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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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Today marks 9 year anniversary of being on YCM. Not too much changes though Updated 05 Feb · 0 comments

About Me

Sakura (JK)'s Profile

Moderator of Custom Cards since 7/12/2014

Moderator of Introductions and Questions & Help since 12/5/2014

Eon Pokemon

(If you noticed from the pics, I like Latias [and her bro]...a lot)

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Basically, I'm your average college student that likes anime and other stuff.

I'm a Year 6 engineering student at the University of Hawaiʻi

(Yeah, engineering takes a while longer than most other degrees)

I joined here on Feb 5, 2009, so been a member for over 8 years; though I was gone from 12/14/2011 to 9/30/2013 due to personal reasons.

You can find me in the following areas:

- Custom Cards (especially since I'm the lead moderator in there right now)

- Questions & Help (current moderator of since 12/5/2014)

- Introductions (current moderator)

- Graphics (Showcase / Shops)

- TCG area (Yugioh)

- Anime/Manga (usually for Pokémon and YGO stuff)

- Video Games (only for Pokémon things)

- Games

In a nutshell, I'm pretty much around the entirety of YCM (save for Fanfics/RPs and Other TCG, might consider those later)


If you guys want to be friends or anything, feel free to send a request or PM; I'm more than happy to talk with you if that's what you'd like.

BTW guys, I'm male, even though I'm using a female username. (I haven't changed it on my own accord from 7/28/2010 - 1/23/2017)

Click spoilers to see rest of my stuff.


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Thank you for reading my long profile.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

If you add me on Discord (or Skype), make sure you let me know who you are first. Thanks.

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  • Age 24 years old
  • Birthday November 15, 1994
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    Male Male
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    Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, USA, Konohagakure, Neo Domino City (Tops Area), Mt. Lanakila, Snowvale City (Pokémon Infinity), Route 129 (Hoenn)
  • Interests
    ANIME/MANGA: YGO 5Ds, Pokémon, Naruto
    CHARACTERS: Sakura Haruno, Latias/Latios, Hikari, Reshiram, Haruka, Serena (XY), Ruka, Rua, Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Judy Hopps / Nick Wilde (Zootopia), Stardust Dragon, Yumi (AE3), Life Stream Dragon, Sapphy (Saffira)
    OTHER STUFF: Zootopia, Pokémon Infinity, GFXing, Ape Escape 3, card making, writing fanfiction
    SHIPS: PearlShipping, AltoShipping, AmourShipping, PokeShipping, AdvanceShipping, NaruHina, SasuSaku, Hopps x Wilde
  • Married to
    Latias and Sapphy-chan


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Pokémon X / AS / Sun FC: 4098-4005-6931

(If you add my code, make sure you tell me so I can add you back)

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