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In Topic: [SR07] Tatsunecro and Friends

Yesterday, 08:00 AM

They’re all mediocre to bad.


zombies don’t have a hand, and if they do, they’re throwing it away for combo, not to mention that Zombie Synchros aren’t very good, so tatsunecro ends up fucking meh


it isn’t even a Solitaire target


REZND isnt great. It’s a beater that... If you use Zombie World can revive stuff via battle. At least it’s not it’s own battle/when either player has a monster destroyed, but that’s still not outstanding.


trap just isn’t good, first effect is a -1, second effect is just as “okay” as it was on Necronize


Shinobi Necro gave me hope for the SD, but this is just meh.

In Topic: [EP18] Advendread Savior

Yesterday, 04:32 AM

Better than Vampire Sucker by miles, even if it is slow.

In Topic: And this is why we can't have Duel Masters (the TCG from Wizards of the C...

13 August 2018 - 08:52 PM

I just want to point out that this is not the Nazi swastika.


The Nazi Swastika is the opposite, which is in clockwise form. This is the original counter-clockwise swastika, an ancient religious symbol of peace, is what is on the card.

In Topic: Black Rates Music

13 August 2018 - 07:20 PM


and now for something completely different






The last OST I tossed your way was for the Graveyard of the Giants. This is from the Mausoleum of the Giants and is more energetic.

Kinda... nothing special? Just solid, fine.










i don't even need to listen


it's edgy, but it's a good song. GO in SOUL is better for the sheer hammy edge it gives, so this only gets a 7/10.

In Topic: ITT: A TCG banlist

13 August 2018 - 06:58 PM

even assuming that Nightingale is the problem instead of the things copying it (which it isn't), SKSD does, as I said, a lot more than just that. Electrumite is the most immediate example, but the card is insanely flexible, many of which are kinda fucking dumb.