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#7082686 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 8 minutes ago

Life ain't fun without a bit of spice homie

If you’re spice, you’re an assload of cinnamon down my throat. You need to be scaled back and put on some toast.

I'm ready.

No, you’re not. Mostly because I do not know the first thing about you. You’re like, not even really a blip on my radar. Sorry bruh I have no opinion.

We haven't spoken in months, so consider me interested.

For some ungodly reason you still care about this place, and I appreciate that a lot. You’re a decent dude (for a brit nyehehehehe) and it was fun playing D&D with you while it lasted. We coo.

#7082669 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 31 minutes ago

Eh, I’ll bite.

We coo homie. I have to take you in small doses because information overload, but you’re a cool dude with interesting hobbies who I enjoy talking to. If you were closer to jersey we’d be getting brikwars games together and memeing. 10/10 would bang.


You’re a meme. I dig the beard and the sense of humor but all I see you do is shitpost. Oldschool YCM shit really.

Don’t take it the wrong way though, I like memes.

#7081664 The Maw [OOC/Not Started/Accepting/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 22 February 2018 - 02:39 PM

Could I bring in a character I'd RP'd in another fantasy RP?  I really missed RPing as him..

Sure why not.

Just an FYI this is a full OOC and apps are open everyone.

#7081101 The Maw [OOC/Not Started/Accepting/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 20 February 2018 - 09:17 PM

~The Maw~


~A Zai RP~


Rules & Info


Setting and Premise


The Maw's House Rules




Current Staff, Tenants, and Patrons

#7077556 [Discussion] Interest Check... kind of

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 08 February 2018 - 06:57 PM

The proper OOC for this is next on my to-do list. Just posting here to let everyone know that this hasn't been forgotten.

#7070703 Workshop Rules

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 21 January 2018 - 05:09 PM


Welcome to the Workshop



Welcome to the next big thing in the land of YCM RPs: the Workshop!
What's the Workshop, I hear you asking? The Workshop is a place for the community to help one another improve their ideas, be they RP concepts, characters, worlds, or anything else that might not fall under the above. Unlike the OOC section, the Workshop is more of a place for discussion, and as such we'll be keeping things a bit more casual and informal in here than we do in OOC. Here's how it works.

Workshop Rules



0. BE HELPFUL! All replies in the Workshop are meant to be constructive. We're here to help one another, not necessarily critique. This is rule 0 because is super important.
1. All YCM and OOC section rules apply in the Workshop.
2. All Opening Posts (but not replies) must adhere (loosely) to the RP Section Advanced Clause. What this means is that, if you're going to post something in the Workshop, it must be no less than 100 words in length or 4 lines long. Since the Workshop is a more casual forum, this will not be enforced as strictly as it is in the RP section, but that doesn't mean you should post single-sentence topics and expect your topic to stay unlocked.

3. All Topics in the Workshop must be tagged with one of the following descriptors:

  • [Discussion]- We used to put these kinds of threads in OOC, but now they go here. They're for dialogue about running RPs, making characters, etc. they are NOT help topics.
  • [RP]- These threads are for working on Roleplays themselves. Think of these as pre-OOC threads where you iron all of the kinks out of your concept.
  • [Character]- For Character creation help, either with an idea you have, or just asking for input from other members about what kind of character you should make for a given RP. Also applies to hosts who want to make NPCs and villains.
  • [Setting]- Similar to RP, but specifically for stuff pertaining to worlds. Usually what you'll post if you need help adding to your database thread, or if you're trying to come up with a cool setpiece for an RP..
  • [Mechanics]- For gameplay related things. For instance: How magic will function in a fantasy rp. Hosts may also post threads with this tag if they want help spotting rules violations (like godmodding).
  • [Misc.]- If you don't think your help topic falls into any of the above categories, tag it with Misc. The RP Moderator will re-tag it if necessary.


Roleplay Moderator: Zai

#7069709 [Discussion] Interest Check... kind of

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 18 January 2018 - 05:38 AM

I think wiping canon out is a terrible idea. Basically just invalidates parts of the RP for no reason.

Something I am considering however is a timeskip every now and again when the tavern closes up for the evening. Fastforwarding a few days each time gives characters a chance to go adventuring/living life in between and have talking points and trophies to come back with. Also allows for repeat introductions.

#7069280 The RP: Roleplaying Pow-wow

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 16 January 2018 - 08:55 PM

Maybe you guys just sucked back then
Would it not be a sub section? And there could be various levels of seriousness depending on the RP. Course this would only matter if people wanted to try these.
At some point I considered making an RP FOR Misc but that would be a bit TOO unstructured.
Just felt that it was possible some people were intimidated by some of our RP posts especially these days. I don't want to leave people out because they are intimidated by several hundred-thousand word posts.
Though since no one has said anything I am not too concerned about it not being a thing, wanted to get it out there in case people were interested mostly.
And I actually don't think short-term RPs would work super well for the record. Cherry Heart is a great example. It's an RP filled with short-term side RPs in a sense. However those can take months to complete even so, and I'm unsure people would be motivated if those were the only thing they'll be doing. imo Cherry Heart is the best way to work short-term but even that sometimes doesn't go super well.

We did suck back then. Umbra was the hero we needed, not the hero we deserved.

A few months to completion is a lot better than years and years to completion. I don’t think that we’ll ever really get a much faster pace than that on YCM, just because of the community and the schedules we like to keep.

And we did have casual and advanced split for awhile, but even then casual was a shithole that needed tons of moderation due to spam and toxic people. It really was just a bad situation all around from what I can remember.

#7069226 [Discussion] Interest Check... kind of

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 16 January 2018 - 08:17 PM

Called the Introduction Tavern
don't do that that's for when I remake IFNH
Though that does remind me, when you do this, be careful about how many people are in it. A huge open RP sounds nice but it's...honestly pretty impossible and demoralizing.

The idea would be that people drop in and out as they please, with entrance and exit posts being mandatory for every character made. People only get out of it what they put in, basically, and can interact with whomever they want more or less however they want.

#7068586 [Discussion] Interest Check... kind of

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 14 January 2018 - 09:21 AM

This reminds me something I've always wondered about...was a section for RPs without Advance Clause and no post count (like a Misc for RP) or maybe like...10 word minimum.

I’m not really in favor of this, because it might take activity away from RP proper and it doesn’t really help people improve. AC exists for a reason and 4 lines has never been super difficult. But this is a discussion for the pow-wow I think,

i've seen on several other sites' RP sections, they have like a very open RP thread where anyone can join in randomly with a character of theirs. usually those tend to take place in a single, small setting like a mansion or so. idk if that gives a good idea but i think something like that would be ideal for this. you can mix it with the high fantasy yui brought up above as well. like maybe everything takes place in a gladiator arena where various contestants gather for their own personal reasons and can leave whenever they like.

Personally I’m more partial to telling sweeping, overarching stories, but this idea does have merit. It just requires a good amount of bookkeeping on whoever’s running its (probably me) part. What do the rest of you guys think about it? It might be a good gateway to a site-wide setting too, which is something I’d super like to do at some point.

#7068348 New Staff Member Election

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 13 January 2018 - 09:01 AM

I wasn’t quite sure if C&S was where this should go, but screw it.

So, we've been talking this over in the mod forum for the past couple of days, and we've decided to promote a new moderator. Wait, did I say promote? I meant Elect. No BS this time, we want to hold an election for a new moderator.

Now a couple of things that I'm sure you're all wondering:

What kind of position will this new staff member fill?

None! Ok, not quite, but the spot isn't going to be for a specific section. We need more voices on the team; more opinions, and more manpower to properly keep things running smoothly. No specific expertise necessary, just a good, level head and the work ethic to get shit done.

So who are the candidates? You tell us! We want the community to nominate users for this spot, after which the team will vet the list and put candidates up for a site-wide vote in which everyone (including us) will participate. We haven't worked out the specific schedule yet, but expect everything to be over and done with in a couple of weeks at most.

This probably won’t be the only change the team makes this year, either, but consider this a first step toward us cleaning ourselves up.

EDIT: We newsbois nao

Edit 2 (FD): Nomination standing as of post 125
Edit 3 (FD): Nominations updated for post 201
Nomination Standings

#7068228 President Trump: Why are we having all these people from shithole countries c...

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 12 January 2018 - 09:25 PM

My whole thing with this, and a lot of the president's statements in general, is that its not how the POTUS should act. You're supposed to conduct yourself with dignity and tact when you're in that position. Its not illegal, its just... bad. It makes him look stupid and hateful, which in turn makes the US look stupid and hateful. For me there's no politics involved here at all, its just not something you say as the President of the United States of America. Things you do and say while in office can have far reaching consequences both here and internationally, and I don't think Donald Trump realizes or cares about that. If that doesn't raise some alarm bells, it should.


-A Duck's two cents

#7067756 help Zai pick a new handle

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 11 January 2018 - 04:04 PM

Make your title Thot Destroyer 9000

Gross, i don’t destroy thots. Thots are how I get laid,
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#7067733 The RP: Roleplaying Pow-wow

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 11 January 2018 - 03:06 PM

I’d like to pitch an idea to everyone.

A roleplaying “school” thread, or even a section, meant to help (new) people improve their writing and get acclamaited to the section’s rules. We don’t really have a place for people to ask for help, except for maybe the character review thread, which is dead. It’d be a place to stick the guides, a spot to have discussion threads, as well as more simple “help me with this idea” threads.

What I’m not sure about is how formal it should be, and whether or not it’d be worth appointing or voting in specific members to be around and lend a hand in an official capacity.

Do you guys like the idea? Have any suggestions?
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#7062328 The Spooky List of RP Ghosts

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 17 December 2017 - 07:45 AM

This is where we’ll keep track of roleplayers who are absent under the new ghosting rule. Currently its empty, but when ghosts are reported their current YCM name and length of absence will be posted here, updated by the RP mod at their earliest convenience.