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In Topic: Maybe, with what little power you have left...

Today, 12:09 PM

joke's on everyone i never did genocide

In Topic: mido9 can't see my sig

Today, 12:00 PM

He blocked or otherwise closed your sig (or all sigs), possibly accidentally.

In Topic: Remove the rule against reposting self-deleted statuses

Today, 11:14 AM

The problem with exceptions is that it’s very difficult to discern the two based on notifications or reports alone. When it’s obvious that a completely different status is posted, it’s punishable.


What this _does_ make me wonder is if it’s possible to remove deleting statuses from regular members... but playing reposts to fix typos.


But I’m not super fond of anti-deleting anyway.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

Yesterday, 08:57 AM

I said worse. Not worst. There’s a difference.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

Yesterday, 07:57 AM

Honestly really disappointed that Ike won.


I might not like Tharja, but Winter Tharja is just a really good unit, both for use and inheritance. She's unlikely to see a reprint for a while, unlike Like who will probably see it at the end of the month, so I honestly feel like we got the worse result.