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10 January 2018 - 11:27 PM

Sakura: What happened? I sometimes feel Sakura's mental health has been damaged. Not an attack, just a concern, they seem more stressed, more snippy, and less agreeable than they once were. They tend to get more defensive and have become a hell of a lot more rigid with rules that are, honestly, still very wobbly. I've already talked in my thread how bad this Dae stuff was, though forgot to mention that the locking of his threads showed that even that's not enough to get answers.

I got no excuse for what happened with the last couple incidents, even if I did have my own problems outside this site that plays a role in why I'm a lot harsher than usual.


Most of them pertain to either having to hear parents arguing about what one of my relatives on the mainland is doing sticking her nose into our business, and having to deal with internal arguing with parents at times or ranting about mundane home problems. There are some issues that piss me off at work (which usually pertains to customers/park guests at the water park being impatient/complaining in a similar vein), but those are rare. I have no control over this because yeah, things happen.


Couple that with several complaints / member problems from 2016-2017 and yeah, it doesn't mix well for handling general site matters...at all. 


(Custom Cards does not have this issue; I need to ask myself "why can't I be more open in general site stuff like I am when I manage my own section".)


Dae was owed an explanation with the name change, but at the time it was done, I could not render an immediate one. One should have been given upon returning, or rule 12 shouldn't have been invoked, given the circumstances. His threads were locked because the matter could've simply been taken up over PM (and I even quoted the rule that explained his name was changed), though an in-thread response was needed.



I don't have a complaint with any specific mod, but I think the past couple years and the last 4-5 shitstorms I can think of all related to some sort of communication issue and the mods ultimately accepting responsibility and saying they should have handled the event better. That has been one recurring pattern, and the other is that there's a large, vocal dissatisfaction amongst the members with how things are.


I haven't gotten the sense that the mod team as a whole wants to address those concerns, it's more about riding out the storm behind an action taken or not taken. I've seen individual mods express their concerns and I myself have no personal issues with any of the mods right now, but I don't think those individual concerns carried out to the actions of the whole team. Like if I'm complaining to my Senator, they can help placate my concerns and I do believe that they are listening to me, do care, and want to help, but it's a matter of working with all of the other Senators to make something happen.


I suspect part of that is that it's always the same people participating in the discussions and demanding/suggesting change. It doesn't matter whether they're voicing absolutely legitimate concerns that should be considered or total bullshit, I think subconsciously there may have been a feeling amongst mods thinking "they're impossible to satisfy" and "it doesn't matter what we do" so there's little to no motivation to make an effort to work something out. It's become a vicious cycle created over time where members overreacted harshly albeit with good points and mods tried to make peace against the harsh tone and defend their new mod or tried making up for their mistake and meeting in the middle never quite worked out for either side. 


I guess what I want is for each mod to be honest with themselves and ask: do you still care?

If you don't, that is okay.

It is perfectly okay if you stopped giving a shit about a Yu-Gi-Oh! forum, that's more than okay! It's expected! You think any of us jackasses are gonna be here in 15-20 years? Why the hell would we? That's not crapping on YCM, it's just very unrealistic for this crowd to still be around when we're in our 30s and 40s. It's a phase of our lives and a phase in yours, do you want to be a mod here in 10 years? (If you do that's cool, I address that further down) I have seen generations of YCMers come and go at this point, people I talked with every day have moved on from this site for many years now and that's completely acceptable and the way life goes.


But if you do understand how you feel and accept you don't care anymore...move on and step down! Whether you go tend to real life or stick around the forum, there is no shame in not being a mod anymore. Just today, no one told Smear to not let the door hit him on the way out, they thanked him and left it at that.

Not being a mod anymore doesn't invalidate who you are, it shouldn't.

Like my buddy Black, he got on just fine after not being a mod anymore. You know who else did? J-Max, Icy, Striker, Yankee, Koko, Opal, Yui, Pika, Rinne, fucking Crab after getting banned, I think evilfusion and Roxas are doing fine after recently stepping down, same with Rai and Aix I'm assuming they're having a good life somewhere. I could go on.


If you do still care, and you want better for the forum, you have to show it. Actions speak louder than words.

Maybe that'll involve bugging your fellow mods to come online for a group meeting at this time or next week or whenever. Or it can be including an ETA like with the Birdie thing, "I understand you all are rallying for Birdie to rejoin, please give us about a week to get back to you." Even if you're telling someone they need to wait and it'll be another week because you need to hear from 3 more people, it's better to receive some form of acknowledgement than nothing at all. 

Maybe I'm underestimating the difficulty in doing this and rallying the troops. But I've seen ex-mods criticize the status quo like Black, Koko, Yui, and Roxas, so I believe their experience lends the perspective that change is doable, but isn't being done.

If you do care about being a mod and YCM, and you envision yourself being here a few more years and beyond, I ask that you not take the role for granted just because there's some unspoken tenure and recognize that members are feeling shunned and not really being listened to. 


And take note of this: all these members that come into these threads every time something happens care about the site and want to make changes to better the community and foster site growth. I can understand how it's difficult to separate the good intentions behind posts and only feeling attacked and that they're ungrateful. I work in customer service, I seriously get it. It can be a thankless job sometimes.


There is a generation ready to pick up where you left off. It's not about driving you out, it's about letting them step up and a chance to assess your priorities. YCM has members with ideas, community involvement, and the 

--->time and activity<---

that the job demands. I think they should get a shot if the position doesn't make a difference to you.


If you really do want to do something about this negative climate that's pervaded the site, please start making strides. If not, you can step aside and be rest assured someone will step up in your place. That's not giving up, it's prioritizing your life. My friends won't give me shit for never beating a video game if I'm taking time out of my life to do something else instead, they let me live my life.


This whole essay (I actually wrote a damn essay shit...) is directed at each mod, but not out of any personalized context. I haven't been active lately, I don't know what that name-change drama's about and I don't give a shit. I don't know who's been doing what, who's in favor and who's not. 


Think hard about what you want to do...and go do it.


For the most part, a lot of the reason why things aren't spelled out directly for you is derived from having to deal with the multiple complaints. Some of you do have legitimate ones (such as my major shortcomings), but even if we do implement changes and explain to you WHY they need to be changed, a couple of you aren't satisfied even with those. 


Recall what I mentioned in the other thread, albeit in a harsher tone than it should've been. If you don't continually argue with what we're trying to tell you (and it is legitimate), then we'd be more open to trying to work out a compromise between you want and what we want. Some complaints are fine, but not when it's on a daily basis and it's only one member doing all of it. 


With ABC's one, I addressed his suggestions and noted certain things that I could look into, but a few things cannot be moved due to general standards. I didn't make ALL the suggested changes, but at least the major ones that I said I would compromise on. At this point, I wasn't mad at him because he does have legitimate points and I conceded the fact that Casual is rather harsh for newer members, even though it was never intended to be. I do need to look over a few things though like I said I'd do earlier on.



I really want to be a much kinder mod like I was in the past and live up to the expectations as a Super (which I promised I would do when I got this role), but it also relies on you not volleying complaints every so often about the site as a whole, especially when it becomes a forum-wide drama.


I don't like it when these events escalate to a full-blown drama thread, whether it's an individual decision or a group one. I honestly still care about this site, but to be blunt, having to read the complaints from the same users / trying to reason has made me get harsher on certain cases, and I don't like how that turned out on my end. 


Might have to reread through some of the other posts, but I think it's best to at least answer this one right now.

I'd say you're a chicken without one. I was saying this to Winter in a status update this morning, but I frankly don't think there's really anyone in charge at the moment. Because Evilfusion was in charge, but while you and Sakura are both Super Mods, I'm not sure I could say either of you live up to that position the same way.
There was something a while ago when the general mod team was restructured, and some mods were demoted from Super Mods to regular mods. Though it wasn't because there were any problems, so much as the team really did just need a restructuring. I think there needs to be something similar now. Not necessarily removing or adding new mods, and I certainly have no interest in asking any particular mods to step down. More that I believe the current "hierarchy" of the mod team, such that it is, needs to be reevaluated.


I'm not thrilled with my performance either, and like Yui already mentioned to me privately (and I addressed accordingly), I have a lot of work I need to do in being sociable. 


To answer J-Max's concerns:


Incognito mode


Unless it's during school hours, when I'm checking on this site during HW or definitely late night when I am sleeping, most of the time, I am online. Again, if you need to PM me, then you can just do it and I will get back to it when I am available or if I get to my box.



Locking threads


Pertaining to that thread pertaining to Enguin's ban that got locked, it was dealt that way because (1) the matter was already dealt with, and (2) it was pointless bumping to complain about how it was done, in the midst of another incident. 




Honestly yeah, I've made a shit ton of mistakes during my modship (whether they were minor kinds of things or the massive headaches) and I am not pleased about any of them. I made a promise that I wouldn't screw up, but I already did it multiple times and it reflects horribly on me. I got no excuse for this, and that's something I need to fix, and definitely soon.


I need to improve on being more vocal about announcing decisions we make, either individually or as a team, especially if I am to be seen as one of the members leading this place while YCMaker is absent. Even if


That, and be more rational in overall decisions instead of acting on partial impulse. Finally, actually be able to take criticism. I'll admit that I don't particularly like it much, especially when I am trying to do my best with whatever I have to work with, but I'd rather have you guys PM me privately (or even get Flame/Night to relay it) instead of turning it into a massive complaint.



That being said, even if I admit that a lot of the shit I did was wrong and demonstrate resolve to go back to the old me that wasn't plagued with so much crap, there's far more that needs to be done. I won't sugarcoat this.


I'm not happy with the mod team being fractured as-is, myself included for not speaking up more and definitely getting myself into these messes. 



As for restructuring, Smear's demotion was being talked about amongst ourselves for a while, but just never brought to full light until recently. Flame and I both encouraged him to post a resignation thread as opposed to him being auto removed without taking care of final affairs. Or least I reached out to him last night about the matter. Yes, this should've been dealt with earlier. (Once Saturday comes around, the demotion proceedings will be finalized)


Quite honestly, I do wish that more of the staff would come on and weigh in on discussions, and getting fresh blood is always welcome.


Granted, we (or least I) have said that any mod selections are off until a thread comes up, but like I noted above, it's for us to get our own affairs in order before accepting a new colleague. This does involve getting the other active mods involved (because on average, it's usually Dad, Flame and myself talking about things on average; Broke. N contributes a bit nowadays) and then figuring out "what sections require a moderator or additional support" and figure out potential choices. This takes time, and I honestly cannot give a definitive ETA on when a decision can be rendered.


Hopefully it can be in a timely manner.

In Topic: Blank Cards?

10 January 2018 - 03:19 PM

I’ve always used pics from my computer never had a problem and it’s not so much I can’t upload them anymore it’s every single one of my cards no comes up blank no pic they were all fine like a month or two ago hope you guys can fix this issue for me cause all my work is like gone


We understand your frustration since a lot of us also uploaded images for cards. 


But at the moment, it does depend on the admin (YCMaker) to fix it since at the moment, we can't fix it ourselves due to the coding being locked off. On a normal basis, Super Mods (self included) do have access to the coding, but we can't right now.


If you remember what pics you used (if from online), you can use the image URLs instead. Problem seems to be linked to areas where pics are stored for each member, but we can't check this.

In Topic: Revamping Casual Cards for the Revamped Cardmaker

10 January 2018 - 02:14 PM

At this point, I might just redo the guide entirely instead of actually rewriting the older model from 2014. Because yeah, that was designed shortly after I took over the reins for CC and then modified slightly after the initial change to Casual Cards from Pop Culture. Likely the only stuff I'd keep around from that guide is basically the part about taking criticism appropriately and not acting like a little kid over it.


(Or I can just leave a reference link to the old guide in the newer one. Better to keep the FAQs separate because the rulebook is already massive as-is.)


Announcement-wise, it's mostly: (1) When the rules were updated, (2) Reminder about the format tags and (3) What part of CC they are in (mostly for singles). I suppose (3) can be removed, but it still needs to be big enough to see. 


I'd leave it as a section announcement, but some members don't read those either, hence why the message is copy/pasted in 24-size font at the top.



As for other stuff.


1. I might need to leave the note about DIVINE / Divine-Beast in there, but need to fix the wording that says "you MUST" to say "you SHOULD" think about whether/not a card deserves to be this. 


2. Rule 9 will be shifted to the general rules later on; right now, there are some other things that need addressing there. Though, there is no rule saying that your card names cannot be in other languages (but you otherwise provide the rest of the card details / post in English)


3. Rule 10 can be moved to the new guide later. General idea is that members need to not assume that we can read their stuff off the image, and make sure there's something for us to read if images do go down. Also a lot easier to modify written details than uploading a new version of the card.



Yeah, I am aware that you guys did want me to drop the Advanced Clause entirely for the section, but I already noted that I cannot do that without turning the section into a spamhole. At the least, I did remove the card design thing and lowered the word count by half. 



Can probably look into this in a couple hours (or least start drafting the new FAQ stuff), as I do have a 2-hour break before my afternoon class today. The rules are mostly common sense stuff and otherwise pretty simple to follow, but things that do need to be mentioned so there's no discrepancies if something is amiss. They're not intended to scare newbies.

In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

10 January 2018 - 02:52 AM

If that's the case, then just treat those MR4 cards as playing in ARC-V mechanics. If it references Main Monster Zone, then just regular MZ. For Extra Monster Zone, uh, yeah, we'll have to see how to work around it, or similar to what I did for Raiten, make a copy of said card(s) that don't go here. 

In Topic: Archetype Generator Meta

10 January 2018 - 02:21 AM

I'll voice support for F.A. if that helps you any; though it's also contigent on what they get later on. 


Also for Elementsabers and Elemental Lords, I guess we can nominate them now, as it's unlikely they'll get any new toys past whatever we got at the moment. But...still wait until Friday-ish to be sure.