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In Topic: [DP22] Evil HERO Sinister Necrom

25 May 2019 - 09:55 AM

Drop Gold for Evil Fusion, Fuse this with another Evil HERO in hand, summon Malicious Bane, banish this, summon Malicious Edge from your deck meaning you get 2 big monsters in one turn thanks to this.Also I find it interesting how the new Main Deck Evil HERO's are based on Elemental HERO's that nobody really uses.

Guess that means Wildheart’s gonna fall to the Dark Side soon, huh?

... ... ... ...

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In Topic: [DP22] Reaper Oracle of Supay

23 May 2019 - 10:17 AM

The support is cool but will all be pointless if they dont remake the Sun and Moon Dragons


Inb4 Konami ends up doing this to them:


In Topic: [CHIM] Dragon Ogre of Tenyi

20 May 2019 - 10:24 AM

Hello~ Daddy new Generic Lv 8 Synchro~♫ 


Both effects are quite excellent; even if the first effect doesn't negate the banished monster's effect, it's still good for getting a major problem off the field, as does the second effect even if it needs to destroy a monster by battle AND send it to the Graveyard--BLS wishes he could be as good, LOL

In Topic: [CHIM] Seifaat, the Starliege Dragon

15 May 2019 - 10:42 AM

Yep, (Twi)Lightsworn Decks are definitely gonna milk this for all it's worth: first effect alone lets you swap a Judgment Dragon for a Punishment Dragon, and vice-versa, depending on whichever you need most at the time, and second effect lets you reclaim a milled JD/PD.


I like it, but at the same time it makes me a bit queasy thinking about it. Further prove that Kaiba's the one designing this game


EDIT: Ew, now I just realized Blue-Eyes also gets a new toy when you consider Chaos MAX.  Now I'm REALLY sick to my stomach.

In Topic: [DP22] The Other 4 Themes Revealed (Evil HERO, Earthbound, Gimmick Puppet, and Predaplant)

14 May 2019 - 07:07 AM

**Looks at the Gimmick Puppet Xyz**
**Long drawn out inhale**
I do not, at all, fucking understand Konami's mindset when designing Gimmick Puppet cards, beyond the fact that they clearly have no fucking idea what to do with Gimmick Puppets. What's the fucking point of this card? You're not getting anything valuable out of this card at all. I'd rather go Gear Gigant X to at least get some advantage back, since Gigantes Doll doesn't do anything to resolve the most burning, glaring issue Gimmick Puppets possess: Card advantage. They bleed fucking cards doing ANYTHING! This card does fuck and all in regards to fixing that issue, and is totally reliant on the opponent to even go off. And even then, naturally, Konami had to, in it's constantly retarded fashion, slap on more restrictions onto its effect than a teenager gets. It's fucking ridiculous and this shit HAS! TO! STOP! It's 20-fucking-19 Konami, and making a moderately good, non-Trump level xenophobic GP card won't fucking make GPs tier 0. This shit has to fucking stop!
EDIT: It's even worse how this thing is depicted as a golem made of other GPs, and yet somehow it's fucking worse than most of the monsters that compose it. And seriously! They made the fucking new Evil HERO better than it. AN EVIL HERO!

Basically, the only thing that can curb Broke N.’s wrath at this point would be if any further GP support released in this set lets them get the card advantage they so desperately need, especially to make up for the xenophobic restrictions that this and the last GP monster were given.



EDIT: Also, it's nice to see that Garlandolf has gone and made a Heel-not-quite-Face Turn and become a HERO.  And by "nice", I mean "Garlandolf did NOT spend 10 years as the "King" of Destruction only to be upstaged by A FRAKKIN' EVIL HERO!!"  Sure, the need to be SS'ed by "Dark Fusion" is an issue, but that's really the only thing holding Malicious Bane back, but just about everything else about him is an improvement over Garlandolf:

  • higher original ATK,
  • protection from Battle AND Effect destruction, 
  • a destruction effect that isn't On Summon and can be used every Main Phase and that also focuses ONLY on your opponent's monsters, AND
  • gains more ATK for each monster destroyed than Garlandolf does (Bane's 200 vs Garlandolf's 100) which, combined with the previous two bullets, almost ensures that it'll keep destroying stronger and stronger monsters each turn with its effect while restricting you to attacking ONLY with "HERO" monsters, which includes itself.


How y'all gon do mah boi like that, Konami? HUH?!  YareallygonnadoGarlylikethatKonami?!


... okay, rant done for now.