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In Topic: Plant support cards (including new "Plant Princesses")

Today, 10:20 PM

Hey man, just found this topic and am really interested in what you came up with. Unfortunately all the links only bring me the front page of imageshack. Any chance you could repair them?


You realize this thread is over 2 years old, right? I know it's your first post, but yeah, don't post in threads that haven't gotten posted in for more than 2 weeks. 

(Then again, Imageshack changed to non-free hosting some time ago, so...)


As for the thread creator, you can repost this if you want to, but I have to lock this one.

In Topic: Guess that Song, Lyrics Game

Today, 10:17 PM

Last song was Try Everything by Shakira (Zootopia main theme song). Also the current song on my profile.



Caught Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden

(had to look it up, but yeah)



We can fly away, and we can talk heart to heart.

Let's fly to paradise with invisible wings.

In Topic: OCG/PSCT Thread: Writing your card properly!

Today, 10:08 PM


Declare a number from 1 to 10; this card gains ATK and DEF equal to that number x 780 until the end of this turn, then if the declared number was 5 or 9, apply the appropriate effect.

  • 5 - Destroy all Spell/Trap Cards your opponent controls, then your opponent takes 700 damage for each card destroyed.
  • 9 - Your opponent's monsters lose ATK and DEF equal to their own Level/Rank x 350.


Here's the fix. (I didn't reply right away because I had to leave for work shortly after reading)

In Topic: "Mecha" Arche-type

Today, 10:04 PM

You actually need to post your own cards in here when thread goes up. Right now, you have none so topic's getting lock. 


(If you PM me the required content, I'll reopen the thread)

In Topic: Guess that Song, Lyrics Game

Today, 03:52 PM

It's the Waraku version of Senbonzakura, so yeah, uses Meiji Japanese / man'yougana instead of standard Japanese.


But anyway, Stargazer - Rainbow.



Let's see how much quicker you get this one:


"I won't give up, no I won't give in 'til I reach the end, then I'll start again."