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Life ain't fun without a bit of spice homie

If you’re spice, you’re an assload of cinnamon down my throat. You need to be scaled back and put on some toast.

I'm ready.

No, you’re not. Mostly because I do not know the first thing about you. You’re like, not even really a blip on my radar. Sorry bruh I have no opinion.

We haven't spoken in months, so consider me interested.

For some ungodly reason you still care about this place, and I appreciate that a lot. You’re a decent dude (for a brit nyehehehehe) and it was fun playing D&D with you while it lasted. We coo.

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30 minutes ago

Eh, I’ll bite.

We coo homie. I have to take you in small doses because information overload, but you’re a cool dude with interesting hobbies who I enjoy talking to. If you were closer to jersey we’d be getting brikwars games together and memeing. 10/10 would bang.


You’re a meme. I dig the beard and the sense of humor but all I see you do is shitpost. Oldschool YCM shit really.

Don’t take it the wrong way though, I like memes.

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39 minutes ago


God damn I really don’t have much to say about you that’s interesting to hear. You’re a good dude who’s active on the forum but this is probably the first time we’ve ever spoken to one another. Can’t really say much other than “generally positive”.

Neutral. The most boring flavor, but it can easily be changed.

Clearly someone has never rolled true neutral before.

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I hate basically every opinion you have about politics. You have a very tenuous grasp on the reality of geopolitcs, economics, morality as it applies to western society, and occasionally good ol’ human decency. Nine times out of ten, you make me facepalm with your antics, especially when its statuses that are clearly designed to provoke people who disagree, or are shit we just don’t need to hear about constantly. Be it about YCM or the real world.

But I don’t honestly dislike you as a person. You’re inane and completely out of your gourd half the time, but you say the things you say with such conviction that its admirable. As much as I disagree with almost everything that comes out of your mouth, I appreciate its presence, both in that it gives all of us talking points (because seriously I don’t think anyone else brings up current events nearly as much as you do) and that YCM isn’t an echochamber. Honestly if you weren’t such an asshole about it and were more about genuine discourse than trying to bring other people around to your way of thinking, I think I’d pretty much be in your corner.

Also we both really like dragons, so you can’t be all bad.


I don’t know you that well so this is not an informed opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.

All of the content I’ve really seen from you is decrying SJWs or just generally saying things that are stupid/ill-informed. I don’t dislike you, buuut I also don’t like you either. Basically I’m switzerland and you’re every other nation that doesn’t have amazing cheese and a stable economy.

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Holy fuckballs this was hard to find.