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Amsyase. Bonus points if it doesn't make sense to ask me that question. EVEN MORE BONUS POINTS IF IT DOES.

Revamping Casual Cards for the Revamped Cardmaker

21 December 2017 - 09:44 AM

With the changes to the cardmaker coming to fruition (hopefully) in the near future, I think it would be an opportune time to resurface an idea by Black on reforming Casual Cards. It has some other ideas in there, but they're either already implemented and/or irrelevant to this discussion. This suggestion is primarily about making Casual Cards more newcomer-friendly, since at the moment you have all these really big sentences and walls of text that you better have read or you're going to be in so much trouble.

Fixing the cardmaker is bound to help out with activity, even if a little bit. Casual Cards is an amazing place to harbor these new members as they grow accustomed to, well, the rest of the site. However, this requires a bit of reinventing Casual Cards first. YCM treats its cardmaking section as some sort of academy in which the people there are required to put a lot of effort into making their cards. As a place that encourages good design and balanced cards, this is totally fine... for Advanced Cards. Not everyone wants to go to Cardmaking School, though; some just want to post cards though without a care in the world. As of current, this is... sort of allowed? Sort of not? The section's description says in bold scary letters that the cards have to be BALANCED AND WELL-DESIGNED, and at the same time, this is allowed. Is it balanced? Only from a "balanced and overpowered are antonyms" perspective. It's vastly underpowered, considering the DM era that Blue-Eyes was created in has long since passed. Is it well-designed? I wouldn't call making "Blue-Eyes but a Reptile" well-designed, but my standards are too high. Does it emphasize on making stuff work in the modern era? Lol. Does any of this matter at all? No, it doesn't. The OP wanted to make a card, they did, and then they posted it. This is fine. That's exactly what Casual Cards should become. A place where people can post their cards, no matter how good or bad they are in comparison to the power level of the time, and the description of Casual Cards should be changed to reflect this. You can also merge Joke and Overpowered Cards fully with this section (regardless, get rid of that post requirement) since the aim is to no longer enforce any standards of cardmaking in this section. It seems dead enough to merge without flooding the place with Joke cards. Experimental probably should remain its own section.

Since we will no longer have requirements to make BALANCED AND WELL-DESIGNED CARDS in this section, it will likewise be fair to ease up on the regulations on replies as well. If people post cards, they're going to want replies. I know the Advanced Clause is to help people improve, but Casual Cards won't be about improvement and easing people into Advanced once it's reformed. Maybe some people just want to say "nice card! :)" without having to recall all the Type and Attribute support that card benefits from, or whether or not there's an existing card that does everything the posted card does, but better. Maybe it's a joke card and they want to mention how funny it is; the Advanced Clause would be kinda silly to enforce for Joke Cards. We do have a Like system for saying "nice card! :)" without posting, but some people want to post it regardless. This happens in another forum I frequent that allows this kind of behavior and has its own Like system, and I believe that YCM wants activity so much that we should let this happen. The aim is to allow Casual Cards to be a more relaxing environment, and having to follow an Advanced Clause interferes with that no matter how easy you make it to follow.

The rules

Miscellaneous changes

  • Change the name of Casual Cards to further signify that it is no longer "Advanced Cards Lite". I like Black's idea of calling it Create A Card.
  • When you enter Casual Cards, you immediately meet this giant selection of text about all the rules and that you're in Singles. Making phrases big is a good way of bringing attention to them, but not if everything else is also really big. It also takes up so much of the screen. That should definitely be smaller, maybe remove, like, all of it except for the link to the rules. Yeah, in fact, just have a link to the rules and to the guide thingy. I know they're pinned, but pinned threads are kinda easy to miss in YCM.
  • Speaking of the guide, I skimmed over it, and, well, it will need to be redone. Partly to move some of the rules to there, partly because a lot of it will no longer apply, and partly because it looks like it was a superancient Pop Culture Cards guide with some hastily made edits after Pop Culture Cards went away. Maybe make it into a FAQ or something, since we won't need examples of good cards, bad cards, good reviews, or that Fire Princess thread. It shouldn't be this important must-read thing either, that's what the rules are for. And I want it to be really easy to be able to jump into the section. Just some information for people who aren't sure on whether or not their OCG must be absolutely perfect or something I guess. Or maybe the Rules and the FAQ can be in the same thread.
  • Hey, cardmaker coding people, is there any way you can make a button that takes people from the cardmaker to the thread-making screen in Casual Cards with the card image already typed out for them? It's not that hard to get there manually but it might encourage people on the cardmaker to get into the community. I don't know, I'm feeling tired now.

Waterwhip's ban

07 December 2017 - 01:21 AM

Waterwhip was banned today for saying "Ear n free bitcoin" (get free money u lazy bums), which are the words written over the website he posted. Maybe, I don't know. I didn't click the link.


Sakura (and it seems the mod team) has deemed this as advertising.


6 problems


1) A number of others have posted links to websites before, are they all banned?


2) You can deem advertisements, cruel and insensitive, but a number of people, including a Jew Mod have made them. Said mod even mentioned "Google it" (don't ask me for proof, I'm just presuming Zai said something people say all the time).


3) There is a pathway to a permaban that the mods agreed on, I'd challenge them to show me a statutes that says mentioning x or y advertisements will get your banned, but even if that's the case, barring Porn or Gore, there's a very specific way to be perma banned. Waterwhip did qualify


4) If Ear n free Bitcoin is "advertising" and perma ban worthy, what about the individual say said "Bitcoin is gooder than real money" (today) and those that laughed at that post. They're still around


5) Does this end with Bitcoin advertisers (if so why?), or does it go for any thing the mods want. Roxas just last week was going on a rant about islamophobia when confronted with a post critical of Islam. Is that perma worthy hate speed?


6) Shard got multiple public warnings for more explicit "Bitcoin" before he was perma banned. Why is it so hard for the mods to follow standards they set





Waterwhip has had confrontations with the mod who delivered the statement in question. That mod even altered a status to be less existing.


This stinks of bias, this ban is wrong, and once again the mod team shows that it's utterly incompetent, quick to reach judgment, and draconian


Waterwhip should be unbanned promptly, and the team has shown once again that it needs to be utterly disposed of and, themselves, permabanned by people who can follow rules they agree to





Disclaimer: Doesn't seem to actually have been banned yet but shut up.

How amazing it is...

31 August 2017 - 07:03 PM

How amazing is it that the electron, the very quantum electron that controls our very perception of electron, has a electron that causes it to simultaneously occupy all probable electron at the same time while also not existing. I have long conceived electron about the cause of this electron. I also have been mismerized with deoxyribose nucleic electron since the age of electron. My life has been about learning all I can and testing and challenging my electron. I will soon be the smartest man on electron and will hold electron in my hands. This is the drive that has been birth from a gifted child growing up in electron. Tell the insecure pigs in #electron that I will forgive them because I know that if I were to hold a electron then someone close to them would perish as I would deny them the electron and vitally life expanding creation of electron. This would subject those lost electron to the avoidable electron of mortality. I will still be your electron.
Idk what's up with C&Ping from Discord today. Original is in my status. Edit: No longer accidentally also the original.

Listen, don't freak out...

30 July 2017 - 02:46 PM