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[CHIM] J.E.L.L.Y. S.W.A.P. Cannon

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So basically mini Drowning Mirror Force.




CHIM-JP078 心太砲式[トコロテンホウシキ] J.E.L.L.Y. S.W.A.P. Cannon
Normal Trap Card

(1) When a monster declares an attack: Target 1 monster on the field; return it to the Deck



心太式 seems to be a term to smoothly produce Gelidium Jelly Strips, and an expression that basically means “Out with the old, in with the new”, or something to that effect. 砲式 is joke on a term for 方式 (Method/System) most likely, with the first Kanji replaced with the Kanji 砲, which means Gun or Cannon.


Source: https://ygorganizati...andsfornothing/



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It can also work on your own monster's attack, so that's pretty neat.

Still suffers from being a battle trap, but it's a pretty solid one.
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The card itself seems handy as in addition to being able to trigger on your attacks it can help deal with defensive decks like Ghostricks and Super Heavy Samurai's and can potentially open a pathway into dealing direct attacks.
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