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#7053740 Pendulum and Link Monsters

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on Yesterday, 01:21 AM

when those types of monsters will be on the website? i hope it will have also the different pendulum monsters, like fusion-pendulum, synchro-pendulum and others


I'll be direct about this. 


Until our administrator gets his ass over here to fix the cardmaker and update it, we will not get them anytime soon. You're not the first person to have asked this over the years, but yeah. In the meantime, you may use TCGEditor or a Photoshop/GIMP template, though they have their own issues. 


I know that it sucks that we don't have it, but the cardmaker's functions are limited to our administrator, YCMaker, and he is, for all intents and purposes, dead in terms of activity. 

#7052086 [Post-Contest Review] Dopenguin

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 13 November 2017 - 04:20 AM

(Considering I graded this earlier for task #2, it's only fair I review your changes and see if you read critique)


Like I told you when I graded this card, removing either the "cannot be attacked" effect or the protection one from original version would've made the card fine (and not overbearing). Though yes, the meta things were addressed.


That being said, I'm fine with the edit on the battle protection thing being "first time stuff gets attacked and would be killed" because that was one of the problems. At the same time, you have the "only 1" clause out, so you can get away with having this be a Quick Effect and no limitations on its SSing effect.



So yeah, you did fine. Penguins need help anyway, but will take more to get them stronger (well, at least better monster pool and some more toys to help them deal with the current power players).

#7052079 Structure Deck R: Curse of the Dark

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 13 November 2017 - 03:27 AM


(Here's the correct link if you want)


Well, that and a bunch of new toys to support him and DARK stuff in general. (I'm looking over the SD12 list, because hell knows why Konami didn't bother with releasing it and SD11 in TCG as the Deck, and instead went with SCRs in first two 2007 packs)


Original was more beatdown-ish, but yeah, more Virus stuff sounds cool and giving them an actual theme here instead of just DARK monsters that do stuff. Maybe a retrain of the other two new monsters, but take with grain of salt.

#7051985 Hello World

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 12 November 2017 - 04:00 PM

If he's going to be posting cards, then he should get to know who I am. 


But yeah, welcome to YCM.

I'm Sakura, the moderator for Custom Cards, Introductions (where you are now) and Q&A; not to mention one of the Super Moderators. 


As Yui already pointed out, make sure you look over the standard site rules (you can find them either stickied at the top of the News forum or announcement all over the place). Most are common sense things, but yeah. Custom Cards has a lot more that you need to know, but most should be relatively simple (including the use of tags to split between ARC-V format and now). As for Duel Masters (people still play this?), that would go in the Other TCG section in Advanced for right now.



If you have any questions pertaining to Custom Cards, please ask me (or rather, I'm the best resource for this as I did write nearly all of the rules for the section and stuff). I'm usually here on a daily basis, but I am not online at the time, just shoot me a PM. 


General questions can be directed to a staff member or a veteran user online.  


But yeah, enjoy your stay and hope you can stick around. YCM tends to retain very few new members.

#7051811 [Leaderboard] D'Sceptyr vs. Kid Gambino (Specific Summon Serenity)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 11 November 2017 - 04:31 PM

Card A


Because of Japanese naming stuff (Kazejin and Suijin are named "Hyuuga" and "Suuga", respectively in Japanese), yeah, this may have some unintended interactions and stuff [Bujins don't want this, and everything else is meh]. Sanga is fine; other two may have issues. But yeah, I have a slight concern about this card's lack of OPT and potential to summon the pieces freely (even if they generally suck now). Foolish Burial Goods and potential Lawnmowing much? Rest of the effects are fine, considering Gate Guardian sucks, but yeah.


Card B


Yeah, not enough payout to make up for the effort needed to summon this, and Armityle still sucks (this just compounds it). Yeah, it goes to 5000 which is still fine, but the requirements are literally impossible to bring out (unless you Lawnmower or some other type of mill).


Remember Chazz's new meme boss? This card's summon conditions for Armityle are about the same, if not more difficult than it nowadays; in terms of comparative effort and all. 



I have to vote C here as well.

#7051681 Unstable Fusion Generator

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 11 November 2017 - 02:53 AM



Just going to use this for your other stuff.


You need to post the card's effect underneath for all your cards, so it is easier for members to see it as opposed to reading off the card. While I technically have a big enough screen to read this, and my eyesight is fine; members do access this site via mobile or cannot see as well. Never assume that members can read off the picture directly.



But that being said, you should just group the Unstable cards into one thread in Multiples as opposed to singles, so it's easier for us to see what they do.

#7051079 [Sakura] TRON Zoo (16/?)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 08 November 2017 - 05:19 AM

Cards go here



You know what this is by now



- Modified Flash Rabbit to remove Quick Effect and clean up wording.

- Added Tiger's Link Markers (how did I miss this?)


You guys know what to do at this point.

Reps/likes given to those of you who review properly.


(P.S. This was supposed to be the Ojamaparty discussion thread in TCG, but...I got ninja'd by a few seconds due to Firefox and computer slowboating on me, so...I had to revamp it.)

#7051018 Tune-Up Turnip [DPR]

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 07 November 2017 - 09:02 PM

Card is fine for whatever it does; basically, change any monster into a Tuner (well, bar Links and Xyz, but you already knew that) and get access to anything you need. IDK, could be useful when you Synchro Summon and then need to ladder into something that requires a Synchro Tuner (however often you Accel Synchro nowadays). Lack of hard OPT on its summon may be of some concern, but yeah, Level 1 so you can't do too much with it; least as far as generic ones go for the most part.


If not, yeah, free Link 2+ setup for zero Synchro decks, so there's that. 

#7050420 Halloween 2017 Wrap-Up

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 November 2017 - 07:05 PM

We're all gonna get told off for sharing how many tickets we got when this isn't the thread to do that in. :/


Well, in the event that Giga/The Mayor doesn't show up for an extended period of time (due to his new job or other issues that may arise without warning), we need to know how many tickets you guys got, so they can be awarded on time. You still need to ask him about the results, as the staff does not have this information.


I won't chew you out for this, because the event really is over and prizes need awarding. 



Also going to note that we did receive Halloween pitches from two users for next year; those are under review at this time.

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#7050376 YCM in four words

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 November 2017 - 04:25 PM

Because Miscellaneous is spam.

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#7050373 Psionic Soultracer

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 November 2017 - 04:08 PM

Card is fine as-is, though rewarding you for using bigger Psychics to summon this. Metalfoes are probably going to be the main Psychic deck using this, as Jack Knights have their bricking problems due to high level and column stuff. Going back to the latter, I suppose this could help with their bricking issues to an extent, but problem is actually getting 2 of their members out. The Air Neos / Agent of Force - Mars [this one is the power booster iirc] effect is nice though.


Right now, I don't see any other Psychic decks being able to use this efficiently, as they either are mixed with other Types, they conflict with the main goal and/or are just difficult to summon in general. 

#7050366 Auto upload

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 November 2017 - 03:42 PM

Pester him enough and he’ll come. That may be our only option.


Do you like getting pinged on Discord or emailed multiple times a day in succession? 


I mean, yeah, it'll work but then YCMaker might just put us on email blocking (even though there are issues that need to be fixed with this site, but hell knows when he'll show up). Last time he showed up was in May. 


tl;dr, YCMaker essentially is a puppet admin at this point; he just owns the site and stuff, but otherwise has no say in the policies that are implemented. 



Addressing the original post, there are a few workarounds. 


1. Obviously, save stuff to desktop, then upload it to Imgur.


2. Right-click "get image location" in cardmaker and then enter it into the upload box.


3. Download the Imgur extension app for Firefox/Chrome. In the cardmaker, right-click your card and it should give an option saying "upload to Imgur". That way, you don't have to save or c/p links. You just have to copy/paste the new URL you get. 

#7050233 Post-Halloween "Best Monster 2017" Poll

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 November 2017 - 12:03 AM

Poll can only hold 20 monsters, Cow (unless Yui makes a secondary poll to ask about Boss Monsters with an abstention option if applicable).


Honestly speaking, there were about 4-5 I liked: Ivan, Splendorman, Flavius, Heavy and I guess Bowser. Suppose you can refer to my evaluation thread in Misc to an extent, but yeah.

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#7050208 Sidestep

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 04 November 2017 - 07:59 PM

Right now, I see this mostly to get monsters out of the EMZ and into a zone that is more favorable to your liking. So yeah, name fits considering the effect, and should hopefully eliminate having to wait for more generic Links [or non-consistency screwers] with down markers to open stuff. Or for certain players who dislike Links (and I think one of them might comment in a couple days), yeah, get ED boss out of the zone for a while so you can summon something else. 


In application, you don't really get too much out of this except screwing over Link format a bit. Idea is fine though.

#7050158 Little Swordsman Deck

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 04 November 2017 - 02:56 PM

Assuming all of them are Knight-Type, a more appropriate one would be Warrior (unless this is what you meant, and Google is terrible at translating German to English). I'll assume the latter. 

  • LV 1 isn't particularly great, but that's due to it being a low Level monster with nothing to benefit from.
  • LV 4 is kinda like the original LV stuff, but with less bang for it. At least it is NS'able with a respectable stat line, but most you get out of it is just a new monster that doesn't do much else. (At least Mystic Swordsman and stuff had some sort of effects)
  • LV 7 is fine, considering the process. Again though, still requires a lot of setup for this.
  • LV 10 should lose the LP requirement, because nowadays, if you're at 1000 LP, you're probably going to be losing big next turn (if you didn't already get beaten).
  • For Infinity, that's not how Xyz Summoning works. You need 2 monsters of the same Level to Xyz Summon; yours is more in line with a Synchro Summon. (So...perhaps change Level 1 to a Tuner, and then it'd work out. You do have a Tuner, but it's Level 3.) Also, I assume that the second effect here grants Rank 6 monsters an added power boost or something...
  • You got the Rank-Up part right for Double Infinity, but right now, it does not need that Rank-Up requirement considering the effect isn't potent enough. Also see note about Infinity itself. 

I'll just briefly read through the rest, and say that a lot of them are generally underpowered with regards to the power creep. A few of them have a fighting chance of surviving, but yeah. The set up will be hard to make for either the Knight or Dragon line because of how they work.


(For Legendary Knight and Dragon, avoid using the DIVINE Attribute unless it is for a Divine-Beast monster. It's not something that can be tossed on any boss monster.)