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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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Today, 06:28 AM



I kept the petals around her (least the main ones).

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Today, 06:15 AM

I wanted to apologize for my absence. Unfortunately the carpet was being torn from my house so I wasn't in a comfortable situation to review cards. Unfortunately college continues its stranglehold on me. I don't think I'll be free again until the summer. I'll try to get into the kick of things then.


Don't worry about your absence; college is more important than reviewing cards. That being said, Dova's essentially off/on lately, Yuuji doesn't review anymore and I've no clue where the hell he is, Halohbottech is gone, dk where shadowliepard is, and I saw Major online a while back, but don't know if he still reviews stuff.


So...it's essentially freelance reviewing at this point.

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Today, 12:55 AM

Sure, why not.

Think you and I supporting their addition gets them in.



As for Tinkerer's note in the Archetype Game, if there are any Link prompts that we want to do for this club (well, theme-wise), suppose we can just reformat them for ARC-V mechanics and continue from there.

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Today, 12:51 AM

(If the next person makes a prompt you like but uses Links, for AGM purposes, you can just retool it or something to use ARC-V mechanics. I don't believe it's a rule that you have to stick EXACTLY to the script that you get for it.)


But anyway...


Think of a Thunder-Type version of Yuya.dek, only much less cringeworthy and lack of shitty members. These monsters provide quick summons into various Pendulums and Extra Decks, while at the same time, getting around the new limitations on ED spam. There's even an in-Archetype Field Spell that retains the old mechanics, but requires that you can maintain Thundebuts on your field every turn, or that blows up. In the event that fails, they have a perfectly good Main Deck to fall back on that still accomplishes the task. This leads you to be able to use two variants; one that uses the ED and Field Spells, and another that involves Main Deck spamming to no end. Either way you go, this Deck does everything in one shot that required our soon-to-be previous main character an entire series to accomplish. Everything serves a definitive role and not just there for the hell of it.




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Today, 12:37 AM

Shaddolls have a fighting chance in here, so why not. IDK about Worms.


As for the other thing you mentioned earlier, what are you referring to? That it's just one card and does not require the entire Archetype to be added (especially if it's generic enough) or something else?