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In Topic: [ANIME] Performapal LGBT Magician

Today, 01:47 PM

idk if those spells yuya used to summon the dragons were a thing before, if they were it helps a bit, but still ehhh

My issues with it are basically that the last episode worth wasn't really interaction, just yuya throwing shit at reiji's "lol check out this board yo"

This card was a really weird brake to the action.

Albert was fucking stupid tbh.

reiji's spells and Albert were stupid, but Yuya's spells were fine. They represented a lot of things, and I touched on that in the arc-v topic, so not repeating on phone.

This card forced Reiji to participate, making the action actually happen, when he'd been standing around before/in his duels in general.

This card upped the duelist involvement, in exchange for slowing the duel itself.

In Topic: [ANIME] Performapal LGBT Magician

Today, 12:26 PM

Duel was good idk what Giga's on about

REIJI was eh but Yuya was great and made up for it

In Topic: Sanwitch

Today, 12:10 PM

This section is for competitive discussion?

...Where is it then?

on the discord

In Topic: Black Clover

Yesterday, 11:50 PM

It's amateurish.

Enjoyable, but it never takes a break from the action, and it really shows how important a little "filler" in the name of giving characters room to breathe is.

It also is very much Bleach/Naruto/OP inspired.

It has potential, but the pacing needs work and the cast needs depth. Following it in hopes of it improving, because it IS snjoyable, despite he flaws.

In Topic: [COTD] Mauled Captain

Yesterday, 11:15 PM

Mauled->Dandy, summon Missus + 2 Tokens=>Get Either back if Missus is destroyed


Mauled->Witch/Sangan (needs another monster) -> Decode/Gaia -> Search another mauled


Secret to breaking this fella is in the grave effects

congratulations, you can list basic combos which are still pretty bad


first is generally worse than crane crane and the second requires outside resources


if you're going to revive a nearly dead topic, actually add something that doesn't take 2 seconds to think up