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[DP22] Dark Occultism


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Dark Occultism
Normal Spell
-You can only use each of this card name's (1) and (2) effects once per turn.
(1) Discard 1 card; add 1 "Destiny Board" or Level 8 Fiend monster from your Deck or GY to your hand.
(2) During your Main Phase, except the turn this card was sent to the GY: You can banish this card from your GY; place any number of "Destiny Board" and/or "Spirit Message" cards from your hand or GY on the bottom of the Deck in any order, then draw the same number of cards.<Ignition-like>





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The trap lets you speed up the win as well???? Just gotta get Cursed in grave and both Dark Spirits say fuck everything else.


I've been wanting Bakura legacy support for so long and I am so fucking happy

Rep Card by Jay, a friend I won't forget

Thank You

Mission Accomplished


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yeah this is really good


decent search effect


and neat setup reset with added bonus of up to +5 like nobody business



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Searching Destiny Board and allowing you to possibly recur your win condition if it's destroyed by your opponent ( Pretty important since your opponent can MST it ). This is a pretty legit piece of support. 



Spoiler For My Spoilers :3



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Anyone else notice you can search Lava Golem with this?  (Glad Grinder ain't around for this.)  



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A clean 3-of for any destiny board build, and at least a 1-of for monarchs, as it searches mega caius.


also, infernoid/destiny board draw in combination with the new necrofear card. I really like this.

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nothing of interest

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Gonna be copypasting from Drew's vid on these cards, but here we go. 


(start quote)


It really helps if you see the majority of the Legendary Duelist support as stealth support of other rogue Archetypes. Like, Weevil's was stealth Inzektor support due to the combos with the equips, and Mako's is stealth Atlanteans, because...yeah, lets be real, Citadel Whale is a cheaper Poseidra and still triggers their effects. And fends off targeting, giving them oodles of defensive potential where they once struggled outside of Abyssgaios. 
For Bakura? This is looking to be a cross between supporting D/D/D's and Infernoids. Latter one is obvious: Banish 3 o' those buggers for Onuncu or Devyaty, shuffle them back in the Deck for Curse Necrofear-it's basically taking up the spot Snow once did in the Deck, and nukes boards should you leave Frozen Void or Void Imagination up. The other cards, outside of Final Sentence, however, look to help out the D/D/Ds (and maybe Dark World) get out their big hitters. Especially considering that the proper discards chain off themselves (coughDangers!cough)
(end quote)
So yeah, this is the best of the bunch-Vlaine was already very helpful in pointing out which of these cards worked with what, but a generic Level 8 Fiend Searcher helps so many Decks-Mega Monarchs, D/D/Ds, Dark Worlds, Demise Ritual, Archfriends, even Magical Muskets (Zakiel's Level is looking less and less like a mistake NOW, isn't it). And within Destiny Board, this helps easily recover if the chain is interrupted and possibly allows you to make out like a bandit in hand advantage too. 9.4/10.

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I mean, s'not like I'm wholly obsessed with the greatest antagonist in Yugioh history some random Duel Spirit or something...

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