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Pokemon Let's Go Johto Edition

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I managed to beat Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. But that got me thinking, the pokemon you can transfer to from Pokemon go is for lack of a better word... Limited. I mean just Kanto pokemon?


So, why not have other Let's Go Editions of the other pokemon games? But how would that work? I mean sure we could have Pokemon Let's Go Marill version or Pokemon Let's Go Togepi version? But would that work?


Also, how can we get the Johto starters in one playthrough? I mean Pokemon Crystal only let's you pick one starter, and how would Silver's team work?


Though it would be nice to see Whitney actually crying instead of just having text read to us about it.


Also, have a mix of all Johto games in this, and have the kimono dancers be based on their anime counterparts.


And this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Megas of Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr.


What do you guys think?

Here's to Fire Emblem Warriors.
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Astro, don't make threads for things that don't exist. I said it in the SwSh thread you made and it applies here too, if something isn't confirmed it doesn't need a thread
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