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Phantom Roxas

Phantom Roxas

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#7119193 Transformers recomendations?

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 18 September 2018 - 09:53 PM

The Unicron Trilogy was probably my favorite continuity, though I seriously doubt it's aged very well, mostly due to the dub and animation both being extremely rushed. Armada is pretty good, though Energon is... very mixed. I'm aware it has a reputation as the single worst show of the franchise, but I feel like that's a bit harsh.


Cybertron, though, is a pretty great finale to that trilogy. It can be fairly standalone if you just want to skip to Cybertron, mostly because Studio Gonzo didn't realize that it was supposed to be a continuity of Armada and Energon.


And thanks to the Unicron Trilogy, Hot Shot is one of my favorite Transformers. Bumblebee who?


Starscream is the actual best, though.

#7118480 Trump Administration Actions Thread

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 14 September 2018 - 09:22 AM



Manafort has agreed to a guilty plea for charges filed by Mueller's special counsel. He is being charged for conspiracy against the United States, and for conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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#7117871 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 08 September 2018 - 04:01 PM

Point of No Return

As the warriors entered the broken clock within the tree, a story entered their minds from an unknown source.

A story about the multiverse.

The multiverse is undoubtedly filled with endless possibilities of realities, from which stories can be told and the imagination can be made realized. However, no matter how vast or immense that story is, it is incapable of affecting other stories.

Even the greatest of paths only go so far. One can build and detonate a Reality Bomb, destroying an incomprehensible number of worlds, both alternates and other continuities. One can attain the Heart of Creation, enabling the generation of countless new galaxies in one’s own image. One can even seize the Throne of Heroes for a time, cursing endless universes to damnation. However, no matter how far they reach out, the truth will remain that a considerable more universes shall continue to exist elsewhere, untouched.

And yet, there are whispers. Of a SOMETHING that is truly unique, that can reach towards infinity and change one’s understanding of anything and everything. That can grant wishes beyond all certainty.

It was inevitable that these whispers would be noticed. Special and powerful individuals, who arose from a realm filled with unlimited possibilities, began to suspect its existence. Each and every one a traveller of spacetime with their own unique abilities, opted to vigorously pursue them for whatever reason. They would scavenge entire universes across millennia and eons, gaining information from those who possessed it via their own methods; be it good or evil, lawful or chaotic, whatever it took. Along their search, they came across each other. Without giving each other their real names, they merely confirmed to each other that their outlandish beliefs about this SOMETHING were not so crazy after all. Slowly but surely began to learn about this fabled SOMETHING, sharing information with each other along the way. Some were heroic, some were logical, and some were completely and utterly omnicidal. This most unlikely band of Omnis ultimately ended up creating what was to be known as the Dreams of Action and Truth Evangelist Association - DATEA for short. The twenty-four members called themselves Dreamers.

Because they'd all been desperate to reach the end, no matter how long it took, they had worked together for the exact same goal. And after an eternity of progress, they had found it at last. The Door of Origin.

And in order to access it, they pooled all of their resources and ingenuity to forge the Key of Origin. An artifact that was so powerful in its own right that they used it to power their headquarters, build a mindless crimson civilization to do their bidding, and even capture a monster god of darkness for their own purposes.

All that was left was to bridge the gap...and then all of creation would be at their fingertips. However, a new question arose.

Who would use it? Everyone who'd cooperated with each other to reach the end had their own ulterior motives, their own reasons for why they wanted to do so, and there was no single individual more worthy of it than the others. The Dreamers found themselves bickering.

Alpha believed that, as the founder of DATEA, he had some sort of special right to access the Door. Phi, Sigma, and Omicron wanted to eliminate all life, all matter, and all existence respectively. Phi wanted a universe where everything was perfectly shaped, with perfectly structured civilizations living in perfect symmetry. Chi wanted everyone to experience the same day over and over. Some wanted to become gods; Lambda in particular wanted to create an entirely new cluster of universes, with innumerable monsters of his design that could live in harmony with humanity. More than several of them only wanted to use it to make things better in their homeworlds. And as for Omega, the last recruit... He wanted something very bizarre indeed, that would not be hard to guess at this point.

Finally, one member - who had really only been in it to get rich off the others' fortunes - suggested a compromise. When they formed the bridge between their reality and the Door, using their utmost prowess, there would be three trials that they would have to complete; Remembrance, Truth, and Death. The trials would adjust themselves for each individual so that they would be as difficult as possible for whoever entered, and whoever made it to the end had to be worthy. Everyone considered Delta's proposal, and reluctantly decided to accept - all of them so assured in their own specialness that they couldn't comprehend that anyone other than themselves may be worthy.

With enthusiasm, they started conducting their experiments to establish a concrete connection with the Door.

That was their greatest and final mistake.


The members of DATEA had gathered in their temple for one final experiment. As the Dreamers surrounded a certain object, which powered the Origin Project, it seemed that the end of their dream was finally at hand. Some were silent, concerned only with seeing their mission through to the end. Others were in awe, desperate the untapped power that would soon be within their grasp.


A mage in black robes assessed his supposed allies one by one, two glowing circles peering through his plain white mask. "I suppose there will be no more need for DATEA after this. It’ll be a free-for-all. Still, would it not be too much to ask that we share some gratitude with one another before we begin the slaughterfest?"


“I suppose you are right, Tau,” a blonde woman sighed. Her face was covered in a mask resembling an owl, but she still looked relatively young, no older than her mid-20’s. “With all the research you’ve granted me, construction on Megiddo and Marduk progressed significantly faster than it would have by myself. For that I must thank you. I only wish I had the time to properly test them, but reaching the Door takes precedence.”

Tau nodded. “Quite right, dear Theta. But I wonder, are we supposed to reach of the Door? So far it feels that our greatest efforts have only been setting a stage.” He glanced towards a familiar, silver-haired sorcerer. “Omega… when you rallied us to confront that One Master of yours, using the Key completely overwrote hiS very existence. ”

“Leaving only the Inner Periphery,” Theta added. “I must admit to being fascinated by the nature of that place. Perhaps that could be the field study I require…”

“Let’s not get carried away with ourselves,” Tau chided. “Now that the Inner Periphery has replaced the One Master, the Castle of Necrophades has no caretaker. The Shadow Realm… the Inner Periphery… perhaps even this very pyramid. We’ve left a trail of breadcrumbs across the multiverse.”

Theta perked her chin. “Do you believe that others could follow us?”

“It’s certainly possible,” Tau shrugged. “In fact, I’m counting on it. I joined DATEA for one reason. I was meant to find someone. Who that is, I’m not quite sure. Tell me, have any of you heard of the Arbiters?” Tau’s mask began to flicker, and sparks lingered around the Dreamers’ artifact. “If all we’ve been doing is build the Pathways for someone else, I would love to see how their Chosen One fares.”

“How do you…” Theta reached for a rapier sheathed at her side. “Tau… who are you?”

Tau chuckled softly, as he looked over each of the Dreamers again. “Don’t waste your blade on me when there are many others here you should be more worried about.” Counting each of them with a finger, Tau huffed. “Hold on. Where did Delta run off to?”

Before anyone could speak up, let alone look for Delta, the artifact shattered. Theta drew her rapier, while Tau spread his arms out wide, as his body began to shimmer with gold, white, and crimson light, wrapped in wips of darkness. His body was already fading away before the artifact unleashed the full force that had been stirring within.


In the resultant blast, nearly all of the Dreamers as well as everything they'd built ended up inexplicably wiped out of existence. And all that remained was a lone, measly desert, lost in the midst of space.

Hence, the Dreamers of DATEA are no more.

The Hallway of Origin

Eria gripped her head as the memory faded away. Theta had created Megiddo. But Eria had seen Lindzei, and that… thing looked nothing like Theta, who at least looked human. Was she another one of Lindzei’s l’Cie, then?

That was why Megiddo called Protheus “Omega”. Megiddo, Protheus, and even the Pathway to Origin himself, all of them traced back to this “DATEA”.

“So that’s who Protheus was talking about.” Arthur glared at Chardonnay. In the memory she had shown him, Protheus did mention that he enlisted DATEA’s help in slaying the One Master. “All this is their fault, then. And Protheus… he was just one of them.”

“Is it too much to hope that most of them died in that blast?” Sora asked. “Seems like that Tau guy pretty much summed everything up. First we went to the Shadow Realm, and it sounds like the Inner Periphery… that was the One Master. At least, it’s corpse, really. Ugh, so were inside of that thing?”

“And after that pyramid was destroyed,” said Eria, “It looked like the Desert Seth. So he was right, DATEA left a trail leading here.”

“What do you think he meant about those Arbiters, though?” Gagagigo asked. “Seemed like he wasn’t just expecting anyone to find their way here. Not even the Counter Corps or the Divine.”

“A Chosen One,” answered Kairi. “That… should be a good thing, right? Usually that only ever means there’s a hero who can save the day for everyone.”

“I hope you’re right,” said Arthur. “Isamy and the others are all waiting for us, and we might as well need another miracle after everything we had to pull.”

“If anyone else from DATEA did survive, we have to find them.” Eria stepped a few feet ahead of the group. “That’s what the Pathway wants, right? It’s why it showed us that. So we can understand that even something like this can still be just a small part of something bigger.”

Arthur crossed his arms. “Not that I disagree, but don’t you think they would have tried coming for the Pathway as well? If it was just Protheus, maybe that’s as good as any that the others are dead.”

“Or they have other plans that have nothing to do with the Door.” Gagagigo’s tone was distant, barely looking at the others as he answered. “Like what Theta needed Megiddo for, or who - or what - that Marduk she mentioned is.”

“If you don’t mind me saying,” Kairi suggested, “Maybe Theta is the only one you should be worried about. I know you have to fight Megiddo, and maybe if you can go even further than that, hunt down Theta and stop her, too, you’ll finally be free from all this. But hunting down all of DATEA, when you don’t even know how many of them died or survived, you’re just going to keep throwing yourself into fight after fight after fight.”

“You’re never going to let yourselves catch a break,” Sora added. “Even when I fought the Organization, I thought Xemnas was going to be the end of it. Then learning everything else about Xehanort, I knew I had to stop him, too. I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like if I had to fight someone else even after Xehanort. He’s still the one I have to stop for good after this. Theta - and really, just Theta - let her be your Xehanort. Not all of DATEA, just her. We can tell the others when we catch up to them, maybe they can cover some more ground if they’re ready for that. But we need to pick our battles carefully.”

“At least we have one less battle to worry about,” Gagagigo muttered bitterly. Further along the hallway, Gagagigo was standing beside a woman’s corpse. Each of them knew who it was before they could get a close look. Arturia Pendragon was laying their, unceremoniously and abandoned. Gagagigo had barely known her long, meeting her only just after they escaped the Inner Periphery, and after her confession that the Throne of Heroes had no qualms about letting their homes be sacrificed for the sake of the larger multiverse, he felt next to no reason to mourn her.

Instead, Gagagigo continued onward, towards a painting at the end of the Hallway. It depicted the upper body of a pale woman wearing nothing but an ornamental headdress, her arms crossed over her chest. The painting was torn where the woman’s heart should be. In its place was a black rift, bleeding with teal energy. Darkness encroached long the edges of painting, slowly eating away, almost burning it.

Gagagigo had nearly killed Eria in Shadow Realm, and in doing so, summoned Isamy to the past. Everything that had happened since then, leading up to this very moment, was all because of him. He cared about nothing more than to kill Isamy. It couldn’t possibly atone for all he had done, but if he had started all this, then he owed it to the entire multiverse that he should finish it as well.

Before Gagagigo could stop into the painting, a sword popped out of the rift. It was black and white, wrapped in several hydra heads. Gagagigo reached for the blade, but it slid along the floor, moving in a direct line until it suddenly grinded to a halt, presenting itself at Arthur’s feet.

Arthur was wary. What did the sword with him? At first glance, he could easily recognize the many heads of LERNA that formed its shape, but he felt something else. There was another presence within the blade, calling to him.

“Don’t touch it,” Eria warned. Against his better judgment, Arthur did exactly that, picking up the blade. As soon as he held it in his hand, the world around him began to change.

No longer did was standing within the Hallway of Origin. He was outside of a cabin in the woods. He recognized it. It was like a part of Camp Half-Blood that had been kept all to himself. On the outside, it looked Cabin Seven, where all the children of Apollo were assigned to stay. But inside of it, he knew that it was a home where he and Eria could stay together. Even though he knew this was an illusion, he would play along. For now.

As he grabbed the doorknob, he heard a voice behind him. “you are late, ARTHUR ANCYL.”

Arthur let go, sneering as he faced the speaker. There was an old man in black robes, but Arthur still recognized him. “Couldn’t even stay dead for a little bit longer, could you, Madara?”

The aged shinobi scoffed. He pressed a hand to his mouth, seemingly surprised by his own reaction. “remember, i am still but a simulacrum of that shinobi. nevertheless, we meet again. you showed me that the ideal world is not something that i can offer you with a dream that i cannot comprehend. so i granted my power to ARTURIA PENDRAGON. she sought not to give her dream form, but rather, destroy it. what little piece of me remained endured, to ensure that perhaps even she could change her mind. perhaps… to reach the same conclusion that you had shown me.”

“And look how that turned out,” Arthur shrugged.

“she was a failure, i admit. at first, i thought you worthy of my power, but in my error, even i could not distinguish you from the King whose name was passed down to you. i stayed only to see my next error through until the Counter Guardian paid for Her sins.” The Madara tapped a cane on the ground. Crimson aura emanated from his body, as he held out a hand to Arthur. “the magical girl, LYDIA, then combined what energy she could draw from LERNA, the Witch of Infinite Possibilities, with what she could salvage from the King. the girl regretted that action, rejecting the sword that she herself had forged: HOPELESS BLACK. and now, the sword passes to you. perhaps now, the power that i had once intended for you, can be yours to claim at last.”

“LERNA?” That Witch was still alive as well. After what she had done to Sora, Arthur wouldn’t dare risk using her power. It made sense that Lydia could, after she had channeled the power of hope itself to overcome LERNA’s despair, but if even she had rejected it, what good would it do him? “I’m sorry. I appreciate the offer, at least if it means we’re on the same side now. But I can’t accept taking a risk like that when I don’t know what will happen to me.”

The Madara scowled at Arthur. “hmmm… very well. even still, take the sword. if it was forged by combing my essence with LERNA’s, perhaps it needs something more. another essence. one that transcends LERNA’s despair, or the slumber i sought to grant you.”

Distrust, despair, slumber, never change. The words from the prophecy repeated themselves. DATEA had left a trail, and Chardonnay’s prophecy tied together the most important feelings and sensations that the trail would put them through. If those feelings could then be compressed together, all in a single weapon, and if that weapon could be exactly what would destroy Isamy? Arthur couldn’t give up that chance.

“Whatever it is, fine. I’ll take the sword with me, and put your power to good use. You better not be getting my hopes up.”

“i wouldn’t dream of it,” the Madara answered. Was that the slightest hint of a sense of humor? Whatever the case, Arthur took the Madara’s hand, and they were both consumed by the crimson light.

Arthur was wielding Hopeless Black with both hands. For a moment, the sunlight that would shimmer from his eyes carried a red glow to them. Eria and MachGaogamon had been calling his name, but Arthur simply shrugged. “I’m alright, guys. No need to shout.”

Putting Hopeless Black in the sheath that he had used for his old sword, before he obtained the Keyblade, Arthur summoned his Keyblade instead. Approaching the body of Arturia, he knelt beside her. It was still difficult for him to swallow the fact that this was the King Arthur he had heard legends about. Certainly the multiverse was so vast that Arturia wasn’t necessarily the only King Arthur, and yet, he had never imagined he would have ever met the legend.

“I had thought the Counter Corps were supposed to save everyone,” Arthur said. “I don’t want to become a Counter Guardian. Not if it means I have to sacrifice even one innocent life out of billions. But, even if it was a lie, you showed me what the Counter Corps are meant to be. So, I want you to know… you weren’t about everything, Arturia.”

Leaving the fallen Counter Guardian behind, Arthur followed Gagagigo, who was taking the first step into the painting. Eria, Sora, Kairi, MachGaogamon, and Chardonnay each followed suit, until they had passed through the painting to reach the Door of Origin.

Their future couldn’t be hopeless. Little by little, they had proven to themselves they could shape what the future could be. There was only one last thing they had to do.

It was time for them to finish the war against Isamy Maximus.

#7117576 Titan will return again?

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 05 September 2018 - 06:51 PM

Yeah, I think this really should be locked. I have seen far too many arguments over minutiae that basically amount to "You haven't proven me wrong, therefore I am wrong." Heck, despite his insistence that neither of us have offered any convincing evidence, I would say that British and I have been fairly on the same page here. We both try to ask direct questions, but vobo either ignores us entirely, or answers us with a response completely unrelated to what we're quoting.


This conversation is pretty clearly going nowhere, and after four pages of vobo refusing to offer evidence despite requests to do so, is there any point in keeping this open?

#7117393 Titan will return again?

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 03 September 2018 - 07:48 PM

I'm not the one who needs to provide evidence. The onus is on you to offer evidence that will persuade us, and I'm refuting your claims because they prove nothing.


You mentioned that Banner did not appear during the duel against Dimitri. What evidence does that offer for this theory?

#7117389 Titan will return again?

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 03 September 2018 - 07:27 PM

Interesting because I saw Yugi deck in the episode 18-19 of Yugioh GX and Professor Banner didn't show up there at all.


You're trying to see connections that are simply not there.

#7116685 GFET 4 Match 4-1

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 27 August 2018 - 11:53 PM

let's be friends ok?

only duessel would bring people together, what a character


Works for me!


This is the true power of Duessel.

#7116680 GFET 4 Match 4-1

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 27 August 2018 - 11:48 PM

Sorry, Olivia, but Duessel needs to keep making it through this.

#7116219 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 24 August 2018 - 05:02 PM

Memento Mori

#7115842 Verizon throttles firefighters' data plan during wildfire.

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 22 August 2018 - 10:59 AM



Firefighters attempted to use a supposedly unlimited data plan to coordinate the response team while combatting a wildfire, only for Verizon to forcefully slow down their data speed. The fire department sent an email, Verizon focused only on offering the department a chance to upgrade their data plan.


Pretty scummy of Verizon to take advantage of the net neutrality repeal to throttle firefighters.

#7115748 Trump Administration Actions Thread

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 21 August 2018 - 04:57 PM



Paul Manafort has been found guilty of tax and bank fraud, and failing to report a foreign account, while Michael Cohen has plead guilty to campaign finance violations. Two of Michael Cohen's guilty pleas also implicate the president as an "unindicted co-conspirator", having confessed that the then-candidate directed him to commit a federal crime.

#7115406 Grand Fire Emblem Tournament 4 [Nominations Closed]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 19 August 2018 - 01:05 PM



We've done it, Hina. #DownWithTellius

#7114936 GFET 4 Match 2-28

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 15 August 2018 - 09:44 PM

Haar's pretty great, but Duessel is another fine example of how the Grado recruits generally get some really good redemption. Doubly so with how he becomes a surrogate father figure for Amelia.

#7114521 GFET 4 Match 2-17

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 12 August 2018 - 09:07 PM

Joke's on them, L'Arachel already won.

#7114223 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 10 August 2018 - 07:58 PM



The Pathway to Remembrance