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Black D'Sceptyr

Black D'Sceptyr

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In Topic: Evigishki Entropy (With Noella's Last Breath I Curse Thee)

12 December 2018 - 07:25 PM

I like it, but IMO it can be improved. Dropping certain Gishkis like Mind Augus and Gustkraken during the opponent's turn can be a sweet disruptive play, since they have on-Summon effects. Bonus points if you are activating "Forbidden Arts of the Gishki". I also appreciate that it makes you activate the Ritual Spell normally, so there should be little conflicts with timings and rulings involved in Ritual Summoning during the opponent's turn as an pseudo-Quick Effect. Finally, I appreciate as well that the GY effect doesn't have any 1-turn stun of any sort and thus can be used right away after getting it in the GY by discarding it, milling it, etc.


As for improvements, for starters IMO I see no reason for it to not grab Gishkis with Levels lower than 4. That way it would be able to grab Gishki Vision. Another improvement is giving it a name that makes it searchable, since AFAIK non-Ritual Gishki Spell/Traps don't have anything that searches them.


May include the Giskhi Spell/Trap stuff in another card, but this is already an ambitious first step, yes?

In Topic: Spooked Out (Tuner Trading in True Tongue-Twisting Tempo)

08 December 2018 - 11:00 PM

Note that Snow Rabbit is Psychic so it won't mesh well with this card and her fellow Ghost Girls. I think you may be onto something with "same Level but different Attribute" condition instead. Then again, Snow Rabbit being Psychic allows it to grab PSY-Frame Tuners, and vice-versa.


Anyway, IMO the conditions on the second effect are way too specific that they make their intention obvious, and personally I don't like this. I would prefer if it had a higher degree of flexibility instead. Take Called by the Grave for example: it's clear that it's effective vs. hand traps, but it was not specifically designed to disrupt those, as it also it works on pretty much any monster with in-GY effects.

Could you elaborate on the decision of adding a "no Trap in GY" condition? I can see it's to keep it slow once you use a copy of the Trap, but is this restriction truly warranted?


That "no Traps in GY" thing is my way of both A) trying to put in new conditions for from-the-hand-Traps that doesn't end in "empty Field" or "half your LP". Felt it could be expanded on, like I did with Perennial Pilgrimage. 


And yes, you may be right on this being too specific to work as anything but a Ghost Girl enabler. I'll endeavor to refix it.

In Topic: Tee Too Talli, the Emperor's Explorer (Remember the Titans of the Tyrant)

07 December 2018 - 02:01 PM

I'm a bit lost on the concept. It requires 2000+ ATK monsters, its bullet effects have a threshold on 3000 ATK, and one of said effects supports Level/Rak7s, and despite looking like a giantess, it ironically has a shrinking effect. It looks all over the place, or what is the flavor that I'm missing?

By the way, tributing a monster with 3000 ATK will apply both effects. Is that intended?


Anyway, the art is lovely and the effects are mostly fine. More often then not it will be able to take down by battle a monster it points to, and the bullet effects are situational but at least put some pressure on the opponent.

I'm wary of its ability to Special Summon from the ED like that, as it can shortcut into scary stuff like Vortex Dragon, The Last Warrior from Another Planet, Black Rose Moonlight Dragon, the Clear Wings, Dawn Dragster and whatever is released in the future that could be overly potent but normally relatively difficult to access.


Sorry for the time-skip; research issues and all that, being a grad student.


ennywez; yeah, both effects trigger simultaneously if you Tribute an exactly 3000 ATK monster for this. Hence "apply these effects". I do appreciate you pointing that out, I was strapped for text space and forgot to add the (simultaneously) there. 


Now to what this Summons. 


Usually, that would be an issue, but consider the steps it'll take to get that monster-you have to sack two 2000+ ATK or higher monsters to make Tee Too Talli, then place another 3000+ ATK monster in a zone it points to and Tribute that as well. Not many Decks can get that much power on board that fast, so if you get the Last Warrior from this, you'll likely have deserved it. (not to mention you'll lose the Tee Too Talli in response, since LWFAP wrecks every other monster you control on Summon. 


Plus, Vortex, outside of a Pendulum Deck, will only serve to bounce an opponent's monster, something Tee Too Talli already does for far less fuss, and little else. Same with Black Rose Moonlight. And Dawn Dragster's already staple because of Destrudo. That being said, I do understand your concerns about the potential stuff this can bring out; I only insist this card's stringent Summoning conditions and high floor of ATK demand from you to get to them will drop the power on your board something fierce.


And finally, I turn to Major Shadow's wonderous review; those words definitely give me ideas on how to improve, but again, you touched on part of the reason why it keeps to balance-two 2000+ ATK monsters to make this and another powerful one to make that new Level 7 is not easy to do consistently. Unless you're Danger!


Plus, it may end up backfiring too if that Summoned monster is linked to this card (which it likely will in the early going); if its not Rock it's losing 1000 ATK, which really cuts into your board presence for an equivalent exchange.


Again, you can make this this early, you likely already had a pipeline to beatsticks as is, and this way tends to end in a weak Level 7 so that effect better be worth the investment.

Again, you can fit the conditions to make this card in the early goings, you  

In Topic: Sceptyr's Support (Mist Valley Mayhem) (7/?)

07 December 2018 - 02:54 AM

UPDATED: with the new Great Marshlands, the Mist Valley Sky Fall Knight, and the Great Treasure of Mist Valley Counter Trap.

In Topic: Perennial Pilgrimage (Happy Thanksgiving to All....)

06 December 2018 - 12:10 AM

I ain't scared of no bumping


no bumping


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