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In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

09 August 2018 - 08:02 PM




“I’m Akari Ito. It’s nice to meet you Kazu.”


"Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He closed his eyes for a moment and gave the girl a smile.


“If you’re wanting to know where the science building is, it’s right over there.” she gestured at the rather dull looking grey building a few hundred yards up the path from where the two of them were standing. “I can walk you over there if you want me to.”


"Oh no that's quite alright. I wouldn't want to waste any more of your time, Miss Akari. Besides, now that I can see it i'm sure I'll be able to make my way over there on my own. Though, if you should happen to also be going that way I would be glad to go with you." He stood aside to let another student pass as he spoke.







"I don't like draws," Kyouko frankly answered.


"Does anyone?" Yushiro thought.


"I like that white-haired kid even less. He has that aura of someone you just want to knock into next week, so at least he didn't win."


"That's a weird way of saying someone's a jerk, but yeah I agree with you." Yushiro eyed her food with a bit of envy; he was hungry and he liked Tito's just as much as the next guy, which was a lot. His eyes darted away and up to hers when she turned to look at him.


"By the way, since you didn't explain it... what exactly does Double Down do?"


"Did I not? I guess I was a bit too into it to read the card effect..." He reached down into his bag to fish out his deck box, but as he did so a familiar voice called out his name, and he looked up.




It was Katsu Tanaka: sort of a friend of a friend of his. She was a spirited girl and a self-appointed peacemaker among the student body. Katsu was also something of a rival to his best friend Akira, both in martial arts and occasionally Duel Monsters. The way the two of them got on though, it seemed more like the bickering of a married couple than a rivalry. She was attractive, too, though it had a lot more to do with how she carried herself than how she looked, not that she was particularly lacking in that department either, at least in Yushiro's opinion. It always made him wonder why Akira hadn't asked her out yet. Speaking of...


"Have you seen Akira?! I, Katsu the Strong, haven't been able to find him anywhere! I swear, if that meat-head managed to get himself--What is Kyokou doing here? I she giving you trouble? I won't stand for any unnecessary violence this semester!"


So Kyouko was her name. Trouble though? What did she mean by that?


"Dunno if you know this or not, but I don't parade around the school looking for trouble. If somebody can't pick their fights wisely, that's their problem, not mine."


Somewhat instinctively, Yushiro stood up and got between the two girls, though not at such an angle that he was blocking their view of one another. "Heeeeeeyyyyyy Katsu." He drew out the word a little longer to try and grab her attention. "No trouble at all, actually. We were just talking. I was actually waiting here for Akira, but he hasn't shown. We were gonna hang out for a bit. You can come with us if you want, I'm sure he won't mind." Yushiro looked back at Kyouko for a moment, then turned back to Katsu. "So do you guys like, know each other or something? I can't imagine you being confrontational without a good reason, but you don't need to worry. Kyouko's been nothing but nice to me." "Nice" wasn't exactly the right word, of course, but better to exaggerate than give Katsu a reason to agitate the girl behind him.

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

31 July 2018 - 07:08 PM



A few moments later, Akari's attention was drawn upward by a gloved hand offering her the lion's share of her dropped papers, neatly stacked so that their edges lined up. It belonged to a tall boy with platinum blonde hair who was immaculately dressed in a uniform that she wouldn't have recognized. He was looking down at her with an apologetic smile, and his brilliant blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the mid-day light that washed over his face.


"My apologies miss... You aren't hurt, are you?" he knelt down to her level as he spoke, gently nudging the hand holding the recovered papers closer toward there in an effort to prompt her to take them. "I must not have been paying attention to where I was going... You see I just transferred here and I'm a bit lost. You wouldn't happen to know where the sciences building is, would you? I have a class there in half an hour and I'd like to be punctual." He paused a moment, then a small laugh escaped from him. "Pardon me, where are my manners. I'm Kazu Eilhard Shioda, and you are?"






Yushiro deflated when he realized the person in front of him wasn't Akira, and upon the realization that he'd nearly bumped into the girl and caused her to spill her lunch, his face turned red. Luckily, she didn't seem to notice or care, and instead took a seat on the other end of the bench from where Yushiro had been sitting.


"You're the Double Down kid, right?"


It took a few seconds for Yushiro to process what she meant, before he at last remembered his duel yesterday, and how he'd used that card to force a tie against Hiraku. "Uhhh, yeah... that's me."


"Unless you're going somewhere, might as well sit." she replied, before taking a positively massive bite of her taco. Yushiro's stomach rumbled. It looked delicious. He did as she said and sat back down, and took a moment to look her over while she wasn't looking at him directly. He liked the color of her hair, but other than that she didn't look all that attractive, or even very approachable. The fact that she was clearly taller than he was didn't really help, either. She was tapping her foot rather excitedly, and even Yushiro could tell from her sitting posture that the girl was incredibly tense. His first instinct was to ask if she was alright, but he thought better of it. It was best not to pry when you didn't even know someone's name.


"Sooooooo, you were watching my game yesterday then?" Yushiro leaned back on the bench and put his hands behind his head in an effort to appear nonchalant. "What'd you think?" oops. That was a question he honestly didn't want to hear the answer to. Why was he always blurting out stupid things?

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

24 July 2018 - 08:40 PM



“God dangit where is that stupid thing?!”

A few hours later, Yushiro was in his room. He was shirtless, clad only in a worn pair of black sweatpants, his deck strewn haphazardly across the floor. What had started as a idle look through his cards had turned into a manic, desperate struggle to locate his Nitro Booster, and after the nth search, he had finally conceded defeat. His best monster, undoubtedly the only thing in his deck that stood a chance against any of Hiraku’s massive extra deck plays, was gone. He must have missed it when he spilled his cards earlier. With a groan, Yushiro fell backward, most of his body landing firmly on his bed. The perfect capstone to a crappy day.

Well… not entirely crappy. He hadn't lost the duel, at least, but Yushiro didn’t like the thought of making an enemy. Worse still, he’d have to face him again in a few weeks, this time in front of the entire school. Just the thought of the stage fright that was sure to come made him shudder. He’d been alright during the game today, but after he’d gotten home the toll all the socializing had taken on him became apparent. He felt the need to lock his door and stay far away from other people for the night. The duel at the kickoff cup was bound to be thousands of times worse, made all the more unbearable by the fact that he was likely to lose next time.

This train of thought brought him back to his missing monster card, and then to Elizabeth: the girl who had precipitated him losing the card in the first place. She was supposed to duel Hitomu Amaya tomorrow. “I wonder if she’s as nervous about her game as I am about mine….” He mused. “I doubt it. I’m sure she’s used to attention.” Yushiro shot a glance over to his desk, where he’d put the duel monsters card with her number on it. Harpy Lady 2. Cute. He laughed to himself, realizing that this was the first time a girl had ever given him her number. Maybe after her game tomorrow he’d take her up on that tutoring offer, if she was serious about it, anyway. Either way, it was getting late, and if he didn't get to sleep soon he was likely to be late for class the next day. So, reluctantly, he cleaned up his deck, walked down the hall to brush his teeth, and went to bed.












Episode 2: Don't Call it a Comeback


Monday afternoon was, mercifully, much less warm than the previous day. There were clouds in Ambrosia's "sky" today, giving the 1 pm air some much needed moisture and the people below pockets of shade every now and again. Though many students were still in class, Yushiro was finished for the day; one of the pleasant side effects of having to plan his class schedule around his part time job. Syllabus day was as pointless at Blue Yonder as it had been at learning institutions throughout human history, and so Yushiro was glad to be out of the boring, stuffy classroom and in the open air. He was sitting on a bench located strategically in the shade of a tree, waiting for Akira to meet him. Yushiro had offered to spend a few hours hanging out with him, as a kind of apology for disappearing yesterday afternoon. He knew he'd get an earful from the big guy, but after that a trip into town to grab something sweet or hit up CoffeeCards sounded like a welcome diversion. Yushiro pulled out his phone to check for a text, but his inbox was empty. For a moment, he entertained the idea of texting Elizabeth, but decided against it and instead chose to people watch: a favorite activity of his.


The last remnants of the Fast Food lunch rush were making their way to various spots around campus, but other than that there really wasn't anything particularly interesting in his field of vision. That was, of course, until he sensed the presence of someone in his peripheral vision. Reflexively, he stood up, expecting Akira, though if it wasn't his friend, Yushiro had just made a big show of blocking a stranger's path.

In Topic: This is a test

07 July 2018 - 09:31 AM

nuclear power was a mistake

In Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

02 July 2018 - 08:49 PM



“Hmph,” Hiraku said, barely phased as his field was wiped. The crowd of first years behind Yushiro roared with applause. “Annoying. Looks like I’ll have to stop toying with you. I set one more card and end my turn.”

Hiraku: 7400 LP


Yushiro: 6400 LP


“You shouldn’t have underestimated me in the first place. Draw!”


Despite the bravado, Yushiro knew this would likely be his one chance to shift the game’s momentum in his favor. Hiraku’s field definitely wouldn't stay empty for long. Thankfully, he’d drawn something useful.


“Lets start off by activating my set trap: Re-dyce-cle! It lets me special summon a Speedroid Tuner from my graveyard, and once I do…” Another holographic d6 appeared between Yushiro’s fingers as he spoke. “I roll this, and its level becomes the result. I choose Speedroid Tri-Eyed dice.” He tossed the die, which grew in size as it flew so that everyone present could clearly see the result. It came up 1, and Yushiro deflated some.

“Well, you can’t win em all.”

“Oh I’m sorry, did your chance card not work optimally? Oh that’s really a tragedy, it really is a bother when your cards just don’t do what you want them to.” Hiraku sneered.

Yushiro frowned. “Got a problem with my deck?”

“Maybe take this as a tip you can walk away with when you don’t win: when you run cards that can fail without your opponent doing anything, then maybe you didn’t build your deck very wisely.”


“I run these cards because they’re fun, not because I don’t know what I’m doing. And before you go disparaging someone else’s play style…” Yushiro set a card and continued. “You should be sure you can beat them! I special summon Speedroid Taketomborg from my hand, and tune it with my Tri-Eyed Dice. Synchro summon!”

Once again the summoning sequence initiated, only this time a more humanoid entity emerged from the rings; an odd mix of a killer android and a clown. “This is Hi-Speedroid puzzle, a level 4 synchro monster. And next you’re gonna meet another tuner of mine. Normal Summon: Nitro Synchron!”

“And then you’re going to go into yet another thrilling Synchro monster that does nothing but battle, is that it?”

“Its my best monster, actually. Tune level 6!” For the third time, Yushiro initiated a synchro summon, only this time it came with what duelists liked to call a summon chant: something halfway between a catchphrase and a battle cry that many players liked to call out when playing a key card. Yushiro’s went like this. “Shock! Annihilate! Exterminate! Shoot through everything that stands in your way! Synchro Summon: Nitro Booster!”

As if they had practiced this routine, Nitro Booster slammed its armored fist into the ground as Yushiro called out its name, using the force to catapult itself several feet in the air. When it landed, it kept on moving, skating forward using the wheels on its feet and leaving a trail of blue flames and skid marks behind it. It did a lap around the field before returning to Yushiro’s side. Some of the first years applauded.

ATK: 2300

“Since I summoned Nitro Booster with Nitro Synchron, I get to draw a card, and wouldn’t you know it, its a spell.” Yushiro slipped the spell card into his graveyard. “When I discard a spell, Nitro Booster gains 500 ATK, until the end of the turn.”


ATK: 2800

“One last thing, since he was summoned using Nitro Synchron, Nitro booster inflicts double damage. Now, enter battle phase!”

“Oh no! With this much damage on the board I’m a goner for sure!” Hiraku gasped melodramatically.


“Its enough to make a difference! Go! Nitro Bullet Burst!” Nitro booster clenched its fist again, then charged, hitting Hiraku square in the gut with a punch that, were Yushiro intending to inflict actual bodily harm to his opponent, would surely have shattered most of his ribs. Instead, it merely knocked the wind out of him and sent him back a couple of feet. “Does it hurt? It should. I don’t like people who try to suck the fun out of duel monsters.”

Hiraku watched his lifepoints dwindle down from 7400 to 1800 and made sure to re-read Nitro Booster’s effect, forcing himself not to smile as he made sure this would not be a winning blow. “Was that it? Is amateur-hour done now?”

“Wouldn’t amateur hour mean that both of us were newbs?” Yushiro smirked.

“Do you want to end your turn and find out how tall the mountain really is?” Hiraku said, all humor fading from his face in an instant.


“Rattled are you? Sure. Lets see what you’re made of. Turn end.”

“During your end phase, I activate my first trap card: Craftsmanship of the Crucible. This lets me return a banished light and dark monster to my grave in exchange for summoning a Crucible monster from my deck. I return my Kabeiriko and one of my Kuanoses to summon another Talos from my deck.” The trap lifted up, and after returning those two monsters to the grave, Talos rose to the field once again.

“Some skill it takes when your deck does everything for you. Gonna think about your move at all or just keep playing me on autopilot?” Another taunt, though admittedly not as good as his previous one. Still, it got a snicker or two from the crowd.

Hiraku smiled politely and insincerely. “Next, I activate my second trap: Darklight. By tributing my dark monster with more than 1500 attack, I destroy all monsters that were special summoned this turn.” As soon as it had appeared, Talos vanished as it was sent to the grave and a wave of dark fire washed over the field, devastating Nitro Booster in one blow. “Your best card, huh?”

“He did his job. Your field’s still empty and your life points are still low. Now, if you’re quite finished. i end my turn.”