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I am new to this forum!

__Blank__ New Person


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First I will Introduce Myself:


Hello Fellow duelists, I am Sora, otherwise known as Blank, I like to create handles around my favorite series and I really find myself leering in the direction of High Stakes Gambling Animations such as:


Deadman Wonderland, as well as Compulsive Gambler, and especially No Game No Life


I also really Enjoy my share of other 18+ Material Animes, especially ones with Epic Battles, Spell Battles, or otherwise decent Plot and Story Line along with Emotional reactions.


I have experience with Yu-Gi-Oh itself, as well as Tournaments, Communities and the like.


I came upon this Community by chance on viewing it from a branch from a reddit post I read, and I saw it was theorizing why people didn't know about Dueling Book, mainly they seemed to stem from it's creation point, and as an active till it died member from DNF, I can easily state that's because there was a good chunk of people who thought it was "funny" to post [Don't Click it's a virus] in response to the site's link being posted. As it was suffering lag issues other users may have felt *due to lack of knowledge* that a virus was affecting their connection and quit out instantly, I am guilty of this assumption as my own connection was less than pleasurable.


Pleased to meet you all, and I hope to be a Positive Influence to this Community. I also have Experience with Judging, Hosting Tournaments, and I frequently used to do my own in the old days, especially Goat when I found a number of people took interest in it.


I am finding myself branching away from Dueling Book, due to personal reasons, and I found that there is a community, or few that are bigger than the one I am part of, so I am seeking a new Social Group, as I dislike my previous one (It's just not for me).


Hope to have some good competitive Duels as well, I am challenging clans when I find them on DB and some accept my challenge and are more of a disappointment when I find out some have to re-read their cards. I am a speed duelist and do not take time to think as much, and prefer duelists of the same level to that.


Let's all have fun and play together!

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Hi blank, you ever heard of OCG my man?





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Hi Blank. Tell me what you know about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise.
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