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Ask me or my gun anything

26 November 2018 - 08:28 PM

I will answer. My gun may or may not. In the case that my gun does not answer then my gun is a dweeb. DO NOT BE A DWEEB.


07 May 2018 - 11:45 PM


Would u like to buy one of our windmills of war

21 Fast FACTS about the grues

05 April 2018 - 12:44 PM

-Grues did not create feminism. They might not even know what that is.

-Grues don't own the media. They probably don't know what that is either.

-Grues don't start wars, politicians and advisors are not known to be grues (mostly because they refuse to enter the dark).

-Hollywood seems to be kept in the dark about grues.

-Grues are the ones pushing for mass immigration of people into the Dark (they're hungry).

-Grues don't have bank accounts.

-Grues can't even see pornography. It's too dark.

-95% of all "grue" attacks are REAL attacks that are carried out by underground grue agents.

-Grues didn't create major social media networks, nor do they control any social media accounts.

-Grues were not responsible for slavery (the ships which brought African slaves to America had no grues).

-Grues don't work at 7-11 (don't Google this, I don't feel like backing up my claims with facts).

-Grues are probably susceptible to diseases. I don't even know.

-Grues may not even be aware of pro-transexual or pro-homosexual messages. If they are, they probably don't even pay them any heed.

-Grues have eaten everyone who tried to obtain even the slightest hint of grue religion.

-Speaking in the dark is a good way to get eaten by a grue.

-Grues are not trying to take away your guns (there aren't even any grue politicians, see above).

-Nobody knows if grues are more likely to have mental diseases (grues are not a disease. You can't "contract the grue").

-The educational system has an underwhelming number of grue students; a grand total of ZERO. Grues are also not related to communism at all.

-Everyone who tried to find out if there are even any homosexual grues have been eaten.

-There is absolutely no information on any genocidal events in which the grues were the victim. All we really know is that if you are in the dark, you will be eaten by a grue.

Re-Officialize the YCM Discord

29 March 2018 - 01:05 PM

It's been 8 months since we've unofficialized the Discord (which can be found here) when Gadj resigned and none of the other mods were willing to take up the mantle of server owner. When this happened, nearly every mod left the Discord. Since then, a few returned, and we've modded some members here who are also in the Discord. Lujan, who had been given ownership of the server, has modded members who were modded here on the forums.


This, along with most of the inhabitants of the Discord being YCMembers, makes the place retain the feel that it is still the "YCM Discord." Well, that and it literally being the YCM Discord. I am of the opinion that the YCM Discord can be officialized once again without problems. I faintly remember some of the reasons given behind it being unofficialized, but, well:

  • The mods don't want to run the Discord server, and the server owner is not a mod.

I don't see why exactly the server owner has to be a mod. I mean, it's a little weird, but it isn't necessary, nor is it bad. Lujan has done a fine enough job in managing the server, and even with the server re-officialized I'd still support him owning the server.

  • Maybe some mods don't want to be part of this.

This is totally fine. Being a part of the YCM Discord shouldn't be mandatory for moderators of this site. As of right now, YCM mods are doing a good job at being on Discord, and not all of them are there. Right now, Zai (even though he's leaving), Black, Dad, Flame Dragon (though he hilariously isn't modded), and Tormented are part of the YCM server. CowCow and Sakura aren't (and probably not Broken, but I'm not 100% sure on this). If they don't want to join the server, we will still have enough of a mod presence there without them.

  • That Waifubot channel or something.

I'm not entirely sure on this. It's one of the more active sections of the server, because of course it is, so I wouldn't suggest getting rid of this. That said, by the looks of things, we can officialize the server without getting rid of this. Given we can write mature stories in Creative Writing so long as they're tagged with PG-13 or whatever, we can do the same thing with the Waifubot channel. In fact, we already did. You need to check that you are over 17 or 18 or whatever before you can view it. I'm not entirely sure if these two things are quite exactly equivalent, but they seem to be.




Also, if this comes to fruition, we should pin a thread in Introductions with an invite to the Discord, so that it is somewhere on the forum that we can get to easily (and new members who want to find our Discord can do so).

Raeg's favorite characters

23 February 2018 - 12:09 AM



@Mutant Monster RAEG u door ladder