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#7024030 Kid Thoughts

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on Yesterday, 02:50 AM

(I technically work as a cashier at the water park; technically not true except for any tip money you get from customers. I get other stuff instead at times though, but that's straying off-topic.)


But let's see.




I think there was more, but either I can't remember them (or I didn't think about too much) or borders on stuff I rather not talk about.

#7023990 YCM Staff + Section Breakdown

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 21 July 2017 - 08:15 PM

Gadjiltron has announced his resignation as a moderator due to circumstances pertaining to his real-life job. 


(evil or Flame will get to his demotion at a later time)


As mentioned in the previous post, do not start suggesting candidates until one of the staff members makes a thread in C/S to announce choices and/or open it up to you all to suggest your own. When the need arises, we will let you know.

#7023806 Make a Link Monster Game

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 21 July 2017 - 06:31 AM

Draconic Linknight

Link 2 | EARTH | Dragon | Link | Effect

ATK 1900

W / SE

2 Dragon monsters

Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 Dragon monster from your hand or GY to this card's Link Point. Dragon monsters at this card's Link Point gain 300 ATK and DEF, also they can make a second attack during each Battle Phase.



2 Level 6 monsters



(Yeah, the Link mats are literally 2 Level 6 monsters...so figure out a way to make this worth running over Beatrice or whatever R6 that still saw play during the ARC-V era.)

#7023497 YCM Grand Pokémon Tournament 8

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 19 July 2017 - 10:26 PM

I'll get to it by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. 


Trying to run Postseason, take care of some staff business in the background and catching up on stuff I had to put off during summer school isn't helping. But yeah, I didn't forget about this tournament. (The remainder of the brackets are on my desktop, which I am not using right now)

#7023417 Corrosive Spit

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 19 July 2017 - 03:09 PM

Links are looking at this and saying "ha ha, we don't care because we can never go to Defense Position". But outside of that, suppose it's a nice way to soften up a target for you to kill and get damage off. Card is fine as-is; nothing special, but does its job well enough.

#7023329 [Leaderboard] Season 16 Postseason (Match 3-1)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 19 July 2017 - 01:41 AM

Card A


Given the new SR05 coming out, this would likely get a substantial boost from them, but since they aren't revealed right now, yeah... At the same time though, it does make for a nice tech for Fairies in terms of free summoning and power bonuses. Choosing targets is even better, but still, you need to have the field advantage for it first. Right now, not really seeing any Fairy decks that can realistically do it at this time (least in this era). I won't count Trickstars because they still have consistency issues. I guess you have Darklords, so...


Card B


Well, you kept the 3 Tribute thing but as an added NS, so... I suppose BW, Raidraptors, Lyrical Luscinias (I refuse to call them Lyrilusc right now) can make good use of this card; least in the sense of retrieving the stuff you Tributed to NS this in the first place. That being said, all of them can/will ED spam (well, if this were ARC-V format), but since Link format comes on Friday...it shouldn't be TOO bad. (Blackwings technically can sit on a big enough Synchro for a while, so... RR are kinda neutered without their mats and LLs have a similar issue).





A requires a Fairy to get killed before it can summoned freely and gain power (but does have Valhalla and other stuff helping it out). Also permits you to choose targets if you can get 2 other Fairies out. 


B is NS stuff, but fuels Blackwing/RR spam and recovers itself (though unlike the original, you CAN revive it later). Has the advantage of having competent Winged Beasts to play with this. (Oh right, and Harpies might enjoy it if only to amass some field advantage; no Phantasmal Dragon for them).



I really like both of them, and they accomplish proper roles in their respective areas, but I'm going to give it to A this time for being more fair. Granted, the viable Fairy pool is limited right now (I guess you have Darklords, Trickstar and some generic Fairies), but the protection effect is fine and it isn't nuts. 


B sort of fuels Winged Beasts and while ED spam is a problem (even with Link format), only BWs can really get positives out of this card's effects and not be affected much. That, and it still requires NSing to come out (though it's a lot nicer). 



As much as I would've liked to call it a draw, and let you two fight it out in the final with .Belle, Postseason cannot take card C at this point and I don't want to drag this on longer than I have to. 




AEZ moves on, and Dova needs to make a new match winner. 


[Note: If the loser bracket match between Dova and Belle ends in a draw or no voting after deadline, I'm just going to make the final a 3-way match and not try to tiebreak.]

#7023315 Sakura answers questions and gives opinions

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 18 July 2017 - 11:21 PM

Do you play Roblox and do you play Pokemon Brick Bronze on Roblox?


No on both.


Looking forward to the coming school semester?  Speaking of which, how are your classes going?


1. For right now, yeah. Only concerns are likely if the professors teaching are going to be hardasses or decent. Two of them are guys I had in the past, whereas other two are unknown (and I don't have much on them except for reviews on RateMyProfessor). 


2  I spent 6 weeks in summer school doing Dynamics, which I needed to pass to take the bigger engineering courses (I have passed that, so now I can actually start doing stuff). I don't know what happened with statics that required multiple shots to pass (I could've been a lot closer to finishing if the 2nd guy answered his email ON TIME and I could see my exam because I just missed the bar, or the 3rd one answering his email period.)


So yeah, I can finally stop emailing advisor that my progression plans are going to be on neutral; least for now. But I have a long way to go, looking at my schedule. 



Next semester:

  • Fundamentals of Transportation (idk, I guess analyze why the roads get bust up, how the traffic lights and stuff determine when to let cars go). T

  • Fluid Mechanics (I'm going to assume it is regular statics/dynamics with differential equations to account for resistance in liquid; i.e. why stuff gets slowed down in water, etc.).
    • Remember one lab in general physics where we dropped balls in machine oil. Might be something similar, but I'm just taking guesses. 

  • Mechanics of Materials: Likely something about how certain materials break more easily or something. 

  • Ethnic Studies Fieldwork: This basically means "Twice per week: Go to the regular class and view the lectures given on Japanese Americans in this state. Once per week: Lead a class using said lectures from the first two days, then discuss ethical principles related to situations." 
    • Still waiting for professor to email me back on more specifics, since I did fill out an application for it and had interview. I took him last semester for ethnic studies (same course that I'm going to have to be in charge of each Friday). I passed that one without issue.

    • Technically, lab leader or less glorified/unpaid version of a TA. This is for credit (and keeps me as a fulltime student); might as well do something with Ethnic Studies since I took ES 330 for the ethics requirement.

I would've liked to be close to graduating, but a lot of things have prevented those, including:

  • Aforementioned setbacks: Some of them are likely my fault for not getting help more and/or understanding the material, some are likely due to professor / TA being legitimately terrible regardless (which are mostly on the cores and the aforementioned statics stuff). And yeah, I evaluated those instructors harsh enough during the evals or on rating sites. 

  • UH is terrible at having enough classes at appropriate times: Some classes are only one section, in a particular semester only AND have time conflicts with other courses that students need to take. It would be nice if more than one section were available, but let's assume that either university doesn't have money to get (competent) professors to handle courses at that time, and/or lack of large enough classrooms available when needed. 

(Then again, a lot of stuff I'm saying about the university is technically unethical, but it is true and even some of my TAs mentioned their faults [I had a couple professors who made slight remarks as well.])

#7023110 Grim the Awoken

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 17 July 2017 - 11:21 PM

Considering how much Decks love the Graveyard nowadays, this will end up getting REALLY powerful on summoning. If it were just your Graveyard, fine, but it uses both, so... Granted, it is technically vulnerable to effect removal (including itself), but as-is, it kills two monsters per turn and generally ends up benefiting due to that fact. I would recommend lowering the boost to 100 per card. Now, if this were just monsters (a la Shadow Ghoul); sure, you can keep the 200 ATK and DEF. 


Materials are probably doable, but nowadays not seeing a Deck that would want to play this (or have the resources to devote to it).

#7023050 Pot of Envy

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 17 July 2017 - 06:42 PM

This would've funnier if Lawnmowing decks were still existent and people played 60 card Decks, but other than that, it's just a free draw card. Also note Upstart got limited, so this is a better version.


(1k LP boost is technically "decent" because of the amount of LP players like to burn though before realizing they need to be careful, which often exceeds 1000 several times over.)

#7022999 Sacred Shrine of Sacrifice

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 17 July 2017 - 02:54 PM

Now every Tribute deck can be True Kings and use their backrow as Tribute fodder...


In the case of Rituals, I don't think it's possible for you to be able to Tribute a non-Continuous Spell/Trap while its effect is still applying (in this case, Ritual Summoning a monster in its text). You should be fine with something like Swords or whatever Normal Spell/Trap that stays on a field for an extended period of time. The idea is cool though in reducing how many Tributes you need to summon something; only issue (disregarding the activation thing) is it doesn't work for certain Rituals that mandate exact Levels for their summon; however I think that's just limited to Nekroz right now. 


Speaking of Nekroz, I can only imagine them having some fun with this; as triggering 1 Ritual Spell Card for them = free Unicore. 


That being said, will need to check with evil if it is indeed possible to do so (in terms of Ritual Spells).



Sp33dn0id, make sure you give a review later, k?

#7022865 Pendulum questions

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 17 July 2017 - 12:03 AM


I have some questions regarding Pendulum Summon:

1- When the Pendulum scale is formed, can I special Summon non- pendulum monsters?

2- When a Pendulum spell Monster Card is destroyed, will it end up on extra deck or graveyard?

3- When a Monster Summoned by pendulum got destroyed, it will end up in extra deck, so how many monster can the extra decks hold?


1. You can summon any monsters whose Levels are between the Scale values, regardless if they are Pendulum Monsters or not. 


2. It will go to the Extra Deck. Only time Pendulums go to the Graveyard is if they were detached as Xyz Material or otherwise go the grave from anywhere but the field (including the hand, Deck, as Xyz Material, etc.)


3. There is no limit to how many face-up Pendulum Monsters you can have in the Extra Deck. Only requirement for the Extra Deck is that you cannot run more than 15 monsters that originate in the Extra Deck face-down.

#7022742 Sakura answers questions and gives opinions

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 16 July 2017 - 02:30 PM

You're technically a retired mod at this time (though you're more than welcome to come back once stuff clears up), but yeah, I know what you look like, least from pics in that thread.


Was more on the lines of "I have no idea how evilfusion/Flame/Zai/Gadjiltron look like, or even Zex/Nai since no pics, or they're sandwiched in that thread and would take a very long time to find them." Black posted a few pics of self at points in time, Yui had one a while back (think it's still accurate, but yeah) and I technically posted one in 2014 if you can find it.

#7022671 Sakura answers questions and gives opinions

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 16 July 2017 - 12:40 AM

Night is the sexy one in appearance; well, at least he's the only one out of the mods who posts selfies. Rest of us don't; I have no clue of how the other mods look like, except maybe Smear.


But even then, having good looks doesn't mean you'll get it. There's a lot more; then again, it's a partially thankless job if you get it. You can't really use it on a resume.

#7022548 I'm Yujo Joestar! My Stand Minnnie the Moocher can copy the effect of...

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 15 July 2017 - 12:08 AM

I edited the post last night concerning Treb's status, but due to circumstances surrounding him at this time which will be announced later [not sure if I noted this in the mod thread, but now you know], he wasn't initially mentioned. I didn't forget about him.


But in terms of CC stuff, if you need help with knowing policies, ask me (since I did write the rules in their current form). Other than that, if you need help with general design, you can ask, but if I'm not around (usually am, except certain periods when I'm either sleeping, doing errands in state capital or at work), Black's usually good about card design (and is a former CC mod). 


If you want to test out your cards, there's Duel Portal (the forum for which can found beneath Advanced). A sub-area of that is a Duel Portal format, which Parenthesis and two other users run. Right now, it's inactive due to DP itself being down right now (unless it came back up) and other things pertaining to the format. You can ask the above user for more details on that if interested.

#7022455 Cognite, the Ghost in the Machine (FIRST MACHINE SPIRIT TUNER)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 14 July 2017 - 01:31 PM

It should include itself in its own effect once it's activated (since once it's summoned, the effect lingers), but it wouldn't hurt to ask evilfusion for a general ruling on it. Might be reading it wrong and it's not affected.


(EDIT: Guy ninja'd)


Though, while Spirits do need the help to actually become a relevant Deck on their own (barring Shinobird/Espirit as an engine of sorts), including the summon speed, you did break a lot of flavor in doing this. One is making this a Tuner for whatever reason (iirc Spirits don't have the resources to Synchro in the first place given their own restrictions). Second, you will likely notice that all existing Spirits (with exception to the DT ones) are based off Asiatic mythology (usually Japan); this doesn't fit into either category.