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Fixed it up real quick, but I don't have time to proofread it as i'm beak-deep in some annoying banking issues at the moment. If I missed something or forgot a change I was going to make please let me know.

As far as short and/or public RPs go, that's not something that needs to be in the rules, and frankly its something that you can all just attempt to run yourselves. Just state that the RP in question is one in the OOC. I might try running one myself in the future, but my plate is full of passion projects at present so the most I could do is lend a hand to someone else. Tl;dr I think its a good idea to try; putting a pin in it for now.

As far as everything else is concerned (the archives and the rewards thread), i'll probably have a dedicated topic up for those once i finalize my plans for them, not that discussing it here in the abstract is a bad thing.

If this draft is kosher, it will go into effect on Friday when i have a chance to destroy Aix's legacy and post my own rules thread. Any rp posted before then will be grandfathered in with the current ruleset. Practically speaking all that means (I think) is that rating tags aren't mandatory until the new rules go up.



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Any updates bossman?
Oh and before I forget, should we uh...do something about that RP Rewards thread? Cause it...has never been used and kind of is pointless as is lol.

Was waiting to see if anyone had any further input, actually.

As far as the rewards thread goes, thats next on my list of things to do, but I'd like to get the rules and section reorganization done first.

I think you're all more or less of the same mind about the changes I had in mind, so expect a second draft to be posted here probably tommorow.

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