spoiler For My Spoilers :3




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I think its very creative to take that 1 card and expand it this much, so great job on that. Right now, I can't really see a win condition, so that's something that needs to change. Even in a first wave, there needs to be some strategy to actually win the game.


Probably the weakest card here is the field spell. Partially because I don't know how I feel about tying Snake Rain directly into the archetype, and partially because I don't think it actually adds anything. This might be the type of card you would want to restrict your opponent in some way, if you control a large number of Alligator monsters. Or maybe have them stun the field, a little like Watts used to do.

Needs a Link or Xyz monster to take advantage. Although, personally I'd change the levels and just stick to Links. Might give you more capital to make your monster effects stronger.

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