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#7018628 [Discussion] New Section rules

Posted by Zaiduck on Yesterday, 09:28 AM

Any updates bossman?
Oh and before I forget, should we uh...do something about that RP Rewards thread? Cause it...has never been used and kind of is pointless as is lol.

Was waiting to see if anyone had any further input, actually.

As far as the rewards thread goes, thats next on my list of things to do, but I'd like to get the rules and section reorganization done first.

I think you're all more or less of the same mind about the changes I had in mind, so expect a second draft to be posted here probably tommorow.

#7011229 Digimon: Solid State [IC/PG-16]

Posted by Zaiduck on 24 May 2017 - 05:45 PM

While the Digidestined and their partners made their way toward the pyramid, a lone figure finished his ascent to the top. Far below, he could make out the shapes of the humans and the rookie digimon. The sight brought a wide, toothy smile to his face, his first in ages, it seemed. Success had a sweet taste to it, and the scene below caused warm, youthful memories to stir within him. Still, he knew that there was little time to savor the moment. If he had been able to locate them, then surely they would also soon be aware of the humans' presence, if they weren't already. Time was of the essence.






"I dunno guys, staying out here in the open like this just.... gives me a bad vibe." Was Takeru's wobbly response to Eileen's suggestion. Dracomon shot him a look, but he payed it little attention. He wasn't scared (much), rather it was a gut feeling that told him staying outside wasn't the best of ideas. Maybe it was the rubble that did it.


"We can go inside as soon as we assess the situation Takeru, relax. You've got me here, after all."


"That's part of what worries me."  Humor at Dracomon's expense. That was quite the rarity. Despite his misgivings though, Takeru followed as the six of them made their way toward the other side of the pyramid. As they approached the corner, the faint echoes of approaching voices could be heard. Perhaps their owners were the source of Labramon's scent trail? "Dracomon, do you-"


"Yup, I hear them too. They kind of sound like you three, actually."


"Like..... humans? You can tell the difference?" Before Dracomon could respond though, the group rounded the corner, and, plain as day, running toward them, was a human girl, followed by a digimon. Behind her Takeru could make out another two bodies, each accompanied by a figure roughly proportional to the rookie digimon beside him. New, probably friendly faces! He beamed, and his fatigue seemed to melt away as the excitement built. Dracomon too, knew what the sight of more humans meant, perhaps more clearly than Takeru or the girls did. Allies.




"Greetings, Digidestined!"




Between Morgan and Dracomon landed a reptilian digimon, about the same size as the other rookies, wearing a bright red cloak adorned with a pair of worn goggles. Having lept off the top of the pyramid, he came down with quite a loud thud, putting a small dent in the earth below him. Despite the force though, he landed upright, as if he had simply strolled into the clearing from ground level. Dracomon reflexively put up his guard, but a raised claw from the newcomer indicated that he meant them no harm


"While I would love to partake in introductions, I believe it would be best if all of you came with me. It is not safe here."


#7011127 Post and I'll tell you something

Posted by Zaiduck on 24 May 2017 - 06:24 AM


#7008621 Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

Posted by Zaiduck on 13 May 2017 - 08:05 PM

"I have been told to not answer about any details regarding myself in the scenario I was captured by the enemy. But at the same time, I have no obligation to follow the orders of long-dead people. Yes, I will answer your question."


Cold, detached, almost robotic. Selardi's tone reminded Arthur very much of another Gundam pilot who'd been put in his care decades ago. Then, as if his reminiscence had somehow conjured her from the ether, Chief Kusanagi made her way into the medical bay, followed closely by Dr. Isozaki.


“Captain. I have the damage report on our mobile suits for you. That and we should discuss the GN-1400 sooner rather than later.”


"Motoko, maybe we should refrain from discussing what we're doing to someone else's property right in front of them..." The doctor muttered, though Arthur was sure that Selardi could hear her. Before he had a chance to acknowledge either of them though, the newtype girl chimed in.


"Are you planning to scrap it? Good. Tell me when the process starts, I want to watch."


Her remark produced an audible chuckle from Arthur (a rare occurrence). "You're perfectly fine with that...? I had always thought pilots shared a "special bond" with their Mobile Suits. Though I suppose I only ever thought of my own Mobile Suit as a tool, so I guess I can understand the sentiment."


"Yes, she certainly has no love lost for that GX, eh?"  He turned around to talk to Chief Kusanagi, but Reveka had beaten him to it.

"Wait, hold on. Motoko, you can discuss the Gundam later. Selardi, dear, I need to know-"

"The hell are all you people doing in here? It wasn't even that bad, just a dislocated shoulder and some cuts. This can't be for me right? Listen Arthur, I told you a million times a post op beer is just how I cool off; it's not an issue."


Arthur was surprised to see Maxine willingly (at least somewhat, he assumed) present in the medical bay. She was obviously a little worse for wear than she was letting on, but Arthur had seen much, much worse before. Her condition was nothing to worry about, especially considering how tough his senior pilot had proven herself to be in the past. The girl may very well have been more resistant to damage than her mobile suit. "The only way that I would have an issue, Miss Delphi, is if you declined to return to my ship in one piece after an operation. So long as you're still up and about, and you don't make any trouble for the rest of the crew," He shot a knowing look in Reveka's direction as he spoke. "then you are free to do as you like after a sortie. That said, its never a bad idea to get a checkup after a rough flight. Sometimes those bumps and bruises are more than they appear to be, you know."


Confident that he'd made his point (both to Maxine and Dr. Isozaki) Arthur turned back to Selardi, whom he was sure was just as bemused as he was. Judging by the following exchange, however, it hadn't quite sunk in. "Alright, doc. Let's just get this over with already, okay? Threatening me to come to the med bay seems a bit extreme considering I'm in here after every major op. The punching bag is practically on the resume. And just who the hell is this?"


"Maxine, dear, let's not forget who was being difficult. Now, go lay down on one of the examination beds, one of my nurses will be with you in a minute. I have half-a-mind to make you wait for the 5 and half hours for the alcohol to leave your system..."


"She's our guest, Miss Delphi, and I trust that you will treat her as such."


"Now as I was saying, dear, I'm going to need your medical data and history or treating you may become difficult. Is there any place aboard your ship, or rather former ship, that we could find this information?"


"Back in the day, we used to keep all the pertinent medical records for the gundams' pilots on a backup in the ship's archive... at least the classified stuff. Anything else you'd need, Reveka, will probably be in that ship's medical bay, or wherever it was that Reyd happened upon her. If they erased the data when they evacuated, though, then you'll have to make your best guess based on Motoko's old file.... and perhaps CPO Hawke's, if we still have it onboard." He paused a moment, then finally addressed Selardi.


"That being said, you look like you're feeling well, other than the aftereffects of stasis. Am I right, Miss Selardi? I don't think we have all that much to worry about. Speaking of worries, I'd like to make it clear that you're welcome to stay onboard the Arrowhead for as long as you like, and, should you have any reservations about that, I'd also like to make it clear that we aren't a military vessel, and so you've nothing to fear either from myself or any of the crew here. I'll even give you a tour, if and when you're feeling up to it." Arthur put an awkward, but friendly smile on, in much the same way he'd first introduced himself to Adrian and Motoko when they'd first arrived on the Arrowhead during the war. Hopefully, he'd win her over in much the same way. "And Chief, you said you had a damage report for me? Well, lets hear it."




"Honestly, I'm not too concerned about how that loose wire acts. I'm more worried about how Kokko will take it."


"What makes you say that? I figure you and I have to put up with him way more than Kook does up in the hangars."


"See? Compounded stress. If Ko had his multitool, he probably would've tried to kill the guy by now. ...Kokko! Just drink your drink, woulda?" Kyy pointed at his twin brother to illustrate that, indeed, Reyd had an immediate and noticeable impact on him. "He'll come out of it if he gets tipsy. I think. So long as we keep him out of the brig, things should work out anyway."


"I wouldn't worry about that too much Kyy. Your brother knows how to play nice. Its Reyd I'm more concerned about."


"I'd figure he's acting up because his mobile suit is trashed if anything," STAN mused. "Humans just love getting attached to things, and then when they break, you need to blow off some steam. He's doing just that, I reckon."


Maryanne pouted when she noticed that STAN hadn't brought her a drink, instead only serving Kyy some water. "STAN, its very unbecoming of a gentleman such as yourself to not serve a lady her drink! And I thought we were friends!" Maryanne was being playful, of course, and added to her statement by exaggerating her facial expression and making a big, cartoonish motion out of spinning around on the bar stool and putting her hands on her hips.

Meanwhile, over at the booth, Kenji was the first person to respond to Reyd. "Oh we're sorry. If they show up, we'll immediately invite them, Reyd." Naturally, Reyd bristled at this.


"Reeeeeeal funny. This coming from the pussy who's too scared to use his fancy gundam to take down a few pirate mobile suits. Poor Roche, practically alone out there and having to babysit your candy ass." Instead of agreeing with Reyd though, Roche countered with his own insult.


"People who almost get me killed cause they've got their heads up their asses don't get to call themselves ace pilot. Like, I know you're new here, but you can't think Arthur's that stupid. I mean c'mon if you'd just waited for like 2 seconds we probably could've blown them all out of the sky with the ship's turrets, and maybe your Djinn wouldn't be trashed~"
"Who cares about that Djinn? There's a shiny new Gundam X up there in the hangar with my name on it! Which, by the way, we wouldn't have found if it wasn't for me, either. Besides, that guy in the Red Seig was damn good. I doubt you guys would have done any better than I did, especially since you couldn't even handle a few slowpoke Dauntless Weapons without the Chief having to come bail you out." Kokko was the next person he talked to, though Reyd's tone was noticeably more apologetic, having realized that it was Kokko who would probably be saddled with the herculean task of fixing his mobile suit. Reyd slid his bottle of liquor over in the Kokko's direction, expecting him to refill his glass with it.
"And hey, Kokko, sorry about getting my Djinn so beat up. I can't imagine she's gonna be an easy fix, so if you need an extra pair of hands, just come find me and I'll do what I can." Reyd winced as he took another swig of his drink.
"So, are you gonna make it up to me big boy? I was so scared when those big, mean pirates were shooting at me I didn't know what I would do. I think, if you wanna make it up to me you should play a little game with me~."
Reyd laughed and nodded in the affirmative. "You fruit. Sure, why the hell not? We're celebrating, aren't we?"
STAAAAANNNN! Get me some more shots, Reyd you can take Kenji's, he's obviously not going to drink them."
"Too much of pussy to get drunk with us too, eh Kenji?" Reyd nudged him on the shoulder with his elbow. "C'mon man bottoms up! It'll be a good time and we all need to unwind after today, I think."
"Well, at least they all seem to be getting along." Maryanne shrugged. "I hope we get a nice bonus off of all this crap, though. Been a long while since we had a good payday around here, and I could really use a nice shopping trip the next time we get some leave."


#7005410 Mobile Suit Gundam: Broken Arrow [IC/PG-16+]

Posted by Zaiduck on 30 April 2017 - 06:35 PM

"Arrowhead? This is Max. Bigro's dead. We're coming to give backup. Go ahead and send me the next target."


"Rosaria to the Arrowhead, we're ok on our end."


A small smile came across Arthur's face, but other than that he gave no indication that he was pleased with his pilots' success. Instead, he simply picked up the receiver and responded on the open channel. "Negative, Miss Delphi. All targets have been neutralized. Pilots, you may return to the ship at your own discretion. Good work everyone." Next, he turned to Kyy and Maryanne. "You two can stand down, too. I doubt we'll be seeing any more of them for awhile." He wasn't exactly relieving the two of duty, of course, but they could now relax. Maryanne wasted no time in removing her headset, and leaned back in her chair a bit so she could talk to Kyy.


"Hey, wanna grab a drink when we get off duty? I don't know about you, but after this mess I could use a little R&R. Besides, its been awhile since we hung out.


Arthur payed them no mind, instead choosing to call Reyd on the comms. "Mr. Stallion, I expect you to bring your new friend to Dr. Isozaki for examination as soon as you return. You can leave that Gundam and what's left of your Djinn to the mechanics."


"Uhh yes sir. Roger that." Reyd switched off his radio, and turned to the girl who was rather uncomfortably scrunched into the cockpit next to him. "Well, are you ready to go home?"


---Episode 01: Good Morning---




---Episode 02: Lingering Embers---






A few hours had passed since the fighting had died down, and the Arrowhead, having since maneuvered itself close to the colony wall, near the Hagane's resting place, was now preparing to spend the night in the shoal zone. The crew, meanwhile, busied themselves with readying the ship for the task ahead. In the hangars, personnel were busy prepping heavy equipment for salvaging parts from the Hagane, while others busied themselves taking shifts on watch, in case more pirates happened to make their presence known. The mechanical staff, meanwhile, had their work cut out for them repairing the two Djinns (Reyd's was very nearly a write-off) and resupplying the remaining operational mobile suits. The GX, which was in impeccable shape for a suit that had been neglected for 20 years, sat in an empty stall in the port hangar.


Arthur DeGaines sat in his office, sipping a warm mug of tea and pouring over the data on the Hagane that, as he had suspected, Mr. Wooder's credentials had unlocked. There were redacted portions, of course, but from what he could glean the ship had not been on a combat mission, but rather had been tasked with transporting its "cargo" to the ESA Lunar base, taking a route that steered it far clear of the war's battle lines. It was odd, to say the least. At that point in the war, there were both several newtypes (natural or otherwise), as well as Gundam X units operating in the ESA's space fleets, and so the secrecy with which this particular gundam and its pilot (who had introduced herself as Selardi Mahina) had been transferred seemed excessive. Whatever the reason, though, the Hagane clearly never made it to luna. Instead, she probably ran afoul of the harsh conditions in the L5 shoal zone, and crashed into the colony cylinder either due to a navigation error or some kind of damage. Lucky for the Arrowhead; a mostly-intact ship would yield a huge payday. Not to mention the small fortune that the GX was probably worth.



Meanwhile, the Arrowhead's mobile suit team had been given a few hours of free time while their machines were being worked on. Reyd did as he had been ordered, and escorted Selardi to the Arrowhead's medical bay for examination. Some of the other pilots, who had suffered various bumps and scrapes in the fighting, may also have been present, but it was far more likely that they had made their way down to the ship's canteena for some recreational activity. Dimly lit, and furnished in a similar manner to a 21st century bar or lounge, the Canteena served as a place for the crew to let off steam and generally enjoy themselves. Its Jukebox usually played some variant of jazz music (Arthur's preferred genre), and the several TV screens arrayed around the space would either play movies from the Arrowhead's archive, or any broadcast channels that the ship's aging communications system was able to pick up. The bar itself, which was usually staffed either by a member of the mess crew or STAN, was well stocked with both alcohol and soft drinks, and there were several restaurant booths arrayed around the room where crew members could congregate sneak away to for a little more seclusion. There was also an arcade cabinet, a pool table, and a holographic chess board featuring ESA mobile suits as pieces. 


No matter what each crewman was up to, though, spirits on board were generally high. Despite the ambush, the Arrowhead had come out victorious, suffered no casualties, and, as Arthur had hoped, stumbled onto very lucrative salvage work.

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#7003924 Tell Zai anything

Posted by Zaiduck on 24 April 2017 - 07:22 PM

Go ask me shit in my AMA scrub.
Also this is my fault but the color of the duck in your avi and in your sig are different and it bothers me.

Sucks to suck... at ducks ;)

And when I figure out something worthwhile to ask you I will.
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#7003920 Tell Zai anything

Posted by Zaiduck on 24 April 2017 - 07:18 PM


Not sure if you mean anything in particular by that, but...

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#7003645 Winter's Ban

Posted by Zaiduck on 24 April 2017 - 09:54 AM

1) And yet people seemed to be dicks to Winter pretty damn frequently without punishment. Or if punishment comes, it comes well after it's due.
2) Consitency; If being a pest for two fucking years (Or however long it's been) wasn't a cause for banning up till now, something had to change in order to validate the choice now. Either a new mod bringing a changing attitude and standards, or as it reads currently 'If they can't get with the program, there's only one inevitable conclusion anyway. Best not waste our time any further.'
And I am outright calling for Winter's ban to be undone, he be given an apology, and by whatever measure is possible for the team you get your shit together. You establish a proceedure, you make it known, and you follow it. Any mod who steps outside that procedure should be punished.

I can't testify for the others, but I know there's been more than one occassion where I've gone on fairly pointed rants that are just 'fuck you Winter' without ever having any form of punishment for it. In the form of verbal punishment or warning points. I'm reluctant to believe the same would be true in reverse. Free reign may be hyperbolic, but it feels like I'm get given more lienecy than Winter does, despite not actually having much more of a leg to stand on than him.
I'll say I'm not accussing you specifically of bias, you are more than fair the majority of the time, and usually aware after the fact when you aren't. But it feels like, there is an overall mod bias, and that Winter is the person this forms a crux against.

I don't think it's Winter himself who makes the site worse, so I phrased that poorly. Winter just happens to be a dissenting voice with god-awful phrasing, and people try to rip into him for it. It's just as fair to blame people (Like myself) who can't let his poor phrasing go, and always insist on pressing the point against him. He has his faults as a debater and a victim complex, but it feels like he is being assigned all the blame for the problems on the site that he has even tangential relation to. And I don't think he is.

And what about the other side of this? That maybe the people reporting Winter so frequently are the ones with the problem, not him? If Winter would get reported, multiple times a week, by presumably the same group of people ever week, why is it not possible they are the problem? Winter's manner is poor, but until now that has never been an outright bannable offensive. According to him, he hasn't been officially warned in a long time. Why if his manner was still poor to the same extent as usual, was he outright banned for it instead of being given further formal final warnings?
Like don't we have an example of someone outright stalking Winter for evidence of wrong doing, and then his findings were actually considered by the mod team instead of treated like one should treat it?

So Winter and everyone in a debate thread acted like Winter and everyone usually acts in a debate thread. Why was in a bannable offense in this instance compared to every prior instance? What was fundamentally different about the thread in this case that warranted a ban, several hours after the fact I might add, (Like Winter didn't even escalate the situation, or attempt to, after the thread got locked, I did)? Because whilst I'm not privy to the inner details of the site very often, the only thing that seemed different about it this time was that it was a thread against the mod team. And that looks really bad.

Winter posted 3 times in that thread. An instance of gloating against liberals, a legitimate point of discussion, and something that could very fringely be classed as hate speech, but is more likely just him being trollish about it. What's bannable there?
More so, why if the Chechnya thread was a bannable offense did it take nearly two weeks to ban him for it? And furthermore, why the fuck is Shard still here if the conesus is that Shard did post a 'Hate-speech' rant? How on earth is Winter the one who gets the harsher punishment from that thread?

I mean given my confusion I clearly don't know the procedure. That might just be on me not being that involved here, but I don't see what procedure this fits (And if it does fit one, I think whatever procedured it fits is fundamentally flawed).
No, I don't want unrestricted access to the mod forum. But if the mod team thinks it has better judgment than the memberbase here (Which I think is how you act at times), then why can't you do the self policing I ask for yourselves? We don't need to know the details, so long as the mods keep themselves in line for our sake. 
But I have outright attacked Winter before. I've not been given a verbal warning for it even. And I can list examples of other people doing the same thing, arguably not on as frequent basis, but arguably more directly than Winter has done in turn to people not called Roxas.

I also want to adress a few things, since A. I'm supposed to be the one communicating, and B. I was also a part of the process that led to Winter's ban.

Also, Apologies for the formatting, i'm at work and on my phone and I don't have time to proofread or format this post, and it might be long.

First thing's first. I want to apologize for that quote above. It was something I said in the midst of being very frustrated yesterday. For those who don't know what i'm talking about:

"If they can't get with the program, then there's one one inevitable conclusion anyway. Best to not waste any more of our time."

You guys might take that to mean that i'm pushing some kind of "program" or that I myself had some sort of bias against Winter (and by extension those on YCM who share his political/social/YCM-related views). I don't. Nor do I plan on trying to force the staff and the site to conform to my views or something along those lines. I was just venting my frustration. It was not constructive in any way and I will try to avoid doing so in the future. My comment no doubt contributed to the misgivings you're all voicing, and for that I am sorry.

Now that that's out of the way, lets adress some things.

First, echoing Dad here. There's next-to-no chance that Winter's ban will be undone. The entire team (sans Smear, who was MIA yesterday) agreed that it was what should be done, and in time I hope you'll come to see that what we did was for the best.

Secondly, i'll make it clear that it was me who was among the most vocal in pushing for Winter's ban. I made a thread about it in the mod forum, which was why we finally acted and pulled the trigger yesterday. That being said, it was something that we had been discussing regularly for several weeks, and while I can't point to one specific offense that caused our attitudes to change, I can attempt to corroborate Evilfusion's explanation, and provide details of my own, since I was present for the majority of these discussions and the events that precipitated them.

So, why did we decide now was the time? Well, a few reasons.

Firstly, the obvious one. The past week or so (since the chechnya thread) was the straw that broke the camel's back. This has been stewing for a long time (before I was even promoted, in fact). Collectively, we'd all had enough of his antics, and between that and my broaching the subject with the intent to act, we acted.

There's more to it than that, though, but before I get into it I want to stress that I personally hold no ill will toward winter (or anyone on YCM, for that matter). I've been doing what i'm doing because I feel it is for the best. We as a team may not have conducted this in the best of ways, but we'll get to that.

Now, why did we want winter gone, other than being fed up with the frequent infractions? Its hard to articulate, and a large chunk of this explanation is coming from my perspective (though I think the team will for the most part agree with me), so bear with me.

1. He actively interferes with our ability to do our jobs.

Holding us accountable is great, don't get me wrong, but frankly, calling into question every action we take (and i'm not really exaggerating, he's contested basically everything myself and Dad have done in policing debates of late, up to and including reporting me for "mod abuse" regarding shard's post in the chechnya thread, which i remind you guys should have been a bannable offense) publically and privatelty, negatively impacts our ability to do our jobs. Put more simply, he was actively trying to erode your trust in us. For what reason I cannot say, but I suspect it was in an effort to push his agenda (something i'll get to) or simply because he didn't like us. There's a line between keeping tabs on us and trying to sabotage the staff, and from my perspective, he crossed it. Lots.

2. He influences other members to act out in similar ways

I'm going to point to Shard as the prime example, and granted, this is largely speculative, but i'm not the only one who read into things this way, so I feel it has some merit. Put simply, the more Shard associated with winter, the more her content started to reflect his opinions. When it comes to discussions of islam especially, she seemed to be echoing his views, when frankly she haddn't been doing so to any significant degree prior. She and I came to an understanding regarding her anti-semitic statements (i'm jewish, for the record), and so i think she's simply shifting her targets based on the people she's been associating with.

I can't cite other examples that are as drastic, but a member who is making a concerted effort to create dissent among the userbase and enlist other users in voicing some of his more toxic opinions (be as conservative as you want, but being racist against arabs and as venomously derisive against the religion of islam is str8 up not ok here and the same goes for presjudice against any group) is something I don't think we want here. Again, why? That brings me to point 3.

3. Winter had an agenda to push.

The left is evil, and Winter is a crusader trying to right the wrongs of the PC/SJW leftie YCM mod team. Perhaps he wanted a place where he could voice his (controversial) opinions and be coddled for them, perhaps he had other reasons, but at the end of the day, I can safely say that he wanted us (the mod team, moreso than the userbase but both nontheless) to agree with him, to say "yes, your views are correct. Good job." As such, he saw those who disagreed (especially those in authority) with him as having an agenda of their own to push. We were biased, not representative of our generation, out of touch, whatever you wanna call it. The point is, from his perspective, most of us (the staff) were out to get him. Roxas's legitimate vendetta gave him ammunition in this regard, yes, but when he left the team winter switched targets to me as the primary purveyor of the leftie agenda. I was elected by the corrupt staff regime over other members who "should" have been promoted, I wasn't doing my job as a PR mod, i was biased, i'm using my position as a soapbox and censoring those who disagree with me, etc. While i fully admit i wasn't super proactive when I was promoted, and that the election was poorly handled in hindsight,I hope you can all see how baseless the above accusations are, and how what it all really boils down to is this:

Winter wanted YCM and its community to cater to him and his views, and was actively trying to make that happen to the detriment of the site.

4. He was a shithead

Blunt, but fairly accurate. Winter was flippant, antagonistic, and had obvious contempt for the site's rules and the staff (not to mention he was permabanned for similar behavior once before). He played the victim card whenever possible, and as dad has said he was a frequent thorn in the side of basically the entire moderating team, as well as several users whom he had gripes with. He frequently flooded topics, shitposted, was passive agressive or outright agressive against those who disagreed with him, and had a very annoying habit of posting baity statuses and deleting them as soon as they recieved too much attention. Etc, etc, etc.

The above is our reasoning to the best of my ability to articulate, and from largely my own observations, though like I said above I believe the team and the userbase will agree with my assesment.

Now, on to the next thing: how we handled the ban itself.

There was no clean way to handle this. There really wasn't.

If we were completely public with it, it would certainly have turned into a fight or a witchhunt against winter, and probably shard, and want to stress again that that is not what this is. We made this decision (and again this was a consensus that almost all of the site's staff members agreed on) for the good of the community, and it has been a long time coming.

How we actually went about it was also not great. None of us really like having to go behind the back of a user and kick them out of the community. Its a shitty move, and I don't mind admitting that this whole process has left a sour taste in my mouth.

But we did it. Why? Because in addition to the reasons Evilfusion mentioned, I feel this was the only way we could have done this efficiently and cleanly. Again, entirely public would have been a disaster, and giving winter an advance warning would have been doing the same thing the mod team has been doing: warning and not acting.

Frankly, this should have happened months ago, but we as a team are both lenient and indecisive. We want to not have to step in, and we want everyone who uses YCM to be at ease, and so a lot of us (myself included, believe it or not) let plenty of things slide. But, honestly, enough is enough. There comes a certain point where no amount of warnings will be sufficient. There's no better example of that than the chechnya thread, in which shard committed a bannable offense (Night was very, very close to banning her himself) and winter reported my fairly lax punishment as moderator abuse (his actual phrase), saying that nothing wrong was done and that I was out of line in giving any warning points at all. We let a user slide (dad and i's poor communication that morning didn't help, but that's neither here nor there) and winter attempted to use that given inch and take a mile. I have no doubt that shard posted the thread criticising the mod team in debates after some prodding on this very subject.

I think that, if you must point to some specific event, was the last straw. Was it in and of itself bannable? Certainly not, but I think it was a sign for all of us that nothing productive would come from further discourse.

So, what's the point of all this and what can we take away? A couple things.

Again, some of the following is my own personal opinion, take it as you will.

Winter is an example. Take it as a sign that the mod team is becoming more active, more proactive, and a measure more strict in our interpretation of the rules. This sort of behavior is something we do not wish to tolerate any longer, and so this is our first step toward making YCM less toxic and more friendly. Does that mean we'll be going after people? No, it doesn't. We don't want to ban (shard is still here, and personally I want her to stay), Hell, we don't really even want to warn, but we're more willing and able to do so if it means making YCM better.

We're not infallible either. We make mistakes. We DID make mistakes with Winter, both recently and in the past, and we want to learn from them and grow so that YCM can stay less toxic. I think the fact that this thread happened is wonderful, because it shows that the userbase is invested and wants the same things we do. If we fuck up, call us out on it. We'll try and own up to our mistakes (as i've hopefully done with this longass rant), and do better. This rant is also my way of doing my job. You want transparency, the above is as transparent as I can possibly be in regards to winter. I'm doing my best to communicate to all of you, and I hope you respond in kind to me, since communicating is a two-way street.

I hope this helps and clears things up. I'll be in and out of the forum, skype, and discord all day today, so please come to me if you have anything you wish to express.

#7003240 How Moderators stifle freedom of expression in Debates, the police state...

Posted by Zaiduck on 23 April 2017 - 12:11 PM

His argument being accurate is an objective measure
It being hate speech is not. There's a reason the Supreme Court protected "hate speech" (or rather declined to criminalize it) and that's becuase "hate" is a highly subjective measure.
There's little difference between what shard and other critiques of Islam have said. The rest of us just dress the pig up.

I'm not a Christian, but cut out the false equivalency. If a man marries a 12 year old, he has every right to be called a pedophile. The fact we're not allowed to state this basic fact is as clear a demise of debates as anything.
Jesus had his moment, God certainly does, but trying to create an equalized Islam and then raving "hate" and "Islamophobia" at anyone who disagrees is a major problem with western discourse
If it goes outside debates. Warn the ever living shit out of it.

Correct, labeling it hate speech is subjective. Know what its subject to? Moderator discretion. We are the governing body of YCM, and if we see something that we consider to be no bueno. Its no bueno, like it or not.

Saying the prophet Muhhamad married a twelve year old is factual. Saying that the religion of Islam is awful because of it is not a fact, its an opinion. And if you express that opinion in such a manner that a moderator deems to be toxic, or hateful, or any other label we want to put on something that we feel violates the site rules or code of conduct, you will be given whatever punishment those rules and our own discretion deem appropriate. Debates is not some special forum where the rules are relaxed or don't apply. If it doesn't fly somehere else on YCM, it doesn't fly in debates. Period.

As Dad said, we've been lenient. I'm all for free speech, and believe it or not I've been one of the people letting a lot of things that maybe shouldn't fly fly, be it in debates or the status bar. A lot of the time those verbal warnings I so enjoy giving come in place of actual warning points. So believe me when I say what we do is not because we're pushing an agenda or trying to stifle discourse, because we're not.

If you guys want to debate, debate properly, civilly, and within YCM's guidelines. Otherwise, you'll be reprimanded. Simple as that.

#7002915 How Moderators stifle freedom of expression in Debates, the police state...

Posted by Zaiduck on 22 April 2017 - 08:55 AM

This made me giggle.

Apologies in advance if this isn't proofread, i'm just waking up and can't really be bothered.


No. You're all completely incapable of self moderation. Even if YCM was a place where people played nice and conducted themselves with restraint (which it is not something like 90% of the time), the very nature of the debates section, which as far as I'm aware is to discuss topics that by their nature are divisive means that, spoiler alert, we need to keep an eye on it so that you all aren't breaking any overall site rules (Which let me remind you are rules you must follow in every section of the forum, period) with the arguments that may result. Even people who are calm and rational much of the time can get heated about politics or *insert hot-button issue here*, and many of us tend to be neither of those things to a large degree on a regular basis.

As for why it seems like we're suddenly popping up in debates more, its because we are. On purpose.

Once upon a time not to long ago I remember a lot of the userbase accusing the mod team of being lazy and inactive. Those accusations had merit, and so (at least since i've been a mod, i can't speak for beforehand), we've been doing our best to be more proactive in running the site. Inactive mods were cut from the team, the site rules were updated to their current versions, and after some (prodding) a certain duck got the mod transparency thing up and running.

Tl;dr, we're being more active and enforcing the site rules more strictly since, as far as I can tell, that's what the userbase wanted and hey, I totally agree with doing so. So, where you guys see some kind of bias, its actually just us doing our jobs. Behave, and actually debate topics civilly instead of slinging mud or being hateful, and you won't see those warning points go up.

And I know that the people who started this thread probably won't like what I just wrote, and won't take it to heart because its coming from their least-favorite staff member, but, in keeping with the above, i'm the PR guy. Call this doing my job.

Play nice ;)


#6999321 Ask Zai Anything

Posted by Zaiduck on 12 April 2017 - 11:13 AM

How ya been, bruh?

Pretty ok, homie G

#6999274 Chechnya allegedly opens prison camps for homosexuals

Posted by Zaiduck on 12 April 2017 - 07:32 AM


A phobia is described as an irrational fear. My fear of Islam is not irrational. I know exactly why I hate it. I suggest you not use the word Islamophobic, that word was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to silence dissent. As for Indonesia, I can find countless examples of violent, barbaric practices such as floggings, whippings and other blatant human rights abuses. Let's forget the fact the one Judaic state in the world has a relatively open stance on gays, and allows them to live in peace. Let's forget Europe has a very similar policy. While Judaism and Christianity do not like homosexuality, the majority of practitioners are able to reason like normal people and reach the conclusion that some people who do not share the same belief have the same rights to their own belief. No, this problem is not me being "Islamophobic". The problem isn't even radical Islam. The problem is Islam.

If you'd like me to call out Islam, I shall. Islam is a violent hate filled death cult started by a warmongering paedophile who slaughtered thousands of innocent people because they didn't think the same as him. The word "Muslim" literally means Submit. What is a Muslim saying about themselves? They're okay with submitting to a war loving, child molesting, women hating death cult of a violent hateful moon god and to smash their stupid brainwashed skull off the ground five times a day. Muslim extremists do not attack the West because we are involved in Middle East conflicts. They attack us for the same reason their religion attacked thousands of innocents back in the 7th century. We aren't Muslim. No amount of concessions, apologies or excuses will stop them. Look at it this way, Sweden, a country that has been openly helpful to the supposed "plight" of the Muslims was attacked. Trying to negotiate peace with them is pointless. The Arab does not know how to negotiate peace. It is a clockwork creature, fuelled by generations of religious indoctrination and programmed only to take up arms against "Nonbelievers". I have not yet seen an example that proves me wrong.

Every "ill" that has befell the Muslims is a result of their own intolerance. It's okay for them to cut a blood swath through the Middle East and threaten genocide on the Europeans on multiple occasions, but when the Europeans band together and push back and give the invaders a taste of their own medicine, they squeal like cornered rats. Islam has been openly trying to invade Europe since it's very inception. Why? Because to them, the Arab, we are "nonbelievers". To the Arab machination, the world will only be at peace when everyone submits to their hateful ideology and smacks their skulls off the ground 5 times a day.

Need another example of Muslims being blatant hypocrites? Look no further than Israel. Israel is loathed by Muslims for the mere "crime" of being Jewish. To the Muslims, the Jewish are subhuman. Invading Arab armies have bragged about committing Jewish genocide, on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for the Arabs, after the Holocaust, the Jews had a little more fire in their blood than they were expecting. The Arabs reject the peace offers given by Israel, then attack Israel, then squeal to the United Nations that they're being oppressed. Western leaders, as easy to beguile and as thoughtful as we are, are lead to believe the Jews are the aggressor, and the Arabs are merely underdogs fighting for that feel is "just". If the Arabs laid down their arms tomorrow, there would be peace. If the Jews did the same, they'd be massacred without a second thought. No other nation on the planet has to fight to merely survive. Why? Because the Arab feels the Jew is inferior. The same Jew who has made the phone chip that he is using to detonate his suicide vest. For all their talk of hating the West, the Muslim is unable to commit his acts of hatred without Western technology.

From the way I've worded this post, you may get the idea that I am racist. However, I am no less of a racist than the hateful fascist death cult of Islam.

Yeahh..... no.

This is a bunch of ignorance, intolerance, and predudice, and in my opinion its borderline hate speech against both muslims and arabs.

This shit is not gonna fly anymore. You've been given six warning points, and I'm locking this topic until another mod sees fit to open it again.

EDIT: upon further deliberation with the rest of the team, we've decided that I was too harsh. I'm deducting half of the warning points I gave you.

Still, consider this a warning.

#6997818 Linking PornHub

Posted by Zaiduck on 07 April 2017 - 03:12 PM

I'm genuinely curious why everyone feels the need to link to pornhub in the first place.  You've obviously done extensive research.  What is so hard (pun intended) about not linking to pornhub on YCM?
What difficulty is there in understanding that this is against the rules?  Is something about that not clear?  Or is this just people bitching because "BUT ITS FUNNY" or "BUT EVERYONE ELSE HAS SEEN PORN"?  If you really feel that you have a physiological need to copy and paste pornhub links, do it in your own skype chat or with some of your personal friends outside of YCM.  Don't do it here.
The fact that this is even being debated, baffles me.

Basically this. He's clarified that you should not do it in any capacity. Stop being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian and just don't be morons.

Dad I think we should lock this thread.

#6996831 Ask Zai Anything

Posted by Zaiduck on 04 April 2017 - 06:35 PM


  • Ally Zai.  What is required of superpresences of machines and their A.I.?  What coding must be irreplaceable, if any?

Uhhhhhhhhh.... error 404?

#6996826 Ask Zai Anything

Posted by Zaiduck on 04 April 2017 - 06:29 PM

*lands and disengages thrusters*
Activating "Interesting Questions" Protocol.

  • Ally Zai.  What is most imperative to a functioning machine of any nature?

Making sure you have no "2's" in your 0's and 1's