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The Grand Collection

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All decks are made by me. I will be posting them in order, from best to worst.


Thirst of the Yamimakai: https://www.duelingb...deck?id=3111766


Advent of the Vylswarms: https://www.duelingb...deck?id=2800152


Evolved Aliens: https://www.duelingb...deck?id=2935827


New: Sewers of the Vurko: https://www.duelingb...deck?id=3132300


New Path Of the Bujin: https://www.duelingb...deck?id=3073241


Enlightment of the Arcana: https://www.duelingb...deck?id=2990793


You will notice that with the exception of the vylswarms, which are themed after the 10 plagues of egypt, the rest of these are all connected to the Entity archtype, which I am treating kinda like how Konami treats the "World Legacy" cards.


If you have any suggestions or questions, I'm all ears. I'm especially interested in people's opinions about the Yamimakai normal monsters' flavor text (king excluded of course).

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