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Invader Zim

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Do you like Invader Zim? Of course you do. With rumors of a TV movie (possible revival of the show in the near future of 2019) Let's talk about the show that did not do well at first then got a cult following.


theme song




trailer for new upcoming project(movie?/special?)

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Gir was funny. In my Return of the Mobius Bloodline fanfic, he was a member of the Legion of Dumb.

You know, a lot of times people just bring up Gir. Even though he's a minor character compared to Zim. But not many people give as much of the light to Zim.


Shame really, because I really like seeing the alien fumble between human interactions. Plus, his voice is great. Same voice actor even voiced Razputin Aquato in Psychonauts.


Show is great to watch, even if off at some points. Like the organs episode. That aside, if this did get a revival, I'd at least want Richard Hordvitz to reprise his role.

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