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In Topic: [DP20] Black Bird Close

Today, 08:51 AM

Sword is a turn delay thatyou ideally dump with Shooting Riser. It gives you a level 8 synchro or a Needlefiber all by itself, or it gives you a level 6 and a pop. The two are similar in appearance alone, while acting completely different in actual play, seeing as a useless single sohaya is all Vayu gets you.


Even then, Sword is a 1-of tech choice, and more and more I think it’s not really worth it, so...


Not to mention that, should push come to shove, zombies have a lot of ways to put Sword in grave or get it from deck. Blackwings have precisely Needlefiber to fill that function, meaning it will likely consume your NS for a bad cardthat only does Sohaya.


This isn’t me being overly dismissive. This is hyping up a card that wastes an ED slot for a level 5 synchro that offers nothing on its own, especially since you won’t be summoning or running more than 1 Sohaya, so it isn’t worth it. And Vayu isn’t even the topic.

In Topic: [DP20] Black Bird Close

23 May 2018 - 11:12 PM

I messed up my wording a bit, but I was saying it’s important for a protective card like this to be live going first. And obviously it doesn’t do anything going second, either.


While you have proven me wrong with the combo... it doesn’t change my points about it????


Vayu supplies you a single extra material for links or Synchros and is bad outside of that single combo you posted. Which eats up ED slots (3+), requires a bad normal summon, and doesn’t advance your gamestate in most situations.


links existing is not a reason to run a card that tou you have no way to put into the grave without an NS. Simoom alleviates that, but if you’re using Vayu on a Simoom turn, you’re probably not getting enough value to win... unless you also drew it and banished it with a Simoom for Auster to bring back.


and if Vayu’s only use is that combo, then referencing it in regards to the card in OP is a terrible point, anyway. And that board isn’t even super impressive for the amount of plays that lead into it.


Not to mention that cards of this ilk are very rarely run at higher copies than one, because of the nature of quick grave value cards and how bad they are to draw. The fact this combo uses it as part of an NS changes nothing, because it works just as well if Steam was the NS, and... Why is linkuriboh even involved? He’s absolutely superfluous.


vayu isn’t a good card, and your points in regards to why it is stand in opposition to your point about this card.

In Topic: [DP20] Black Bird Close

23 May 2018 - 09:56 PM

You can use this on either player's turn mid-play. It's also possible to use the Black-Winged Dragon as material for Full Armored. 


That's why you can use it as fodder for this mid-play. 



These are examples of various Blackwings that offer benefits from being in or sent to the Graveyard, a tradition they'll likely uphold because this isn't the final support card or even wave of support that Blackwings will get.


That said, a little bird told me that Vayu+Hornet Drones leads to Crystal Wing+Dawn Dragster+Linkuriboh+Summon Sorceress. 


There's a good deal of inexpensive Blackwing support geared towards very casual players and that's fine. It's a deck with a legacy and a fanbase that doesn't always have to be what it was when RGBT dropped. If every deck were as good and as expensive as the coming Gouki Sentouki builds, the game wouldn't do as well because casual players make up the bulk of sales. 

You can't use it going first, which is when being a hand trap is most important. Being able to be used from hand if you're already established isn't special. And no, the dragon cannot realistically be used, because the only method to do so would be Squall + steam's token, which is not realistic at all.


This is not a "mid-play", it's a bad reactionary card that comes online when you're already somewhat established.


Being able to send things to grave =/= worth it, especially when Icarus Attack exists... and, y'know, Links exist. Terrible point.


And even if Vayu + drones does that... it doesn't change that said method involves a card that is otherwise terrible to get there, so doesn't really validate Vayu??? Don't believe it does that, though.


My point was that this card is worse than a bad deck is willing to run. It's a deck you play for fun, but this just bogs it down. Doesn't have to be top tier to not run bad cards.

In Topic: [DP20] Black Bird Close

23 May 2018 - 06:56 PM

Why are you leaving blackwings on the field instead of going into links and Full Armored :thinking:


Like, the deck is stupidly good at fielding monsters, sure... But leaving a rogue BW on board is pretty fucking bad. Even then, isn't this, like... worse than Icarus Attack? You trade in additional potent removal and potential flexibility in what it tributes for the ability to get a bad beater from the ED. Whoohoo?


Nevermind that the monsters you field don't generate advantage, outside of Simoom. The links you go into are good for that.


also legit, Zephyros is fucking naff in the deck, Vayu doesn't exist, and Steam isn't sticking on the board.


It's a bad meme deck, but it's not the type of deck that wants this, much less to devote ED room to a bad card, albeit with Auster synergy. No clue why it can't access the better Black-Winged Dragon.

In Topic: A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

22 May 2018 - 05:21 PM

"I would be more than happy to give you more pudding, but first, my student, you must pass a test! I have given my new student an orb, one that emits energy! You must find them, to which they will return the orb, and you must return it to me! After that, you can have more pudding. But only if you finish before lunch is over!"
Before the lunchman had finished the first sentence, Devin had shifted into a less assuming form and slipped into the crowd. As she moved throw the lunch room, she made small shifts, sure to never make too big a change at a time. As she began to grow winded, she began to focus on more specific forms. Her body began to grow slightly more masculine, her hair growing whiter as she did.
I could shift into that Patton asshole, he's not here... But the very thought makes my skin crawl. I could go ask Rain to hide this orb... but that would ruin the fun. And he would want something icky... And Vix'Us stands out too much.
Shaking her head and dismissing the thoughts, she kept one eye on the brute she was supposed to be avoiding, growing a bit desperate as she began to reach her limit. Then, her eyes settled on someone who had been close to the action, but managed to not stand out... Twisting her lips into one last smile, the girl began her final shifts, taking on the new form as she sat down at a table that was mostly empty, a bored expression on her face as she pretended to accidentally push one person at the table to the side.
"Sorry. My name is Arleigh. I am guns."