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The Puppet Magic of Immortal Ruler (AKA Cheapest Counter This Side of An Ikea One)

19 April 2019 - 08:16 PM



The Puppet Magic of Immortal Ruler: Info


2spoopy4me2018 amirite guyz


Besides that wonderfully dapper guest beneath the strings, however, this card's basically an in-theme Solemn Warning for the Zombies that also allow for them to reload their Graveyard BECAUSE WHAT COULD GO WRONG WITH THAT.




Plus it has the other Zombie Structure Deck Spell/Trap's "Shuffle to re-Set" GY effect, but here it's worth it because it's basically Zombie Saladboi Roar. 


Apparently that makes re-Setting stuff from the GY useful, but literally possessing monsters doesn't. (Yes I know the real reason is because it's on a super HOPT with the re-Set as a Normal Spell, let me have this one.)


Actually, I did make this as a mirror of "The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler" Whereas one banishes monsters on the field to replace them with an accumulatively Leveled Fiend from the GY, this one removes resources from the banished zone to replace them with a negated monster. Fun times eh?


Until the next card: reviews, revelry, you know the drill. 


BD'S, signing off.


Necromancing Pikeru & Curran (They're Creepy & They're Rotten/Mysterious & Plottin'...)

17 April 2019 - 10:33 PM

...The afterlife? They've bought In-


-Pikeru & Curran!


These twins, now reborn royal/have new schemes they'll uncoil/to make your stomach ro-ill-


Pikeru & Curran!




Necromancing Pikeru & Curran: Info
In case you can't tell...
So why this new beast, after the original snubbing of the Zombies last week? Well, first its awesome and so is Kraus-Illustrations and you should get on liking his stuff.
The second reason, however, is to help the Zombies build up on using the opponent's field against them more often when Zombie World is up, so this mutha is a welcome addition for when the World is up. It also, once a turn, either gives you a Token or tributes a non-Effect Zombie-oh wait, it doesn't care which end of the field that comes from, might be an issue for OTHER TOKEN DECKS FACING OFF THEN-to +2. 
And in this instance, being able to bring itself out on the field on a non-once-per-turn-trigger may warrant it getting limited, but not necessarily banned. No GIF for that one, only one per post folks. 
Plus, its really weak for that bringing pain and can't be Normal Summoned/Set, so everything evens out. 
Until the next card then, folks; reviews, revelry, you know the drill.
BD'S, signing off.

Gearfried the Iron Ghoul (Alternate Name: Iron for the Sweet Release Restraint of Death)

12 April 2019 - 10:59 PM

Don't worry, that above title was mainly for that humor and puntastrophes, I don't actually yearn for death. Unless its of that third trimester of an Archetype known as Satellarknights.




Gearfried the Iron Ghoul: Info


So this character is in the Zombie-Counterparts for one reason: 




But also because it's promoting one monster through its name switching effect, and that is ol' Plaguey  boi. Yes, Plaguespreader Zombie is a linchpin to a non-insignificant number of Zombie Synchros, and bringing them back online in a way BESIDES Shiranui Spectralsword is paramount towards making sure the Zombies have full capacity in their station. Especially Doomkaiser.


So this allows you to recycle your banished Zombies-and trust me, you'll have them if you're in any way wanting for a Turn 1 board, and appropriates Tuner names in the interim by destroying them. Simliar to Gearfried the Red-Eyes Iron Knight, yet not.


Should be a cinch to see how it keeps the train of Zombies going, especially with Glow-Up Bloom and Shinobi Necro now joining the party of good recurrable bani-Zombies.


Until the next card: Reviews, revelry, you know the drill. 


BD'S, signing off.

Mutagenic Insect Queen (Your Necromancers Were So Concerned With Whether or Not They COULD...)

10 April 2019 - 10:59 PM

...they never stopped to think that a high-Level Zombie already cornered the market when it DID.




Mutagenic Insect Queen: Info


T-Rex chewed-up as this metaphor of an opener was, this card is good on several fronts.


First, it works in response to a Special Summon-though not a self-summon, so as to keep it from chaining in response to itself-the field is still open-Gozuki, the Shiranuis, Mezuki, you name it.


That would normally be enough for a monster to already break the mold for the Zombie playstyle, but, newsflash:




Because not only does this do what Balerdroch does, it propagates the field instead of taking away from it with zombie Insect Tokens. Level 1, so you can get your Linkuriboh on too.


That all totals out to a gangbusters Level 7 Zombie. From opening up new plays for Zombies in the Extra Deck, and furthering the miniature but concentrated focus on stun it's now got at its disposal between the TCG-exclusive Balerdroch and MY new Tytannial...yeah, nothing but net for this web-spinning wraith.


Until the next card, reviews, revelry,  you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.

Tytannial, Tyrant of Thorns (These Roses are Watered With the Ichor of Its Enemies)

08 April 2019 - 10:59 PM



Tytannial, Tyrant of Thorns: Info
Should be obvious what this is a Zombie Counterpart of.
Should also be obvious why a Level 8 Synchro is a very conducive accessibility with Zombies and their Level-fixing Tuners. 
Should really be obvious why banishing resources from either GY to disrupt is its own special level of broken.
But in this case, I do so love letting a monster speak for itself. Not this one though. It's got pollen that comes out erry time it speaks, rots wildlife with the quickness. 
Like it'll do with your opponent's stuff the second your Zombie World kicks in. Also, this'll do numbers when one is led to realize just what Zombie Tuner is most prolifically featured among the Extra Deckers.
Now that I've done drowning you all in hyperlinks on National Raw After 'Mania day, it's time for me to fill in this Zombie support with more of the same-tis' a spoiler for what you can expect from the Workshop on this ol' week. 
Until the next card then; reviews, revelry, you know the drill.
BD'S, signing off.