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Black D'Sceptyr

Medusa Helgramite (Take Two By Two/ Under My Skin/ Show My Life/ Burn My Sin)

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coming for everything including that booty




This is on @@Draconus297's request actually, so here goes. 


Thought about trying to make stuff for the Chaos Impact set, since it's starting to refocus around Rock stuff. So, yet another unplanned upgrade to a flip-effect based monster is brought into play. Only this time, it's the Medusa Worm. Small, incurable, almost downright useless in current form. So howabout as a hand-buzzing thing that can bring that Kongrade, Primate of Conglomerates as well as ALL your Subterror stuff online without even having to hit the field?


Wrap this all up on an upgraded Flip Summon effect, and you've got the Hellgrammite to beat all Hellgrammites. Which is also how its actually spelled, but you know how that'd incursion of names would go. Best thing to happen to happen to Subterrors since Guru.


Which was the best thing to happen to Subterrors since Fiendess.


Which was the best thing to happen to Subterrors since Raidjin.


Which was the schlock-iest thing to happen to Subterrors since the Link Fiendess.




Anyways, reviews, revelry, you know the drill. BD'S, signing off.


Also for all of those wondering what that sub-head was referring to, I'll simp-huh, why it'd get dusty all of a sudden? BlaDeS of Change Workshop's nostalgia filter was just changed yesterday. 




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