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In Topic: [LVP1] Madolche, NK, RB, Zefra-Draco, Aleister/Invoked

Yesterday, 11:04 PM

No, my pt was making a link for a deck they went out of their way to massacre is stupid

Context darling. It was about a zoodiac link

now that's just plain unrelated


I'm still willing to bet we'll be seeing a Zoodiac link before too long. What happened here in no way proves that it's not going to happen/that the idea is stupid. It is in no way uncommon for a card game to attempt to give a deck a weaker version/enabler of what they had before in order to make the deck function without being too strong.

In Topic: [LVP1] Madolche, NK, RB, Zefra-Draco, Aleister/Invoked

Yesterday, 09:21 PM

I get to gloat now Black ;)

You get to gloat about blindly believing a leak like you're given to doing...?


I didn't believe the leak was correct in full. Leaks rarely ever are, as they often have misinformation mixed in. There's nothing wrong with believing a leak, but you've been wrong more than you've been right with them.


As for the cards...


Madolche is mostly bad, but at least it's a fairy that doesn't require 2x4 Madol/2x 5s.


Isolde has a lot of memes, but it's not really worth it in-theme. Deck still sucks.


Ritual Beast feels equivalent to the Gladiator Beast, but for a much better theme. Deck still requires high input to get going, for the most part.


Metaltron is meant to go hand-in-hand with Security Ghost: Generic ways to summon a L3 with 3 down arrows. It doesn't need to be outstanding, the ease of summon and quality of the arrows are enough. There's 


Aleister is the gem here. Fusion as a mechanic has gotten better and better, and this is a really easy to summon generic card tahat gives access to Mechaba and Caliga while being outstanding fodder for laddering. The lack of OPT and need to be in EMZ is also kinda insane. Maybe Elysium is a little better now?

In Topic: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

18 November 2017 - 09:32 PM

In game gluttony doesn't seem good. Honestly neither ability is great, but I figure you'd get more milage out of Poison Touch. Could be wrong though.

After using it in a locke and the ease of the berry farm, gluttony is absolutely amazing.

Maybe it's less so if you're not lockeing, because health doesn't matter, but it's a really good tank with gluttony.

In Topic: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

18 November 2017 - 09:27 PM

Serbia is telling me 10%, but I'd believe 5. I've only seen one so far and after doing a couple battles I remembered I should check its ability. It was bad. Back to the catching grind.

Was the ability gluttony?

Because that's the really good one now. The buff to pinch berries means that Muk-A is one of the tankiest pokemon in the game, because hitting it below 50 restores 50HP.

I assume you mean it had Poison Touch, but just wanted to make sure.

In Topic: Gem-knight Phantom Roots

17 November 2017 - 10:44 PM

Yes, but even if you could play this in anything with Rescue Rabbit, why would you do so? It would only be advantageous along Brilliant Fusion, but then you are speaking of a 2-card combo that both add potential dead-draws to the deck.

Besides, you can already Summon the vanilla Gem-Knights with Rabbit if you want to access this guy that badly. In fact, I could see that working: Rabbit, Brilliant and 3+ of Gem-Knight vanillas.


Edited with more, but tokens are also a big deal.


normal monsters is less restrictive than gem- at the end of the day, while giving more general usage. You can argue against it genetically, but options are better than not having them.