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How do I get a better understanding of the current state of the game?


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I feel like I'm still only capable of dueling and creating cards at the yugioh gx level where turns were much shorter and things were simpler. What would people recommend for me to get up to speed?

If you duel with your cards and have stories to share, then this thread is for you: http://forum.yugiohc...sharing-thread/

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how katio vs mizael should have ended

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Mm... You're actually touching on a bigger problem than you might realize. I think it's worth its own topic though.

That said, shifting mindset is difficult. I suppose the best way is by seeing/experiencing the top decks and getting a "feel" for the individual cards before making your own. A quicker way might just be making cards (regardless) and others will help scale things up/down until you get a good feel for it

...both of these fall (one way or another) into the bigger issue though.
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