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#7067427 Blank Cards?

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 10 January 2018 - 03:19 PM

I’ve always used pics from my computer never had a problem and it’s not so much I can’t upload them anymore it’s every single one of my cards no comes up blank no pic they were all fine like a month or two ago hope you guys can fix this issue for me cause all my work is like gone


We understand your frustration since a lot of us also uploaded images for cards. 


But at the moment, it does depend on the admin (YCMaker) to fix it since at the moment, we can't fix it ourselves due to the coding being locked off. On a normal basis, Super Mods (self included) do have access to the coding, but we can't right now.


If you remember what pics you used (if from online), you can use the image URLs instead. Problem seems to be linked to areas where pics are stored for each member, but we can't check this.

#7067084 [Leaderboard] Dova vs. BDS (Cards are up!)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 09 January 2018 - 12:29 AM

Card A


For whatever reason, this is a Nekroz so I really don't know how this fits into the lore. Suppose it's a relic of what happened before Gishki turned into Nekroz or some in-between.


I mean, you technically can summon it off Kaleidomirror with another Nekroz, but yeah, IDK if they'd have space for this. It fits more for Gishki since they do have monsters that can fit easier. As far as they go, the Heavy Storm/banish effect isn't bad (iirc from 2015 versions, they only ran Vanity's or something as backrow so they wouldn't lose much) and stat switching works, even if it's restricted to ED monsters. Links don't care for obvious reasons, but can't argue with this becoming a 2500 ATK beater. 


As for the Tributing effect, I guess it gives both Decks more easier searching options (as opposed to the Nekroz ones requiring no monsters and banishing stuff to search more). For the other effect, both of them do have options, but...Nekroz don't really use Zefrasaber or Sorcerer; Dance, I suppose fits somewhere. As for Gishki targets, only Avance is live outside of being NS'd or flipped.



Card B


And here we have the purely Gishki stuff...


IIRC Gishki don't have any internal way of getting to their Rituals EASILY outside Vision, so...suppose lower the dependency on Pre-Prep or something, though the opponent does get a free draw. For this card's other effect, I guess you could also shuffle back stuff you milled via Noellia or whatever, then summon things out so... Looking at their stuff, Gishki do need the SS from Deck help and wouldn't hurt to recycle a lot of the members that you discard to trigger stuff (i.e. Vision, Shadow, Vanity).



In the long run, both of these cards are mostly Gishki supports, so which one is better?


A: Gets access to Nekroz spells and Aqua/Photomirror for its primary Archetype, changes stats and then provides ways to summon stuff or search their Spells.

B: [Pre-] Prep and provides Deck summoning support. 



I think I'll go with A right now, considering yeah, it does have more targets that Gishki can use with the Spells (iirc their stuff is exact Level) and provides support that they can use in the long run. This is essentially getting their Ritual Spells faster, which both them and Nekroz could use (though latter probably doesn't need it too much, but it's nice if you need to retrieve stuff and don't have empty board).


With B, they have Diviner or Photomirror if you have to and more targets to summon (albeit not much), but that's about it outside of triggering off being Ritual fodder. That's good and all, but issue is more in summoning this with their lineup and a lot of the viable targets don't trigger on SSing.

#7066677 Blank Cards?

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 07 January 2018 - 01:04 AM

Actually, just from October/November 2017, but yeah, nothing we can do until YCMaker gets over here. But that being said, there is a stickied thread in this section noting all of the broken stuff in the cardmaker.

#7066449 Dova's AGM Legacy Support Thread

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 06 January 2018 - 03:41 AM

(Draco, you are lucky that there are no words in Hawaiian that are spelled the same way as ʻĪliohae without the ʻokina and kahakō, or else I'd be telling you that it technically translates to something else.)


I mean, if it comes down to it, just restrict ʻĪliohae to the field or something. But then again, point of Sunbeasts was that you had to run external support for them (but technically speaking, they DID get a consistency card). But then again, Sunbeasts only have Kākela for any form of searching on summon. 


Kaʻīlio (whatever type of dog this is supposed to be, unless just saying dog with the particle) is a welcome addition, given that I only gave them that one Level 3 for any lower Level members and less reliance on Unleash. Rest of the effect is fine.


Worship isn't bad and least redirects stuff. And yeah, it's another search target so...

#7066442 Blank Cards?

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 06 January 2018 - 02:00 AM

It's likely the manual upload thing, which is an issue that we've been aware of for the past couple months. 


Though certain sites like Pixiv and the like will still render a white image even with the link. 

#7066318 So..how exactly does this work?

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 January 2018 - 05:54 AM

Yeah, spoiler nests are okay and definitely inspiration works too. 


But at this point, thread is kind of off-topic from what you originally asked in here, so...take this up over PM if you got further questions?

#7066199 Good Day

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 04 January 2018 - 09:42 PM

Let's hope I have the Casual rules updated so it's a bit easier for you to post things without being subjected to the general standards I hold all of CC to.


But yeah, welcome to YCM.

I'm Sakura, the moderator for Custom Cards and one of the Super Mods. 


Like Nyx mentioned already, just read the rules before you post; that way, you'll know our standards and all.



Feel free to PM me and stuff if you need help.



Have fun :D

#7065684 Pristine Aura

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 02 January 2018 - 05:42 AM

So basically a slower version of Cleansing Water from the GX manga, but with added benefits? (Well, if it were to be applied anyway)


From a design perspective, I suppose it helps to shut off stat drops from opposing monsters and avoid getting blasted by stuff such as 103 or the like. Applying it to the opponent, suppose it helps with screwing over some Equip cards and boosting effects (examples being Goukis and stuff Tributing themselves for mass plays, whatever Deck plays mass Equips, etc), so...On that note, it does prevent stuff like Light & Darkness Dragon (and its Synchro "parts") from working since they can no longer LOSE stats to trigger their effects iirc. 


Card is good and all, but outside some niche uses, yeah. Issue is "what Decks/cards change stats around often nowadays". The destruction protection helps a bit, so suppose there's that. 

#7065675 Sakura's AGM Legacy Support

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 02 January 2018 - 03:15 AM

NOTE: As this thread's name implies, most of the stuff in this thread will be pertinent to cards in the Archetype Generator Meta, NOT the actual metagame. 


Much like every other AGM support thread in this section, mostly will contain cards to push older Archetypes in the format to modern standards. A few are mine (because a chunk of them were designed pre-Zoo/Shinryu meta), a couple are archetypes that I like / should help out and others come from outside Decks we let in. 
[A few might be ported from my gift thread, so...]

AGM prompts
Outside stuff
Also a note that cards that are colored BLUE are fresh cards I made. A handful of the stuff in this thread does come from older ones I made offsite, and thus only I know about.

The ʻokina used for some of the card names can be substituted with the apostrophe character because I am well aware that keyboards do not have this character easily on demand. With the kahakō/macron, just try to use the circumflex character (or otherwise, you can use the regular glyph).


I need to make this clear due to how Hawaiian is structured in terms of vocabulary, and similar spelled words meaning completely different things with the inclusion/exclusion of the diacritics. Some words don't really change, but others will.


Please do not be lazy with this.

- 1/1/2018: Started this thread
- 1/2/2018: Added MPB stuff
- 1/5/2018: Added Sunbeast and Ice Barrier support.
This will be subjected to updates as they come along. I also need to note that I designed the stuff in here without looking at the other support cards (as I am aware some of you already did legacy stuff for me). 
Like always, those of you who properly review get repped.

#7065519 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 01 January 2018 - 05:49 AM

This is what I spent the last moments of 2017 doing, outside of updating my reindeer set in general (and just barely beating the deadline for posting all the card art and stuff by 10 minutes).

Reindeer art was totally the best way to end the year before fireworks, right?


Vector pics


Oh yeah, and Happy New Year.

#7065444 Zubaba Captain

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 31 December 2017 - 08:48 PM

It is more along the lines that Zubaba themselves have a search card along with their other onomatopoeic brethren: http://yugioh.wikia....ki/Onomatopaira ... Ideally with this in mind you would probably want to pair this Zubaba with the Warrior-Type Gagaga's, or the Dododo's. IDK maybe I will revise it to support Zubaba more than generic warriors.


To be fair, keeping it as generic Warrior support would help this card immensely, since all of them are already Warrior and still benefit from this. At the same time, they aren't particularly large in membership anyway.


Since you want it to run with the rest of Yuma's deck, yeah, I'd advise against changing it to be archetype locked. 

#7065154 Revamping Casual Cards for the Revamped Cardmaker

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 30 December 2017 - 03:09 AM

Ultimately, I still hold the final decision in how to address the matter, but I will say that I read over the suggestions and adapting things accordingly. 


Still working out how to adapt the rulebook to say things, as it is still a fair chunk of rules that I still have to enforce, even with the lowered Advanced Clause thing (I wouldn't really call it this, but more of posting standards so Casual retains some quality in posting) and opening a few things.



Changes you can expect to see at least before the second week of January 2018. 


1. Design intent of Casual Cards being freer than it currently is (instead of Advanced-lite).


To be fair, you were always able to post cards freely; just that the section description gave impressions that you had to be up to date with the current game. Well, exceptions being that:

  1. Fake Types/stuff were split into Experimental with new summon mechanics, so we wouldn't have to deal with ruling issues or something. (And yeah, CC is still patterned on actual game).
  2. Divine-Beast stuff had to be thought through [well, not really enforced but on the member to not toss it onto something random]
  3. Obviously on member to balance it themselves, and not make it blatantly obvious that it's busted.

Fake Types / Attributes will be allowed in the standard area (once the new rules are in place, and threads made on the day of the changes), though new summon mechanics and stuff remains in Experimental because of ruling stuff. Or let's say in a couple months we get a new Link thing (and the inevitable new series, new summon mechanic) and we're still fuzzy on how this will work out. You should use Experimental for that until more details are confirmed, but it depends.  


I'm still working out how to deal with the Divine-Beast / DIVINE pairing, but really, these shouldn't be spammed on without thinking about it carefully (even if you're not required to pair them).


As for third thing, you still have to balance your stuff out (and that goes across the entire CC boundary), but it's being generalized to not INTENTIONALLY breaking the card or making it so obvious that it's busted / poorly designed (It's obvious even to a novice cardmaker that there are major flaws in design.)


2. Advanced Clause / posting standards getting reduced


Like I noted earlier in the thread, while you won't have to write 30+ words with some degree of card design involved in it, you still have to flesh out your compliment posts and stuff. Limit will be set at 10 words minimum and should be written in proper sentences.


All of you should be capable of writing out what you like about the card or fleshing out compliments, right? Even new members should be able to.


Do not treat Casual Cards like the status bar / Discord, etc.


Advanced-level critique is still allowed, but ideally members should tone down their level of critique for Casual and not go into more design-oriented stuff (least the heavier bits). Unrelated stuff to the card itself, like mentioning sub/dub differences, will be treated as spam and punished accordingly, and I did give WP to a veteran member for doing this earlier in the year.


3. Rulebook being condensed a bit.


While I'll try to shrink it a bit more than the 20 rule thing I have now, it will inevitably remain somewhat large due to the things that have to be spelled out and specifics that deviate from the general site stuff. This includes, but not limited to...

  • Bumping standard (I may consider some changes for the general bumping time, but need to see what would be an appropriate number. A concern here is certain members legitimately bumping their threads several days in a row, and no one looks.)
  • What constitutes a necrobump
  • Image policies (though it should be uniform with the site-wide one)
  • What's permitted in the section. 
  • Our brand of Advanced Clause / posting standards. 
  • Format stuff (though most of you already design for the TCG format anyway, which is the standard for all of CC), and obvious note for members to respect these tags. (i.e. Don't talk about Link interactions in a Legacy thread)

Along with the reminder to follow the rules, that's already 4-5 that are mandatory for keeping.


The rule about English typing should be in the general rules because it applies everywhere, but yeah, that's mentioned because I've seen cases where members post stuff in German and stuff without translation [albeit rare nowadays].


Posting in your native language is perfectly fine, but you need to provide translation in English (doesn't have to be perfect, and can be Google Translated). Just don't assume that members can read Portuguese/Spanish/German, etc. fluently. 


(But seriously, the rules are easy to follow; just that the explanations are long. They need to be given so you know what is expected and there are no discrepancies if I do have to intervene in a thread for whatever reason.)



Sample written template can be moved to another post in the rulebook or something, but really, I don't care how you do it, provided you got the required info beneath. Picture-less cards won't be banned per say, but you're encouraged to just write it out as it is easier to fix those than regenerating cards. 


Then again, you technically have to post written data underneath anyway, so... As I noted before, don't assume members will be willing / able to read directly off the pic and there've been a few users who have assumed.


Rule about remaking cards can be shifted into preceding one, as erratas are certainly welcome in the section.



Above are the definitive changes I have in terms of the new rules. Things I still need to work on is addressing members who just post stuff and don't want to be criticized. 


For right now, it'll probably remain as-is, and will be up to the creator to take critique / comments maturely and not blow a fuse if someone doesn't say "good job". I won't punish members for giving a civil review but the thread creator decided to act like a little kid and take it as an insult; it'll be the thread creator who gets punished. But yeah, reviewers can still be penalized if they engage in attacks on a member's design, their personality or so forth.




I wrote a lot about the forecoming changes and why the rulebook is still going to remain rather big, even with the edits, but yeah, take this as a note that I read over this thread and am going to change stuff. 


At the moment, Joke Cards is open to all members. 

#7065151 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 30 December 2017 - 01:33 AM

We should all learn how to make our own backgrounds in GIMP; it's possible but just requires figuring out a lot of the filters. I technically haven't yet, even though I do a fair amount of image stuff. 

Yeah, I said I'd post vector art when I was satisfied with the result


(There's a ton of reindeer art because I'm working on a Custom Card set involving them; need to finish them before 11:59 pm New Year's Eve my time.)


Both of the above arts look good though.

#7064796 Le Crayon Corner~

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 28 December 2017 - 05:42 AM

That's technically how I do all of my vector art (scan to computer, make it digital on Photoshop), so...yeah. As for the eyes, still remains a major problem (but that's usually due to the sketch). So yeah, don't worry if it looks bad; least you can fix things digitally, as opposed to hand drawn where you MUST get it right the first time. 


If the eyes come out bad, just reshape the layers or something.



Do you use PS to do your stuff, or something else?

#7064791 Galeglider Javelin

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 28 December 2017 - 04:40 AM

("equipped monster")


The power bonus isn't particularly great (but it's probably enough to run over a few things that you need to, so...), but quick removal is always appreciated. In application, I guess it's a more generic version of Majespecter Cyclone (well, that one does have Tributing costs and only pops monsters). I think they could probably use it a bit to alleviate needing to Tribute selves for removal, but there's the issue with MR4 and their need for backrow/Scales. 



If Deck space weren't tight for a lot of WIND decks nowadays, yeah, it'd be worth a slot or two in them.