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In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

19 May 2018 - 01:54 AM

Accepted Apps have been posted! with big fancy links included.


It was actually really hard to choose between characters, I even caved and gave myself an extra slot because I couldn't quite choose between a few. If you didn't make it in, fear not! Apps will open again in the future, and anyone who's app was not accepted is welcome to remain in the discord server if they feel so inclined.


Now, on to the next thing! Expect the IC some time in the next day or so, depending on my free time.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

17 May 2018 - 09:42 AM

OP has been updated with 2 more accepted characters. Total number I’m looking for at the beginning will be around 14, so depending on my hosting team’s opinions there will likely be 6 or 7 more accepted characters.

I’m planning on having the IC up this weekend, assuming we remain on schedule. Try and finish your apps asap if you haven’t!

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

16 May 2018 - 08:51 AM

We have a much higher turnout than I expected, so in order to keep the rp from getting overcrowded, I’m going to start vetting apps. Haven’t decided on a number yet, but its very likely that not every character will get in at this rate.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

15 May 2018 - 06:56 AM

interesting in joining but I have a couple questions, is this set in the same universe as any of the anime and, since you said you wanted a sort of anime-ish feel to the RP, what level of seriousness would you prefer characters to be at (like say, on a scale from edgelord/shonen protagonist charaters to complex and, to a degree, realistic characters that would have their own stand alone episode in a character study type of thing)

Ideally somewhere in between, but there’s room for characters on both ends of the spectrum here. As long as the character seems compitently written there won’t be any issues.

I went through a period of rolling my eyes followed by casual interest followed by refusal to be interested followed by a decision to post an app. However after actually reading through this I'm not sure I can get behind the Duel Spaces idea. The game is not designed for such concepts as "dodging attacks" for instance.
The number of characters being crammed in here especially as I am certain Yui will have at least 2 or 3 worries me too. Right off the bat we have at minimum 5 host characters.
Also I'm uncertain how ages would go because having people in different grades seems like a problem for obvious reasons.
However I came in here planning to make an app and that is what I will do. But depending on how the above concerns are addressed it might stop at an app. I have some interest but I am the most on the fence one could possibly be. Don't want to sound like a prick but I need to be careful about joining RPs with how many I'm in.

Taking Yui's Niche

Ignore the part where I quoted the app. I’ll get to that later.

Dova sort of already answered this but I’ll take a crack at it anyway. “Dodging” can take any number of forms depending on the cards involved, artistic liscence, and what the actual script of the duel calls for (because remember we’re scripting every game). Its seen all the time in numerous anime series, not just arc-v. Notable examples being the “fights” had in 5ds when two monsters of similar strength/importance battle. Oftentimes the monster that is going to be destroyed by the attack/effect will actually fight back against the opposing monster before being overcome, especially in the more action-oriented turbo duels. Zexal did this too, to my knowledge, and obviously in Arc-V the writers and animators got to have a field day with this concept during action duels, where players would be constantly on the move, riding their monsters, and literally ducking out of the way of attacks and card effects to buy themselves time to retrieve an action card or come up with a counterplay. Here using duel space, the options are even more varied, as players are able to customize how their cards look, behave, and even move on a whim, allowing for any kind of interaction the plot requires. Its all about flavor, tl;dr.

Characters in different grades isn’t really an issue, as we’re set in a boarding school where everyone lives on the same campus, and even in my irl public highschool we had kids from different grades in the same class, depending on electives and academic skill level. Everyone will, pretty much unavoidably, be seeing a lot of one another. Big casts are nothing new in yugioh or to me, either, but regardless i’m going to be discerning with what apps get in and what don’t, so the cast won’t be overcrowded or redundant.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

13 May 2018 - 08:48 PM

Yushiro Midori