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In Topic: What's your gamer motivation profile?

Today, 08:39 PM


I kinda disagree with some of this. I definitely feel like my motivation, in general, is the characters, and that the Mastery element comes down to the types of games that I most enjoy, which are strategy and logic-based games.


And I like competing because it means getting better, but I much prefer simply sharing experiences with people I care about.

In Topic: Cubones...

19 April 2018 - 06:58 PM

it's from a bootleg

In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

18 April 2018 - 08:17 PM

"What's wrong? Superstar can't handle a small dainty town?"
Genny grit her teeth as Ivan spoke from behind her, tightening her grip on Etoile. The pup ended up yipping in pain, knocking its trainer out of her rage.
"Ah, uh... You would not expect me to shine here, would you?" She forced a smile, though Ivan was soon distracted.
"Anyways, we should hit up..." 

As the Stufful ran into Ivan, Genny let out half of a snicker, feeling that must be Karma. She barely paid attention to the man who followed soon after, back in her thoughts as she glanced at the town. Before she knew it, the group had ended up at what seemed to be the daycare, and Jacklyn had headed in.


"I guess we should follow along..." Genevieve muttered, the thoughts of breaking away from this duo resurfacing, squeezing her precious companion tighter.

In Topic: Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

17 April 2018 - 09:04 PM

The Day Before…

”What do you mean, we need to go on a shopping trip? We just got back! I’m supposed to, like… Update my journal or something.” The idea of setting out on another trip so soon, when he could be resting seemed to rub Layne the wrong way as he gave the shaman an incredulous look.

”I need to find material to remake my robes. It’s not like I can just skip over to the next town and buy one in the middle of “Jouran devil” land." Ada crossed her arms, giving the cleric a sad look. “If you don’t go with me, who will? Besides, you love crowds!”

A small sigh escaped him as he rubbed at his neck a bit, taking a little glance around the area he had claimed for himself, he closed the pages of his journal as he sat up, ”You couldn’t ask one of the others to go with you? What about…” He trailed off, a little mumble escaping him as he grinned, ”I bet Cassia could help you! She could get you a real steal of a deal too.”

Layne’s wordplay was met with an icy stare. After a beat passed, Ada coughed to break the silence.

"I would like to not get in any trouble if I can. It took me months to get the townspeople to not avoid me, much less talk to me. I don’t trust anyone but you, Yue, or Leon to not make a scene. Leon’s busy, Yue disappears when I enter a room, and that leaves you. If you’re really not up to it, though… I’ll pay for dinner… and maybe lend you that novel you’ve been asking for?"

The proposition was met with a little hum, his hand rubbing at his chin for a moment as he considered it. ”Dinner and the book, all for escorting you to the town, huh? I guess it couldn’t hurt… And no funny business, huh? You really just want to try to replace the material, no… Grand adventures or hidden goals?”

"What, you don’t want me to set you up with the cute shopkeeper boy? But you two would be cute together!” Ada teased, grinning like an opossum, "But no, just robe stuff and the bookstore… Unless you wanted to go somewhere else?”

He let out a little grumble from the teasing coming from Ada, his eyes rolling a little bit as he hummed, ”I guess I could stop by the bookstore, I’m always on the lookout for things to keep my interest…” He shrugged, giving her a little defeated sigh as he did, ”Fine, fine, I’ll tag along. No trying to set me up though.”

It didn’t take long for the two to get prepared for the journey, and the trip itself was relatively uneventful. The two arrived in Neston near dusk, the sun beginning to set as they found an inn to stay in for the night, ready to rise early in the morning in order to get Ada’s ‘chores’ out of the way...

The Next Day…

The duo awoke early as they intended, groggy from rising before the sun had fully rose. After a quick breakfast and waiting for the sun to emerge, they set out to complete their tasks. They started with the bookstore, an easy enough one since they would be running all over the rest of the town after this most likely. Ada went on her own to pick out her own books, while Layne browsed in another section, waiting for her to find him. On another day, they probably could’ve spent hours finding for the perfect books, but…

They didn’t have the time. After about an hour of early morning book browsing, Layne went off to find Ada and drag her out of the store after paying for their goods.

What followed was a few hours of torturous shopping, all without pay off. Each shop seemed less equipped to handle their needs than the last, and it was with a heavy hand that Layne forced Ada to accept that they weren’t going to find what they were looking for here. Without any alternatives, Layne had her pick out some fabric that was similar enough, not exact, but still close enough to her tastes… And lots of it. Similarly, he picked up some thread and needles, along with some other supplies that would make future repairs to clothing simpler…

And the two began the journey back to the base.

"'You really do look Aeoran!', they said! 'You don't need those creepy garments!', they insisted!"

Ada stormed into the base with bags in her hands, grumbling loudly. Unlike any other day, she was wearing clothes that could be deemed 'more normal' in the area. She appeared to be a swordswoman, rather than a shaman, complete with her purple hair up in a ponytail. One might even think that she resembled a character from the Sacred World... however, the sunburn she was sporting would stop that thought in its tracks.

"Damn merchants, they've seen my face before, what's with those reactions?!"

Shortly after the girl barged in, Layne followed behind her, a little laugh escaping him as he held his hand up in front of his mouth. He tried to keep it from being too noticeable, but it was practically impossible to hide the fact that he was amused from Ada’s frustration as he shrugged his shoulders a bit. His focus shifted upwards as he hummed, ”Hey, hey, it’s okay. We’ll find a way to replace your robe. Maybe I can take a look and see if I can stitch it back together?”

He chuckled softly her as she barged through the doorway, holding his own bags over his shoulder as he hummed to himself, taking a little glance around the entryway of the base as he walked in with her, ”I mean, I don’t have the most experience with it, but I can’t make them much worse, can I?”

“It’s in absolute tatters, Layne. I only have the one big shred I was showing the merchants…” Ada sighed, producing said piece of fabric and waving it at the cleric, "And I couldn’t find a material that quite matched it… We can work on it, but they didn’t seem too enthused about the idea of me making a new robe."

He rubbed at his cheek for a moment, ”I mean… We could make you a nice hand towel with the scrap?” He grinned a little bit more as he watched her wave the piece of fabric around, a little mumble escaping him as he did, “This is what happens when you get too attached to a fancy outfit! It gets destroyed! Why do you think I keep my outfit simple? Sleeveless shirt, pants, jacket if it’s cold. That’s all you need!”

"You wouldn’t get it..." Ada puffed her cheeks out, placing the scrap back into the bag and pulling a book out in its place, "At least they had the second book in the Ribald Tales of the Faith War series available. Maybe I’ll lend it to you if you can remake that ‘fancy outfit’, hm?”

As she playfully stuck her tongue out at Layne, she heard some noise coming from the office. Peeking her head in, she found Rona moving about, tidying up the small room. Raising a brow and setting her bags down at the entrance to the office, Ada cleared her throat, alerting Rona to the lobster in the room.

"So, uh… whatcha up to in here?”

In Topic: [CP18] Timelord monsters

16 April 2018 - 07:29 PM

I think this is a little harsh
Raphion is a one sided Ring of Destruction that can do a fair bit of damage. It doesn't target either which is somewhat nice.
Halving the LP can put the opponent in Gustav max range. 
As for the one that equalizes LP, Life Equalizer did get banned OCG side
If your point is that Zaphion is the best one, I'm not going to disagree, but these aren't as bad as you make it out to be. With cards like Celestial Tranformation & Valhalla the deck does have a pretty decent Ceiling

The thing is that none of these are good points when they're slow, battle-reliant cards that have trouble devoting multiples without using Ain Soph Aur, which is slow as hell.


I never even mentioned Zaphion... And having ways to play doesn't change that this is inherently a normal summon deck. Yes, you can cheese that a bit, but, at present... It's just not outstanding. None of these really add up a ton, because they still require multiple turns to add up to anything, while being fairly easy to disrupt.


EDIT: nevermind, missed that Gabrion doesn't give draws for ED mons. That card is just good.