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Godzilla Response Team

18 October 2017 - 11:36 AM

Godzilla seems to have retreated, but considering what time of year it is, we’re pretty sure he’ll be back. Soon.

We’ve been lucky so far. Godzilla has only appeared in low traffic sections of the site, but that luck is bound to run out, and in the wake of evilfusion’s retirement, the mod team is ill-equipped to combat, incapacitate, or otherwise negotiate with a 100 meter, nuclear powered Kaiju.

So this is our call for assistance. If anyone has any ideas, or the capability to help us deal with Godzilla, we could use all the help we can get. I’ve personally gotten ahold of some old friends on /m/ to see if we can’t get some version of mechagodzilla up and running, but I doubt it will be ready in time.

Zoids: The Post-War [OOC/R-16/Not Started/Accepting]

03 October 2017 - 11:44 AM


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Of Monsters and Myths [IC/R-16]

18 September 2017 - 07:16 PM

~Bainhill: A fortress that was once the last line of defense for an ancient kingdom, now home to a prosperous town in the heart of the Shan Empire. Nestled comfortably in the hills but a week's ride from the capital, it is known as a peaceful, if lively, place. That is, until the hordes came.


No one knows where they come from, or what their motives are. A virtual army of the undead, led by vile goblins, has been raiding the town nightly for the past month. Even an entire battalion of Shan's finest, led by Bainhill's own captain of the guard: Rhaimundos, has been unable to repel them. Now, Bainhill resembles a ghost town. Its residents, or at least those who remain, live in fear.


And yet, there are those who would brave the danger, be it for glory or gold: Millenian's Adventurers. In desperation, Rhaimundos has sent out a call for aid, and, whether drawn to Bainhill by the message or some twist of fate, five individuals have arrived. Little do they realize that this fateful meeting with have consequences that will ripple out across Millenian.


And this is where our tale begins.~





First Adventure: The Bane of the Hills




The Golden Arrow: Bainhill's most prosperous tavern. On evenings like this one, it was often packed with travelers and locals alike, and in spite of recent events, this was no different, save for the lack of the majority of the guard, who were faithfully standing at their posts on the decaying walls of the old fort that encircled nearly the entirety of the town. As a result, the atmosphere was a bit rowdy; the patrons drinking their recent sorrows away with little-to-no authority figures present to reign them in.


The interior of the establishment was rather roomy. Within a large hearth located on the eastern wall, a fire raged, and the tables around it, where the most warmth could be felt, were largely empty on account of the warm summer air both inside and out. Along the north wall of the room was the bar, behind which two lively (and rather lovely) elven maids were busy preparing drinks. The stools, save for a couple vacant ones here and there, were filled by local miners just off of work, though there were a few unknowns as well, perhaps travelers. One of them, a lanky man with brown spiky hair who wore a long black coat, seemed to have, by virtue of his presence alone, emptied the stools on either side of him. In contrast, there was another: a burly orcish gentlemen clad in scaled armor (though most definitely not one of Orva's brutal giants of the same persuasion), around whom several patrons were gathered. He seemed to be regaling them with tales of a faraway land, and his adventures therein.


The west wall, by which the only staircase to the lodging on the floor above was located, was packed with more patrons, though many of them were more focused on their hot meals (or the tavern maids who served them) than they were on one another, which was a situation that was bound to change for the worse as soon as the more intoxicated individuals at the bar made their way over. The only guests of note seemed to be a pair of city guards, as well as an unassuming, three-eyed demon eating by himself in the corner. Most of the guests were undoubtedly aware of his presence, but he seemed to purposefully be avoiding any trouble for the time being.


The main attraction, however, was the Golden Arrow's claim to fame: a nymph, known to the locals as Serene, who would nightly serenade the establishment with her lute and her lovely voice. She sat on a stool in the center of the hall, currently between songs and chatting idly with the owner: an attractive young man with a goatee who was rather anachronistically dressed in a modern suit and tie.


It was, by all accounts, a rather typical night, even if it was almost certain that Bainhill would come under siege once again in a few hours. As a result, few present paid any mind when the door opened up once again, and someone altogether unfamiliar stepped through.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Of Monsters and Myths [OOC/R-16/Started/Accepting]

29 July 2017 - 10:13 PM

IC Thread

Yu-Gi-Oh! Of Monsters and Myths

~A Zai RP~

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[Discussion] The Section Thread

29 July 2017 - 05:28 PM

Kinda like the Section Chat I've been running, only slower and on YCM! (And on-topic, hehe)


So, what is this thread you might be asking? Basically, this thread will be used for discussion about the RP section itself, as opposed to specific roleplays. It will be a place for new people to introduce themselves and ask for help, a place to talk about improvements to the RP section, and a place to talk about RPing in general.


Kind of vague and nebulous, I know, but the powers that be have informed me that it's a good idea, and I always agree with the voices in my head the messages on my skype. So here we are.


I think a good way to start off would be for everyone who's currently active in RP to formally (re)introduce themselves, so that everyone knows everyone and we can try and build a more cohesive RP community since, believe it or not, we've been growing slowly for the past year or so. I'm thinking of keeping a nice, easily readable list of every active user in this post, as well. With like, blurbs and jokes and shit.


If anyone has ideas or suggestions for how to improve this thread (or the section) post 'em below.


The Active RPers & a little bit about them