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#6994719 [ANIME] Performapal LGBT Magician

Posted by Black on Today, 12:26 PM

Duel was good idk what Giga's on about

REIJI was eh but Yuya was great and made up for it

#6994571 Sanwitch

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Getting Witch through Prisma/Cons isn't going to be meta, no...


That's not all there is to life

section for competitive discussion, where op posts 0 context


tries to say "but not competitive" 



#6994564 Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Posted by Black on Yesterday, 10:17 PM

Preface: Have not watched from 118 through 135 or so, though I plan to. May be missing some things here and there, but Bree has watched some of it, and had very few issues with them.

Ooh, is this "review last episode/series as whole" time?
The thing about Arc-V is that it was extremely AMBITIOUS. They were from the get-go, not only introducing a new Summoning mechanic, but doing so alongside all the previous mechanics, and to make it even nicer, the use of the other mechanics was DIRECTLY tied to the plot, due to the Four Dimensions bit. They had a very interesting and diverse cast, and it looked like there could be some major character development, as Yuya started off the series essentially hiding his very blatant insecurities behind the facade of the fool.
My biggest problem with Yuya as a character, though, is that his ideals are...I hesitate to say "stupid", but it's ham-fisted at best. Dueling is for entertainment, to make people smile. A wonderful message, but executed in a horrible way for most of the series, making Yuya's speeches very cringe-worthy and some of his Duels descend into a farce.

The only bad duels for Yuya were Q&A Cunt, Shinji (on Shinji more than Yuya), and possibly Kachidoki. I can't think of one that was a farce, and his speeches were from a layman that wants the world to change, a child. They were supposed to be weaker, which is why they really only worked when they were DEMONSTRATED.

Now, I want to compare Yuya to Yuma (Zexal). Yuma tended to shove his feelings down peoples' throats, too, but I always LIKED when Yuma got REALLY passionate about his ideals and made his speeches about the feelings and hopes given to him by his supporters, and bonding through Duels, and his adamant refusal not to give up, because these ideals he got from his father. Maybe some credit can be given to Yuma's VA, because Yuma as a character tended to be obnoxious as hell outside of serious situations (and his amazingly passionate rants)...whereas Yuya BECOMES obnoxious as hell INSIDE serious situations.
And that's what bugs me when I think about it. Yuya doesn't really HAVE some incredible passion buried inside him the way that Yuma and Yusei do. When Yusei gets riled up and passionate, he's awesome. When Yuma gets passionate, it's awesome. When Yuya gets passionate...nothing. I can't think of any awesome speeches Yuya ever gave that reflected his passion towards his ideals and Dueling. The only times I can remember Yuya being badass in that sense is when he's in Berserk Mode, because he's much more forceful and intense.

And this is where I think people begin to impose what they want on the series, as opposed to what it actually was.
Arc-V is not like 5D's or ZeXal, ironically. It's not about the flashiness of the actions, it's about the desire and intent put into the actions. And this is very clear with Yuya.
He doesn't have passion like Yuma or Yusei, but that's because of the insecurities you mentioned. They never leave him, he struggles with them CONSTANTLY. This is very much a coming-of-age story, about the struggles and hardships Yuya faces, and people want it to be a story that's really more than that. It's... not, other than a basic moral of "hate is bad smiles are good mmkay".
And, as I touched on, he DEMONSTRATED his passion, instead of giving a speech. You can tell when he's passionate because he's smiling, getting into the groove, and just being fun to watch. He's not trying to use words in those moments, because he isn't a good orator, not at all... He's a fledgling entertainer, so he uses his performer's mask to deliver the message.
Referncing Berserk Mode actually makes this more apparent, because it goes back to wanting him to be a Yusei/Yuya. Yuya isn't like them, he's more like Yugi/Atem and late-series Jaden. The amount of love letter moments this series has for DM reinforce this as well, because Yuya is struggling with morality and ideaology, not with physical enemies. This is why he has such a hard time fighting back against even Academia, at times. He struggles with Shinji's rage, Sora and Dennis' betrayal, the loss of Yuzu, Jack and Reiji's condescencion and strength, Crow's different ideals, and so on.

Yuya's ideals are TOO idealistic. Whereas Yusei's passion was about protecting everyone, and Yuma was about bonds and never giving up. Yuya's is so bland and abstract by comparison. "Make people smile through Dueling". That's what it boiled down to. A facial expression and a flicker of amusement or enjoyment. It's not inspirational. They do deconstruct this a lot during the series, and near the end, Yuya IS a much more competent entertainer, but I don't really ENJOY watching Yuya during tense times, because he doesn't make the situation more intense and gripping (outside of his Berserk Mode), he usually does the exact opposite.

And this doesn't do it justice, either.
It's about smiles, but it's the sort of over simplification an adolescent (he's 14, so) would use. Let's go back to his insecurities again, for me to actually draw a map.
His father disappeared when he was 11. He lost any friends he had, other than Yuzu. Gong joined in, but he was still a lonely child, with low self-esteem.
He began to emulate his father blindly, despite doubting his ability to do so. To the point of shutting down entirely at times, because of a crippling fear of failure.
But then... this magical power called Pendulum appears, just for him. He can use it, he's special, and he feels confident to move forward, once he learns how to use it.
... Only to have it stolen from him physically, and later stolen entirely by Reiji. These were huge blows to him, because they made him not special anymore. They made him a normal human being who had to face his flaws again.
But! He made a new friend thanks to this power! And he showed lots of care for that friend. He never went on big, shonen-ass rants about why he valued his friends, but he ended up showing a desire to help them, save them, be there for them throughout the series. He couldn't articulate more than "Smiles", but he showed a desire to truly make things right.
... Then he lost that friend. Sure, he made more, but he lost some of them as well. Some to betrayal, some to "death"... And he had to struggle with his losses, again. I know I posted a big theory post about this a ways back, but it rings true.
Yuya has a constant cycle of gaining confidence and comrades, only to lose them again. He has no confidence in himself without them, and it makes it difficult for him to make it through those times. It was clear that he was in a bad place during most of Synchro, with the facility being one of the few times he seemed better. Because he was alone those other times.
It's not the same pronounced moral of friendship other series have, but it's still there. It shows how they encourage him, make him feel confident, and how he struggles when he doesn't have that backp, because he is so insecure.
It's not just smiles. It's about forming bonds, having fun, and being good people. But he can't articulate that, he's regularly shown to be bad at this. But he can show it through his actions, and those speak louder than words.

Story wise...oh boy. Firstly, Arc-V had a ridiculous amount of potential during the first 50 episodes (Sora vs Shun is still BY FAR the best Duel in the series. They never topped it. It's almost literally the only Duel I randomly go and re-watch...but even I think the Duel is only "good" immediately upon Sora Summoning Wheel Saw Lion (and not before that, because Sora imitating Yuya's catchphrases unironically makes me cringe)).
It...started to go downhill a little from there, from the beginning of the Synchro Arc, because it seemed to banking too much on the 5Ds nostalgia factor. Like...they literally did 5Ds Story Arc. Yugo (subbing in as the Yusei) gets into a run-in with a police officer for something he didn't really do, but technically is going to get him in trouble regardless, has a Riding Duel.. Ends up winning, losing officer is somewhat disgraced. Unlike Yusei's arc, this is not actually significant in the long-run, other than to have a reason for Security to be hunting down Yuya (same face).
Yuya + co get arrested, go to the Facility, break out of the facility. End up forced into a tournament that will fulfill the hidden agenda of the white-haired Security Bureau director, who is totally not a villain. (Am I talking about 5Ds or Arc-V at this point?)
The biggest misstep here was the "putting cast in different rooms all the time" bit. So...no chance for characters to shine much. And Sawatari was annoying as hell.

Going to agree with most of this, really. Not much to disagree with.

The series picks up a bit near the end of the Friendship Cup arc, due to the plot remembering that Yuya has a berserk mode, and Academia kind of still needs Yuzu. And...unlike the Standard Battle Royale section, TWICE as many Obelisk Force are sent...and they are repelled with absolutely no casualties, confirming that they do, in fact, follow Conservation of Ninjitsu rules, because later in Xyz, a single 3-man unit of them ends up being the most competent and not "absolute ass-holes) Obelisk Force members in the entire show.

Same, really. It's not a shock that we eventually found competent ones, but...


Stuff just got rushed near the end, and I don't really want to hold it against the series for that, because once the Professor explained the plot, things got crazy intense and it was awesome. Zarc's Duel DID kind of suck because it was clearly intended to be a "celebration" of all these characters from the different dimensions and seeing them team up against Zarc...but the deck was so stacked in Zarc's favor that it was stupidly unfair, and not in the way that Zone and even Don Thousand were, where the stupid unfairness was entertaining and enjoyable. The unfairness was too "meta", in the sense of "You can't play Yugioh, winning is all that matters". That seemed to have been the point, but because of that, I'd never WANT to go back and rewatch the Zarc gauntlet, whereas Yusei vs Zone and Yuma/Nasch vs Don Thousand are both worth seeing again.

I actually disagree here, but this may be more personal.


It's not a celebration of the cast, at all. It's a celebration of who Yuya (and Yuto and Yugo) touched with his life. It's not about the characters themselves, but about who Yuya is, despite what he's become. It's about struggling, clawing, and doing all they can to save him... Like he did for Yuzu, Sora, Reira, and others.


I found them enjoyable. With the exception of the sora section and crow, I feel it was very well written, and conveyed the battle well, as they slowly chipped away at saving Yuya, while also being a DM reference.


They just really screwed with the rest of the cast. Sora had so much potential after his Duel with Shun, and then they just screwed him over after the Standard Battle Royale. Gave him character development and conflict, sure, but then he got shafted at every turn. He helped beat an Obelisk Force trio, but his play was so long-winded to do it that it wasn't really fun, he beat the Pirate captain, who was legitimately not even being portrayed as a competent threat, and then he got beaten by Yuri...who was inexplicably using the Ancient Gear deck against him, and I don't even know how they GOT to that situation, or why the anime writers think Mad Chimera is GOOD enough to be Sora's ace, because it got REALLY irritating to see how often Sora uses that specific Edge-Imp, that LITERALLY only exists for Mad Chimera.

Agree with all of this.


Gogenzaka was badass, but they had him lose almost every Duel.

There's a reason for that, I think. 


Sawatari was amusing, became awesome, then became the cast member that nobody actually likes, is portrayed as competent, but is contractually obligated to lose almost every Duel and look like a colossal smug moron. Wait, did Sawatari ever actually win a Duel against a named character? Lost to Yuya, Lost to Yuto, Lost to Yuya again, Beat Obelisk Force, but didn't really contribute to that victory directly, that was more Gogenzaka and Shun, lost to Security, lost to Yugo, lost repeatedly to Academia forces...good god.

I think that's the point, and the in-universe reaction to him doing something to Zarc, albeit unsuccessful, should show the intent.


Sawatari is a mix between Chazz and the character people want Yuya to be; Flashy, appealing (when not whining about his dad), special, entertaining. He plays a deck similar to Yuya AND Reiji, after finding his preferred deck, and he's always trying to be the star, trying to be loudmouthed.


And he had good scenes, even if he was never a credible threat as a duelist. This goes back to Gong, though...


I think Gong and Sawatari lost because they don't really have any ideals to speak of. "Help Yuya", "Be the star", "Lancer"... That's it. They weren't given proper motivation or ideals, and it cost them duels.


I don't neccesarily agree with this tactic, but I can see why and understand it happening. I just think they should have written ideals onto them, instead.


I REALLY liked the series...but honestly, I barely remember many Duels that I genuinely enjoyed, especially past the Standard Arc. Zexal had some irritating aspects and recurring trends in their Duels (cough, Hope fetish, cough), but this was only so sinful because of the potential of the premise and how they squandered the hell out of it. Arc-V was BETTER in the Duel department, but it got stagnant a few times because they didn't expand upon it ENOUGH.
I don't even want to harp on this much anymore. They had a lot of potential, but rushed several aspects and completely abandoned other plot elements or resolved them too quickly or anti-climactically.

I remember a lot I enjoyed, and most of them are in the first part or very ending, and I'm told anything Yuri is good. I do think this goes back to expecting the duels to be, well... DUELS, though. If you expect there to be non-ideaology battles, it just isn't going to happen, and I feel it adds to the idea of a world based around a CARD GAME, as opposed to taking away from it.


also they literally made 65+ ppals in the anime, plus magicians and ED bosses and stuff, they definitely expanded a lot, it's just that a number of those were plot devices/SPIKE EAGLE


Hell, Performages have like 20 monsters.


I still think it was rushed, but going over it in my head/hearing Bree actually enjoy the majority of the episodes we skipped that she's seen has kinda made me like it more, in retrospect, despite its flaws.


EDIT: I also want to mention how Arc-V is a character driven story. Very much so.


We're given a world with normal people (yes, Yuya is constantly made out to be normal, even with the qualifiers he has throughout to be special) and a few out of place special people (reijiiii) trying to get through it.


The world is fucking crazy, but Gong, Yuzu, Shuzo, Yuya, Sora, Shun, and so on.... are characters who aren't unrealistic, but they're changed by what they've experienced, been through. Even in cases where it's just not enjoyable to watch them be realistic, like Shun and Shinji.


This is why Reiji failed so hard. They didn't use him enough, and he was more like a boss character than not, with plans out the ass, which makes him stick out like a sore thumb. Not to mention his knowledge of the plot and connection to Leo.


The execution wasn't perfect, but the idea is good, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

#6994494 Sanwitch

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#6994447 [ANIME] Performapal LGBT Magician

Posted by Black on Yesterday, 04:05 PM

Right, within card text, meaning it's a mechanic of the game, with specific rules on how it works, which Konami have had to explain multiple times because people don't get that Cyber Dragon is both an Archetype and a card.

That is inherently not a mechanic, and a loose CyDra example isn't evidence of any sort.

A mechanic is something the card doesn't have to explain in detail, like Pendulums being placed in the Pendulum Zone as spells or how you overlay to go into an Xyz.

They have official rulings on them as a general thing, which "archetypes" do not.

You'd have an easier time arguing that Piercing is a mechanic, but it's just a keyword.

This is mostly semantics, but in terms of design, this is an ignorant outlook.

Beast/Mech/Dragon/Elemental in Hearthstone aren't mechanics.
Brawler/Eradicator/Nightmare Dolls in Cardfight aren't a mechanic.
Nothing is different for yugioh.

#6994030 [ANIME] Performapal LGBT Magician

Posted by Black on 26 March 2017 - 07:28 PM

I get like 1 result from google search, what does that word mean

A. not printed yet

B. Pendulumucho is one of 2 scale 0 monsters

#6993870 [COTD] Supreme King Servant Dragon Clear Wing

Posted by Black on 26 March 2017 - 09:26 AM



just fucking lol


this is such a meme card

#6993769 YCM Championship Series #5 - Interest Check and Planning

Posted by Black on 25 March 2017 - 10:12 PM



defo interested


feel like discussion of whether or not TCG only or OCG through current releases (Cyverse Gadget, Performapal Card Gardna, Edge Imp Cotton Eater) like promos and MACR should be done, according to preference.

#6993442 My problem with Winter

Posted by Black on 24 March 2017 - 08:19 PM


#6993010 Post and be appreciated

Posted by Black on 23 March 2017 - 11:04 PM


You are a startlingly devoted person, be it to people or causes.



You are someone who is always fun to interact with, especially during the Halloween event.


I pretty much know where you would be going with it, so you don't need to bother if you don't want to. I just wanted to express that this fad is a really, really good thing.

Your passion is a good thing, even if I'm not fond of how you've used it, at times.





inb4 blank enguin post, also get creative and do something other than me being a good graphic designer lmao.

You care about the site, and that's more than I can say about most of the members. This has shown a lot of good qualities in you, like your work ethic. It's weird, considering how much less active you are, but appreciable.



idk i have too much trouble keeping you and tinkerer seperated


You're always bright, though.




You never cease to earn a smile from me. Or at least interested confusion. Or just plain baffle me. You make me react 8D


*crosses fingers for Black actually knowing me*

I kinda know you, and it tells me you're a nice enough guy, but that's about it, sadly. Sorry >=



You're intelligent, and I know you've been a good friend to Kate and Marco.


That's jay, gosh.

I've never really had a bad time talking to you. Except that conversation about Cyber Angels, that was just terrible.


I'm curious to know if you have something genuinely good to say about me, so I'll post here too but don't force yourself too much. I'll understand if I'm skipped.

I wish I was more active lately, but work + sleep is basically my life when it's not the weekend.

You're a very nice person, in my experience, even when others' actions have made it so that they deserved worse.



(the title of this post is "post and be appreciated" dont let us down)

You exist!


And you don't make the site worse!


Hello, hello, hello.

you're not around enough you cunt qq


But... when you're around, you're always good to talk to, and I miss that. You were one of the people I thought I could actually get close to, and your friendship with Marco kinda convinces me I was right.


You're also very passionate, which is a trait I like in people.


not like that i don't


You're... I don't even know how to phrase it. You've gotten better than being the wide-eyed blind optimist, and you're not bad to have around, but I can';t... pinpoint the exact. Hrm.






who are you


by whom

idk man, been too long


Aaa, I see. 


Anyway, posting here because I'm already in this thread, I guess.

You are probably the person I have the easiest time talking to, outside of old friends/Melody. And we share enough interests to keep conversations going/share shit, which is great.

#6992850 [serious] Ask Me Anything

Posted by Black on 23 March 2017 - 05:22 PM

Bree is a 51007

#6992847 THE SUBMISSION BOX [Moderator Transparency Discussion Thread]

Posted by Black on 23 March 2017 - 05:11 PM

Ngl winter's post is 4 days old and it hasn't been responded to, and that's not really in the team's favor.

I understand not wanting to spark a fight, but when there are no other posts, it just seems like there should be SOME form of correspondence or attempt to assuage concerns.

Especially considering how he does bring up points directly in regards to this thread's sister topic.

A thread about transparency and communication between the team and the members of the site began with someone being ignored for days, until I noticed. "Undesirable" or not, that's not building bridges.

that said, if a fucking fight or mob mentality begins happening on either side I will let you have it

#6992794 Hydralander the Orbital Shadowlite Weapon

Posted by Black on 23 March 2017 - 01:12 PM

Wait YGO encourages Reno decks now?

nope, zoo decks are the most common ygo deck now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

#6991743 TCG Banlist March 31, 2017

Posted by Black on 21 March 2017 - 12:02 PM




Majespecter Unicorn - Kilin (from Limited)

The Tyrant Neptune (from Unlimited)

Vanity's Emptiness (from Limited)



Maxx "C" (from Semi-Limited)

Rescue Cat (from Banned)

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (from Banned)

Brain Control (from Banned)

Future Fusion (from Banned)

Imperial Order (from Banned)



Wisdom-Eye Magician (from Limited)

Zoodiac Ratpier (from Unlimited)

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber (from Unlimited)



Sangan (from Banned)

#6991308 Post and ill tell you what i dislike about you

Posted by Black on 20 March 2017 - 06:50 PM

My only even slight complaint that I have and I'm not even sure I can call it a complaint as such, just a mild annoyance. Your comments about being disappointed about people irked me a little, I understand (for the most part) it was a jest but it's this weird image like you are a father figure of sorts.


That being said I still have a lot respect for you.

no night is dad


i'm mom


in drag


For real though, it is mostly a joke, yeah. If I'm disappointed in someone for real, it means I'm vested in them and they've just done something to make me a little sad, not like looking down on them or anything.