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In Topic: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Today, 03:52 AM

I found that out earlier when I first got to Tide Song, but yeah, that'll be of some use later. Just have to import Mew over and some other stuff. 


Just have to level train my stuff before Sophocle's trial and I should be good (well, bulk of it anyway). Half of them (Lycanroc, Espeon and Primarina) are in their mid-30s; others are iffy.

In Topic: [CC Event] ZPD Field Exam

Today, 02:37 AM

Here's my entry. Since I've been playing Far Cry 4 recently, I decided to make a card based on one of my favorite animals in the game.

The Sky Tiger of Shangri-la
Attribute:LIGHT/ATK:2500 DEF:2000
Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned, except by it's own effect. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 monster on the field; destroy it. If this card is destroyed by battle with a monster that has an equal or lower Level/Rank: Special Summon this card from your Graveyard during your 2nd Standby Phase after this card's destruction.

The last effect was based on when the Sky Tiger dies and then comes back to life in game, while the second effect represents when the Sky Tiger pounces and kills an enemy.


You're going to have some issues finding a Deck that can easily devote 2 monsters to Tribute Summon this card; also taking into account a fair number of monsters do have targeting/destruction protection. Honestly speaking, I don't think you need that restriction coupled with the slow revival. It's fine to account for the source character's powers, but sometimes you need to adapt them so they can function in Yugioh. 


In all, card is technically on the slow end. Effects are fine, but just not going to get this out fast enough. 


13 + 9 + 10 = 32

80 marks


You just barely made it. 







Changes made:

  • Lowered raw stats
  • Does not float to get something back from the GY anymore



Edit: Lowered stats some more to be safe.


Card's fine now; although you would've been fine with either removing the Wicked Avatar / Moon Mirror Shield effect and yeah, a minor drop in stats. But this works too. Statline is fine for a Rank 2. 




13 + 13 + 10 = 36

90 marks


Congratulations cadet, you got the final stamp.




Here are some edits. Basically, I made it so the Counter effect works on Level 8+, Rank 5+, and Link-3+ monsters instead of just Level/Rank 8+ monsters. Also, it now takes only 2 End Phases instead of 3.


Jörmungandr, the Serpent of the End


Now I'm thinking this is a bit too powerful, but that's probably my knowledge from what we have back in Zootopia in terms of Yugioh. At least you buffed it a bit, so suppose it'll have some merit in DARK-heavy Decks. 


Let's see how you did on the retake...


11 + 13 + 8 = 32

80 marks


You just made it on the slight modification, though I have a feeling Sakura would have other remarks about this.




Just to make sure: By fixing the summoning effect, you mean the one my monster activates when Summoned or the one that Special Summons from the Deck?


Also: By fixing it, you mean to nerf or buff it (or you cannot tel me this)?


The 2nd effect that summons a Level 1 monster. 


As for the other question, what do you think Officer Hopps wants you to do based on comments?



So yeah, you guys got another day to get things done. 

Hmm, and Dtwist apparently is not present...

In Topic: Doomfiend and Hopefairy

Today, 01:14 AM

Because this thread has no cards in here, either in written or picture form, it will be locked according to section rules.

However, if you PM a Custom Cards moderator with the required content, it shall be added to the main post and this thread unlocked accordingly.



In this case, you technically did, but because Photobucket is shit now with hosting, yeah. Reupload them to Imgur. 


(Also need to move this to Casual Cards because you don't have the proper design notes as required for section)

In Topic: [Written, Post-Contest Review] Super Defense Robot Panter

Today, 01:10 AM

Would you like my opinion again (not like Officer Hopps already said what I would be putting here). 


Main issue here is that Orbital 7.dek still cannot function on its own without a complete overhaul and massive addition to its card pool. Granted, it does provide them another member to actually do stuff, but you're still relying on Elephan for your Rank 8 plays. Card is fine for what it does, but being in an Archetype that's casual tier is what sets this card back a lot. 

In Topic: YCM Economy: Advanced Cards Redemption Thread

Today, 01:06 AM

To be fair, this was intended to reward people for their reviews (if they even bother to). But yeah, I'll look it over again and award accordingly; I briefly read over it earlier.