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#7113986 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 09 August 2018 - 08:02 PM




“I’m Akari Ito. It’s nice to meet you Kazu.”


"Its a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He closed his eyes for a moment and gave the girl a smile.


“If you’re wanting to know where the science building is, it’s right over there.” she gestured at the rather dull looking grey building a few hundred yards up the path from where the two of them were standing. “I can walk you over there if you want me to.”


"Oh no that's quite alright. I wouldn't want to waste any more of your time, Miss Akari. Besides, now that I can see it i'm sure I'll be able to make my way over there on my own. Though, if you should happen to also be going that way I would be glad to go with you." He stood aside to let another student pass as he spoke.







"I don't like draws," Kyouko frankly answered.


"Does anyone?" Yushiro thought.


"I like that white-haired kid even less. He has that aura of someone you just want to knock into next week, so at least he didn't win."


"That's a weird way of saying someone's a jerk, but yeah I agree with you." Yushiro eyed her food with a bit of envy; he was hungry and he liked Tito's just as much as the next guy, which was a lot. His eyes darted away and up to hers when she turned to look at him.


"By the way, since you didn't explain it... what exactly does Double Down do?"


"Did I not? I guess I was a bit too into it to read the card effect..." He reached down into his bag to fish out his deck box, but as he did so a familiar voice called out his name, and he looked up.




It was Katsu Tanaka: sort of a friend of a friend of his. She was a spirited girl and a self-appointed peacemaker among the student body. Katsu was also something of a rival to his best friend Akira, both in martial arts and occasionally Duel Monsters. The way the two of them got on though, it seemed more like the bickering of a married couple than a rivalry. She was attractive, too, though it had a lot more to do with how she carried herself than how she looked, not that she was particularly lacking in that department either, at least in Yushiro's opinion. It always made him wonder why Akira hadn't asked her out yet. Speaking of...


"Have you seen Akira?! I, Katsu the Strong, haven't been able to find him anywhere! I swear, if that meat-head managed to get himself--What is Kyokou doing here? I she giving you trouble? I won't stand for any unnecessary violence this semester!"


So Kyouko was her name. Trouble though? What did she mean by that?


"Dunno if you know this or not, but I don't parade around the school looking for trouble. If somebody can't pick their fights wisely, that's their problem, not mine."


Somewhat instinctively, Yushiro stood up and got between the two girls, though not at such an angle that he was blocking their view of one another. "Heeeeeeyyyyyy Katsu." He drew out the word a little longer to try and grab her attention. "No trouble at all, actually. We were just talking. I was actually waiting here for Akira, but he hasn't shown. We were gonna hang out for a bit. You can come with us if you want, I'm sure he won't mind." Yushiro looked back at Kyouko for a moment, then turned back to Katsu. "So do you guys like, know each other or something? I can't imagine you being confrontational without a good reason, but you don't need to worry. Kyouko's been nothing but nice to me." "Nice" wasn't exactly the right word, of course, but better to exaggerate than give Katsu a reason to agitate the girl behind him.

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#7107987 Controversial Statuses

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 02 July 2018 - 11:38 AM

Fairly certain I got called out for doing just that a couple of times when I was a mod. I’d suggest making it as clear as possible what is and is not punishable.
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#7104668 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 14 June 2018 - 08:37 PM

To: Ash

From: Liz


Yeah, yeah, maybe Brett from Physics will come and sweep both of us off our feet to a land of paradise and sweaty romance. Until that happens though, I just ran into a bit of a crowd down near the fountain. Some kind of duel, looks like it's getting pretty heated over here. Wanna come watch with me? If not I'll meet you when I'm done. Kind of want to see this one through for some reason.


Now there was a thought. Brett of all people. Ashley's first instinct was to fire back something equally preposterous, but she thought better of it and instead wrote something else back.



To: Liz

From: Ash


Sure! There's a little time left before the exhibition game, and lucky for you I already pawned off my duties as emcee. Besides, might make for a good scoop. Who's playing?


Anyway I'll be there in ten. Save me a seat! or... spot I guess?



Ashley closed her phone. Even if it was a passing interest, Beth wanting to actually do something was a welcome change, both because Ashley was worried about her friend's mental health and, slightly more selfishly, she missed hanging out and enjoying herself with her best friend. She started speed walking through the crowds in an effort to get there before she missed anything particularly important.


Seriously though? Brett?







"When this guy's Normal Summoned, I can send 1 light 'Crucible' monster from my Deck to my grave to inflict 800 damage to you, so I will be sending Kuanos, Guard of the Crucible." Bright, yellow particles began to swim around Kabeiriko's body before piercing through its skin. The demon took in a deep breath, before releasing a beam of yellow light from its maw directly on Yushiro, subtracting 800 points from his life. It burned, like Yushiro's body was suddenly afflicted with a bad sunburn.


LP: 8000>7200


Mercifully, the pain was brief and the attack left no lasting damage. Still, Hiraku had made it hurt. Was he trying to intimidate him? Yushiro grimaced as Hiraku continued his turn, comboing a few more cards out of his deck and into his hand or banished where they were more immediately useful. It was a good opening play.


"But I'll put the onslaught on hold for now. I set two cards and end my turn."


Backrow too. Wonderful. At least it was his turn now.


"You feel great, you can win! You! Can! Do! This!" 


It was a little embarrassing sure, but Yushiro was glad Akira was cheering him on. At least there was one person there who wasn't snickering at him. Now it was time to put his game face on.




He looked over his hand. It wasn't half bad; there were a few plays Yushiro could make, but the card he'd drawn had to go out first. "First, I play cup of ace! This spell lets me draw two cards... but only if this coin flip lands on heads." He fished his go-to out of his pocket: a 100 yen coin dating all the way back from before the great destruction. "Whaddya think? Will I get it?" With a flick of his thumb, Yushiro launched the coin into the air, while between both players, a golden goblet appeared, floating in the air underneath the coin's trajectory. The coin landed squarely in the cup, and could be heard spinning around inside it for a few moments. After it stopped, the goblet floated toward Yushiro, who grabbed it with his outstretched hand




As he said the word, the cup exploded into a brilliant shower of golden flakes, depositing the coin back into Yushiro's hand. He put it in his pocket before drawing two cards from his deck. Now he had a hand. "Now lets set a card of my own, and then I'll special summon Speedroid Terrortop from my hand!" A snakelike chain of bladed tops appeared circling around Yushiro's feet, which then leapt forward in an almost predatory lunge to take its place on the field. "When Terrortop is summoned, I get to add a Speedroid from my deck to my hand, in this case, its Speedroid Ohajikid. Next up is a normal summon: Speedroid Tri-eyed dice!" Yushiro continued as the four sided die appeared next to Terrortop. "Its a tuner, which means now I can Synchro summon using both monsters on my field. Tune! Level 6!"


Tri-Eyed Dice faded away, becoming three synchro rings that encircled terrortop, which became an orange wireframe inside them. Then came a blinding flash of light, and out of the beam came a spinning blue-silver blur which impacted the sidewalk, tearing into the concrete and kicking up gravel and dust.  "Meet my synchro monster: Hi-speedroid Kendama!" With the introduction, Kendama stopped spinning, and aimed its spiked, lance-like protrusion in Hiraku's direction.


"Ready for some action, Hiraku? Kendama, attack Kabeiriko! Lets knock him down a peg!" Kendama charged at incredible speed, ready to spear through the demon before it. If Hiraku wanted to counter it, he'd have very little time before the attack connected, which was something Yushiro was banking on.







#7102975 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [IC/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 04 June 2018 - 05:19 PM




"I don't know what you're talking about" 


"A real duelist would be trying to help them improve, not gloat."


"They all approached me for a challenge, and I showed them how high the mountain really is. Am I really a jerk for that?"


"Yes you really are a jerk fo-" It was at that moment that Yushiro realized he'd been speaking aloud and immediately an awkward, embarrassed smile came over his face. To make it worse, some members of the audience started laughing at him. So much for starting the year off without a hitch.


"But if you think all I'm doing is picking on the inexperienced and have nothing to back up my talk, then please, by all means, I'm open for a challenge if you think you have what it takes."


Time to try and salvage things. Yushiro took a moment to clear his throat and responded in a sort of polite, apologetic tone. "Hey man, I'm not denying that you have skill, but you shouldn't beat down on a weaker player and then gloat about it. You should respect the people you play with, you know?" He waited a few moments for the guy to respond, but all Yushiro got was silence as he appeared to ignore him and check his phone instead. Yushiro's buzzed too (for the second time in the last few minutes, no less) but he chose not to check it. What a rude guy this was.


"The man Yushiro!"


There was only one person that could be, and Yushiro turned around just in time to see Akira effortlessly parting the crowd.


"Fancy meeting you here. Who is the man you're talking to?"


"Hey, Akira." Yushiro acknowledged his friend before turning back to the short guy, who apparently hadn't paid attention to what he said and was now looking at Yushiro impatiently.


"I am helping them improve. Nobody gets better without first realizing how bad they are, and it's not my fault a reality check is hard for them."


Now that Akira was present, Yushiro felt comfortable enough to switch from apologetic and express how he was really feeling: annoyed. "I guess you weren't listening... You know, self absorbed guys like you really get under my skin." Yushiro slid his duel disk onto his arm while he spoke. "Tell you what, I'll take you on, and I'll win, too. You can bet on it." Next was his deck, out of its box and into the appropriate slot on the duel disk. "Name's Yushiro. Yushiro Midori. And you?"


"Hiraku Tsukino, and you might want to be careful about getting ahead of yourself when you say you'll win with suck confidence."


"Guess I'll have to prove it to you then. Tell you what Hiraku, you can go first." His duel disk was ignited now, glowing green, and the sky overhead began to redden as the duel space field began expanding. The group of students around them backed up some, just in case.




To: Ash

From: Beth


We're dueling at the dueling grounds and everything it sounds like. How's the festival going? Should I stop by for anything or just get prepared for my duel?



Ashley sighed. The #shorttext could only mean one thing: Lizzy was upset. Not that she'd express that to Ashley, of course, not these days. Still, reading it caused a pang of guilt to well up in her stomach.


"Its for her own good. She'll thank you later, Ash." She thought to herself, mostly for her own assurance. Instinctively, she scrolled through her phone contacts.


To: Tomu

From: Ash


Hey Hey! How's work going?


Everything go ok with Liz? Hope you don't mind my advertising. Its a big deal and all.


Realtalk though, I hope this helps her out. It means a lot to her... and it would to Todd too. She kill me for asking you to go easy on her, so I won't. Instead, make sure you both have fun, ok? I think that'll work out out best.


oh look at me rambling. Sorry for bugging you. Please don;t tell her I talked to you though, she'd crucify me ^^;


See you there! and Good Luck!


She hit send before she had a chance to start second guessing herself, typos and all. It was probably as bad idea to talk to Hitomu about it behind Liz's back, but maybe with a little prodding she'd be able to swing things in her friend's favor. And what Liz didn't know would never hurt her.


To: Liz

From: Ash


If you need to go get ready, go get ready, but you'll be missing out on having a little fun if you do.


Why not worry about the game later and come hang out for awhile? A few hours won't take your edge away. Besides, maybe we'll bump into someone nice ;)


Either way I'll be here. Gotta attend the exhibition duel after all. LMK what you wanna do.



#7099370 Yu-Gi-Oh! Skies [OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 10 May 2018 - 07:53 PM

IC Thread

OP: Blue Encount- Survivor
ED: Unlimits- Haruka Kanata

~VISIONS Project Presents~

~A Zai Yu-Gi-Oh! RP~


~Original Concept: Zai~

~Story Support: Yui, Sai~

~Logo: Yui~

~Hosts: Zai, Yui, Sai~

Rules & Intro





#7089006 Resignation Letter

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 21 March 2018 - 10:55 AM

I made this decision a couple of weeks ago, but I figure now is as good a time as any to make the announcement.

I’ll be leaving mod team at the end of the month.

The rest of the team is already aware of my intentions, and since things regarding reorganization seem to be winding down its about time I made my decision public. Frankly I’m just too busy lately to be active as a staff member, and now that we have a larger group of people running things and section assignments are being done away with, there’s little reason for me to remain on staff proper.

Besides, Night did it and I’m just following the fad.

Peace, and best of luck to the rest of my colleagues. I know you guys will do a good job.

#7086160 The Maw [OOC/Not Started/Accepting/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 08 March 2018 - 02:59 PM

So its been a bit too long for me to have said nothing in this thread, but don't worry, we'll be up and running soon.


The delay is the result of some IRL stuff (not the least of which has been this hell of a winter storm we got here in NJ), as well as some stuff related to YCM proper. Its going to take me a few days to get back to running on all cylinders, but rest assured you'll see this move in no more than a week. Sorry to jerk you all around like this.


In the meantime, I'd like to encourage everyone who hasn't posted an app yet to do so. The more people we have participating in this little experiment, the better it will go, after all.


Peace, the Maw will be open for business soon.



#7083630 The Maw [OOC/Not Started/Accepting/R-16]

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 27 February 2018 - 04:38 PM

OP has been updated with accepted characters. The layout and description of the Maw itself is next on the agenda.

#7083221 Post and Zai will ask you a question

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 26 February 2018 - 10:57 AM

you never responded to my trap and i'm mad at you about it

Fite me?

I want questions (^_^)/

When will you actually sit down and watch an anime i recommend?

Because you keep forgetting me, you failed Duck.

You realize im basically out of shit to ask you right?

its ya boi
wait no its dova

It can be both.

So where did the awesomeface over the scp logo come from anyway?

Ask me another one, Zai.

Can I please start a “sakura says yeah” counting gag?

I actually feel like I could get something pretty meaningful out of this.

What is the flying speed of a swallow?

What on GOD'S GREEN EARTH made you think you could handle me in DBZ son?

Because it is literally the only fighting game i have ever been good at.

Wait im supposed to ask you shit. Ref

What on GOD'S GREEN EARTH made you think you could handle me in DBZ son?

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#7082791 Post a Pic of the Real You!

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 25 February 2018 - 03:18 PM

zai-muttonchops+haircut=probably pretty fuckin sweet.
Also, if that's too much hair I have a very serious dilemma.

You would think but my hairline says maybe not.


#7082765 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 25 February 2018 - 02:43 PM

Because its preferable to being a potato

#7082747 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 25 February 2018 - 02:11 PM



Wow I really am throwing lots of shade at all my friends. Its only cuz I love you guys, remember that <3

Hina you’re cool, no personal complaints. But like holy fuck woman chill with the huge SAT words. Just because you have a collosal, bloated vocabulary doesn’t mean you should take every opportunity to sounds as verbose and erudite as humanly possible. Plain speak meng, please. Shit drives me nuts.


O hey its the squid!

That’s rocket power-speak for new kid.

I just met you, basically, but you’re enthusiastic about RPing, a decent writer, and cool to hang out with. Nothing but good things to say, honestly, even though there aren’t many things to say.

inb4 no opinion

You are a strange, possibly insane communist who’s about as out there as winter is. But you’re very easy to have an actual conversation with and are probably slightly less likely to violently murder people if given power.

In short I like you just fine, we just don’t talk very much.

#7082742 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 25 February 2018 - 02:01 PM


You are a straight cuck.

No, not really. Here’s some factual brutal shit though.

You’re a terrible fucking duck. Leave that shit to the pros.

Also You need to reel back the whole “pay attention to meeeeee!” Thing. Validation is something that’s earned, not deserved. Be yourself and stop trying to get YCM to notice you like some aloof senpai. Loudly wanting to be acknowledged is the fastest way to be marginalized

You’re a decent dude though, no personal gripes here and we get along fine.


Fuck you do I really need to say anything?

You’re basically my best YCM friend and you’re awesome to hang out with. Literally the only bad thing I can even think of is that it really sucks when my overenthusiasm burns you out on something we’re working on. Just get into the hype dammit!

But for real you’re awesome, even if you’re quite possibly a degenerate weeb.


Slow your roll palpatine.

Also a cool dude, we bros. I like you a lot, we agree on shit, and for a canadian you’re actually kind of a badass. Much too much convinced of your own correctness most of the time, but I’m just as stubborn as you are so I can’t honestly fault you for it.

10/10 would bang.
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#7082686 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 25 February 2018 - 12:17 PM

Life ain't fun without a bit of spice homie

If you’re spice, you’re an assload of cinnamon down my throat. You need to be scaled back and put on some toast.

I'm ready.

No, you’re not. Mostly because I do not know the first thing about you. You’re like, not even really a blip on my radar. Sorry bruh I have no opinion.

We haven't spoken in months, so consider me interested.

For some ungodly reason you still care about this place, and I appreciate that a lot. You’re a decent dude (for a brit nyehehehehe) and it was fun playing D&D with you while it lasted. We coo.

#7082669 Zai does opinions

Posted by BANZAI!!!! on 25 February 2018 - 11:53 AM

Eh, I’ll bite.

We coo homie. I have to take you in small doses because information overload, but you’re a cool dude with interesting hobbies who I enjoy talking to. If you were closer to jersey we’d be getting brikwars games together and memeing. 10/10 would bang.


You’re a meme. I dig the beard and the sense of humor but all I see you do is shitpost. Oldschool YCM shit really.

Don’t take it the wrong way though, I like memes.