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Synchro Frame [OOC/PG-16+/Not Started/Accepting]

09 July 2017 - 06:52 PM

Opening Theme: Blazing- GARNiDELiA


Ending Theme- Blue Skies- Hiroshi Okubo, Stephanie Cooke


~Tactical Roleplay Arsenal Productions presents~


~A Zai Mecha Anime Roleplay~



~Original Concept by: Zai~


~Hosted by: Zai, Nai~


~Mechanical Designs by: Zai, Keto, The Players~


~Logo by: Aix~


Terms, Information, and Rules
The Setting


Combat Frames

Application Templates



YCM Roleplay Section Rules

30 June 2017 - 12:23 PM



Welcome to the YCM Roleplay Section! If you're new here, it would probably be good to note that roleplaying here can be a considerably different process and experience than on other sites. We're a very close knit community, but also very kind and welcoming so you can integrate yourself in no time. Whether you're new or not, it would be a good idea to review your knowledge of the Section Rules. Otherwise, you may incur the wrath of the incredibly attractive, omnipotent RP moderator(s).


The general rules of the YCM forums apply to these forums as well unless explicitly stated otherwise. Please familiarize yourself with them. They can be found here: http://forum.yugiohc...er-forum-rules/


You must only post your own work. Plagiarism of any form, including posting other people’s work sans permission; claiming someone else’s work as your own; or posting blatant derivatives is forbidden. If you break this rule, you will be banned without argument. That said, disclaimer incoming: all media posted in this forum is assumed to be copyright of its respective owners. Unless otherwise stated, an individual poster makes no claims as to the possession of anything they’ve posted. Just covering our butts here.


RP content rating system: Every RP that is posted on YCM must follow certain guidelines as to its content, and as a result we use a rating system to identify what can and can not be depicted in an rp. All Roleplay threads (both OOC and IC) must include their rating in the thread title. Any post not adhering to the rating of an RP should be reported and brought to the attention of an RP moderator. The ratings we use on YCM are in ascending order as follows:
R-G (Rated for General Audiences)- Not something you'll usually see on YCM, but for those who want to avoid most depictions of violence and sex, this rating exists. R-G RPs allow for depictions of mild violence and implied sexual content.
R-13 (Rated for ages 13 and up)- Formerly known as PG-13, this is what the vast majority of RPs on YCM fall into. R-13 RPs allow for depictions of some violence and some sexual content, but nothing graphic.
R-16 (Rated for ages 16 and up)- R-13's big brother. Formerly known as PG-16, R-16 RPs allow for depictions of some graphic violence and sexual content.
R-16+ (Rated for ages over 16)- The absolute limit of what is allowed on YCM, including graphic violence and (SFW, mind you) sexual content. Please note that all R-16+ RP concepts must be PMed to and approved by an RP moderator before they are posted, and will be strictly monitored by staff to ensure that they stay within site guidelines.
R-18 (Restricted to those over 18)- Pornography, Ultraviolence, etc. Nothing that would warrant an R-18 rating may be posted in the RP section. This means no overly graphic sex or violence in either written or visual form.




There are several important guidelines to follow in order to ensure quality and smooth operation of your roleplays on YCM.


A roleplay starts with a thread in the OOC Forum. You can make an interest check thread containing a minimum of 100 words describing your roleplay before creating an OOC thread with a description of the plot, rules, and an application template; or you can move straight into a full-blown OOC. Before the IC starts, you must have a plot paragraph describing what the RP is about, the rules and an application form in your OOC opening post. For those of you who are new to hosting, here is the most helpful guide in the universe (in Zai's unbiased opinion) on creating a roleplay: http://forum.yugiohc...onceptualizing/


All OOC threads must include the Advanced Clause in their rules. On YCM, we have what is commonly called the “Advanced Clause,” a set of basic rules designed to promote literate roleplaying. All OOC threads need to use the body of the clause as follows or reference the clause in some way.

a. All IC posts require at least 100 words (not including quotes from previous posts), roughly 4 lines at standard formatting.
b. Posting in script format is forbidden.
c. Copy-pasting or “expying” characters without tailoring them to the new roleplay is forbidden.


A roleplay needs at least two people, including the host, to start. The IC cannot be posted without the host first accepting at least one other person in the roleplay... otherwise it's not an RP, go post in Creative Writing instead. One on one roleplay is perfectly fine.


If you reject an application, you must provide an explanation as to why. If you feel their ability as a writer and roleplayer is insufficient, it's good ettiquite to critique them and offer them suggestions to help improve their writing. If the issue has more to do with their previous conduct in other roleplays, please be polite about it. A moderator may step in asking you to elaborate if they feel your explanation is not enough (or if you're being a dick).


If a roleplayer has been inactive for an extended period of time in a roleplay, the host has the right to control that roleplayer's characters in order to move the RP along. If conflicts arise as a result, please contact a roleplay moderator to settle the issue. It is up to the moderator's discretion whether the host's use of this right was appropriate. It is however, good form to try to contact and discuss with the inactive roleplayer first, before resorting to taking control of their character(s).


These rules are to make sure everyone has fun.


You must follow the rules set by the roleplay host. If you have a problem with any of the rules or the way which a roleplay is run, please contact a roleplay moderator to resolve the issue. Unnecessarily aggravating the issue and parties involved can result in punishment.


Please proofread your work and do not use chatspeak or emoticons in IC posts. Please abide by all properties of proper prose. A degree of mastery of the English language, spelling, and grammar is required. If English is not your forte or your first language, accommodations can be made, however you must be willing to improve.


Avoid godmodding, metagaming, or powerplaying in IC. Performing actions that cannot be defended against or giving oneself inordinate amounts of power (godmodding), using information that couldn’t be known in-character (metagaming), or controlling another player’s actions without their permission (powerplaying) is not allowed. We understand that this can be unintentional, but you must correct your posts if caught doing so. Moderator action may be taken if this is a persistent problem.


Contact a moderator if problems occur. Some disagreements can be resolved by the roleplayers themselves, but before things get heated please contact a moderator as a mediator.



[Discussion] New Section rules

19 June 2017 - 01:11 PM

Been mulling over the old RP rules for awhile now, and I've finally decided on a few changes for the section. Before anything goes into effect though I'd like some feedback from all of the users here, hence this thread.

The new rules draft

Most of Aix's old rules are still in place, as you can see, but I've decided to up the advanced clause length and add a new rating system to RPs to help manage content.

In addition, there are a few other changes i'm considering that don't necessarily pertain to the rules thread. They are as follows

1. I'm thinking about bringing back the planning thread and/or doing away with interest checks. I feel like the old system was a lot cleaner.

2. Expanding and renaming the database section. I wanna call it something like "The Archives" and allow users to store finished/dead rp threads there, as well as have a place for discussion threads and help topics/guides so that we can keep the OOC section clean.

3. Less a change and more something I wanna see happen. I'm considering laying the groundwork for a second attempt at a site-wide RP setting. In order to do so however I would need both interest and help from the majority of the users here.

And there you have it. Questions/comments/concerns/critiques?

Tell Zai anything

24 April 2017 - 07:10 PM

No judgement, no holds barred. If you wanna tell me anything, serious or shitposty, fire away.

Bring it fuckbois.

Digimon: Solid State [IC/PG-16]

02 April 2017 - 08:20 PM

OOC Thread






File 01: The Gathering


"Hey, Dracomon, the compass disappeared."


"Hmm? Let me have a look." The little dragon brushed aside the dense jungle foliage that separated him from his human companion, and rather forcefully swiped the digivice from his hand. Just as Takeru had said, the compass that had been guiding them toward the coordinates specified in Seraphimon's message had vanished from the screen, and was now replaced by a pulsing dot near the top of the D-Cipher's display.


"I think it means we're close."


"I'm positive that that's what it means. Its probably only a few hundred meters that-a-way." He gestured with his free claw to what appeared to be the entrance to a clearing of some sort off in the distance.  "Why don't we go check it out?"


"Shouldn't we go back to camp first and tell everyone else? We could probably check the other digivices to see if they're showing the same thing."


Dracomon extended his chin slightly, producing an expression that mimicked a pout. "We're supposed to be scouting ahead, Takeru."


"But we don't wanna go too far ahead, right?"


"You're not scared, are ya?"


"N-no..." He truthfully wasn't, at least not of what lay ahead of them. Takeru was much more worried about incurring the wrath of Yurika Isshuin (compounded with a lecture from her partner, Lunamon) if he and Dracomon left the rest of their party behind in camp, or worse still, provoking yet another confrontation between his headstrong partner and Eileen Sheridan. The last couple of days had been stormy (both literally and figuratively) and the last thing Takeru wanted was for tensions to run even higher.


"Well then, what are we waiting for?"


"L-look, I just don't think-" Takeru stopped, and the both of them turned around as they heard footsteps coming from behind them. It seemed that the rest of the group had caught up to them.