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In Topic: [THR] da god ov thunda

Today, 04:29 PM

So this is interesting, I defo see a change of style that you're attempting, currently, the lighting looks nowhere near strong enough to make it actually work 




It just sorta stops, like there isn't and doesn't light anything up.


The out of focus/pixelation effect hasn't been done too great here-as such it leaves me with the thought that this could be great but I'm just kinda shrugging at it.


It's very busy with next to no logical progression, I think it would look better in focus or more pixelated, right now it's sat in limbo.


Okay, how's this look?




I applied stronger lighting from the hammer and increased the blur radius on the c4d around him. From that, I think it looks much better, but let me know what you think.

In Topic: Official SOTW Discussion Thread

Today, 01:13 PM

Dude sick, already we have two more entrants.

In Topic: [THR] i have a dream

Yesterday, 07:01 PM

Yo this tag was hype. I got super excited seeing this. The textures really do it for me in this tag. The lighting is also on point. I think it might have the potential to be even better looking if you had some color, but the b&w goes kind of well with the historical theme. Good work here.


Thanks, man. Yeah, some color would've been nice, though the render I found was in black and white, and considering that's how his speech was filmed, how could I not, right?

In Topic: Risen

Yesterday, 11:55 AM

That lighting is phenomenal, though I feel like the source shouldn't project that level of highlighting that you have. Shading is on point, though. Not sure if that top of darkness is needed, though.

In Topic: Rewas is a coward and a terrible friend

Yesterday, 10:30 AM

Even thots don't want his lil with Lithuanian prick


That doesn't stop his thot thoughts