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Double Whammy (Wake Me Up Before Bosses Go-Go...)

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But no seriously, look at this trap, and find the words to describe that doesn't involve five syllables of the word "overcompensation". 


Or "overkill".




Double Whammy: Info


So, turning two monsters into vanillas with extra steps. A tale as old as Magical Hats, and as young as Miraculous Hats. This time, however, it immobilizes their movements, and takes them both out. Outside of the normal applications, this essentially helps to put holes in the enemy formation, and every Total War: Three Kingdoms fan may have some thoughts on how valuable that advantage is.


Well, that and never trusting Lu Bu, but I digress.


Also, this cleans up nicely after the Kaijus if you're not an "Eyes Restrict" or "Crusadia" fan, and this card definitely works well with destruction effects. And banishment effects, considering it circumnavigates, but still treats both monsters as being banished (hullo Thunder Dragons and Shiranui.)


Also, it becomes Treacherous Trap Hole if your opponent decides to get froggy with the Sky Striker plays, and hits at the end of the turn too-so good luck trying to evade your best board being sniped at.


Something for everyone, that's considered okay, yes?




Well then. Until the next card: Reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.

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