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Black D'Sceptyr

Black D'Sceptyr

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In Topic: [DP21] Harpie’s Feather Roosting

Today, 09:24 AM

So this card contradicts their mass revival trap card (Hysteric Party) for a single cycling, without even cycling that much ... it sounds really awful.


Offering more immediacy and draw power to Harpies seems the more optimal goal with this-Hysteric Party is more a mid-game card, considering how long it takes to get that many Harpies into your GY since its on-field prescience is still...not the best.


It can be foregone for a turn to up the chances of drawing into those Handtraps of choice. Speed is of the essence in these Decks.

In Topic: Dova's Competitions #8: The Stars of Yu-Gi-Oh! [OPEN]

Today, 09:18 AM

I'm game-so do I DM the cards directly to you on Discord, or...?

In Topic: [DP21] Train Support

15 October 2018 - 02:43 AM

Honestly was looking up tuners though (who wouldn't want 1-card Needlefibers w/o a NS, am I right?).  EARTH Machine Tuner pool is really unimpressive, but I suppose you could use Urgent to get rid of extra Righty Drivers in the Lefty/Righty Driver engine.



...Hmm... It looks like the best high level machine to use would actually be the above-revealed level 10.  Others don't really float.  You could use the Level 10 to grab Righty Driver back after Linking and then have it primed to be NS'd so you could SS Lefty. There's Machina Fortress, too, but that feels really outdated.


I think it means, they both have to be EARTH, but not necessarily Tuners-so you're possibly good. 


Wanna know what really might end up getting crazy with Urgent Schedule tho? 




Hello Wyvern/Reactor Dragon/ACG-Ultimate Pound combos, especially when the former can either search up Ancient Gear Fusion to double the pain with Fusing from the Deck, or go into Box, which can go into Gadget/Gearframe. Which is food for Ultimate/Chaos Ancient Gear G-okay I think I just blanked out for a moment there.  crap, and I just realized it negates the effects. Understandable, but the ablity to set the table for Ancient Gear Fusion cannot be denied anyhow.


But yeah. Ancient Gears, Machinas, those Super Defense Robos I cant believe I only remember now....


I swear, I'll get to talking on the other three cards by tomorrow or so, because super-late how and I especially wanna talk of how useful they are to A.G.s as well, but goodness Urgent Schedule is gonna get hit that effect gives almost too much to so many Decks. 9.5/10, and someone go do a welfare check on Rata.

In Topic: [SAST] World Legacy – “World Ark”

11 October 2018 - 11:15 PM



so yeah, milling a monster is something I can see why they limited, considering two members of the Archetype self Summon whenever a vanilla Dragon hits the GY. In addition, Summoning card-destroyed Links to new zones is insane considering the Guardragon Links get off on marker placement and allowing them to move if your opponent tries to go Ghost (lol danny phantom references how quaint) can cut out so many steps to their high-reward strategy. Plus, this works in a pure World Legacy build as well-the Shield and Chalice love being in the GY, and Scepter loves hitting the GY to bring out more Legacies from the hand.


Prolly makes sense they're all anti-Extra Monsters too, considering the last twist we got of what becomes of Galatea, but that'll be for paragraphs later.


Sweet tho; I got two out of three facets about this card right when I last talked of how it'd turn out considering the other World Legacies (Level 7, reversed stats of Scepter), and I suppose being the body of the megazord we're building toward is a nice substitute for it being the sword I thought it'd be. Besides, Orcustrated Knightmare is already hinting that we're bringing back the Link Archetype Who Must Not Be Named as the antagonists again and the World Legacy Megazord'll be made to fight it. 




7.4.10 for the Ark, I think.

In Topic: [SAST] Kokounkemono

11 October 2018 - 10:25 PM

Do I smell a Metaphys/Shiranui tie-in I think I do


Does at least protect from a Ghost Ogre play, which is kinda what I expect for a monster dependant on eating your Normal Summon these days, they're bottlenecks for all the wrong reasons.


This may serve as Gold Sarcophagus #4, #5 and #6 for uni-Type banishloving Decks, and the aforementioned two that come to mind can possibly afford such a usage of it. Possibly. Testing is needed with this, but I'm okay with giving this a 7.6 for now, with a +/- 0.4 window for further consideration after seeing how this works.