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[Written] Timeless Justice, Anti-Chrono | Time-based New Year card turned YCM revival celebration card!

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Timeless Justice, Anti-Chrono

DARK / Level 8 / Psychic / Fusion / Effect


2 non-Token Monster you control and/or in your hand


If this card is Special Summoned, Based on the other Duel result(s) of this current Match that you either Lose and/or Win you can apply 1 or both the following effects.

@ Lose: This card gain 2500 ATK. reduce the amount that would be gained by 400 for each of your turn that passed on the Duel that you Lose. Also while this card is face-up, This card cannot be destroyed by card effect

@ Win: While this card is face-up, This card cannot be Targeted by opponent card effect


ATK 2500 / DEF 2300


as the title suggest, this is supposed to be posted on NY yesterday. the card itself is monster that like Matchwinner has Match based effect although another take on it by being stronger in different ways depending on the current result of your match-up. in a single duel is still a generic 2500/2300 vanilla for 2 monster your own (well i kinda want to prevent Super-poly shenanigans first unless you guys thinks this is okay)

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