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[Duel Links] Insect Crystron

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Hello, fine peoples!


As I was pulling from the CyDra Box, I pulled a lot of Crystron cards.  I don't have the cards to build a full-on Crystron deck, but I really wanted to use some of 'em as an engine of some kind.


My initial idea was using Crystron Quan (Level 1 Tuner. During the opponent's turn it can Quick Effect Special Summon a monster then Synchro into a Machine using itself + the summoned monster) and lots of Level 4s with effects that trigger when sent from field to GY/or have GY effects.


Unfortunately, though, I realized that there are not a lot of Level 4 monsters in the game that can trigger off Quan.  Monsters that trigger on Special Summon don't work (Quan negates their effects), and monsters that are sent from field > GY by a card effect don't trigger because you're technically sending them for a Synchro Summon.  That's when I came across the Insect Package.



Skill: Beatdown

2 Crystron Rosenix - Searches for Quan while also being a Level 4.

3 Crystron Quan - The soul of the deck.  Essentially acts as a mass Sphere Kuriboh that puts a 2500 ATK body on the field and fuels your GY.

3 Retaliating "C" - The first of the two Insect floaters.  When sent, it can search for another EARTH Insect w/ 1500 or less ATK.  Its other effect has come in handy sometimes too.

3 Resonance Insect - The second Insect floater.  When sent, it can search for a Level 5+ Insect.  Its banish effect also has useful utility.

1 Doom Dozer - Big Insect monster to search with Resonance Insect.  Mostly just a beater, but it's useful in combination with Beatdown to get over certain threats (i.e. Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon).

1 Galaxy Cyclone - Spell/Trap removal.

2 Enemy Controller - Just a versatile spell.  Can usually handle a single problem monster.

2 Wall of Disruption - A solid battle trap that's used against big fields.

3 Lair Wire - Banish an insect from GY; target + destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.  Simple, effective, chainable removal that works in tandem with Resonance Insect.



3 Crystron Ametrix - The main boss of the deck.  Quan summons this during the opponent's turn and this changes all opponent's SS'd monsters to DEF.  When destroyed, it floats back into Quan (or Rosenix if I need that extra ATK).

2 Armades, Keeper of Boundaries - Summoned if the opponent is playing passively and doesn't do anything vs. turn 1 Quan.

1 Powered Inzektron - Haven't summoned, though I've had several opportunities to.  Don't really have another card I can put here though.



The deck is actually very... moderate.  It has a decent ceiling, it's fairly consistent, and it has cards that work very well for different matchups.  Its biggest weaknesses are that it suffers in the "late game" and it is complete garbage at going second.


Specific Matchups


If you have any questions about matchups/how the deck works/anything else about the deck, feel free to ask.  Thanks for the look-through!



Hello, fine peoples!

Oh hey, something notable I guess

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