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13 November 2018 - 08:13 PM




"Th-thanks," Sai said, rubbing the back of his neck.  "Man, I saw my life flash before my eyes there... it was actually kinda boring. A-anyways, I'm Sai... thanks for the hand," 


"Yushiro Midori." Yushiro replied, helping the other boy to his feet. "And yeah that's my real name." The second remark was his usual deterrent to the inevitable "but you don't look Japanese" he tended to get when introducing himself.


"It is nice to meet you, the man Sai!" Akira interjected, giving Sai a pat on the back that immediately sent him back to the floor. "Sorry about that. I, the man Akira, sometimes forget the man Akira's own strength."


Cue a good laugh from Yushiro, who leaned back over and teamed up with Akira to help Sai up again.


"I-it's fine... I'm okay, I'm okay...,"


"And I'm Katsu, the Strong," Katsu said, giving a short, courteous bow. "You should count yourself lucky to have gotten away so unscathed. But, fear not, for I, Katsu the Strong, would have leaped to your defense without a second thought!"


"Awww nuts, guys. Guess we missed out on the catfight this time." Yushiro said, suppressing another laugh as he looked at Sai, Akira, and then Katsu in turn. "My money was on you too Katsu."

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24 October 2018 - 06:32 PM



The latest one? Don't remember the details. We've settled all sorts of problems by trading blows though; must be one of the few things we can agree on or something, that it's better to settle it that way instead of playing a card game."


Yushiro nodded. That sounded like Katsu, though he knew the girl could duel pretty well too.


"First time we had one was back in freshman year though. I was starting something with some snotty kid who thought he was so much better than everyone, and she showed up, told me to leave him alone, and we started swinging at each other. First fight I've ever lost, and I admit I wasn't a very good person back then. I've been working on it though."


"She has strength to her hits, but her technique was very sloppy, and from there did nothing to improve in that way, just focused on hitting harder and faster," Katsu said. "I, Katsu the Strong, appreciate that you have made an effort to turn from those days, but forgive me if I don't lower my guard. Also what are you doing sitting in a booth, the duel is starting right away!"



Did she really need to keep calling herself that? When Akira did it it was awesome, but it always felt... forced when Katsu did it.


"Honestly, I'd be disappointed if you did let down your guard."


"The woman Katsu has a point, you should probably get going before---"




The next thing Yushiro knew, there was hot chocolate all over Kyouko- collateral damage resulting from some guy tripping and falling in a rather cartoonish fashion. KNowing almopst for certain what was next, Yushiro shot a furtive look over in Kyouko's direction, though the girl didn't seem to notice.


"I'm sorry!" It honestly sounded like he was begging for his life. The more Yushiro thought about it, the more he realized that that was exactly what the guy was doing. He was about to leap to his feet to try and remedy things, but Kyouko, in a move that no doubt shocked everyone present (except maybe Akira, who probably wouldn't even flinch if someone tried to drop a building on him) beat him to it.


"Get up," she said. "If anyone should be apologizing, it's whoever this belongs to. Watch where you're stepping from now on." She said as she bent down and picked up what appeared to be a purse from off the floor, and then made her way to the bathroom, probably to clean herself off. Crisis averted, for the moment at least. The next moment, Yushiro was hovering over the boy, offering him a hand to help him get up.


"Looks like you dodged a bullet there dude. Need a hand?"

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01 October 2018 - 08:01 PM



“Um no, not really,” Akari paused for a moment as she contemplated about what she had just said. “Well, there are a few students that have been known to cause trouble on the regular, one of them being Kyouko back there.” She threw a thumb in the direction of the blue-haired girl before continuing. “And students can get pretty excited whenever a big duel comes around, like the one that’s happening today between Hitomu, one of the best students on campus, and some girl named Elizabeth who challenged him. I’m actually going to go watch said duel today. Want to join along?”


Kazu took another glance back at the group before he responded. "Ahh, unfortunately I can't. I still have plenty of unpacking to do after class gets out. I only arrived here the other night, you see." At this point they had reached the front of the science building, and Kazu stopped. "Well, I'd best be off to class. Wouldn't want to be late on my first day." He gave her a slight bow before turning off toward the front door, then stopped and turned back to her mid-stride. "Thank you for showing me the way. Perhaps we'll get a chance to see one another again when I have a bit more free time. Take care." And with that, he was off inside, faster than Akari could respond to him. He was incredibly quick about it, actually...




"I'll take a medium iced coffee with cream and sugar, please." Yushiro said, trying hard not to stare too intently at the rather attractive barista who had taken Hitomu's shift for the day. She didn't pick up on it, thankfully, and a few moments later Yushiro got his cup and slid into the booth that Kyouko had taken a seat at, making sure he left plenty of room for Akira and/or Katsu to sit next to him. While he had a moment, he decided to indulge his curiosity about something that'd been bugging him. "So wait, you and Katsu had a fistfight? what was that over?"

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23 September 2018 - 05:55 PM




“Um yeah, I am actually. My dorm room is in this direction and I was planning on dropping off these papers there.”


"Splendid. Shall we?" Kazu gestured in the direction of the science building, and the pair began to walk.


“Your uniform looks nice. Although, it isn’t the Blue Yonder uniform.” Akari paused for a second or two before she continued. “I’m guessing you haven’t gotten yours in yet?”


"Yes, that's correct. Such is life when you're a transfer student. Though I don't really mind wearing my old uniform..." Kazu trailed off for a moment as he and Akari passed a rather loud group standing in front of a bench. He turned his head to appraise them as he passed. The boys, one of whom was massive, didn't warrant much thought, but the two girls seemed ready to go at each other's throats. Unconsciously, he narrowed his eyes, focusing his gaze on the tall one with the blue hair, then quickly turned back to Akari before she would have had a chance to ask him about it. "Are students here always so rambunctious?" He mused.






"I, the man Akira, see your point," Akira then replied. "However, the examples the woman Kyouko provided do not apply here. A painter and a sculptor don't need the same tools, nor do people that play cards. However, in martial arts, the same equipment is used for different things, so the man Akira and the woman Katsu would need to try to share the same equipment, which just wouldn't happen. Then duels would be used to settle the disputes, and then we'd get nothing done." He shrugged. "As for MMA, a man or woman would need to be well versed in one art before they can learn from the other. Trying to learn two at once would bring nothing but confusion,"


"Right, but aren't the current members of each club already well versed? Get what I'm sayi-"



"For once," Katsu said, breathing in through gritted teeth, "I, Katsu the Strong, agree with the meat-head. Mastering an art takes years of intense focus! Nobody can just learn multiple at the same time willy-nilly! And besides, there are several different Martial Arts tournaments, some with a fixed set of allowed styles, and others that allow freestyle. Blue Yonder had entered teams in both types of tournaments, and if we want to win them then we need to focus hard on what we do best! That's why we both have to speak to administration today, to stop them from merging our clubs! Isn't that right, Akira?"


It was probably better to change the subject at this point. "Hey guys, we should probably get going before it gets too late. I've got somewhere to be later, and I don't really wanna rush over there from coffeecards in the middle of drinks. Soooooooo lets get going, shall we? Still coming with, Kyouko?"




About an hour later, the group had made it into town proper. In that short amount of time, the weather had gone from pleasant and sunny to gloomy and overcast. It was likely to rain, and the thought of running back to campus in inclement weather had Yushiro a bit worried. Still, they were here, and for the moment what was in the forefront of his mind was a nice, sweet iced coffee.


Back on campus, the mood was decidedly more energetic. Even though there was still some time before Elizabeth and Hitomu squared off, a small crowd had already started to gather at the dueling grounds, no doubt thanks to Ashley's advertising. The Student council president sat in the front row of the bleachers, closer to the end of the field where Liz was likely to take her place. Not that it mattered much. Once the duel began she knew both players would be running back and forth all over the field, dodging card effects and trying to gain an advantage. The real X factor, other than Beth's skill and motivation of course, would be the shape the field took. She recalled that Hitomu's dueling field was usually a wacky cornucopia of cartoon vistas and physics-defying contraptions, but for the life of her Ashley couldn't remember what Beth's solo field used to look like- it had been that long since she'd seen her play seriously by herself. What it turned out to be was likely to have a huge effect on the game, and she hoped that it would tip the scales in her best friend's favor.



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04 September 2018 - 04:10 PM



"Hmph," Katsu folded her arms in tightly. "Fine, I will not fight for now. And why not, I had to miss yesterday's duel and the duel Student Council advertised today seemed interesting enough, I was hoping to not miss that."


"I'll give it a shot. The less people I have to worry about slugging it out with, the better." Whew, that was close. The last thing Yushiro wanted was to have to deal with a catfight. For now at least, things weren't going to get out of control. "What's this friend of yours like, anyway? Is he always late or something? For that matter, how do you two know each other? Seems like an unlikely pair to me."


"Well....." Yushiro thought a moment, considering how to phrase his answer.


"Hmph! It's not like that at all, for I, Katsu the Strong, know Yushiro through a mutual 'acquaintance'. As for Akira, he usually has a way of messing something up. For example, one ti--" Katsu beat him to it, but before she herself could finish, THE MAN himself appeared.


"I apologize that I, the man Akira, am not usually this late," He said, folding his arms. "But my English teacher had cornered me to give me a lecture on how that the man Akira refers to himself as the man, Akira, and how it is not proper English," He shook his head. sighing. "The man Akira has never met such a nagging person... well, then again...," his eyes darted over to Katsu nervously before looking back to Yushiro. "So, what's the plan the man Yushiro has today?"


"I saw that, Akira..." Yushiro stifled a small laugh, hoping not to clue Katsu into it. "Nothing in particular dude. I just figured we could-"


"For your information, I, Katsu the Strong, keep you on track! If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here right now! While you were gone, I had to meet with the faculty regarding our clubs! They claim that neither have enough members to warrant separate martial-arts clubs and are standing to combine them!"


Is it really that big of a deal if they get combined? All the different art stuff is all part of the art club, and the duel team has all kinds of duelists with really different playstyles. I'm not really seeing why there has to be two martial arts clubs, especially if they're both having a tough time with membership."


And there they went again. Yushiro could already feel a tirade from Katsu coming on. "Wellllll its not quite that simple, but on the same token Katsu I can't see how combining membership is a bad thing. It'll expose more people to your style if all the clubs' members are in the same place right? Besides. MMA is pretty big these days."