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Black D'Sceptyr

Black D'Sceptyr

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Statuesque (Vanilla Spamming More Times than Dairy Queen)

Yesterday, 11:57 PM



Statuesque: Info


So here, have you a vanilla for revealing a Ritual or Fusion, so long as you're okay with it STAYING a statue. Easy combo ramping without TOO too much fuss, and it allows for differing effects based on the Phase its activated in-a common feature of my more unique cards if you've noticed.


Zerpens on DeviArt is responsible for the art, give him a jingle he'll love it. 


Till the next card, reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.


Madolche Wyvernougat (Made With Sweet Tooths in Mind)

12 December 2018 - 11:59 PM

Did I put this in the same spot I made a video-famous Madolche Rank 3 almost three years earlier? Well yes I did and now you see just what lengths I'll go to to NOT have to address my lack of work on the Christmas set.




Madolche Wyvernougat: Info


But seriously, this picture by DeviArt's krysfun was begging for a sweet societal tie-in, and I obliged in kind because I'm nice like that. Pretty sure the ways to abuse that first effect will come all too well to anyone who's breathed air about the Seal of Orichalchos. So naturally, I demanded the material requirement be stringent enough...to include Psychic Wheelder. Have fun folks. 


Does set stuff so it can't be immediately run, and it demands a discard to start the procedures off (aka cherries on top of the Hootcake), 


Till the next card, reviews, revelry, you know the drill. 


BD'S, signing off.



Evigishki Entropy (With Noella's Last Breath I Curse Thee)

07 December 2018 - 11:46 PM



Evigishki Entropy: Info


Kay, know about that whole backstory I gave for the new Gusto stuff I dossied up way back when? About how Gusto Squirro became a mount for a new Gusto monster called Gail, and they had wondrous misadventures, and it was all sunshine and seabreeze, and then they tried to stop Noella from going 28 Days Later on the Mist Valley and then she killed them both and threw them off the cliffs and did her dastardly deed anyways? 


Well then, THIS. 


This is the pivotal moment where the Gusto tribe was pushed into near-extinction by a corrupted Gishki mage, and this is the miasma that produced that tragic shift in the Duel Terminal. 


So yeah, have fun with that coming into Christmas also good gawd is the Duel Terminal storyline getting into Berserk-levels of dark-for-no-good-reason these days.


Till the next card folks, reviews, revelry, you know the drill. 


BD'S, signing off.

Armored Lightning Conger (Looks Like The Thunder Rituals Are Blasting Off Again!)

07 December 2018 - 12:50 AM

Lightning Conger Ritual is in this post, if you're curious as to what brings this out and why I've decided to get wild with the alternative naming these days.




Armored Lightning Conger: Info


So right now, the power of the Lightning Conger lineup grows another foot. Destroys, mills, puts down a Special Summoning penalty, and floats. Good luck getting over stuff with this. But combine it with the Twin-Headed Lightning Conger's in-hand ability and well, Thunder Dragon Goliath's your uncle if your opponent gets fresh with this card.


Considering the Type it supports, however, I still think it may balance out. 


Till the next card, reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.

Spooked Out (Tuner Trading in True Tongue-Twisting Tempo)

05 December 2018 - 11:59 PM











Spooked Out: Info


(actually that is not all since I've gotta provide some more context to this card to help salve that verbal whooping I'm about to get for making A GHOST GIRL SEARCHER) 


So I actually took a look at Subterror Succession, a card that traded in Flip Monsters for monsters of similiar stats and vice versa, as well as stuff like Personal Spoofing, and got to thinking of the many Tuners in this game that take advantage of being in the GY for fleeting purposes. This was the original thing that this card did-mill similarly - Leveled Tuners into the GY, with the restriction of it having to be from the hand for this card to be removed. 


Then I thought deeper on how much variety such cards entailed and the amount of stuff that prioritized Summoning stuff from the hand. Yes, this can be easily abused by those, but the usage of this for that purpose is limited, especially among handtraps. Even the Ghost Girls are hard OPTs, and it's mainly two specific ones that have trouble. I originally had this demand the Levels match instead of the Type; this change to same Types, and different Attributes reward a specific branch of variety that can help several Synchro Decks rise a bit. Being able to mill off a Spore in reaction to a departing Glow-Up Bulb, for example, is an amazing way to extend Plant Synchro strategies, and the various Psychic Tuners that can benefit from this boggle the mind as well.


That is what this card is meant to promote-and for those aforementioned Ghost Girls, you'll need to have a different-Attributed Zombie Tuner hit the GY for this to get you that Ash, one that Zombie Decks especially have no big issue getting with, say, Goblin Zombie. So better get those Ghost Belles/Reapers out if you want to profit, friends and friendettes


There we go, think that's enough backstory. I'll still want your inquiry on whether its busted, however. 


Till the next card; reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.


UPDATE I: Thanks to Darj's counsel, this card now operates on same Level/different Attribute physics, and allows you to Summon the Tuner from the Deck instead, but knocks out the Battle Phase on the turn you do so. Sure that won't be abused right Needlefiber?