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Phantom Roxas

Phantom Roxas

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In Topic: Venom (2018)

28 minutes ago

That was… hmm. Not really sure Tom Hardy's performance should be reminding me of Jamie Foxx as Electro.

Also, it's pronounced "sim-bee-uht."

I dunno. That was a really awkward trailer. At least Venom himself looks okay.

In Topic: Fire Emblem Heroes

Yesterday, 11:01 PM

So, Matt Mercer voices Shigure. He also voices McCree in Overwatch. So, Shigure's "Noontime" is hilarious.


And they tease me with Kaze. I've been waiting for him since the game was first announced. GIVE HIM TO ME ALREADY, INTSYS.


Well, at least I'll have Kana. After the Morgans, having Kana makes sense. Though it's weird that we only seem to be getting the Female Kana. I'm wondering if Male Kana or Kaze would be Tempest Trial rewards, or if there's another Summoning Focus coming up with them.

In Topic: Venom (2018)

Yesterday, 10:41 PM

Damn it, how dare they make Venom look so awesome. I'm actually starting to feel a little more excited about this film now.

In Topic: Restructuring the Mod Team

Yesterday, 09:29 AM

Could we have the first post of this thread updated? While I'm sure everyone could look up the rest of the current mod team, for the sake of this thread, by itself, I think it'll help to acknowledge the changes in the team, such as Zai stepping down and Sakura demoting to a regular mod.

In Topic: Doing some opinions

22 April 2018 - 09:04 PM

its completely serious



I don't think much has changed. I kind of grasping for something to say here, but I think you're good at elaborating your thoughts succinctly. For a while I think I see either little comments that don't explain much, or a few paragraphs that… well, don't explain much either. It's a whole lot of words for so little. You're good at avoiding that, since you get right to the point.