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Is Yu-Gi-Oh a Circus? [Written] (15/15)

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Masquerade Jester

Masquerade Jester


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Is Yu-Gi-Oh a Circus?

The Jesters sure think so! The Jesters are here to create mayhem. Jumping around, Returning to the hand, and Being wild. The Jesters are full of tricks. They may start of small, but no Circus is just one person. All of the Jester's boost of each other and get stronger the more of them on the field.

This is the best show in town coming to you soon!!!



Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Jester's Circus.















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These are well thought out. I love the idea as a rogue strategy, the engine is fluid...well in a vacuum, that is. Alone these are perfect, but if you add in the current cards of the game these effects become a bit too good. I love the acrobatic approach, bouncing to field back to hand, very nice. The card "one for one" would make this go balistic. At least in theory. I do love the nature of them, my issue is I don't know how to fix them to work with all cards without them losing their charm.

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