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Today, 12:16 AM

As the bell rang, Devin gave a quick wave and smile to Inu, then slipped into the hallway. Her next class, gym, seemed like one she would need a change of clothes for... And she knew just the outfit.
A short while later,  Devin had changed her outfit. She now wore a loose white t-shirt, a nice pair of tennis shoes, and some fairly tight shorts, typical of what one would see in an animated show from Japan. Oblivious to how out of place that would actually make her look, Devin settled in before anyone else arrived and watched as the others entered, taking note. They seemed to be largely the same students, though there was a new bespectaled kid in the mix. She also took special pleasure in beating the hussie that stole her spot in the last class. The loud mouth, that marble asshole, Rain... however, the people watching was soon cut short.
"Welcome to physical education," The teacher cut through the air with her words. "I am your teacher, Bloodstone. Because today's classes will be short, there will be no proper assignment for today. However! That doesn't mean this will be a free period to slack off! Today, I want each of you to step up, introduce yourselves to the class, and explain what your powers are capable of. Let's start with... You! Short kid with the red hair!"

Devin followed the teacher's gaze, only to recoil ever so slightly at the sight of Alex, whose entrance she had somehow missed. She listened to his cocky reply, paying close attention to his... what she could guess were illusions?
He was soon followed by that boy with the glasses... Victor. His introduction seemed polite enough, even if his power was completely foreign to Devin. The shapeshifter smiled and bounded up behind her classmate, patting him on the back.
"Nice to meet you, Victor! I'm Devin Kismet! And I believe everyone else here knew that already... So the real question is my power, right?"
Putting her hand out to the side with her index pointing up, she rocked her wrist a bit, her middle finger following suit to the count of two. She repeated for her ring finger, and after that rolled her hand and snapped it, a kitchen knife 'appearing' in the palm of her hand, clutched tightly as she grinned.
"It's maaaaagic! Neat, huh?" She snapped her fingers again, flicking her wrist, and the knife 'disappeared', returned to holding in her stomach. "So, who's up next?"

As she finished her acting, she was hit with a strange sense of missing out on something. Like a lesson on giving an entrance and being entertaining...

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Yesterday, 11:55 PM

Ada felt a little more confident as Aleithe and Cassia took their places behind her, a relieved sigh escaping her lips. Even if she wasn't in the best shape, she was still able to protect them. That is, until Leon stayed in front of her, receiving attacks from two of the approaching enemies. He seemed to get through it without much trouble, holding them off, silent as ever... But Ada still snapped.


"What are you doing!? You're the leader, don't be reckless!"


She started to move forward until she remembered what weapon Land Shark wielded. If she were to break past Leon to attack, the boss would have access to her... Or worse, Aleithe or Leon would use their swords to protect her at a disadvantage. Cursing under her breath, she threw her hand over Leon's shoulder, dark magic swirling about the barbarian directly in front of her leader, obscuring the bandit from their vision as it consumed him.


"Fall back, Leon! It's better if we use this as a choke! point"



In Topic: Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

As they returned to the center and healed up, Genny had kept her eyes on Ivan constantly. She had done her best to make it less than apparent, enough so that she was sure Jacklyn wouldn't notice... But she had no doubt her stares had been caught by Ivan. He seemed a bit more streetwise than the energetic 'leader'. She considered putting on a tiny show for Ivan's sake... However, she decided he wasn't the type for it. Maybe she could cheer someone else up.


Not long after arriving at the center, Jackie had dragged the group towards the route, her words lost in the sheer exuberance she moved with. Her fist shot into the air as she began to march onto the route, earning a soft smile from Genevieve. 


"Ah, maybe slow dow-... And she is gone. Whatever will we do with her?" Genny mused, glancing to Ivan, "I doubt the two of us could wander very far without her noticing... Perhaps it is best if we follow along?"


Taking a step forward and spinning on her heel, she put her fingers around her eye, in a sideways V, flashing a grin. "Maybe you, too, will be able to shine brightly, soon!"

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Yesterday, 06:47 PM

careful, you might step on some toes

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16 February 2018 - 11:32 PM

And we have our winners! An official results thread will be made soon, with the awards given out at that time... as well as a special hint for this year of YCM events!


Until then, this thread shall be locked. Thanks to everyone for participating!