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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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In Topic: Le Crayon Corner~

Today, 03:08 PM

I watched it for a couple years. And that's some great fanart to boot!
Smae reason I know of it. Though didn't they already have a math and science cartoon?


They had Zoom! and a few others, but those were more real-life ones and not cartoonish. Off top of head, I know there was Sid the Science Kid (albeit more investigative type and less of the actual science fields) and Peg+Cat for math (but basic counting and stuff). I didn't watch either of them so idk; former no longer airs and I think latter still airs down here (idk if mainland canceled it).


Both of them were geared towards little kids though; not for stuff that should be taught in grade school or something. 

In Topic: Old card support - Accumulative Effects

Today, 02:53 PM

Reinforcements from Castle Walls is generally okay for casual settings, but most you're using this for is just pushing for game somewhat if you can mill everything. Least the hand activation helps somewhat. 


Accumulated is alright, I suppose. Foolish Burial Goods is faster, albeit doesn't change its name to help with stuff. 


Bad Goblin is fine, considering face-down banishing is usually a good way to screw over the opponent's stuff. Not sure what Decks would even run both, but yeah, no one's complaining about a mill 3 that can banish stuff instead.



Major problem is that it still requires you to dump multiple copies into the GY to get added effects (which isn't particularly feasible right now), so probably why Konami stopped doing this. 

In Topic: Casual Multiples Review Thread

Today, 02:24 PM

Well, since we don't have any requests yet, I'll just drop this thing I was working on that I didn't feel worthy of advanced.




Oh, and is the ZPD emote just :3 like for Advanced or is there a different one?


Click on the smiley icon and scroll down until you see one that looks like my avatar right now. Or you can use the above to generate it. 


I'll take a quick look at it, but depending on time, may have to wait until I get home from work.

In Topic: BSCT Round 1 Matches 1 and 2

Today, 07:36 AM

Might want to add an abstain option in the future, considering that polls won't let people skip any if multiples are up.


But yeah, voted Ruka/Luna for the second match because nomination and other stuff. I only voted on first one because of above.

In Topic: Post and I'll ask you a question

Today, 07:22 AM

Was there anything in particular that scared you as a child but doesn't anymore?


Not really sure to be honest.


I wish I had an answer to this, but nothing's coming to mind.