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Sect of 'Sects [WRITTEN]

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Hello, fine peoples!

This idea came to me while on the road a few days ago. The basic idea was: "what if there was a Pendulum archetype that could equip themselves from the Pendulum zone to each other as Equip Spells?"

From there I just ran with it. Insect typing, further effects based on Equips, an archetypal Trade-In, etc. Generally, just enough tools to make them sufficiently grindy while also opening up some tools to allow them to clear board and swing for game under the right conditions.


(Sorry, not on computer so doing separate spoilers is a pain)

Even though the effects are long, I wanted to keep 'em relatively straightforward. I dunno if I hit the balance on that; I think I got too ambitious on some of 'em. Furthermore, I didn't put HOPTs on everything. I think I did hit the abusable ones, but if you see something off feel free to let me know!

As always, CnC much appreciated!

Hello, fine peoples!

Oh hey, something notable I guess

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This gives me Inzektor PTSD from the time I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh. Jokes not aside, the idea is really well thought out. The cards seem to rotate between themselves smoothly, though Des-Draw seems really strong. Even though the cost makes it so there will be times where the card is a dead card in the hand but considering what the monsters do, it feels unlikely to happen. 'nway, great job

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