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[CP19] T.G. Gear Zombie


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CP19-JP026 G ギア・ゾンビ Tech Genus Gear Zombie (T.G. Gear Zombie)
Level 1 DARK Zombie Tuner Effect Monster
ATK 600
You can only use this card name’s effect once per turn.
(1) You can target 1 “T.G.” monster you control; Special Summon this card from your hand, then that target loses 1000 ATK.



Lee Cheng Men

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Oh, they're making the remaining T.G. from the anime as well, NICE!!! Decreasing a TG's ATK to SS itself seems pretty good, and it's WAY too easy to do so!

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Card looks pretty legit. It specials itself for free, and gives you more access to Trident Launcher without the need for needlefiber ( though have needlefiber would definitely make this card even better ). 



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A free Special Summon off a Tuner in T.G. is nice plus looking at wiki the other remaining T.G. cards as far as I can see that will appear with this for OCG/TCG are Drill Fish and Metal Skeleton.
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