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#7070545 Every GLAAD-Nominated Marvel Comic Book Has Been Axed

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 20 January 2018 - 09:50 PM

For the past few years, Marvel has genuinely tried to make more progressive stories. However, last year, David Gabriel - Marvel's VP of Sales - blamed poor sales on diversity, which completely peeved a lot of people, mostly because it seemed like he was looking for a convenient scapegoat rather than looking at other factors, such as bad stories or event fatigue, both factors being especially egregious in Secret Empire.


A lot of these books were pushed for under the supervision of Axel Alonso, the previous Editor-in-Chief, while these books were cancelled following the promotion of the new Editor-in-Chief, C.B. Cebulski.


Marvel is also pretty lousy at promoting these books, and usually the decision to cancel certain books is made before people have the chance to buy them, as Marvel primarily cares about pre-orders put out by retailers. Marvel pays more attention to what the retailers are saying, rather than what the customers themselves are saying, so it's a game of telephone.


Basically, Marvel puts out books that they fail to promote, and usually decide to cancel anyway (Which then begs the question of why they even bother to put these books in the first place...), and then blame the customers.

#7068666 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 14 January 2018 - 06:18 PM

Feeling a bit nervous regarding a few of the choices, so I'll offer a few hats into the ring. Another thing I'd probably suggest is that some mods could perhaps he better for at least "mentoring" potential candidates to an extent.


VCR_Cat: A very conditional nomination. There are several threads where I think he brings a welcome perspective to Debates, but things can be very heated. However, he does strike me as the kind of person who knows exactly what the role of a moderator would call for, and could perhaps adjust. As far as giving a new voice to the team, I could like to see VCR work alongside them.


Fusion: He is someone who is frankly high on my personal list for who should have been promoted a long time ago. In the Complaints thread, I noted that I believe the Multimedia section is sorely lacking for a mod. Fusion is someone I see fairly often across Multimedia, and while I realize that this election is not meant to be looking for mods in certain areas, I do think a member's presence in given areas offers great insight for how they could be a mod of any given area.


J-Max: I forgot that you were the one who banned Ragnarok. For the most part, I remember how Icy and I were both particularly frustrated with him. You seem a lot more different now than you were back down. Relaxed, I want to say. I don't believe you're anywhere close to risking the same problems that got you banned in the first place, and as far as seeing some former mods back on the team, I'm personally thinking of people who were mods before even I was, and I'm pretty sure that means you. I looked up to you back in the day, and I'd like to see that again.


Catterjune: It actually took me way too long to realize that Catterjune was Pika. For the same reasons as above, I'm picking a much older member of the team, and Pika was definitely someone who brought something to the team that I'd love to see again. A willingness to get the job done, and a good personality. The team is either too lax or too vindictive (Or some bizarre mix of both, where the mods either do something that seems malicious, except it was done through complete incompetence), and I think Pika hits a great balance without going to either of those extremes.


- Krow 4 mod No.

#7068478 New Staff Member Election

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 13 January 2018 - 06:37 PM

Can we not push revisionist history right now? Or even make it about tearing anyone down? This is the set up phase. It’s not even a day old, the thread should be positive until a good number of names are in the pot. We have like 5-6 atm, I believe. Just wait.
Roxas and I were often opposed. We disagreed about handling things. He never had a reign. Even with disagreements, it never reached anything resembling actual hostility until a couple weeks before demotion.
He wasn’t some evil mastermind. He wanted you banned, like much of the team. I believed it was wrong with the methods used, after evilfusion had made me realize that.
I pushed back on ideas like that and the NSFW rule, and I do appreciate support, but stop blindly praising me and pushing false narratives. I’m far from perfect.


Just want to get this out of the way publicly. Black, I am not going to begrudge you in this thread. I just want to say that I am sick of Winter tearing me down to prop you up. I feel like Winter would hurt this election by speaking in bad faith. If there is any hostility, I do not wish to direct it towards you.

I’m going to take some time to get a clear head before I post my thoughts for nominations. I really do not want to fight with Black here, so I would appreciate it if Winter knocked it off with his “Black defied the Roxas tyranny” bit he keeps shoving into any talk of elections. It is completely mean-spirited and helps no one.

#7067715 help Zai pick a new handle

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 January 2018 - 01:55 PM

Hi I'm Dad. 


Zai I'm Dad

#7067630 Breaking News: Roxas caught trying to solicit the Moderators

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 January 2018 - 01:46 AM





Nah, I'm okay with LinkXyz keeping this up.

#7067626 Breaking News: Roxas caught trying to solicit the Moderators

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 January 2018 - 01:43 AM

Roxas, we all understand wanting to play as the chick once in a while, 'kay? But you are never going to be a real princess!

Well, guess I'll have to settle for the Dungeons & Dragons game I'm in where I'm playing an elf princess.

#7067610 Breaking News: Roxas caught trying to solicit the Moderators

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 January 2018 - 01:17 AM

This was timed with this post far too well.

#7067607 Post a Pic of the Real You!

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 January 2018 - 01:13 AM

Went to MAGFest last week, and I think my Inigo cosplay went well

#7067597 Complaints Go Here

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 January 2018 - 12:44 AM

Night basically doesn't exist 


I mean, the solution I could offer there is to just demote Night entirely, and then Flame and Sakura can be our two Supers, but that seems a little extreme, so I'd rather not actively push for that just yet.


To play devil's advocate for a moment, the issue with the mod team is that, as far as the team is concerned, nothing they do will ever be good enough. Putting aside whether or not you believe that, I think the best course here is to at least offer more restrained demands. It wouldn't be making concessions on what we actually want when all is said and done, more just trying to meet them half way.


You want something done? Okay, now understand why the mods might be reluctant to agree to that. For example, if the suggestion were to kick Night off the team entirely, but the team doesn't want to kick him off, I think one "compromise" (If you can call it that) is to reduce Night to a regular mod. It doesn't completely remove Night from the team, but I think it placates any mod who at least wants Night to stay on the team, while also perhaps opening the door to Night leaving the team entirely.


Maybe not a good example, or one I explained very well, but generally, I have to wonder if the team thinks people are just demanding way too much. So, I don't know, maybe break things down into a smaller, step-by-step process, and try to at least get through Step 1 before asking what a mod might end up treating as Step 7?

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#7067531 Complaints Go Here

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 10 January 2018 - 09:12 PM

Might have to reread through some of the other posts, but I think it's best to at least answer this one right now.

Since Winter brought it up, as did Cow, who do you think is the head of the team? Or are we a chicken without one?

I'd say you're a chicken without one. I was saying this to Winter in a status update this morning, but I frankly don't think there's really anyone in charge at the moment. Because Evilfusion was in charge, but while you and Sakura are both Super Mods, I'm not sure I could say either of you live up to that position the same way.
There was something a while ago when the general mod team was restructured, and some mods were demoted from Super Mods to regular mods. Though it wasn't because there were any problems, so much as the team really did just need a restructuring. I think there needs to be something similar now. Not necessarily removing or adding new mods, and I certainly have no interest in asking any particular mods to step down. More that I believe the current "hierarchy" of the mod team, such that it is, needs to be reevaluated.

Though it can be considered indicative of our site overall, I don't think we should pay much mind to things like this. The arbitrary hatred between different forums is no new thing. If someone got banned on another site for defending YCM, it speaks far more toward the incompetence of that forum's staff than it does that of our own.

EDIT: what the fuck do I always talk this fancy?

I'm inclined to agree with this. Going to avoid delving into my own personal experience here too much, but I will say that if some other forum hates us so much that they'll ban anyone who defends us, that's their problem, and not ours. I don't think anyone here should feel obligated to improve things just because some other forum doesn't like us.
But that isn't say we shouldn't improve things at all. We do have our issues, but that's for us to decide. This is our community. What difference does it make what some other forum thinks of the team here?

#7067483 Complaints Go Here

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 10 January 2018 - 06:14 PM

Not exactly my own complaints with the mod team, so much as I’d rather there be more specifics than just “the mod team sucks.” That kind of complaint always seems like, even when there are legitimate concerns, just blaming “the mod team” seems like there’s more that could be said. The mod team, to put it simply, is a collection of individuals. Sometimes the problems may not be inherent to the mod team, and could be more the fault of specific individuals.

It also seems that, no matter how many mods leave or enter the team, it’s not enough to change the perception that “the mod team” is inherently flawed. Regardless of the individuals, it’s the team that’s to blame. Again, a lack of specifying individuals makes it difficult to really resolve certain issues. If there are issues inherent to the “idea” of the team, what are those issues? Does altering the roster of the team change it?

This is a massive generalization, but I think at least a good way to offer some insight on critiquing the mod team would be to distinguish what an individual member of the team is doing wrong, and why the team as a whole is perceived as responsible. I think getting into specifics, and hopefully highlighting individual flaws, can offer more of an idea for how each moderator can improve.

As for actual criticism, that we even need this thread at all seems to be an issue. Something that’s come up is that, while it’s nice if you to invite people to PM you, other members have found other mods completely unreliable in that regard. The main reason I accepted abolishing the PR mod position was because I believed that all mods improving their own PR skills - effectively folding the former position in with basic duties - was the perfect compromise. But if mods are just going to ignore messages for whatever reason, it completely flies in the face of that idea, and shows that mod failing at PR. If the mods aren’t interested in communication, then don’t expect us to accept the loss of a dedicated PR mod position

#7065455 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 31 December 2017 - 09:40 PM

In the beginning…

…a divine creator made the heavens and the earth.

The earth was formless and empty, darkness over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of this creator hovered over the waters. And the divine creator declared, “Let there be light,” and there was light. The creator saw that the light was good, and separated light from darkness. The light was called ‘day’ and the darkness was called ‘night.’ And there was evening, and there was morning. The first day of existence. Over the next six days, such were brought into existence: the sun and the moon, the sky and the ocean, the animals and the plants, and mankind in His own image. The heavens and the earth were complete, in all their vast array.

By the seventh day, the divine creator had finished the work, and thus, on the seventh day He rested from all his work. That seventh day was blessed and made holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that He had done. On that seventh day, the earth was entrusted to seven holy servants. Seven Archangels. Seven Mysteries.

These Seven Mysteries assisted in the creation of the first man, and when the divine creator breathed life into him, they were instructed to bow before him. Before Adam. All followed the command—except for one.

The angel of the first day, and the greatest. The Peacock of Angels.

To God did the Peacock answer: How can I submit to another being? I am from your illumination while Adam is made of dust!

This demonstration of defiance, this sin of Pride, was a hubris that was met with a holy response. As punishment, the archangel was banished from the Heavens, to burn in pain and suffering, to be trapped in the great and merciless fires of HELL. Across reality, countless lives have come to believe that is the end of the story, that this was where the morning star was consumed by hubris and became God’s antithesis, ‘Shaitan’. However, this divine body could not recall such a fanciful tale of being the absolute evil to an absolute good. To begin with, good and evil were not opposites, and the story of the Peacock certainly did not end in Hell.

This was the truth: The Peacock repented. For seven thousand years, the Peacock weeped. And when that intense sorrow stopped, the Peacock looked up...to see that the fires of Hell had been quenched by tears. Hell, the blazing realm of torment and despair that ought to await all evil souls, had been reduced to a brazen land. God descended, and with His warmth looked upon the Peacock. And the divine creator declared, “You are the ruler and lord on the Earth,” granting redemption as a demiurge. The Peacock ascended, rising from the ashes of the land to become a mighty Chief of Angels to be revered only by a select few.

And on that barren, ash-filled land once called ‘Hell’…

...there was nothing. Nothing but the abandoned body of a peacock.

The Twilight One, w/ Slifer the Sky Dragon & Winged Dragon of Ra


~ The Road That Leads to God ~

From the massive vortex, Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Ra were slammed outwards, into a strange, truly strange land, entirely cut off from Origin. As far the eye could see, all that appeared to exist here was a boundless barrenness of rock; endless jagged pillars and caves, dead volcanoes and charred mountains littering the land every few miles, and a pitch-black surface, littered almost entirely by ash. Such ash drifted down from the clouds, much like a steady rain of darkness, its pieces resting upon everything that lay beneath.

Although they lacked a great amount of information, something regarding their very natures connected to it. They knew instinctively what it was. That it was not a land of me, not an illusion or spell, and knew that it was certainly no reality marble. There was no mana source sustaining it, no flawed mental image to bring it to life. This was not an imaginary attempt by a mortal to replicate what could not be replicated.

No. This was legitimate. Even if they could not connect fully to it, even if they could not discern the full story, they - as divine beings with dominion over death - knew one thing. That this surprisingly calm “world”, if it could even be called that, was what remained of Hell.

A small gap formed in the clouds, and a single ray of twilight shone down; and It materialized. The Twilight One.

With an exceptionally deep, booming voice, the Twilight One addressed them: hark, ye lost gods of egypt, and be welcomed. i am born of the light within darkness, i am lord over the barrier between heaven and hell. i am THE TWILIGHT ONE.

The black phoenix was perched over two thousand feet above on extinct volcano, serving primarily to emphasize Its sheer, magnificence might. Its size alone was beyond comprehension, dwarfing that of the very volcano upon which he waited; Its outstretched wings would have been incomprehensible to a mortal, with a wingspan of over two miles, and it seemed to vastly dwarf even the Egyptian Gods before it. In all honesty, even if Protheus Maximus considered It the ultimate servant, It was not a servant at all. Who could ever dream to control such grandeur? No, the only reason why it must hang around in his presence at all...is because it didn’t care one way or another.

From that volcano, and from this home, the Twilight One gazed downwards with cold, red eyes. Knowing naught but victory against lesser opponents. Again, It found Itself wondering. Would these two gods be worth the challenge? Or would they fall… like all the others?

Slifer. Ra. on this fine day, Thou hath been invited into my realm for reasons of aggression. now, let such reasons be heard, for all to hear. speak Thy cause.

“We stand against Protheus Maximus! Slifer answered proudly, though His voice barely reached the sheer volume of the Twilight One’s. “The sorcerer, his wretch of a daughter, and their Divine have wrought nothing but oblivion upon countless realms.”

Ra flew but a few inches towards their foe. “Protheus Maximus blocks the path. The mortals of the Counter Corps must defeat him, and We must shepherd them to the Door of Origin. If You are to shepherd Protheus just as well…”

“…Then Our battle here shall decide who will reach the Door. Eria, the Water Charmer, has shown much strength. Even I owe her much.” Only one other human, Dorian von Schroeder, had dared to wield the power of the Egyptian Gods in this war. Even if Slifer was uncertain of where that boy was, he knew one truth. “I will see to it that Eria can restore order to the chaos that the Maximuses have brought to the multiverse.”

“And I will help Sora as well,” Ra added. “His heart has touched so many others. Even when despair consumed him, and enslaved even Myself, in the end, hope prevailed. So many have sacrificed themselves for him to move forward, and it is their hope that he carries with him! He would never allow their sacrifices to be in vain, and neither shall I!”

Slifer and Ra roared, and the gods flew higher into the sky, each of them standing before the wings of the Twilight One. Yet still, they felt incomplete. In the Pathway to Death, a specter of Isamy Maximus had attacked Eria, and the card housing the spirit of Obelisk the Tormentor fell into the depths of the Pathway.

Insects were far beneath humans, and humans were far beneath the gods. And now, Slifer and Ra could see how they themselves were so small and beneath the Twilight One. Even still, Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Ra chose to fight.


As the gods called out for their brother, Slifer fired a Thunderforce Cannon directly at the Twilight One’s right wing, as Ra’s entire body wrapped itself in fire and flame, transforming into a burning, golden phoenix. The drifting ash gathered around Ra’s beak, and every particle began to spark. The ash ignited, and Ra’s wings beating against the air, He focused on the Twilight One’s left wing, declaring, “GOD BLAZE CANNON!”

A cinereous inferno blasted forth against the Twilight One’s wing, as the black phoenix was assaulted by twin cannons.

shameful… The Twilight One uttered. From both wings, endless streams of feathers detached and blasted outwards at the godly attacks. On the right, the feathers congregated, transforming into steel as they formed a shield matching the Thunderforce Cannon’s size; taking in its utter force in a mighty clash, which ended in being reflected up towards the sky. On the left, the feathers dissipated instead, forming a fog of darkness; the golden god felt unnaturally smothered in energy as He passed through, his enveloping inferno being ripped away, and found upon emerging that all His divine flames had been drowned out. The Twilight One flapped its gigantic left wing forth, appearing much like an unstoppable wall as it slammed directly unto Ra. The outmatched god was sent crashing towards the ground. For all His size, He’d been pushed aside like a child.

let it be known that Thy motivations are acknowledged. however, to be influenced by the rabble? to make decisions for their sake? to use Thy own ability without sacrifice from them? indeed, the third component to Thine trio, ‘Obelisk’, appears to have fallen by the effect of mortal hands. this duo brings shame the hierarchy of divinity. in consideration of these facts, i must wonder.

Slifer. Ra. are You truly GODS? or are You mere BEASTS with some semblance of what great power feels like?

The majestic Twilight One did not move from its position, remaining perched on top of that extinct volcano. Its voice boomed across the entire realm, calmly questioning them, judging them. Its crimson eyes slowly moved from the lightning dragon, whom actually ‘owed’ a girl named Eria, to the falling gold phoenix, whom favoured some boy named Sora. What was this ridiculousness? There was no anger in Its tone, but rather, simply disappointment.

Slifer considered the Twilight One’s words. In truth, they had been weakened far too much during this war. That Earthbound Immortal had nearly banished Slifer, forcing Slifer to bond with Eria. Xansvita had managed to hold his own against Ra, and that other sorcerer, Sliske, had only further proved to be a nuisance. Could either of them truly be considered gods anymore?

“And what of you?” Slifer asked. “Why align Yourself with Protheus Maximus? What of Your own ambitions? True, We may be allowing mortals to influence Us. But the mortals who are participating in this war each have their own ideals. A world that they wish to live in. I see no purpose in ruling over a world where mortals cannot seek a purpose for themselves. We do not bring shame to Our divinity. We grant it meaning!”

Slifer fired several volleys of fireballs and lightning towards the Twilight One. They were only minor attacks, and Slifer expected the Twilight One to defend against them with ease. “What purpose do You have, claiming dominion over so desolate a wasteland as this? Our underworld, Duat, offers a journey for the dead. To prove themselves, and be judged. But I see nothing here. No one seeking a journey, or judgment. So do not think to judge Us, demon. I ask you thus: I would know Your own ambition. Surely even You could see that Protheus Maximus cares for nothing but himself.”

Indeed, a certain number of the Twilight One’s feathers detached, equal to the oncoming attacks. Each one transformed into a beam of light that collided with - and negated - the lightning and the flames, without the great god even noticing.

is that so. in other words, it is Thy belief that the gods exist to serve the bidding of the mortals, to nurture it, and to assist it, as opposed to the other way around. be that correct, I find that a ridiculous notion. and I, the Twilight One, am no demon, but a true god. an angel from time immemorial. none, even the Divine Creator, rule over me. it is by my own will that I accompany the Herald of Darkness, the man you name ‘Protheus Maximus’, for the opportunity to observe realms differing from my own. there is much to gain and little to lose; I could not care less what he does with those realms.

Opting to counterattack in order to prove Its point, the Twilight One turned to face the barren ground. Ashpiles were violently dispersed in places scattered around the area, revealing twelve bubbling vats of dark lava underneath, one being right beside Ra.

now, your ‘Duat’ may be a work of excellent design. however, what You see before You is no mere underworld. it is HELL. a Hell that, by My own power, was remodelled into a form I favoured.

I saw the work of my creator, Hell, as an unfair eternal damnation for the living. in My rebellion against the creator, I made that Hell a land in which there will always be second chances to enter His paradise, His Heaven. you speak of journeys, but the only journey the living care about is the journey of the living. this land exists to perpetuate the very cycle of life and death. yes, its stems grew to form the Shadow Realm, and yes, and its souls may return as the undead, but its purpose is fulfilled as long as none ever permanently reside here. except I.

Reacting to Its command, each and every one proceeded to shoot out jets of intense black lava. Half were aimed at the airborne Slifer, the other half intending to rain back down upon the fallen Ra.

From the sky, Slifer breathed flame against the oncoming lava, the force of His flames enough to slow their trajectory. Though they each continued on their path, they fell in their arcs, splashing back onto the earth.

Ra flew away from the lava vat beside Him, and looking directly upwards, countered the lava in a similar fashion, pouring so much power into His flame breath, spreading out to catch the lava. Ra kept His own flames burning until the streams of lava began to slow, falling straight down in columns around him. Assuming his Phoenix Mode once more, Ra soared higher into the sky, flames trailing behind him, and intermingling with the smoke in the area.

“Atonement is a noble goal,” Ra said to the Twilight One. “And there is some truth in what You say, that it is the mortals who exist to serve Us. If You wish for the mortals of Your realm the opportunity to sit at the side of Your creator, who am I to doubt that? But it is for that very reason that We must watch over them. We must judge them worthy, and test if that atonement is sincere. Mortals seek vindication, just as We seek their worship. Hearing the words of another granting approval… sure even You could understand that?”

Slifer turned to the Twilight One. “You say that this place perpetuates the cycle of life and death? If that is the case, then I wonder if the knowledge that You crave from Protheus Maximus is worth damning entire universes to end that cycle? You are nothing but a hypocrite, then. You care so little for what the Herald of Darkness does, for those who suffer in his mad quest, that You would deny them the same second chance You claim to offer. That is an unfair eternal damnation. It appears that You are no better than Your creator.”

At the two gods, now level with Its head, the eyes of the Twilight One flashed a menacing, angered crimson at their most preposterous speeches.

At first, It stared silently at the duo, taking in their arguments, deliberating their existences.


Then, as Its mouth opened, the loud, piercing screech of a maddened beast escaped Its lungs and echoed across the realm, whilst Its incomprehensibly large wings stretched out, as though to emphasize just how superior Its majesty was to theirs. you flawed beings DARE bring judgment upon I, the Great Chief of Angels? question My position? insult My divine providence? this is not a forgivable act. It seems to me that You... you are NO GODS. you are but IDOLS. clinging onto pagan beliefs to draw the admiration of your subjects the mortals…

The Twilight One flapped its giant wings; once, and twice, and thrice, and once more with each swing, gigantic amounts of wind were funnelled forth like a hurricane, coloured black from the endless ashes mixed in. The two lesser gods were hit by walls of wind with each movement, threatened to be knocked off-balance whilst the Twilight One took flight, appearing to actually retreat... but this was merely the beginning.

Slifer the Sky Dragon. Winged Dragon of Ra.

on this holy plain, let it be known that I hereby retract thy permission to exist. there shall be no LIGHT and no DARK to meet on the other side. only OBLIVION

Then. The end occurred.

The sky above the gods was not actually covered in dark clouds, but in an actual, thick array of smoke. Beyond that obscuring barrier of smoke, directly above the gods, a single object started to emerge and make it visible. First it was the summit; a tiny, dully-pointed piece of land. Of insignificant, red rock. But with every inch and every meter, it grew larger and larger and ever larger. It was certainly larger than the gods themselves, and it drew so large that it exceeded the Twilight One’s own ridiculous size, and still it grew, until its body had grown to exceed the very sky over the horizon. With a height from the otherwise-gigantic skies stretching beyond SEVEN THOUSAND FEET, it was practically serving as a meteor capable of wiping out so, SO MUCH in sight. Yet there was nothing special about its composition, no mystical quality to it, only red granites of varying, mundane compositions. What was this? What was this terRiFFYing gigantic oBject of EARTH, familiar yet unfamiliar, gradually emerging from the heavens, casting a shadow upon everything in sight, that should most certainly NEVER BE UPSIDE-DOWN?

Well, as a matter of fact, the mortals shared one singular word to describe what this was.


The humans of Planet Earth had a better name for it.


The gods would have an even more appropriate name.

‘ D I V I N E J U D G M E N T ’

In the domain of this Hell that was entirely at the Twilight One’s command, everything was possible. The true fist of God that could create and destroy the world as He pleased, was a might that this phoenix angel could wield at Its zenith of power. Even the greatest artifact on Earth was not exempt to being moved, and henceforth, nothing within its range could possibly hope to run, hope to survive, or hope ever at all. And needless to say…

...it dropped.

“NOT YET!” Even as Mount Sinai came falling down, Ra poured more of his energy into another attack. “Slifer… You know We cannot survive this.”

Slifer hesitated. As much as He resented to admit it, as He looked above him, even Slifer was finding it impossible to muster the hope that there was a way out of this. “…I know. I have no idea what to make of His power. It is too much, even for Us. But We cannot die in vain. If We die here, then Eria…”

“…And Sora, yes. Those two and their allies must be the ones to open the Door. If We cannot win, then at least they must have a hope that they can.” Ra’s wings began to fold. The flames surrounding His body were all drawn to a single point in front of His beak, revealing His grand, mechanical form once more. His feet clutched together, and folded inward.

“We will see you soon… Obelisk.”

As Ra’s body folded inwards, eventually there was only a giant, golden sphere. White hot flames concentrated in front of the Egyptian God’s shell, and began to expand once more, until even the sphere was obscured by the flames.


And then, the Winged Dragon of Ra shot forth like a burning cannonball aimed directly at the Twilight One’s face. Whether it would be to the Twilight One Itself, or Mount Sinai, Ra accepted that He would die.

Ventus. Roxas. Xion. Zilyana. Kree’arra. How many had sacrificed themselves for Sora’s sake? How many more would have to? Of this, even the Winged Dragon of Ra was uncertain. All He could wish for is that Sora would forgive Him for being one more sacrifice among many.

It was… ironic. In His final moments, Ra cared more for what would happen to Sora. Perhaps the Twilight One was right, that they allowed themselves to be influenced by humans. But did that matter? Whether anyone was humans, gods, or something in between, there was still a war to be won. As long as Ra could do something, anything to bring down the Twilight One, that was still possible. There could still be hope.

Pouring every last ounce of His life force into one final attack, the Winged Dragon of Ra shot faster and faster until He struck true. Far too slow, the Twilight One was barely capable of maneuvering before the attack exploded into a series of white flames upon It. Those flames spread until it completely consumed the Twilight One, each and every feather set alight as It suffered an immense punishment of Its own. THOU WOULDST DEFY ME TO THE END?! That black god wringed and raged in midair against the white blaze that was eating at Its body, the sacrifice of the lesser god having fuelled an attack so powerful that even It struggled to shake it off. In that singular moment, enough was incinerated to cover millions of years’ worth of mortal lifespans, a punishment so severe that to the Twilight One, they exceeded even the fires of Hell. Turned into a ball of white fire, it crash-landed into the ground, only a mile within the radius of the falling mountain.

Ra’s sacrifice was an act of pure justice that none should experience, let alone survive. And yet, the target of this attack happened to be the greatest of angels. Just as it appeared impossible for the ultimate black phoenix to survive, the dark flames It Itself was emitting eventually overpowered Ra’s judgment. The white was overcome by black. The Twilight One emerged gloriously, feathers regenerating from Its body, and It stretched out Its wings in ultimate victory. A GOD SACRIFICING HIMSELF FOR MORTALS? HOW DISGUSTING, RA.

The Twilight One glanced to Its right, and was repulsed to notice a wound. A mark had been left by that lesser, foolish god. When Ra had hastily rotated so that the attack would not hit its head, the centerpoint of Ra’s sacrifice instead hit its right wing. Amongst the endless array of feathers, a fifty-meter radius of mangled, charred purple flesh had been exposed upon it, a scar filled with pain. How many months would it take until such a stain of fire would be eliminated? Above, Mount Sinai was imminently approaching the ground. It would still escape far long before its devastating fall. The Twilight One wordlessly endured the pain and flapped Its wings again, lifting off the ground with great force to head away.

However, there was still one more of those lesser gods. Slifer the Sky Dragon was flying towards him. It seemed like Slifer was charging, just as Ra had, but Slifer instead dove towards the side of the Twilight One, whose eyes lit up in shock. Then, Slifer began to circle back around. Soon, Slifer’s entire body was wrapping itself around the Twilight One. Though the Twilight One was significantly bigger than Slifer, the Sky Dragon struggled to pull the Twilight One back. “You are not going anywhere,” he snarled. “If Obelisk and Ra are both dead, then it must fall to Me to fight you. I know I cannot stop You…” Slifer looked back up at the falling Mount Sinai. “But that can.”

THOU! Quite immediately, the far larger black god started to push back in anger, thrusting its wings back and forth to continue generating momentum. Its movements were still somewhat clumsier from the prior assault, but this did very little to affect its speed. Even despite the Sky Dragon’s best efforts, He was only slowing the phoenix down. DOST THOU THINK THAT WILL WORK, INFERIOR INSECT?! In an attempt to throw the god off, if not kill Him entirely, the Twilight One’s chest erupted with black flames - the reawoken flames of Hell itself - which immediately took over Slifer’s whole body. It inflicted no physical pAin, yet was mentally inflicting unimaginable magnitudes of spiritual PaiN that would break the mind of any mortal on contact, and surely even a god in due time. PITIFUL!!! The Twilight One struggled and shook, attempting to throw off the dragon all the while. Slifer’s greatest effort thus far was akin to a snake wrapping itself around an elephant, His force more disrupting Its own movements rather than actually possessing enough strength to drag It back.

And yet...it was painfully clear that THIS WAS STILL NOT ENOUGH. Slifer’s grip was loosening, fated to fall. The Twilight One’s force was too great to resist, fated to live. The end of the vast shadow cast by the falling Mount Sinai could be seen, itself an incomprehensible wall of earth seconds from impact. At this rate, the phoenix god was going to escape. Their efforts, their sacrifices would all be for naught! In Its current state, how could the others possibly stand against the almighty power it has displayed thus far? How could they possibly do so, particularly when they still had Protheus Maximus to deal with? What could possibly be done?!


~~ Twilight of the Gods - First Reckoning ~~

It was… almost childish, really. There was a certain feeling that humans had. Slifer had seen it all too much as the dead passed on into the afterlife. Even when they had accepted that their time had come, they still felt… alone. As the weight of the mountain began to bear down on Slifer, denying Him the chance of flying further up, He felt hopelessly alone. First Obelisk, and now Ra. There was no doubt in Slifer’s mind that He would be next.

Ra had spoken of sacrifice. Of all those who chose to give their lives in this Origin War so Sora and so many others could press onward. And now, Ra could be counted among that number. Sora was still fighting, and so would Eria.

Eria… if Slifer could not defeat this Twilight One, then what possible hope could she have? Certainly, Eria and Arthur had managed to defeat the Madara. And yet, Protheus Maximus mocked them still, as if their accomplishment had been no more impressive than a novice adventurer slaying their first goblin. He was something more, as was the Twilight One. Alone, either one of them were far too dangerous to imagine standing a hope against. Together? Eria, her friends, and all the universes they wished to save…

Every single one of them were already lost.

Although He was doing His very best to hold on, the situation was only worsening further and further. Where He’d constricted the Twilight One, Its feathers turned to steel and abruptly reversed backwards, becoming thorns that stabbed into the dragon god’s body, attempting to weaken His grip even further, attempting to throw him off. The feathers stabbed through His scales everywhere He was making contact, and in every place did streaks of divine blood scatter amongst the winds, staining the phoenix’s body as It wrestled for freedom. The great mountain simply was not falling fast enough.

…Even still, Slifer could not let it end here. All the sacrifices, they hadn’t truly been for nothing, had they? Every step, no matter how small, could have everlasting consequences. It was what Slifer had admired most about humans. As fleeting as their lives were, it was their actions that would last forever. No one had to be immortal like Protheus Maximus, let alone the Gods themselves. There were humans who lived on through their descendants. Their students. They lived on in memory. In legacy.

The Twilight One screamed,



Finally, Slifer let go, unable to hold on to the Twilight One any longer. No longer did he resist Mount Sinai’s descent. In fact, He almost welcomed it. Even as Slifer bled, His eyes barely able to concentrate on the Twilight One… was He smiling?

“This place… You said it offered a second chance for those who sought paradise, did You not?” A cold breeze rushed over Him. Even in this desolate place, He could still feel the wind. In a way, it was almost funny. How was it even possible, to find something so amusing, even now?

“I could think of so many places to offer someone another chance. But perhaps this is fitting, in its own way.” The stone above Him grew heavier, as if it was trembling under its own weight.

“If what You seek is knowledge, then there is something even You must understand. Mortals… humans… it is true that I wish to shepherd them. And I have no shame in that. And yet, even without us, they are still capable in spite of themselves. When We stand in the Heavens, We have no reason to believe We can be any more than We already are. But the humans, they believe that they can be. Perhaps they seek godhood, as Protheus Maximus would. But I have seen a boy who would defy the will of the gods themselves. A boy who fought under the banner of the Divine, and it was that which he held in shame. I see a girl who wished for nothing but the salvation of her familiar - her brother’s soul. It is them who have been chosen by heroes who have proven themselves. A heart of pure light. A guardian of all that is good. And among them stands a warrior, and he alone was able to defeat Pure Edge - a weapon that belonged not to Protheus Maximus, but to one whom I believe even he has seen as an equal.”

Fire shot from the depths of ground below them. And yet, the streams of lava seemed to almost roar with applause for Slifer, rather than add to the already surmountable wounds He had sustained.

“It is them who I will place all of My faith in. This Hell represents all the battlegrounds they have endured together. I have seen distrust and hate blossom into a love that has survived despair, and defied the slumber that the Madara wished to keep them in. It is their hope and ideals that allowed them to take fate into their own hands, and prove that they could turn the tide even when all has been lost.”

The wind grew stronger. Cracks began to form along the base of Mount Sinai. Flames danced around the surface of Hell, as three familiar figures began to crawl up from the earth.

“Do what You will, Twilight One. I am certain that those six have the power to change everything.”

Gold and blue lights shined beside Slifer the Sky Dragon, and as the Sky Dragon uttered His final defiance of the Twilight One…

Mount Sinai…

…began to crumble around them.

The dark phoenix was in utter shock. That is, at this impossible miracle unfolding before It.

“What was it You said?” Slifer asked. “That it was from this place the Shadow Realm stemmed. And I believe there were a few souls lost in that realm whom Eria held very dear…”

Standing proud on the Hell below were three young women, their bodies each transformed like monsters. The first was covered in brown fur, with demonic wings and claws, and a horn with which she pointed, and the cracks along Mount Sinai began to follow. The second was red, her once human form now fused with that of a fox. With a wave of her hand, the lava began to stir once more. Any finally, a green girl, with wings and a tail resembling the body of a dragon. At her command, a shield of wind formed around Slifer the Sky Dragon.

“Eria had lost them in the Shadow Realm. Arthur had thought to control them. By all rights, Eria should have never forgiven him for that. And yet… I know Arthur regrets it from the bottom of his heart. But it is up to these three to decide if he deserves any forgiveness. For now, though…”

Slifer spread His wings. Even as His body was battered, and bleeding for miles of His serpentine form, He still looked proud. “I call upon the aid of these three Charmers! From the depths of oblivion, each of us shall do what we can. Perhaps not to stop You. But all of us fight to grant Eria one last spark of hope. It is here, Twilight One, that we shall finish this. Together.

The Twilight One really was quite speechless, circling around in Its flight to face the dying Slifer and His summoned mortals. Around them, countless chunks of Mount Sinai crashed into Hell, giant boulders raining down on the barren land, their mighty impacts creating plumes of ash and jets of lava. The sky was filled with the sounds of endless, pounding rock - devastating, but not unavoidable. Mere meters out of range, the black god’s crimson eyes moved across each of the three girls - in utter disbelief.

to think that you could pull from my realm… to think, of all the souls, you would choose those three weak mortals, embodiments of minor elements? what did you hope to accomplish? Then, Its eyes closed. LOOK AT YOURSELF: YOU ARE BOUND TO PERISH. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS A REPULSIVE ABOMINATION OF THE NATURAL ORDER, AND I SHALL MAKE CERTAIN TO SNUFF OUT THE ANOMALIES YOU BROUGHT BACK.

Its gigantic wings flapped, as It edged closer and closer; the great phoenix dwarfed Slifer, let alone the three resurrected Charmers. It was clear that the situation was practically hopeless.

And yet, hope was not lost at all. The gold and blue lights beside Slifer began to shimmer. “I never said I was only relying on them.” Slifer closed His eyes, testing His will and praying. Even Slifer could use a miracle right now. Ra had sacrificed Himself only moments ago, so perhaps it wasn’t too late. Obelisk, though… was it even possible?

Slifer’s power exploded in a shockwave around His body. For a moment, it seemed that Slifer had went still. He recalled the Pathway to Death. Isamy attacking Eria. Obelisk’s card falling into the abyss. Slifer imagined himself catching it. Catching Obelisk. His brother. Carrying him through the Pathway to Death.

What could have happened? Obelisk could have been fighting side by side with them against Protheus Maximus. Fighting those other Charmers. Looking down at the three Void Charmers below, it was hard to think of them and not think about their counterparts who had just died, at Ra and even Eria’s own hands.

Obelisk… I need You right now. One… last… time…

The land was silent, and the lights began to fade. Wynn, Hiita, and Aussa began to gather their respective elements. The last remnants of Mount Sinai were falling. The wind shield around Slifer was reinforced, and the lava was bubbling. Slifer took a soft breath, quiet even as the Twilight One was the only thing he could see. “Eria… I hope you can forgive Me. I…”

Two shapes stood side by side with Slifer. Glowing silhouettes of the Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor. Even if their forms were not complete, it was still them. The three Egyptian Gods were together once more.


The Twilight One spread Its massive wings at the sight, casting a shadow upon the newly-wrought trio facing It. Noticeably, Its right wing still had that bald patch left by Ra - in other words, it could as a matter of fact be hurt.

thou hast the attention of the glorious TWILIGHT ONE now.

The clouds above started to move, to swirl, to be drawn to Its sheer majesty as It released whatever hesitance It had previously for the minor gods. In the face of such stubborn defiance of DEATH, in the face of such ridiculous MIRACLES, there was no choice but to meet it with absolute judgment, with FULL STRENGTH.

The ground rumbled. The sky shook. This entire realm, being connected to the Twilight One, was resonating with Its outright fury.


“I agree!” Slifer declared. Obelisk held both of His hands together, and Ra folded His wings. Slifer reared his head up, his eyes staring back into those of the Twilight One’s. “OBELISK! RA! In Our world, there has only been ever one who truly stands above Us. And it has never been one such as this Twilight One! As We are now, We may not be able to invoke Her full power, but even this must be enough!”

The three Void Charmers held their hands together, their elements all converging until above their hands was a single rock, wrapped in flame and trapped in a bubble of air. Each of the creatures began to open their mouths, and spoke a single name.


“For Eria. And Gagagigo. And Arthur, MirageGaogamon, Sora, Kairi… FOR THE COUNTER CORPS!”

Obelisk and Ra’s specters exploded into a flurry of lights, wrapping themselves Slifer the Sky Dragon. The three Charmers felt up the burning rock, and their bodies began to change. The air around them began to warp, and they could feel themselves shaking. Something deep within their hearts, there was a sharp pain. And yet… they were all happy.

Smoke billowed, and light consumed them all. They roared, howled, and screamed, until their voices lost their fury, the anger at the pain. When the smoke and light cleared, where once there were three malformed creatures, now there were three, young girls. Beside them were a petit dragon, a fox, and winged marmot.

“We’re back!” said the green-haired girl. The Wind Charmer. The dragon nestled up beside her, and she pet it on the head. It cooed at her touch, and Wynn forced a smile. “Right. Not yet.” Wynn raised her hand up to the sky. “Great Sky Dragon! We thank You for granting us this reprieve! Even if it is only for this moment, we shall not waste it! All of us shall lend you our strength!”

Wynn fought back tears. Even if, for all intents and purposes, she was nothing but a ghost, she could still feel sadness. She wanted to see Eria win. If all this was to reach the Door of Origin, Wynn wished she could be there to help Eria reach the end. But this… this would be enough. It had to be.

“Take him down!” Wynn cried, and a pillar of green light surrounded her and her dragon, shooting towards Slifer.

“I don’t believe it.” Hiita shook her head. “Wouldn’t have expect it all to come down to Eria. Whatever happened, you’d better have a good explanation for what the Hell all happened here.” Hiita raised her hand, and a red light surrounded her and her fox, following the green light.

“Whatever happens here,” said Aussa, “I know Lady Doriado made the right choice accepting us as her students. To have come this far, Eria… you must truly be the best of us.”

A final, brown light joined in with the rest, as the spirits of Wynn the Wind Charmer, Hiita the Fire Charmer, Aussa the Earth Charmer, and all their familiars joined with the Winged Dragon of Ra and Obelisk the Tormentor, granting Slifer the Sky Dragon all of their power and life force.

Shutting His eyes, pieces of Slifer’s own body began to peel away, as the Egyptian God began to crumble. Eria… I don’t know if you can hear me, but I would tell you this all the same. Thank you, for showing Me the true strength of humanity. I have so much I wish I could say. Of how I proud of you I am. But perhaps we may meet again. I am only sorry that I…… no. Now is not the time for apologies. Go. Defeat Protheus Maximus!”

Slifer the Sky Dragon roared one last time at the Twilight One, as streams of light began to shoot out from all across his body. “I SUMMON THEE…”

A single, massive column of golden light erupted, completely enveloping Slifer at last. The column reached ever higher, above and beyond even the Twilight One’s vast form. From the light stepped forth a colossal, angelic figure, clad in golden armor. A pair of armored wings spread forth from Her immaculate form.

And She stood face to face with the Twilight One.



“I am Horakhty, the Creator God of Light. Thou speaks of the repentance of others, but I see none in Thine own heart. My champions have offered all they had left to call upon Me for but a moment, and it shall not be for naught.”

The celestial goddess crossed Her hands over Her heart. She looked to the sky above. An image was reflected within the clouds, of a lake within a Pathway filled with snow. Horakhty saw MirageGaogamon carrying Arthur across the lake. Beyond them - or perhaps, behind them - was a young girl, standing against someone who resembled that same girl all too well. Her twin, in a sense. Commanding the twin was a dark sorcerer, while a knight aided the young girl against her twin and the sorcerer.

“Thou art but a witness to the Herald of Darkness, sharing in the guilt of his mad quest. The burden now falls upon the Water Charmer and her companions to bring about the End of Darkness. Such has been decided by My champions, and so shall it be. This war to wield the power of the Door of Origin exists within the shadow of the One Master’s legacy, and tis that legacy which shall end this day. But Thou must fall before the End of Darkness can be fulfilled. And so, Fell Beast of the Twilight… I sentence Thee to the one, true Divine Judgment.”

The Twilight One instinctively moved back at this grand, holy MAJESTY of the god-entity that had materialized before It, Her size encompassing the hell, Her Light touching every abandoned corner of it, purifying the ash by Her presence alone. This was an unexpected move! A defiance that surpassed all belief and reason, a miracle beyond miracles, a blasphemy of the highest order. Now this, was the true potential of the combined Slifer, Obelisk, and Ra, the true potential and the embodiment of the will of the Ancient Egyptians - not mere oversized beasts, but a PROPER ruler of the world, a PROPER GOD. The phoenix of phoenixes did not experience fear, but rather, was simply impressed - there was no point in hiding or denying that It was satisfied with this truly divine display

Greetings, Horakhty, Creator God of Light. Thy will has succeeded in showing Thine ultimate corporeal form, blessing the final hours of the Origin War with a divinity that must be acknowledged. However, I… We, the Twilight One, shall not stand for this unwelcome insolence in Our realm!

this Hell is home only to the Shadow of Melek Taus, a refuge that not even that childfool Herald of Darkness may access - yet Thou hast drawn upon Our realm to complete Thyself, arm Thyself with prior-departed lives, and participate in the battle of mortals. God or not, how dare Thou sentence Us to Thy flawed, selfish ‘Judgment’ whilst interfering with the natural order Thyself? what right dost Thou, a symbol of the masses, possess to speak against Our existence?

Thy champions shalt fall… and so shalt holy Horakhty, the Blinding Light of Ignorance, fall. if Divine Judgment is so desired, then THE GREAT TWILIGHT ONE SENTENCES YOU TO OBLIVION.

Horakhty was taken aback - but only for a moment. She stood firm, Her eyes silently dissecting each and every word that the Twilight One had uttered.

“Such arrogance. And yet… I concede I may know little of Thee. Of Melek Taus. Of thy Shadow Realm, unique though it may be. What I do know is that there is some truth in Thy words, but Thou cannot see beyond Thyself. But I do not betray the natural order. Thou speaks as if I am of like Thee and the Herald of Darkness. Art Thou only here at his bidding? Through a card, he summoned Thee. Through cards, the mortals play their game. Therefore, Thou hath subject Thyself to a mortal’s game. And yet… Eria the Water Charmer completely defies this game. Thou art but a piece on a chessboard, and the Herald Thy player. The Water Charmer would soon abandon the board entirely, for she sees what lies beyond the game, while the Herald can see naught but himself, as Thou cannot see any but Thyself. Thy purpose is to seek knowledge, but does that knowledge bear purpose of its own? The Herald and Thee nothing but perpetuity. Thou exists only for the sake of existing. Thou never stops to ask but a single question: Why?”

Behind Horakhty, a sunrise began along the horizon. The God of Light clenched Her fists, and Her gaze turned more stern

“Slifer the Sky Dragon sought the aid of the Water Charmer’s companions. I have witnessed but the briefest of glimpses, but their passing forged the rift between the Water Charmer and the half-blood. And yet, they did not give up on hope. They did not resign themselves to oblivion. This Shadow Realm is a place for repentance. A second chance, as Thou desires the blessing of His Father. A prodigal Son, longing to return home. For Slifer to call up the other Charmers, for them to lend their power to Me… that is not a defiance of the natural order.”

Horakhty betrayed but the smallest hint of emotion, and smiled.

“They have simply proven themselves far more worthy of a second chance than Thou ever will.”

…Listening to each and every word, the body of the Twilight One stared onwards as it continued to flap Its giant wings midair, with an expression that could not be discerned from its phoenix form alone. Over the millennia throughout Its time with the one known as Protheus Maximus, It had encountered many enemies, mortals and immortals alike, angels and demons alike, and although all had fallen, none had ever dared to look down upon It so. Was the black god feeling insulted at being simplified and ridiculed in such a manner, feeling exasperated at the strange attachments She expressed towards the mortals? The answer to that was neither, for to It, emotion was not worth the time. It was simply deciding on Its next move against this foe like no other.

This, as ridiculous as it was to state, was a worthy opponent.

so be it, horakhty, creator god of light.

The grounds, with its crevices and cracks and scattered volcanoes, shook heavily, and the lava flowing underneath stirred and jetted out in segments throughout the charred land. Ashes were swept about as the winds intensified, an imagery very similar to black rain. The clouds thundered above, again, and again, and again, and the constant cries of lightning could be heard, drawing ever closer. The Twilight One’s form had positioned itself so that it was at eye level with the larger god-entity. That divine existence may be larger, but that divine existence was not SUPERIOR. In any other land, perhaps She would be, and in any other circumstance, She would have infinite power. She would be undefeatable, a dream that cannot be touched, let alone obliterated.

Alas, the god of light had been brought back as a flawed representation of Her true self, and the god of light had been brought back on Its land. Hence, victory would not be found. Not here, not now. Not in Hell, not at this very moment. This reality ‘belonged’, if those words did it any justice, to the Twilight One.

bear witness to the miracle of this holy plain.

The cackling of electricity, of almighty thunder and lightning, was increasing in intensity as well as numbers, as though they were drawing closer, and multiplying. There was no apparent mountain bursting through the clouds, as before - indeed, one would think that such a move would be the Twilight One’s ‘ultimate attack’, especially a mortal who was unused to the scale of a god’s sheer strength. Yet, for some reason, the very idea was coming next gave the impression that this was on a wholly different level. Dropping an oversized stone was one way to deliver divine judgment… But an enemy such as this required something else entirely. What was about to materialize was a divine concept of sorts. Something that words could not give justice to, that was beyond mortal comprehension, beyond a singular definition.

let it be known that Us﹣all of Us

Now, open thy mind. Let go of the idea that dropping an oversized stone was ‘divine judgment’, for it was not.

hereby retract Our permission

And then, the unthinkable happened.

FO̧R ҉T̸HOU͞ ̧T̶O̧ ͘E͝X̴IS̸T

~~ f n l r k n g ~~

From the skies,
from the sounds of lightnings,
forms were given

Endless cards of black,
drifting downwards

Endless cards of black,
all with the same name,
all the exact same,

During the hour of twilight, is there ever only one ray of twilight? During the arrival of the messenger, is there not an army to follow behind their words? Look above, gods and mortals, with thy flawed minds, and bear witness to the ultimate miracle. HARK to the hundreds of almighty, great Angels that descend from the skies, each and every one an impossibly-untouchable GOD, each and every one a Shadow of Melek Taus, the legion of existences that, when together, form a singular legion of divinity. The original black phoenix was joined by many others, none of them lesser replicas or younger creations, but rather, just as powerful. Their auras of greatness, each one possessing enough power to topple kingdoms, blended together to create a nexus. Mortals who attempted to comprehend this nexus in its entirety would only break their minds trying.

Even though Horakthy’s height towered up to the clouds, it now seemed insignificant. As more and more bodies of the Twilight One descended, the very skies began to be taken up by this godswarm. This realm called Hell, strictly speaking, ‘belonged’ to the Twilight One. However, ‘belonged’ was a flawed word. It would be more accurate to say… The phoenix was merely an instrument of Its will. This realm, Itself, was the Twilight One.

Long ago, the Peacock God Melek Taus, was cast down by God into the fires of Hell for His sins. He cried for many millennia, until eternal flames were doused and cursed sins had at last been cleansed, allowing for His redemption. Yet, the tears themselves were divine aspects of Him. Each and every tear was an embodiment of His will, dousing blazes and sinking into the earth, until at last Hell itself became the embodiment of His will. Until at last, Hell became the Twilight One.

When one wonders why no one has ever defeated Protheus Maximus, despite all his feats and all his enemies across the multiverse… Look no further than this. This impossible, unfair, cruel weapon, whose shadows encompassed everything in sight.


The endless phoenix-soldiers of the Twilight One all, simultaneously, locked Their crimson eyes onto Horakhty. Even though there were many bodies, there was only one controlling will - it was a hive mind of the worst order.


And just like that, they, every one of them, began to close in on the so-called ‘Creator God of Light’. In such great amounts, they were effectively creating chaotic vacuums around them, tearing apart the very air through their paths. Her divine power truly was something extraordinary, being that She stood out even amongst Their swarms, being that She still vastly dwarfed their individuals components. However, Her individual aspects hadn’t stood a chance against the mountain - let Her be overcome from all directions.

As the sun behind Horakhty reached its zenith, Horakhty closed Her eyes, and began to draw power from the sun that She had summoned. For this was the last vestige of light that dared to exist in Hell.

To think, that this was how it would end. It had all began with a boy, named Dorian von Schroeder. With the aid of his Butler, he obtained the cards of Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, and the Winged Dragon of Ra. Whether it was fate, or perhaps nothing more than chance, he had left the cards in the hands of Eria the Water Charmer. Throughout the Origin War, each of the Egyptian Gods were only barely able to cling to life. Bested by Xansvita, threatened by Solasiro, petrified by the Madara, and at long last defeated by the Pathway to Origin.

That they had last so long was perhaps a miracle unto itself, especially in the hands of the young Water Charmer. For each of them to sacrifice themselves, all for this very moment… none of it could be for nothing, could it? Horakhty, the Creator God of Light, stood within Hell itself, swarmed by a legion of phoenixes, shadows of a fallen angel.

And still yet, above, within the Pathway to Remembrance, stood a young girl.

“So many have sacrificed themselves for mankind to move forward. It is the hope offered by those sacrifices that the mortals carry with them. Come what may, I am certain that the Herald of Darkness has finally met his match. Against him stand heroes who would never allow any sacrifice to be in vain.”

Horakhty opened Her arms, as the light of the sun began to radiate through Her entire body.

“And neither shall I.”

And with that, the most wondrous light in all creation shone upon every last phoenix within Hell, consuming the Twilight Ones in their entirety. Gathering every last ounce of what power She could possibly muster, even as but a manifestation of a greater whole, Horakhty, the Creator God of Light, uttered one final word in defiance of the Shadow, the collective tears of Melek Taus. She declared the one, true, Divine Judgment.


#7062909 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 19 December 2017 - 11:00 PM

Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh!…

[The Pathway to Remembrance]

Twilight of the Gods

In Void Eria’s right hand, a scepter of sorts was being wielded. A green orb held between two wings, connected to an ancient-appearing wooden shaft from which untold power was being emanated. Wherever her previous staff had gone, the Elder Artefact known as the Staff of Armadyl served as its more-than-apt replacement, not only channeling her own unstable power to terrifyingly high limits, but also enabling her infested mind to function. In her current state, this other version would have been broken compared to her mirrored self. Yet, with this relic of the gods, she had become so, so much more.

The Elder Artefact was stabbed into the black snow, her deadened eyes refusing to leave the mirror of light before her. Void Eria awaited an answer, all too prepared to enter combat.

~ tell me, can a heart be turned to stone? ~

On the side of the Counter Corps, Eria froze. Aussa, Hiita, and Wynn were all dead, and twice over at that. No, three times. Her home was gone. The Void creatures in the Shadow Realm were twisted versions of her friends. And now Protheus had recruited them as well. She had never seen a monstrous version of herself back in the Shadow Realm. If she had, would she have been prepared for this? But how could she prepare for this? Why was this something she even had to prepare for?

“Eria, come on!” Sora and Kairi, still fused in their Drive, called out to her. Of course Sora was so quick to jump into the fight Sora had promised to find that staff. When Ophelia had summoned Sliske, he had brought it with him. Then Xansvita killed him, and then Itsu killed Xansvita…

Oh Gods. Itsu was supposed to have the staff. Where was she? Protheus couldn’t have killed her, could he? Except he very well could have. He could still kill them, too. One by one, he had separated them. “Arthur…” Eria looked behind her. “Gagagigo…” Her oldest friend would still not wake up.

“I’m alive!” Eria wrapped her head in her hands as she screamed, icicles sprouting from the ground around her. “But YOU?! You’re just… you’re just…” Fake. That was the word she wanted to say. She wanted to say exactly what the Divine had been saying her.

“GO TO HELL!” Icicles fired off in every possible direction, and pulling from the snow and forming even more icicles. Sora/Kairi looked behind them, only for one of the icicles to strike them, throwing them to the side. The Keyblade Warrior quickly regained their footing, watching both of the Erias.

“Eria, please, stop!” Sora/Kairi cast a Barrier around themselves, sprinting towards their friend.

“I won’t stop!” Eria shouted. “Not until we stop Protheus, and especially not as long as he keeps throwing my friends - as long as he keeps throwing me back in my own face!”

Eria thrust her Keyblade forward. She could feel the l’Cie brand on her hand pulsing. A chill ran up her spine. When she blinked, she couldn’t see Protheus or Sora or Kairi. She only saw that other Eria.

As the rainfall continued, the wind began to stir and howl. The trees began to flail where they stood, creaking, and some even tumbling. From the depths of the forest, three shapes began to approach. Three gigantic, spiraling shards of ice were hovering through the air, casting a shadow above everyone.

Eria’s eyes were staring directly at Void Eria. “Megiddo killed my family. He destroyed my home.”

“You need to control yourself!” Was that Sora’s voice? Why wasn’t he running?

“Whatever war happened in your world, you have my sympathy.” Eria gripped her Keyblade with both hands. “But if you’re working with Protheus, you’re still my enemy. Even if you wear my face!”

“This is exactly what Protheus wants!” Kairi was afraid. It didn’t matter. All Eria wanted was to destroy Protheus and her own reflection.


One by one, the icicles broke apart, scattering hundreds upon hundreds of spears of ice, raining upon Sora, Kairi, Void Eria, and even Protheus. The dark sorcerer - who was hovering higher and higher from the ground to separate himself away - stared at the oncoming assault, displaying some obvious perplexity on his face at this move. He used his hand to project a barrier of darkness directly above him, serving as an umbrella of sorts as it sustained the constant pelting of shards; his gaze kept downwards. There was no concern shown for his servant, only amusement, and in seconds it became apparent why.

“My world, you say?” Void Eria gripped her Staff of Armadyl with both hands, facing the oncoming assault with an absence of fear. “You… really don’t understand. Because you haven’t experienced the War, you still think like a little girl.”

At the shadow counterpart’s feet, the very black snow began to part - not just its surface, but its entire depths. The shockwave of snow, thrust in all directions, revealed just how far below Remembrance’s ground actually was, reaching down hundreds of feet---and also revealed three equally gigantic, spiraling chunks of ice, jagged and imposing. There was the sense that this attack was not made to counter Eria’s own assault - it was pure coincidence that it had been prepared. “Blizzard.” With that word alone, Void Eria took a step back from the cold crater, and each one exploded into tinier deadly shards that shot outwards at greater speed. The rain of death, countered by another rain of death. Shards hit one another at random and broke upon impact, filling the air with the sound of their high-pitched, constant shattering.

In its aftermath, the two attacks had essentially canceled one another out, leaving only the tiniest, most harmless pieces to fall. Void Eria turned from the sky back towards Eria, having ironically protected Sora and Kairi as well.

“But I don’t ‘wear’ your face. We’re the same. Not only in looks… but in fate. My family was killed. My home was destroyed. My fate was yours.”

As she spoke, with her distorted voice, a fourth, even more gigantic shard started to emerge, to the point that it was practically an iceberg. Emerging, that is, from the very Lake of Remembrance. Could it be, that she could actually manipulate its waters, and turn it to ice…? She was moving it calmly, with little strain and immense control, the power of the godly staff enabling her to do so. The crystalline construct raised higher and higher into the air, yet it barely cast a shadow at all, clearer than crystal and clearer than glass. Somehow, in the reflections formed by the light bouncing off it, all its observers could see small, vague images from their past.

”Isn’t it obvious? Our fates are the same. Our stories. Our doom. Only one has the power to break the chains of fate…” Void Eria glanced up. Beyond her floating iceberg, and towards Protheus Maximus.

With a flick of her staff, the supermassive shard of Remembrance was dropped. Falling down directly onto Eria’s position. As well as that of everyone else on the ground. Sora. Kairi. And him. Gagagigo.

Eria’s first instinct was to shatter the shard herself. Even as she watched the bottom of the shard descend ever closer to her, she imagined it splitting off in different directions. That from the center and expanding outward, it could still fall, but still miss them, even barely.

And yet, as she attempted to extend her control, nothing happened. Just as with the sea of manifested despair in LERNA’s reality bubble, this water was… different, somehow. It was if the ice was actively repelling her attempts to manipulate it. Eria felt as if she was pushing back against a wall that was trying to close in on her.

“Tag out!” Sora and Kairi ended their Drive, and the two of them jump so high, so fast, practically launching themselves directly at the ice. Kairi struck her Keyblade against one side of the construct, and dashed mid-air to the another angle.

“Come on, don’t leave me like this…” Sora planted his feet against the ice, and started running up the flat surface, completely defying gravity as he tried to reach to the top. He held his hand out, and sparks of light flickered in his hand. Pure Edge had severed his connection, but perhaps without it gone, he may have had a chance. As Sora kept running, Kairi continued to try cutting through the ice.

His eyes glancing towards the ice, Sora almost didn’t recognize himself for a moment. In what should have been his own reflection, he instead saw Roxas running up Memory’s Skyscraper. His eyelids began to lower, and Sora’s foot tripped against the ice. As Kairi reached the next side of the ice, she jumped again, hoping to catch Sora as he began to fall.

Eria knew that the water her counterpart was manipulating had to be made of something else. It had the power to show memories, somehow. If she could tap into that power, or perhaps reach past it, then perhaps-

Before Eria could do anything more, the crystal of ice crashed.

#7061708 Media conglomerates and mergers

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 14 December 2017 - 10:58 AM

The Disney/Fox deal is going through.




I was expecting it to be something like 21st Century Fox would sell the majority of its assets to Disney, but would remain its own company, but this approach actually makes far more sense. 21st Century Fox is selling off the assets that Disney is not getting, and it's those assets which are becoming their own independent company, while 21st Century Fox itself is acquired by Disney. In a way, this is similar to when News Corporation split into News Corp and 21st Century Fox, so now it seems to be 21st Century Fox that is splitting up even further.


Additionally, Bob Iger is staying on as CEO until 2021. As I've said, he's led the acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilms, and I neglected to mention Pixar before. 

#7061561 Post a Pic of the Real You!

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 13 December 2017 - 02:34 PM

For the first time I years, I went to a beauty salon my grandmother used to take me to, and I got a haircut.