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About Me

I'm known on the site for mostly my silly, random, crazy and annoying personality, but I am also known for my OCG Thread, which I highly suggest you check out, as I worked hard on it. So thanks. Below is a FAQ for everything you should/should not know about me! Also, Fluttershy is best pony, just throwing it out there.


Q: Any threads you have made worth checking out?
A: Yes, I have an OCG Thread, just click here. I have my own YGO format, check it out if you got the time. Click here to learn more. Click here to view my latest Archetype. Click hereto my TCG "Protector of the Players".


Q: Where do you get your card images?
A: Typically I go for Deviantart, sometimes though I go to HPdoom or Jazinkay's Photobucket Albums, as they have many great pics, that work well for cards.


Q: Where are you from?
A: Denmark. English is not my first language, but I find myself pretty good at it, but sometimes I might misread or misunderstand something you say.


Q: How old are you?
A: 17, January 8th 1996. My name is Patrick, nice to meat you!


Q: What's with your name Zaziuma? (former username)
A: Many think it comes from Runescape, where there's a character names Zezima. I have never played Runescape, nor do I wish to, but it isn't from there. It simlpy popped into my head when I had to make a new username that didn't fill in the requirements it wanted.


Q: Do you have any nicknames?
A: Zazu or Zazi.


Q: Your cards look good, how did you make them?
A: I typically used to make them with the YuGiCo.com card editor, however I realized that it was not as accurate as I wanted it to be, so I searched a new one, and found Magic Set Editor. That has a handy little YGO editor build into it as well, but soon I realized that it was bad, so I started using Judas' template (which you can find on this very forum).


Q: Anywhere I can find you?
A: I have a Steam, an Origin, a Skype, a PSN account, a Youtube account, among others. If you need to find me online, my name is most likely Zaziuma.


Q: You got a Youtube Channel?
A: Yup, but I hardly use it anymore. I do from time to time upload YGO matches from Devpro and Dueling Network there though, so that's always fun.


Q: Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh?
A: I do, but I live in an area where there really isn't any game stores, so I can't play IRL. I do play on DN, Devpro and DMG. Below is my decks I have made. I might have made some other versions as well, but I know about those Decks.


Arcana Force
Banish Rabbit

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Bujin/Bujinsworn/Bujin Ojama OTK
D.D. Macro
Dark World
Dragon Ruler
Fortune Lady (Fortune HERO)
Gimmick Puppet
Harpie (Harpie OTK)

Infernity Synchro/Infernity Xyz
Mesmerizing Maneater
Monarch Macro
Phantom Beast (Mecha)
Shark Burn
Swarm Mix
Watt (Watt Lock)


You can find me on Duel Network, Devpro, Duel Portal and Duel Monsters Genesis, my username is Zaziuma on those.

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Click the shield to check out my Trading Card Game "Protector of the Players"

Also check out my OCG Thread by clicking here.

My most recent custom YGO Archetype can be found by clicking here.

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