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[DANE] *A LOT OFF* Random Stuff


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Monster cards


Spell cards


Trap cards


Source: https://ygorganization.com/



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Hello Mashoudou in countdown. :D

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Well, let us start with the more or less game changing releases (and some interesting support cards).

1.) Null Nun & Blooming Dogwood: Life Points are (while you get this card) are definitely indirectly more secure, given that unproportional spam now makes it harder to finish your opponent

     and we finally have a life gain card that is actually worthwhile and generic, this is definitely among my favourite hand traps, if not my favourite hand trap and a different approach on Maxx "C"

     and we definitely require a card like it to keep snowball spamming in check.


2.) Assault Sniper: We now have 6 copies of the main monster Assault decks want to aim for, it prevents itself from being abused for non-Assault plays and increases the effective copies of Psy-Reflector from 5

     (E-Tele, One for One, 3 copies of itself) to 11 copies (E-Tele, One for One, 3 copies of Psy-Reflector, Tenki and Assault Sniper) and allows them to access all Assault Mode monsters with Psy Reflector.

     Beyond that this card makes Psy-Reflector consistent enough to justify Telekinetic Power Well.


3.) Which Starling: Our second directly Position dependent monsters, the effects are hardly impressive, though the concept appears to be expanded on, which is a good thing.


4.) Mortschlag: An Equip Spell, which makes it rather difficult to kill Normal Summoned monsters with high ATK, unless you remove it with Spell/Trap cards or remove Mortschlag.

                        This card is nice to have in the game and useful in Normal Summon reliant decks and can make them a bit better (an example would be Evil Eye, which already have an Equip Spell to do tackle these

                        weaknesses and Magical Musketeers).

                        Propably not a competetive card by any means (at least for now), however interesting.


5.) Mashoudou: A more tame version of Kaiser Colosseum and propably an indicator we are not getting Kaiser Colosseum back (any time soon).

Black D'Sceptyr

Black D'Sceptyr

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Landing Podship looks like something you build toward in a mid-game that may or may not be allowed to happen-but I love it anyways. 7.8.

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The Eternal Debate: Can another Duel Spirit turned Boss-in-Three go together with Yubel in harmony?

I mean, s'not like I'm wholly obsessed with the greatest antagonist in Yugioh history some random Duel Spirit or something...

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