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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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In Topic: THE MODERATOR REPORT [Staff Transparency Thread]

10 March 2018 - 05:21 AM



I will be going on a 2-3 week break to focus on my coursework and other matters, including personality issues on my end that must be addressed. I do not have a definitive return date, but will be towards the last week of March.


While I am gone, Dad will be the interim Custom Cards moderator. Those of you who frequent the area, please make sure you abide by the rule threads and anything he tells you within reason. 

In Topic: Railway Rituals Revived

10 March 2018 - 02:22 AM

I think I graded a couple of them in Casual, but I don't mind re-grading them here (or I forgot what I said on them).


Master of Trains: Searching effect is fine, considering it does alleviate the reliance on Switchyard a bit. I am a bit concerned about this card being able to revive Rank 12 stuff though, even if Trains only run #77 off of 35, but that's the least of your worries. Trains would probably like having Dora and Gustav back, among their other toys, in light of MR4. 


Master of Planes: Recycling the other Rituals sounds nice, especially when it also can retrieve Night Express and the other core parts as well. Then again, returning the ED monsters doesn't do too much except give them new mats to burn and stuff (least with Gustav). The new ones you made don't trigger on Xyz Summon, but rather if they get summoned (see Siegfried). Card is fine, but how do planes factor into an archetype based on locomotives and stuff.


Master of Ships: Revival is welcome enough for the bosses or other cores, and shuffling other stuff to be triggered off Switchyard's effect doesn't hurt either (i.e. return Railcar to Deck, summon it again off Switch, and then R10 into whatever). 


M-Rails: Least the ED bosses have some additional usage in the GY instead of being reliant on revival bait. Card is fine, but the revival effect on Level 4 is generally restricted to Railcar (as you are not running Lionhearted unless theme deck). 


M-Skies: Also good enough with using dead resources to summon other stuff. Second effect is alright for what it's worth; retrieve whatever you have to (including the Ritual Monster itself should you discard it to trigger or whatever; usually the former). 


M-Waters: Outside maybe recycling monsters for Switchyard to summon off of later or whatever, not really sure what you're trying to do here with the return effect. I would probably say "draw 1 card for every 3 monsters you return", but that could probably get messy later. Moreso so you're not fattening your Deck and dead draw stuff you don't need at the moment.


Extra Preparations: Uh, this is technically a copy of (Pre-)Prep for Level 10+ Rituals. Not that it's bad or anything, but... Then again, Herald of Ultimateness isn't seen too much; Nekroz of Decisive Armor has better things to do, and I don't know of any other Level 10+ Rituals that exist or even worth mentioning. Granted, this is for the Train Rituals in here, so...


Continuations: This one is fine, but only use you're getting out of it is if you discarded them first without properly Ritual Summoning (because of their other effects).


Coal Car: You're kinda cheating Switchyard a bit, but suppose it helps for the Night Express plays without needing it or Derricrane in hand. Other effect is fine, but it overlaps with Railcar.


Tank Car: This one is fine, except for it being on the slow end for revival. Searching is fine, since it does have enough targets to get to. 


Alternating: A bit iffy on this, considering Trains are big Rank 10 spam and this is technically pushing them. Don't get me wrong; they do need the help to quit bricking and being reliant on actually drawing Night Express and stuff. Stat drop doesn't matter much because you're Xyz / Link Summoning anyway.


Grand Central: Outside of Rocket Arrow (if you ever run it), the ignoring conditions doesn't do much (since you cannot cheese out the Rituals anyway without summoning first). Not sure how many of this you would run in tandem with Switchyard (maybe 1-2), but it does go well with Alternating.


Nathan: Card is generally fine for what it does. IDK, you may want to shorten the name a bit (perhaps cut off the rest of the part past "Railway Dreadnought Nathan"). OCG probably would retain this name; TCG, not so much.


CXyz Gustav Max: Destruction immunity is nice and all, though targeting seems to be more common lately. Rest of the effect is standard fare; burn for more damage if you detach. (Also, should have 100 more DEF because original Gustav has equal stats, but this is a minor thing.) To be consistent with other CXyz monsters, it should really require OG Gustav to be a material.


Ultimate Dora: This one is fine, though I kinda expect this to be Trains' new turn 1 play or something. Only thing is that you cannot trigger it as easily as original Dora, but most of the time, the activation conditions are same anyway. 


(Too bad it can't block being Kaiju'd though...)


Ultra Siegfried: On-summon effect is fine, though not particularly great [but then again, you don't have to Xyz to trigger it, so...] A bit iffy on its mass summoning effect though, but for whatever it's worth, it does provide some shields for this card to use up and advance your plays. I would say change the hand or Deck to GY to make it better for late game, however that will likely push it. 


I could see this replacing C9 though, but it still has its uses in Trains iirc. 


RUM - Railway Shift: Part of me thinks this should be restricted to Machine Xyz only (in terms of the base requirement), given the name (not that stuff like RRs want to tech this for Final Fortress off Ultimate). But seriously, Trains should just stick to Rank 10 plays; the 9 pool does have Enterblathnir, VFD and Number 9, but I think you gave them enough toys to stick in here. 


Then again, use this on the general Train Xyz and trigger their effects (i.e. Make Gustav Max, burn, play this and make CXyz, detach and you've done 5000 damage.)


Replenishing material effect is fine. 



In the context of Trains as a whole (based on what I've playtested using VCR_CAT's guide to the Deck as a partial reference [assuming it is not outdated at this point]), they mostly need ways to not brick on their summons if Night Express doesn't show up. For the most part, you probably did that well enough, but at the same time, you gave them a bunch of things that kinda overlap on what they already have and can be considered as overkill in certain areas. As they are, do Trains even have the space necessary to run Rituals? I mean, it least gives them some additional bosses if you can't Xyz right away, but...can you devote enough space to run everything you need to (members + generic supports), plus Ritual-based stuff here. 


Flavor-wise, IDK why you made some of the Xyz "CXyz", unless you wanted to give Trains access to Argent Chaos Force or something; not that they can realistically tech it nowadays. 


Then again, you did expand on the common variant, so...guess help them play their normal way in MR4. The Link is probably helpful, but to be honest, that is probably the only monster you are ever going to Link Summon into, given the restrictions. (Oh wait, I guess you have Genius and Gaia Saber too if needed, but the latter doesn't help much unless you set up already, and former is just there so you can Xyz freely.)



I spent an hour reviewing these, so...yeah.

In Topic: Sakura's AGM Legacy Support

10 March 2018 - 02:19 AM

Um, quick note on Quick Star: You can't Synchro Summon directly via card effect. If you want it to still be a semi-legit Synchro Summon, try looking at Formula Synchron's text.


I fixed it yesterday, but yeah, take it as confirmation that it's repaired at this point. Should borrow from Formula, but only during your turn. Wording probably still sucks, but yeah, general idea is to use Ice Barriers in the GY as materials for another Synchro.


Next update should have some other archetypes getting back support, but I gotta look at which ones. 

In Topic: Advanced Multiple Review Thread

10 March 2018 - 01:07 AM



I would love a review, trains are my heart and soul 


:3 I read ya 


Suppose I'll have a look (given I signed up for this thing anyway).

In Topic: YCM Advanced Card Designs Rules << UPDATED: 3/9/2018 >>

10 March 2018 - 01:06 AM

There have been some updates in the rulebook, but ultimately they're not too different from what was in effect the past 7-8 months. Major ones are as follows.


1. Removed / merged rules (in line with Casual and to slim down the wording a bit).

  • Original rules 6 and 7 (pertaining to what kinds of cards you can post in this section) have been removed and shifted to the new FAQ thread (which I was writing a few days ago). Same goes for the written card template. 
  • Rules on default banlist and Master Rule format have been merged into one rule instead of being separate.
    • A general reminder that we use the current TCG list and Master Rule 4 by default. If you design for Legacy format or OCG, make sure you specify this in the topic tags (the former is more likely).

2. Advanced Clause

  • Requirement that all notes be kept in spoiler tags, and a general idea of what should be written for them (which is usually a short summary of what it's supposed to be doing; not the obvious traits about the card). This applies to any threads posted after the update; anything before that won't be required to.
    • Most of you are already writing the appropriate notes in this style already, so nothing changes. Otherwise, it just means adding spoiler tags, but it does not change how you write.
      • If you forget to spoiler tag, you won't be penalized for it. 
    • For set threads, you just need to write the minimum for the set in general; NOT for each individual card.
  • Multiples requirement reduced to 40-50 words (well, from 50-60 anyway), though if you review properly, you can quite easily meet / exceed this.
  • Penalties for breaking the AC reduced to be in line with the new system of sanctions (i.e. You breaking the AC twice doesn't get your post privileges suspended).
    • Unless you're really bad and intentionally break them after being told not to, you shouldn't get more than maybe a verbal warn or the 3 WP one at most. So far, you guys have been keeping on track and haven't needed to be warned.


(Reminder that Other TCG is exempt from the notes, given the activity and nature of the area.)


Other than this, some parts were just reworded to be cleaner and modified to adjust to the removal of certain rules into the FAQ. These changes should not impact how you post in this section.


As usual, please feel free to ask me (either by PM or in the FAQ) if there are any questions or clarifications needed about certain rules listed in this thread. I'd like for them to be clear to all of you.