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In Topic: Jack Knight of the Azure Blue (EXFO)

Today, 12:02 AM

Oh, I'm not trying to argue purple isn't insane. It probably is. I just forgot what it did when I first posted, and acknowledged that when you mentioned it.

It's just that I feel like you need Azure to make purple actually good, and Blue Sky isn't quite as reliable for startup purposes.

Also Blue can't search the S/Ts. They're World Legacy, he only searches Jack Knight monster (early translations said JK cards, I even thought he said that until I just double checked).

In Topic: Jack Knight of the Azure Blue (EXFO)

Yesterday, 09:25 PM

Given that Purple banishes itself for a search (even into Azure, if you're into that), not sure what you're looking for in terms of "getting started"

You'll basically always be able to summon another Jack Knight into the zone you vacated with Purple unless your opponent has a way of clearing their own zones, which Azure largely wouldn't help against anyways.

Unless there's something I'm missing from "summoning Tasks to any Main Zone", which I don't actually understand since I don't recall what Tasks is supposed to be, I don't recall Azure allowing you to summon more monsters than Purple regardless (1 into zone you vacate with Azure, still not enough to Link Summon).

Ending with a single Jack Knight isn't going to be a good start. Being able to field 2 with this + have synergy with the S/T is a big deal. Purple definitely leads into this, but I wouldn't call purple a good start without having this as an option to allow you to field more/be able to more consistently score a negate, because it is a quick effect.


Tasks was supposed to be Jacks, typed it in a hurry while I was on mobile.


Honestly, give the deck a Link-2 and that becomes even more relevant, but that's a theory-oh point that I don't want to continue down the path of with no major indication one way or the other based on pack order.


Also, provided you make the link, this card synergizes with its self-protection, because you have the ability to summon it then simply move it. Granted, towers-esque still isn't that big a deal, but still valid synergy.

In Topic: Jack Knight of the Azure Blue (EXFO)

Yesterday, 08:33 PM

Purple is definitely 100% the best card in the deck. Not only does it take itself out of zone, where you can return it to wherever when it returns, but it also searches while doing so, so you will always have something to summon in the zone you vacated. Also can search during opp's turn if you banish something else during yours, so that's cute.

This card still kinda sucks, but it's better than the others.

tbf i forgot what purple did, but even purple doesn't get you started. This does. Otherwise you're mediocrely link laddering through the one thatp ulls from hand.


Searching during opp's turn is cute, for sure.

In Topic: Jack Knight of the Azure Blue (EXFO)

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

This is the only in-theme card that allow you to play without the opponent, because it basically summons tasks to any mmz

I should have said best monster, though. The others are average to bad, due to the reliance.

I wonder if there's a way to cheese 3 of this out that's conceivable...

In Topic: Jack Knight of the Azure Blue (EXFO)

Yesterday, 09:53 AM

Gasp a level 8 blue

Exactly what I said based on set order and the rainbow

At least it's good? Like, deck can actually play T1 now without a tribute summon over Seraphinite. Still not amazing, but it's possible, esp through grinder golem.

EDIT: and it has actual synergy with the Link and the S/T. Damn. This is legitimately the best card in the deck.