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Gas mask fit tests at work means YCM gets to “enjoy” Zai with a 70’s porno stache.

You’re welcome.

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I just realized but how does this work with an RP that hasn't had any posts at all in over a week? Is everyone punished despite that the RP itself has stalled?

The idea is that ghosting is dependant on people reporting it. If no one takes issue with someone’s absence they won’t be punished.

At least thats how i think its supposed to work?

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08 December 2017 - 10:14 AM

First, I shall announce...The first accepted app!


Reptilious, with Ivan! From when I first saw the character I really liked him and wanted him in this. It helps I can see him fitting in with either group. I look forward to seeing how he handles the events of the RP.

If you want to be in the Skype chat (which is just me and Skaia atm) let me, or Skaia, know.


And now I shall look over the characters that were edited/finished since I last gave thoughts and...give thoughts.


I appreciate the edits, and the character as a whole I think I understand more than before. I wish I could say more but I didn't have huge issues to begin with. My main issue is just...deciding which of the good characters presented to go with :P
I'll try and think of ways to narrow it down, be on the lookout for that.



It's better than it was, my main problem is....Just if his personality is a better fit than some of the other characters. I know that's kind of vague but it's what I am thinking about while reading it. I'm mostly unsure if he fits as well as some of the rest.



Hmm so if I'm reading right he wants to be liked so he tries not to be his usual energetic self due to worry of being annoying? But he struggles to contain said energy? That's a pretty interesting thing but I do wonder how far such a thing can go. What do you think he'd be like after, say, first couple cities? Since he'd be with the group for a decent amount of time. I am a little concerned that once he gets over his initial awkwardness he might become more bland.



Honestly when reading the personality I thought of her as a more mid-ground between Naomi and Jacklyn, which is interesting. I don't actually have any issues that jump out at me...though it is slightly weird that the egg got to level 5 just on the boat though. But I can let it slide probably.

Debating allowing an Egg move or something so they can actually do anything to Normal types


If I missed anyone, let me know, and if anyone wants any more specifics ask me about them. I'm a bit tired so might have skipped over some issues but I'll come back to it.


Now that we have Rep in, I would like you all to give a brief, as in a line or so, description on how you imagine your character would interact with the three characters we have so far.


The next character will be chosen on the 15th.

Being brief: my one weakness!!!!!!!! I'll try and keep these short but I make no promises (EDIT: yeah, its really not happening. I'll keep it to a short paragraph for both Vic and Phin). I gots ideas man. Also including Phineas in these because he and Vic are 100% a package deal.


Lets do Ivan first because he's the new guy and frankly I was hoping he'd get in with Vic because, well, read below.


Ivan is the perfect foil to Victor: a man driven entirely by his emotions and desires. At first, Victor's not going to like him since Ivan comes off as rough, mean, and selfish, and I'd be willing to wager that Ivan won't think too highly of Vic either, since he's much more on the meek side and his know-it-all tendencies will definitely rub Ivan the wrong way. The gravy here though is that the two of them are more alike than different deep down. They both put those they care about before themselves, and will never hesitate to put themselves in harm's way for them. If they get past their differences, they'll both be able to see that about the other person, and in doing so they might even learn something from the other guy's way of thinking. Ivan's the perfect guy to help Victor toughen up and be more forthright, and if he lets him Ivan will be able to learn a lot about keeping himself more calm and reserved, helping him think before he acts.


Their pokemon reflect this too. Phin and Cho will be like two peas in a pod. They have the same nature (literally: adamant) and the same rebellious spirit (complete with penchant for mischief), which means they'll either be boon companions, getting into all sorts of shenanigans, or great rivals. Neither one has a type advantage over the other, either, which means they'd have great speed vs power physical brawls, and I love the mental image of a fist fight between Sceptile and Pangoro (both of whom have the whole stick-in-their-mouth cool/tough looking badass thing going on, weirdly enough). I battle with those two on a tag team would totally earn a spot on the RP highlight reel.


Next up is Naomi, since I sort of went over Jacklyn (can I call her Jackie, Skaia?) before.


Assuming she's not sleeping or dead-set on not doing things, Victor and Naomi are going to have a lot of fun together. They both unabashedly love pokemon and get along better with them than they do people, which makes Naomi the perfect companion for Vic to bring along when he's pokemon tracking. He'd get a lot of enjoyment out of showing someone else what he's seen and teaching them about what he loves to do, and I think Naomi would love being able to meet and see the pokemon they'd find. Of course, she's a forgetful airhead and that will definitely get on Victor's nerves, since he's a guy who prides himself on retaining information and staying observant, but she also doesn't mean any harm and is very obviously a nice person, so he'd be able to forgive that about her easily. If he sees enough of her actually doing things and being sweet and kind, I think Vic might even end up developing a bit of a crush on her.


Phin and Princess would have a very straightforward mother/annoying offspring dynamic. Phin gets into trouble, gets scolded by the much larger and more level headed Ryhorn. Despite Phin's x4 type advantage I don't think there's really much potential for a battle here though. Naomi dislikes pokemon battle in general and as much as Phin enjoys a good fight I don't think Princess would find it worth her time, at least not until Phin has evolved into a Grovyle and is big enough to not easily get stepped on and crushed. The best part of having Phin around would honestly be his interactions with Naomi herself. Phin has a Don Quixote knight errant vibe about him (especially insofar as Phin sees himself), and since Naomi finds herself drawn to people and pokemon with fairy tale character traits, she'd take a natural liking to him, which would be a great way to get Vic and Naomi started on interaction.



Jacklyn's last, and I'm possibly going to be repeating myself here, sorry 'bout that.


If Ivan's going to antagonize Vic into character growth, then Jacklyn is going to galvanize him into it. Both characters are eager to get outside and explore the world, and this shared love of adventure is, I think, going to make them very close very quickly. As soon as they do bond, I can see her being the one who's always prodding Victor to open up, be more natural, or any number of other social things that he has trouble with and needs to improve on. On the flip side, Victor will definitely offer his advice regarding pokemon and training, and I think he'll be a huge help to Jacklyn as her character grows and she strives to become a more skilled trainer, kind of like the relationship Brock and Ash have in the anime. Put simply, I think they're going to be really tight and have each other's backs, which makes them perfect traveling buddies.


On the flip side, Rus and Phin seem like they'd be decidedly unfriendly rivals. Phin's type disadvantage matters little if at all to him, and he doesn't take kindly to pokemon who seem to be full of themselves, which means that as soon as Rus rubs him the wrong way it'll be fightin' time. Rus won't like Phin's pranks, over-eagerness, or manipulative nature, either so I can;t imagine there will be any love lost between the two. Both 'mons are try-hards as well, so every one of their confrontations is going to be very intense. Phin is likely to lose most of these too, which will further aggravate the sore spot I can see him developing. I think it will be good character development for Vic and Jacklyn to have to help their main pokemon get over their dislike for each other, or perhaps it will add fuel to a more friendly rivalry between the trainers.


damn I totally wrote too much. Sorry.


Also if you have any more specifics for me I'd love to hear them. I'm super eager for this and so if there are any improvements I can make I'll be happy to do so.

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08 December 2017 - 08:20 AM

While this is cleaner, it would require a lot of mod interaction.  If the host deems [GHOST] has had ten days to post but they aren't sure about posting due to character interaction, timeline issues, etc, that leaves the [GHOST] at the host's mercy.

Theoretically that problem would be solved by OOC communication, though even if everyone is talking to one another there can still be problems.

Can anyone think of a way to keep this simple while remaining as fair as possible? And if not, which extreme do you all feel would be preferable? In my opinion the easiest way to go about it is just making sure everyone posts once every ten days.

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07 December 2017 - 09:09 PM

I agree with Dad that, if it's not 10 days since their last post, it should be 10 days since the last host post OR 10 days since the last post that allows them to post. It would be pretty unreasonable for mods to keep track of that all, though, so it could be up to the host's discretion to report that stuff (just as I'm sure it would be with the unavoidable absence clause).


If that's too much, then since the last host-post they haven't posted after should be suffice.


Basing things on the host's posts as well as [GHOST]'s posts can get confusing as to which takes priority  and when (like for real i'm having trouble interpreting my own drafts, though it could just be me being stupid), and the idea for the rule is to keep everyone active. I think the simplest, cleanest way to word things should basically boil down to: If its been at least 10 days since you've had an opportunity to post and you haven't posted, you're ghosting, and the host and/or other players are allowed to report you to the moderator for it.