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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Rulings Questions

24 minutes ago

Is there a cap on how much ATK/DEF a monster can have?


No, you can go as high as you'd like with Equip Cards and other effects (like 35's boosting effect). 


Printed-wise, still caps at 5K each, but I assume you're asking about maximum stats with card effects that modify it. 

In Topic: [Written] Forbidden Call

Today, 02:52 AM

This card's name tells me exactly where it would be if Konami made it. While the card isn't particularly powerful by itself, I could see some major asspulls involving Obelisk, Slifer and Ra. It would be pretty entertaining to see though.

If we had Horakthy as a Fusion Monster and it could be summoned by Polymerization or whatever, then yeah, this card would legitimately break it. But we know that Horakthy isn't. Even with Armityle, you can grab Sacred Beasts, but materials gotta be ON THE FIELD to be summoned, not in hand. 
Most you get out of this card is just discard / Fusion fodder (which was already mentioned above), but that doesn't amount to much. At least it doesn't search NORMAL monsters or you get Exodia pieces faster (because they're never being summoned anyway). 
Yeah, it can add Fusion Materials to the hand faster, but nowadays, most of those Decks would like to at least summon monsters with the searched name; not just leave them in the GY afterwards. Well, stuff like Fluffals, Predaplant, I guess HEROs nowadays if someone runs Core or whatever; uh, I think that's about it in terms of viable Fusion decks.
IDK, grab high Levels as discard fodder for Montage Dragon to gain a large amount of ATK (assuming you even bothered to summon Montage in the first place nowadays). Or you can just grab 2 other monsters in Cubics to reveal, then summon Nova easier, but then it's already counterproductive to a Deck that's already bricky as-is. 

tl;dr, card's pretty much a brick and not doing much except for the aforementioned discard fodder and Fusion Material thing, but in terms of the latter; no Fusion deck will want it b/c no effects and can't use them for anything else. 
Card isn't broken.

In Topic: [Sakura] Nā moʻolelo o ka moana (Mekk-Marina)

19 May 2018 - 06:20 AM

I know your version of the prompt had them as Machine, but I used the one I came up with to advance the game along (which, yeah, are Aqua monsters). Kihawahine is an exception to that though, being Reptile. Aesthetically, they probably should've been Machine, given the name, but that was probably before Krawlers retained their OCG name and Jack-Knights got changed. 


As for Ship, yeah, it is out of flavor in terms of the armor thing that the Legacies have. Would've liked to use a Spear or something, but that was taken by Troymare's one. Would need to think of what armor or equipment piece that would work and also thematically fit into the archetype having a Hawai'i theme. 



With Festival, I think I left it off on the impression that they wouldn't be spamming too much (or the "only control 1" thing would've cut it). Should test that out on DP's solitaire mode now that it exists and see how spammy they are. I'll just make it hard OPT if not having one is an issue (and yeah, fix the wording on Quick Effect).

In Topic: [Sakura 38K] Blizzard Storm Dragon

19 May 2018 - 06:07 AM

Technically I'm still using PSCT wording, but just moving the hard OPT stuff and summon conditions to the beginning to cut down on the clauses that need writing if needed (also "this card name" in case long names or using special characters). I do switch between the two depending on mood and whatnot, but should have both styles in threads to avoid confusing people. 



As for this card, yeah, this is mostly to remove stuff now.


In the case of Borreload, you could steal an opponent's monster with its effect, then Tribute it for this card's effect for more removal. Though, that would rely on you having both of them out in the first place (and having a zone for stolen monster to go to otherwise).

In Topic: [Sakura 38K] Blizzard Storm Dragon

19 May 2018 - 05:43 AM

How do you increase your post count this fast? o.O and here I struggle to hit the 10K when I have been here since ancient times xD


Well, I did have around over 15,000 posts when I went on a long hiatus near the end of 2011; attribute that to C&O. As for the remaining 22K (and change), probably more clubs and the GPT. That's something saved for elsewhere. 





I did say to use the WRITTEN effect beneath the picture (not the effect on it because it's going to be a pain in the neck uploading it again if I have to change stuff, which I did before typing the correct effect underneath). The written effect is easier to change.


But yeah, there IS a hard OPT on its second effect.


Change-wise, implemented the suggestions to require Tributing and targeting removal; even with the nerfs, yeah, the banishing is strong enough.