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Cloning city(Field spell) and support card

warrior field spell fusion archetype


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Cloning city

field spell 


this card gains effects based on how many fighter edge monsters you control 

1 or more .Once per turn When a fighter Edge monster is normal summoned you can add 1 'Fighter Edge' monster from your graveyard to your hand

2 or more .'Fighter Edge' monsters you control cannot be targeted by card effects 

3 or more .Once per turn you can discard 1 card to special summon 1 'Fighter Edge monster from the graveyard'

4 or more.you can return 1 'Fighter edge' fusion monster in your graveyard to destroy all monsters your opponent controls. 

5 .'Fighter edge' monsters cannot be destroyed by battle 





Fighter Edge Jetguy

level 4 LIGHT warrior effect 

you can discard this card to add 1 'Cloning city' from your deck to your hand while this card is face up on the field 'Cloning City' can not be targeted by card effects if this card is face up on the field and 'Cloning city' is not destroy this card. 


ATK 2100 DEF 800



anyone looking at these cards could you please leave a rate out of ten so like eg Cloning City 7/10 Fighter Edge Jetguy 6/10

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this is part of your Fighter Edge Archetype right? please put this in the Fighter Edge thread by editing the 1st post. this is so any member can post without being flooded by multiple thread of related cards that take thread slots. all for fair viewing


i personally not liking numeral scoring. often times too subjective for my liking. i rather point out the flaw and advantage of that card

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