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Flash Flyer - Sakura

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Link Monster Template V1.0

18 February 2017 - 06:50 AM

(Because the tutorial forum is dead now...)


Well, it's been a little over a day since Link Monsters were revealed (and while I'm not exactly fond of their function and what they're doing for the game. that's not a discussion for this thread).


Anyway, I took a shot at making a prototype version and decided to let the rest of you play with it.






- Link Monster template (includes Link Zone markers)

- Rarity effects

- Custom copyright and passcodes


Sample card


Rules of usage:

- Credit if used; I'm not pedantic on how you format it, but linking to this thread is sufficient enough.

- Do not post this template on deviantArt or elsewhere, and claim it's yours.


Fonts needed:


- Matrix Book Medium (effect text)

- Aero (Link Number)*

- Stone Serif Thin (copyright/passcode)

- Stone Serif Semibold Bold (editions, if you guys use it)

- Matrix Small Caps (card name)


* I do not know the exact font used, so Aero is the closest substitute I could get for this. (I will update this when I find a closer font or even the correct one, if free)




(You can find the necessary fonts here, as well as a bit more. I'm not sure if the links are still working, but check. Earlier editions of TCGEditor would've given you some of them as required files. If you need some of them, PM me.)




This partially came from Zextra's Series 9 template (in terms of a card base). Recall that I asked him a couple years ago for permission to convert his templates to XCF and he said it'd be appreciated.


(I PM'd him earlier to let him know about this; will also be releasing an updated version of his Series 9 templates later upon getting a reply back.)


Rest of the stuff is mine, including scratching said template (and the font layers you'll be using).

Took about an hour or so for the Link template and all; rest of it was carryover.


(Not really keen on the quality of some of the Link Markers, but I had to scratch them off of scanned images)



So yeah, until TCGEditor gets updated, have fun with this.

If you have any questions on how stuff works on this template, let me know.


18 February 2017 - 03:47 AM



(Yes, this is a pure version [well, mostly anyway]; not the hybrid ones.)

If I make changes, use the written list:


3 Z-Thoroughblade

3 Z-Viper

3 Z-Molmorat

1 Z-Bunnyblast

2 Z-Ram

3 Terrortop

1 Taketomborg

2 Yuki Usagi

2 Haru Urara

2 Maxx-C


3 Z-Elemental Triangle

3 Tenki

1 Book of Moon

2 Twin Twisters

1 Raigeki


1 Z-Seasonal Direction

3 Solemn Strike

3 Dimensional Barrier

1 Solemn Warning


3 Z-Bullhorn

2 Z-Tigress

3 Z-Hammerkong

1 Z-Wildbow

2 Z-Drancia

2 Z-Lyca

1 Fire Fist - Tiger King

1 M-X Invoker


Last Updated 2/18/2017



Play notes and miscellaneous comments


So yeah, CnC is greatly appreciated.

[SCS 12] Legend of 8 / CC Monthly Series (Feb 2017) [JUDGING]

12 February 2017 - 05:06 AM

Yes, the last one with the name appeared way back in March 2015, but you may assume that the CC Monthly tournaments after that more/less replaced this. Officially, this is #12, but number 23 if the CC tournaments are treated as such. (Yes, I counted)


If you want to consider this as the Feb CC monthly (and really, the first one of the year thereof), go ahead


February marks 8 years I've been here on YCM (well, since registering; it actually came last Sunday but was busy), it felt appropriate to make something to go along with it.


(Title isn't the best in the world, but supposed to be a reference to how 8 is a lucky number in east Asia. That, and a reference to my anniversary.)



Make a Level/Rank 8 monster.


(Other than your card having to be a Level/Rank 8 monster, the rest of the design is up to you; either a generic or Archetype/series support)
February 24th, 2017 @ 11 pm Hawaiʻi Standard Time (GMT -10:00)
If you need help determining what time it'll be in your area when deadline hits, use this converter.
(Select USA - Hawaii - Honolulu in the "convert to" area)


You should submit your entries when the deadline comes in your particular timezone to avoid confusion (or if you know that it comes at a time when you will not be online). Most of you live in higher timezones, so this shouldn't be too much of an issue. 


1. Standard YCM and Custom Cards rules apply in this section. Please remember to abide by / follow them in this contest. 
2. Written Cards are accepted, however if you opt to do this; do not use the cardmaker or TCGEditor to generate a pictureless image. Just type it out in text format. Also remember to post your card's effect underneath so it can be easily read if you post a regular card.
3. You are allowed to make minor edits to your card until the deadline (such as effect correction, OCG/spelling fixes, etc).


Changing your entry completely is prohibited, so please make sure that you want to go through with a certain design before submission.
4. You may not design a card using Fake Types/Attributes nor use Divine-Beast/Creator God and the DIVINE Attribute. All cards must abide by the maximum 5000 ATK/DEF rule for original stats.
5. Ritual Monsters and their corresponding Ritual Spell will be treated as a single card, but their individual scores will be averaged.
6. Any card that is known to us before the deadline is fair game, including leaks from YGOrganization. 
7. You do not need to provide a submission immediately when you enter, but it needs to be here by the deadline if you want to be scored. No submissions mean a zero score.

Entry Fee
Bold means that I got your entries.

  1. Belle
  2. TheKing070701
  3. CybZero
  4. RayeEX
  5. CatmanDaGamer
  6. Reptilous



Score Card

1st - 5000 points + 4 reps + Champion logo + 1 month custom group (extension or equivalent thereof if you already got one; VIP doesn't count.)
2nd - 3000 points + 3 reps + runner-up logo
3rd - 2000 points + 2 reps + 3rd place prize
4th - 1000 points + 1 rep
Please note that I reserve the right to modify the above based on quality of entries and how many are received thereof. 




If you have questions about stuff, let me know.



Good luck to all of you.

[Sakura AGM] Cheetah Racer (12/?)

05 February 2017 - 06:28 AM

A group of Beast-Warrior monsters with a need for speed. If you love playing card games on motorcycles, these cats will stick by your side to the end. Their abilities cost Speed Counters, making them seem like they're only any good with a Speed World, but that's not true. You see, every time you summon a Cheetah Racer, all the other ones gain speed counters, and they're a versatile archetype, with effects for removal, draw power, and even burn damage. Kind of a Cloudian-meets-Turbo-Dueling concept.




Spell/Trap Cards


I will have more cards added, but likely minimalistic as they already have enough to work with in terms of Beast-Warrior support and also internal support amongst each other.


At most, maybe a Field Spell to do things. I do not plan on making any Extra Deck members at this time.




- Removed the "exception" clauses.

- Lessened some of the counter costs / Sarie burn increased a bit.

- Corrected Cepat's name.

- Added Speedtrack and Champion Accel

- Modified Kosoku's effect to permit a permanent double attack.


Outside of Blur (which I named after a cheetah from a certain PBS show), the names of each member are derived from the word "fast"/"high speed" in various languages.


So basically Riding Duels (or Turbo if you watch dubs) re-imagined for the new generation in Beast-Warrior form. Yeah, it's AGM but it was something to try out.
One of the things I worried about in terms of costs was how often would one be able to use certain effects, especially coupled with stuff like Tensu and both of the SS-enablers to generate counters, plus the fact these derive from Kaiju effects to an extent in using counters from any CR monsters you have (including making Blur's full-on nuke have a high enough cost).
I originally had their on-summon effects to trigger on Flip Summons too, but nowadays, I don't think it'll really change too much. In hindsight, not too many Decks really Flip Summon nowadays, bar maybe Subterrors.

You know what to do at this point.
Reps will be given for proper reviews written under the AC.

[Sakura] Supreme King Servant Dragon Darkglyde

24 January 2017 - 02:57 PM

Supreme King Servant Dragon Darkglyde
Level 4 | DARK | Dragon | Pendulum | Effect
Scale 1
PE: You can only activate the Pendulum Effect of "Supreme King Servant Dragon Darkglyde" once per turn.

(1) If there is another card in your Pendulum Zone: You can destroy both cards in your Pendulum Zone; place 2 "Supreme King" Pendulum Monsters from your Deck in your Pendulum Zone, but you cannot Special Summon monsters except DARK monsters the turn you activate this effect (even if this card leaves the field).

ME: You can only use the (2) monster effect of "Supreme King Servant Dragon Darkglyde" once per turn.

(1) If you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand).

(2) If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add 1 "Supreme King" Pendulum Monster face-up in your Extra Deck to your hand.



Partly a prompt from a "support an Archetype thread", so I decided to see what I could make for Supreme King.dek. (I made this BEFORE the Dimension Dragons got those forms). So yeah, this is basically going into unexplored territory (because they're still getting new stuff, albeit anime only).


P-effect is basically set up Infinity and Zero (or this and Darkwurm); basically the Gates; intended to at least be more supportive of the Deck outside the Gates. Right now, Odd-Eyes isn't real so let's not count that for now.


Monster effect is intended to return Scales back (and I guess Zarc if for some reason he gets blown up in the P-Zone or something, and you want to summon him again, if able). Also supposed to be the inverse of Darkwurm (that one is general searcher, this one recycles). Oh right, and I guess this helps you Rank 4 with Darkwurm or whatever you want to run. 


(Also another generic Scale 1 for you guys to play with)



Yeah, CnC this, I guess.

[Was going to be the TCG exclusive thread, but I got ninja'd so remade the thread into something else]