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About Me

Been Dueling Since: ~2003
Favorite Bands: Disturbed, Serj Tankian, Rammstein, Dog Fashion Disco, Tech N9ne
Favorite Manga/Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Toriko, OnePunch Man
Contests Won: 6
Seconded: 6
Thirded: 1

(Don't enter them anymore)


[Feel free to do the below yourself. Try to use something different for each]


Overall Favorite Monster(s): Doomcaliber Knight / Injection Fairy Lily
Favorite Spell: Exchange
Favorite Trap: Zoma the Spirit
Favorite Anime/Manga Card: Fossil Fusion
Favorite Deck or Deck Type: Dino/Dragon Ninjas
Favorite Type: Pyro / Psychic
Favorite Attribute: EARTH
Favorite Archetype: Archfiends

Favorite Series of YGO: Not sure

Favorite YGO Character: Chazz Princeton


Favorite DARK: Verz Bahamut / Grinder Golem
Favorite EARTH: Psychic Commander / Hyper Hammerhead
Favorite FIRE: Volcanic Counter

Favorite LIGHT: Cyber Twin Dragon
Favorite WATER: Tribe-Infecting Virus
Favorite WIND: Risebell the Star Adjuster

Favorite DIVINE: Slifer the Sky Dragon
Favorite Normal Monster: Archfiend Soldier
Favorite Fusion: Dark Balter the Terrible / Dark Blade the Dragon Knight
Favorite Ritual: Relinquished
Favorite Synchro: Hyper Psychic Blaster
Favorite Xyz: Queen Dragun Djinn

Favorite Pendulum: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Favorite Banned Card: Thousand Eyes Restrict / Metamorphosis

Least Favorite Unbanned Card: Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning / Judgment Dragon
Least Favorite Banned Card: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
Least Favorite Attribute: LIGHT
Least Favorite Type: Wyrm
Least Favorite Deck: Unfairities (Infernity)


[And do this if you're brave enough]


Expanded Favorites by Type:

Aqua: Penguin Soldier

Beast: Flame Tiger

Beast-Warrior: Winged Rhynos

Dinosaur: Black Tyranno

Dragon: Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon / Infernal Dragon

Fairy: Metaion, the Time Lord

Fiend: Terrorking Archfiend

Fish: Depth Shark

Insect: Brain Crusher

Machine: Ancient Gear Golem

Plant: Homunculus the Alchemic Being

Psychic: Silent Psychic Wizard

Pyro: Volcanic Shell

Reptile: Masked Chameleon / Alien Grey

Rock: Legendary Jujitsu Master

Sea Serpent: Atlantean Pikeman

Spellcaster: Dark Paladin

Thunder: Wattcobra

Warrior: Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo

Winged Beast: Sky Scout

Wyrm: -None-

Zombie: Endless Decay


Continuous Spell: Swords of Concealing Light

Equip Spell: Axe of Fools

Field Spell: Gaia Power

Normal Spell: Reversal Quiz

Quick-Play: Scapegoat

Continuous Trap: Ordeal of a Traveler

Counter Trap: Judgment of Anubis

Normal Trap: Bottomless Trap Hole


[If for some reason you find the below useful to you for card creating, go ahead and use it]


List of Type/Attribute combos with 5 or less cards

List of Type/Level combos with 5 or less

List of Numbers/CNumbers not revealed

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