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In Topic: Oily Coat

Today, 02:36 AM

Using relevant Decks:

  • WATER: Dinomists might enjoy the added protection, but if I remember correctly, the protection sort of conflicts. Guess the bosses could use it, but iffy on that. Nekroz (if the banlist hasn't defanged them badly) might appreciate not getting popped by common removal and all. Don't know how well Graydles can keep stuff going, but the protection is nice for WATER decks. Yeah, you have to deal with stuff like in the below bullet, but that's about it. 
  • FIRE: Uh, 5600 ATK double piercing Orihulk much, then blow up something afterwards? But yeah, Igknights (still relevant?), Metalfoes and a few other things (Fire Fists are one of the few things coming to mind in terms of relevant stuff) can go for OTKs if they want to.  
  • Rest of everything: Good enough for softening stuff up, I guess. Out of the stuff in the above list, I think only 1-2 common FIRE decks are even here that would blow everything up. There is the option of hitting generic ED to do it, yes, but that's somewhat dependent on the opponent having something to trigger it. Or you can just change the Attribute yourself, but sounds like more work just to have the opponent blow up (and possible recur their resources). 

So yeah, this is pretty much dependent on FIRE monsters existing to do a lot of things; WATER gets a pretty nice deal here with protection, FIRE can OTK (potentially) and everything else...gets to soften up opposing monsters (the last part makes sense flavor-wise).

In Topic: Fair Play (written)

Today, 02:19 AM

"Banish zone" isn't an official term; you'd want the following fix:


"Activate this card at the start of the Duel by banishing this card from your hand or Deck. Neither player can win the Duel by card effects."



But really, outside maybe Exodia or something (remind me if Final Countdown stall or something is relevant nowadays; I doubt it), no one even uses card effects to win (they just win via OTKs and stuff). Though, with that in mind, I do remember that Spiral Serpent got a retrain and does have a Trap support which enables an alt. win, but I don't know how well it's doing. 


This should not be activating from the Deck, but even if you were to make this a regular Continuous Spell or something, it's only suitable for VERY limited cases. 

In Topic: Special trap hole

Today, 02:09 AM

OK...this is basically an ED-specific Bottomless Trap Hole with far less counters. Right now, this would see a lot of play considering the heavy Extra usage, but there's no reason to outclass Bottomless in this role (even though BTH can hit the Main Deck stuff and initial Pendulums; something this lacks the capacity to do). 


Right...and you do know about Traptrix Rafflesia, right? (Well, it misses out on support because not Normal Trap Card)

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Today, 01:33 AM

Hi and welcome to the YCM forums (you will often see the site name abbreviated as this).

Before you go further, make sure you have read the site rules (and any section specific stuff for areas you plan to frequent) so you understand our policies.


If you need help, ask.



Enjoy your stay.

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Today, 01:00 AM

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