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In Topic: Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

27 December 2018 - 10:15 PM

Ada braced herself for the attacks, making sure not to let them reach Layne behind her. She coughed up some blood as the impact occurred, shaking but holding herself in place. She looked back to make sure that the cleric was safe, with Leon also providing a barrier between the beasts and Layne, and, without a word, Ada swiped the vulneraru from Layne's hip. Using it and taking up a defensive stance once more, with eyes on the skeleton, she spoke quickly.


"I'll pay you back later, but I'm gonna need you to patch up Leon!"



In Topic: [DANE] Dinowrestler Terra Parkourio

27 December 2018 - 01:35 AM

Has a thread. Post confirmation there.

In Topic: How to make tabs or spoilers

26 December 2018 - 08:54 PM


You just copy what's in the box, then you add words between = and ] to title it.



In Topic: [DANE] Cards from the Commerical

26 December 2018 - 05:27 PM

I mean denglong is on his way to 3 nipside. And will likely see an unban state side too. A infernity barrier alone isn't enough to stem the tide in this era of game-play. My guess: the float effect will be far more vital

but she doesn’t search infernity barrier

She searches revival. 3 flavors of it, though successor is the general best one. She’s better than Denglong in most regards, because she extends your plays by a ton, but she can’t level modulate in exchange.

In Topic: [DANE] T.G. Halberd Cannon/Assault Mode

26 December 2018 - 11:21 AM

Yo, you can make this with like 2 cards

Iirc Psychic Reflector + Warwolf should be able to make Trident Launcher + this.