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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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#7100717 [Sakura 38K] Blizzard Storm Dragon

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 19 May 2018 - 02:40 AM



Blizzard Storm Dragon

Link 4 | WATER | Dragon | Link | Effect


N / E / SW / S

3+ monsters, except Tokens
You can only use this card name's ② effect once per turn. ① Cannot be targeted by card effects. ② Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can Tribute 1 other monster you control, then target 1 card on the field; banish it, face-down. If this card points to 2 or more monsters, cards or effects cannot be activated in response to this effect's activation.


[Use the written text for the effects/stats and so forth; not what is written on the picture.]



(Picture credit)


Design stuff (keep closed if you don't want to read)


Alright, there we go. 


Those who give a proper review and maintain civility while doing so shall get a rep.

#7099919 Super YCM Discord 2

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 14 May 2018 - 02:21 AM

If one person makes 100 valid posts in a section. Is it not active Striker/cow?
Going for the extreme example


It depends on how short/long of a time span they make those posts, and however many people replicate it. If done within a moderate timeframe within section guidelines and whatnot, then sure, you may consider it active. If done over a very long period of time where there is no activity for a great number of days (see Showcase for example), then not really. 


Building on Cow's point about members already use Discord for talking with a select group elsewhere even without the official Discord existing. I have contact with a small handful on a private server where we talk about a variety of things (including advising with any contests/stuff they want to run). However, my doing so isn't killing YCM's activity for I do talk to some of them on-site as well. It's not much different than what you would do on Skype/Facebook/whatever (and it's about as active as the mod forum in terms of activity, which isn't high). 


Also referencing the reason for why DP users stay on their own server and not use CC, it boils down to their preference in posting messages and getting feedback as compared to forums in general; not just YCM specifically.



We all know that you dislike the Discord and its drops on activity, but yeah, cool it already and stop attacking other users who disagree with your stance.


Again, Tormey explicitly said there are no channels pertaining to the major areas like TCG, Custom Cards, etc. Debates isn't even on there; for the most part, it's just random discussions with a Showcase / Music channel because those areas are already inactive, even without Discord existing.

#7099591 Archetype Game

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 12 May 2018 - 06:36 AM



Do you like programming? Do you like antelopes (regardless of where they live)? If you answered yes to both questions, then this Deck works for you. 


Basically, a Beast deck where the members all have some punny names related to their species and an aspect of coding (you figure out what these are). Naturally, they lend themselves to a Link Summoning playstyle. However, they're a lot easier to string together combos with than writing a program in C++/Javascript, as each of the Main Deck are relatively easy to summon and continue to set up combos by summoning another member with a different name, not unlike Skyfangs / Fur Hire. The Link monsters usually point down, but are quite capable of Extra Linking if given the resources they need to do so. 


What are the drawbacks to using them? Outside possible keeping track of what effects you have triggered, what your Link positioning on the field is and trying to correct any misplays you may have made. Just like any massive combo Deck, one wrong play and you probably get a worse result than you would like to have. Granted, your Spell/Trap cards are like the "debugging" functions you get in Eclipse or something, but they aren't exactly searchable on command, nor are they easily retrieved. The good part is that the higher Link monsters are extremely flexible and you can technically screw up a bit, and doesn't kill your plays. Just don't do it intentionally. 




(cyberse + wrestler)


Do as you will with this.

#7099586 + Sakura's GFX Center +

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 12 May 2018 - 05:57 AM

@Nathanael D. Striker


I tried

#7099385 [Leaderboard] D'Sceptyr vs. BatMed (Queen of the Hill) (Cards UP!)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 10 May 2018 - 09:17 PM

Let's just vote in here and make this not dead, mkay?


Set A


Ectasisters is probably what OG Sisters should've been in terms of potency and whatnot. Granted, you do have to expend 3 monsters on the field or GY with different names, but given they have so much of that now, it's really not hard. Shines well against Spell heavy Decks and protection is generally fine. Then again, this sets up for Hysteric Party fodder if needed, so... Now if only Egotist summoned from GY too, since otherwise only purpose of this card being "Harpie Lady Sisters" is just for Triangle Ecstasy Spark (which isn't even searchable and requires you to actually run Sisters). 


As for Vassal, you do realize that unless you DNA Surgery this or something, you cannot trigger this card's first effect because, well, you have a Plant out. I want to assume it was a mistake, but cannot do that. With that being said, even if this weren't a Plant, I am iffy about this milling something like Glow-Up to go into Baobaboon or Lonefire, latter which then goes into Tytannial, Gigaplant or whatever (but it's more on them instead of this card). Other effect is okay, but in terms of actually good targets; you have Akiza's stuff for the most part (both cases), Ancient Fairy, Shooting Riser, etc. It's not too bad, but you actually need to control another Plant and this. Guess being a Tuner kinda helps in certain cases too. 


Set B


Part of me is skeptical about this card's condition. Granted, you'll probably be Ranking Up from the Phantasm Dragon, though there's also Tornado, Castel (assuming you don't use its effect to bounce something), Chidori, but...it just has to be a Rank 4 WIND, which the latter are. Granted, it does swap its stats, in which case, 2500/3000 isn't too bad. Both of its effects are fine, considering Harpies do need ways to get their backrow cards too. 


As for the Akiza card, not keen on it being a one-sided Skill Drain with the same Level of summon difficulty as Crystal Wing. In a sense, both of them are similar in application (this one is full-on negation and can steal monsters to make as Plants; Crystal Wing just negates and gains power). Uh, this card is technically BETTER than Crystal, even if not Quick Effect (who needs it when it's flat-out negation). Yes, it doesn't block face-down monsters, but once they get flipped, they're being negated anyway.



I'm voting set A, though it's mostly due to the Fusion being acceptable. The Synchro is somewhat iffy and cannot use its other effect because it itself is a Plant, but it does have a good range of monsters to go into via its effect.


With set B, the Xyz has good enough effects, but the alternate summon condition is somewhat iffy. (If you manage to even summon Channeler and OG Pet Dragon for materials, then yeah, you can have your 3K monster, but how likely are you going to do it?). With the Synchro, yeah, a better Crystal Wing clone that steals monsters is not good design. 

#7099348 Leon Von Schroeder's Remaining Cards [12/12]

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 10 May 2018 - 05:11 PM

Alright, let's see what you got in here. 


Forest Wolf: Technically, you did give this a drawback for not being able to attack unless you control said Field Spell (whereas other one didn't, but that was when said Field was more busted and not correlated to it), but...it negates whatever it kills too. Seems fine otherwise.


Forest Hunter: On-summon monster removal is fine. Probable causes for concern is potential looping and mass summoning of this (well, if you trigger this off Cage for whatever reason), but I don't think it'll be too much of a concern (least with you needing Stromberg to not kill your monsters). 


Tom Thumb: Given vanilla status, you had free reign with him. Instant set-up for Globerman is nice and so is a free summon for stuff.


Globerman: The good part about this card is it at least recycles your banished cards that you are forced to banish off Stromberg (or Desires if for whatever reason you feel the need to do this in this Deck) and burns the later you play this (with more fodder). This assumes you get it out quick enough and have banished stuff (but you probably will, given Thumb and its no Tribute condition if Field is up). On the opposing end, it has its uses for screwing up Shiranui or whatever banishes nowadays.


Little Red: This one is generally fine, considering it'll usually result in Hexe or Globerman in most cases. As a generic tech in Warriors, idk how effective it'd be, but probably a cute tech or something. 


Seven Kids: Protection for the Field is fine and definitely removing the opponent's biggest monster always helps (and burning for it). Also getting around destruction protection like Stardust or several bosses. Wording-wise, just add (your choice, if tied) if there's 2+ monsters with equal strength, though should check if that wording is still used on modern cards. 


Thorn Princess: It's a lot easier to summon than its anime counterpart, but at the same time, this one has more drawbacks (you can't do much with the monster except attack or send it to the GY for other effects, and stuff blows up if the field is gone). Granted, Leon's stuff was made during an era where we didn't have a ton of Extra Deck mechanics and all. I would probably want to use Mind Control over this in most cases; yeah, monster you steal with it can't attack (and it's not permanent control), but at least you can use it as material. 


Then again, you'll probably just use this to steal an opponent's monster so you have a clear field for attacking. 


Curse of Thorns: IDK about this, considering it is a one-sided floodgate and shits on a lot of Decks that rely on the GY (even if it can be circumvented by Infernoids and the like banishing stuff in the GY). Then again, it stops Snow and other stuff from triggering (well, Snow does banish, but this card blocks her effect from triggering in the GY).


Other effect is fine. 


Gingerbread House: Well, it searches every other card in the archetype, so...there's that. Only real changes here are that it requires Stromberg to work (obviously) and the monster just has to be 2500 ATK or higher; not necessarily through this card's effect. Yeah, it doesn't destroy the monsters, which is another benefit. 


Could see a fair bit of use nowadays, considering a lot of bosses usually hit 2500 or more innately or through their own effects without needing this card to "fatten" them up.


Gold Moon Coin: Outside of this card's second effect to shuffle everything you've banished for Stromberg's maintenance cost or whatnot, that's about it. But in a way, it's still getting you back said cards to either draw or keep fueling the Field Spell. 


As for you adding your hand to the opponent, unless you're trying to screw over Infernity / Fableds or something, not sure what applications it would have in the TCG that are consistent enough.


Spindle: This one is generally fine, assuming you have one of the monsters out anyway. Question is whether/not the duel is still going on after 3 turns for you to have this come on the opponent's field or as backrow. (Also, if you really want to give them back said card; most times, you don't want to give them back a good card). 


Can't argue with destroying anything (apparently even your own card, but when are you doing that?)


Water of Life: At least it's not a Spell version of Call of the Haunted without drawbacks, though yeah, the targets for this are still fine. Can either revive stuff like Globerman to recycle your banished resources again upon summon, Thorn Princess to steal another monster, etc. As for the shuffling effect, you're probably using that on the support Spells, including other copies of this if needed.



As a whole, the rest of the set is fine (you didn't make 100-Year Awakening or Giant's Training, but those two literally only summoned their respective monsters with specific cards, which were already added internally). Also nice that some of them have ways to recycle the banished cards so you can keep said Field up, which helps you to keep doing things for longer.

#7099232 [AGM/Written] Kihawahine: A Goddess and her servants! (12/12)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 09 May 2018 - 11:53 PM

I did say that I'd review this, given I came up with the name and did have some role in the cultural accuracy based on last spring's semester studies [well, you asked on Discord because Google still sucks]. So yeah, let's see what you made here. 

Kihawahine: I'm appreciating the fact that it has an anti-Kaiju clause and cannot be targeted. At most, this does blow up to 6 cards out, if you can summon everything and then get her into the Extra Monster Zone (I can say this because the LEGACY tag isn't here). For AGM / ARC-V, yeah, 5 is still plenty. Taking this (MR4) into concern, the retrieval effect from the Extra Deck helps so you can actually do your plays. 
Also being a Ritual enabler in the same vein as Zefrasaber doesn't hurt either.
Kākūʻai: Unless I overlooked something, we don't have Rituals that allow you to Tribute Xyz, but it's still welcome here so the monsters aren't dead fodder. Otherwise, the retrieval works. 


Kule'a: Searcher and Shurit in Reptile form, and can SS itself when detached. I haven't reviewed the rest of the Deck yet, but yeah, there is the chance of this being used for recurring Xyz Summons if you can do it. I would say make it a hard OPT on doing that, but yeah.
Pendulum effect is fine. 
Make: Pretty much only used for making the Xyz or yeah, requiring less effort to make Kihawahine. Not exactly sure why it sets a specific one in the other zone (as even I don't know in specifics because of time constraints), but yeah, it's a Scale 0, so...make as you will with this. But then again, it does get Pends into the GY so you can revive them to the MMZ. 
Ola: Outside reviving stuff you mill with Trial and I guess, redo the summons if opponent uses Strike, not much use for ED summoning from the GY. Does have its uses and pushing for game if you need to (since boss already has enough protection to not require other support).


Maika'i: Another Tuner to go with Make, so that's fine. Least it's faster setup into the Level 6 and mills stuff Make can banish. Pendulum effect is fine too; doesn't target, so gets around a lot of bosses that have targeting protection. 


Uluna: Basically setup for grabbing either the Ritual Spell or actual monster, if for whatever reason, running Pre-Preparation and whatnot doesn't help (or you didn't open into it). Like it can search other Ritual stuff too, but unlikely you'll actually run other Rituals in here. 




Ikaika: This one's generally fine, though there's no real point running this outside of the Deck. On-summon power bonus is nice and yeah, it does search the boss when it dies. (Too bad it doesn't trigger off Uluna, but probably would be busted)


Kani: Recycling dead monsters and all isn't bad, especially since Maika'i and Make (hmm, both Tuners) usually mills them so you can get them out. Rest of the effect is the same as Ikaika (power boost + searching Kihawahine when taken off the field)


Kahe: Generally fine for the most part, given you can technically cycle out the monsters you need at a particular moment. 


Inaina: Well, only way you're summoning this in-archetype is via Make changing other monsters. But yeah, summoning the Main Deck is always nice and trigger them off if needed. 




Trials of Mo'o: This one is fine. 


Volcanic Wrath: Uh, you can already trigger this from your hand because it's a Normal Spell (unless you're intending for it to trigger like a hand trap). Other than that, card's fine for general removal and searches stuff. 



That being said, you quite literally need to control Kihawahine to keep the scales at the extremes (Scale 5 and 8 isn't too bad, but given all of the members are Level 3; no chance in summoning them once they hit the ED). I'd have to look at what other Reptile tech cards you could use that would fit inside this range. 


For the most part, you did fine.  



@Draco: Yeah, autocorrect legitimately sucks.

#7099023 Site Changes Discussion

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 08 May 2018 - 10:26 PM

That's not what I mean, and I think that's what I remembered when I thought it should be brought up before.


What I mean is that we should be seeing a Winter's post in the recent posts between my review and Snatch Steal's response to their post.


EDIT: Also, the link at the top of YCM to the New Cardmaker leads to an old version of the cardmaker, whereas the forum one (https://yemachu.github.io/cardmaker/) leads to the one with Inegration Template and rarity stuff.


Yeah, that one needs to be modified within the theme files or something iirc. It can be done, but just have to figure out where it is, so can be edited without screwing something up. 


Could be it only considers one recent post per thread, so two threads can't be represented by recent posts.


It's been noticed for a while, but yeah, that's probably the case here.

#7098495 Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 05 May 2018 - 04:03 PM

Hopefully those over there get through this, but the damage will be massive (considering the lava also destroyed the roads too). Two homes are already gone, and more may be destroyed. That being said though, people are still trying to hold out in Leilani Estates (where this originated / getting the brunt force of the force). If you're still there, get the hell out while you can. Don't endanger yourselves and/or the first responders who'll have to get to you if they are still able to. 


If you try to fight the lava (and Pele*), then you're going to lose (and the cost will probably be loss of your property, if not your life b/c you cannot be rescued due to conditions). Keeping the culture / history lesson to a minimum, yeah, every time Kīlauea sends lava, it's commonly associated with her as the goddess of fire (and volcanoes). 




I don't remember the last time something of this scale happened; most recent major one was just the lava flow blocking off parts of the highway over there, but no one had to evacuate. This time, yeah, it's dangerous. 




Just for clarification, this is on Hawai'i Island (or Big Island) at the eastern end of the state. Those who live on the other islands are not affected. I'm on O'ahu 200+ miles to the west, so I'm not in the way of the lava flow or earthquakes. Same goes for Icy.

#7098369 [Leaderboard] Dova vs. Darj : Onomatopoeia! (Cards are UP!)

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 04 May 2018 - 05:05 PM

Let's give this a vote so this doesn't end up getting locked for being dead.


Card A


Well, this essentially enables Swordsman to become 3500 without having to do too much (otherwise, you're stuck triggering Bot, which isn't particularly great or anything, but bypasses its "cannot be NS'd" restriction). Then again, the banish effect really only triggers Driver as none of the other ones trigger or activate anything when summoned with an archetype member. 


Card B


This one technically has a better chance of usage given the larger card pool that Gagaga has; also for what it's worth, it's GY targets that Head or Revenge can revive or use as banish food for Draw. Searching effect is fine, and so is the revival (albeit Gogogo has a less than impressive lineup to be revived). Though, it probably does help that Onomatopaira / Onomatopia exist for multiple Yuma Archetype support, so yeah. 



Voting for B since it helps out both Decks do what they need to, and forwards their plays. A is fine for what it does, but suffers from limited targets and stuff that requires being summoned by a "Dododo" monster (which limits it to Driver) and otherwise just enables him. 

#7098280 Make a Spell/Trap Card Game

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 04 May 2018 - 01:44 AM

Umbral Horror Eclipse

Field Spell

You can only use the (2) and (3) effects of this card's name each once per turn. (1) "Umbral Horror" monsters gain 300 ATK and DEF. (2) You can send 1 "Umbral Horror" monster from your Deck to the GY, then Special Summon 1 "Umbral Horror" monster from your Deck or GY. (3) You can reveal 1 Rank 5 or lower Xyz Monster in your Extra Deck; Special Summon that monster, then target up to 3 "Umbral Horror" monsters in your GY with different names; attach them to that monster as material, and if you do, lose LP equal to that monster's Rank x 600. (This is treated as an Xyz Summon.)


You still need more members to actually make this workable, but guess you can Rank 4 consistently and shit with Ghost now. Or you can access any Rank 5 or lower you want without running certain cards, but you'd better be ready to take heavy burn for it. 


Doesn't help with searching though, but blame Vector for not running stuff.



Going to be skipping Merag because she doesn't have a full theme, so...Durbe/Dumon is next. 


Star Seraph

(Do keep in mind the 3-mat Xyz plays they helped to engine off of)

#7098080 [Written] U.A. Centerman

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 03 May 2018 - 02:15 AM

As a whole, this card generally solves a lot of their current problems, including the reliance on Midfielder for most plays and/or Signing Deal for other stuff. Then again, as it currently stands, card basically is a one-card fix on its own. Not that it's a bad idea as there have been cases of such, but the adding NSing does have some concern with Stadium's searching, even if it does burn for less than Deal (yes, I know that one doesn't actually burn, but general loss; you get the point). Searching is fine, especially considering Penalty Box needs to be in the GY and banished from there to do the searching. (Also helps as another Stadium searcher if Terraforming gets hit)


Probably should increase the damage to 300 so it's on par with the other one in terms of cost, but other than that, card is fine and should make them far less bricky. 

#7098007 Entwined Souls

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 02 May 2018 - 06:02 PM

In most cases, you're probably using this to get rid of a monster you can't kill by battle on the opponent's end (idk, use the equipped monster as ED material or something; problem monster gone). Yeah, you're giving them a stat boost, so...


In the case of targeting your own stuff, I guess add another 2K for attacks and stuff if you need to, but losing both your monsters if one goes will suck. Flavor-wise, it makes sense since the two monsters are "connected". Probably can be mitigated (or put to good use) with effects that trigger when stuff goes to the GY, but viable combos aren't coming around right now. 


Card is fine for what it's worth, though yeah, its usages are niche right now (and obviously, it's a Trap so...).

#7097832 Rock and Load

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 01 May 2018 - 01:02 PM

To alleviate the bricking problem, you could just turn it into a Rock equivalent of Foolish Burial (but keep the hard OPT on activation). You would at least give them some speed and needed drawing power without requiring field presence. 


Though yeah, Foolish got hit for a reason for being generic, even without draw power, so you cannot just do that. As Rocks are at present, they shouldn't end up doing stupid things (we got, what, Magnet Warriors, Triamids; both with a side of Block Dragon). Yeah, neither of these options are really "good" right now, but they're somewhat passable. Though, main point would probably be dumping Block and doing whatever. 


As for any limiting effects that could be added if you opt to remove the Rock on field thing when activating, you could probably try locking Special Summons to Rock monsters only that turn. You'd still get access to Block Dragon and all, but no Link spamming). Then again, a handful of them aren't exactly great right now, so...it may be counterproductive.


(If the issue is Block Dragon, then yeah, you still need 3 EARTHs to banish from hand and/or GY first, and its second effect searches them. So, it kinda makes Block easier to summon [you can use the hand too] and make use of getting field presence, but how often are you getting multiple copies out and/or having enough EARTHs to banish. Two of them are harder to remove, but that's on it; not this card.)


Card is fine, but until Rocks get a more viable Deck of their own to work with, yeah. 



(I had this saved for the last couple days, but just didn't get around to posting it due to other things)

#7097711 Neo New Card maker - 1.1.0

Posted by Flash Flyer - Sakura on 30 April 2018 - 01:13 AM

Just made something myself on it. I like it. Is there by chance a downloadable version of it?



Sthurdadross, The Apoc


Level 8
Fiend / Effect
ATK / ? DEF / ?

"Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Can only be Special Summoned by tributing 5 Fiend-Type Monsters from either side of the field. This card's ATK and DEF are equal to the number of cards on the Field, both player's Hands, GY, and number of cards Banished x200. If this card would be removed from the field by a card effect, you can remove a different card from your side of the field instead for the same removal type. When this card is successfully summoned, place one Master Counter on it (max 3), and place one more on this card during each of your Draw Phases. You can remove 3 Master Counters from this card during either player's turn to Special Summon one Fiend-Type Monster from your Hand, Deck, GY, or Banished cards ignoring summoning conditions."

Broke, I make card. Me like boom boom.


It's currently server-side only, so no, you need an internet connection to use it. You would need TCGEditor for offsite cardmaking, though yes, it has not been updated with Links at this time (and likely will not be, given how things are at present).


That being said, I don't think this is compatible as a downloadable program, taking into consideration modifying it for different operating systems. You'd need to ask Yemachu about this, because only he knows about the programming and if it's doable.