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About Me

Hola people of YCM, I am Renji. I love anime(mainly FMA and Bleach), I love MLP: FiM and I also love WWE. Video games are one of my fav things as well. So, if you're lookin' for a friend, I'm always accepting. :3


~Hall of Awesome people I know~


[font=trebuchet ms&]Issun & [/font][font=trebuchet ms&]DL(Fluttershy)[/font][font=trebuchet ms&]- [/font][font=trebuchet ms&]Issun's intelligent, hilarious, magnificent and awesome. Fluttershy is amazing, kind, random and funny. They both helped me break out of my shell, and I will be forever grateful to them for this. I couldn't ask for better friends~ <3[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]LC -[/font][font=trebuchet ms&] Epic broski, really nice, and does amazing GFX work. He's a great friend. Plus, he just flat-out rules.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Raine - Stupendously magnificent member who's loves to act incredibly random and funny.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Light Yagami(Captain) - [/font][font=trebuchet ms&]He is my captain, and a fellow pony. He's smart, nice, and I will always be loyal and kind to him.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Dementuo(Dem) - From what I've seen of him, Dem is funny, witty, and generally awesome. Also, Dragonite.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Daemon - [/font][font=trebuchet ms&]Amazing GFXer, and an old time friend who I'll always consider awesome.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Kyng - An epic member I met a while back who I am proud to be friends with. I've also been told he's a great RPer.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Sleepy - One of the nicest people I've met on this great site. She's smart and a wonderful person to hang with. [/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Nephilim(Neph) - [/font][font=trebuchet ms&]Really nice member who loves to be funny. He's an all around awesome guy.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Tomiix(Tommy) - Totally awesome guy who can be really funny. He's also an epic brony.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Smear[/font] - [font=trebuchet ms&]Supah sexy sauce member who I tend to have random chats with.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Jaz- Dis boy rite here is hot. He's a fabulous and sexylicious turtle.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Miror(Twi)- An epic dude. He's funny, blunt, and just nice to hang with. Also, a nice ass guy too.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Dragon Sage Ω(CVD)[/font] - [font=trebuchet ms&]A sexylicious dragon who I've had the pleasure of rock climbing with on many occasions.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Noel - Incredibly nice member who knows how to cheer people up. He can also be hilarious in a unique and lovely way.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Aggro - Pretty awesome guy who I thought I could add. Clever and cool. [/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Nightmare Moon -[/font][font=trebuchet ms&] Really nice, I've known her for ages. She's cool, and a wonderful card maker.[/font]


[font=trebuchet ms&]Ke-Nan - [/font][font=trebuchet ms&]A totally awesome dude. He's a pretty great RPer, and he's quite the nice guy.[/font]

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