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#7106147 [SEMI-SERIOUS] Required information for undisclosed reasons

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 22 June 2018 - 01:02 PM

Hope it's not too weird to do this now that I know what this is for, but here's my picks:

Video Game: Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
Movie: The Phantom of the Opera (2004 film)
Anime: Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
Cartoon: Mister Freeze (Batman: The Animated Series)
TV Show: Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time)

#7104968 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 16 June 2018 - 03:55 PM

A fourth white flower bloomed around the Soul of Ravnica, and a new chain joined those already trapping the entity. Despite the flames that were easily burning through Hollow Isamy's ice and scorching her alive, this Void Inclusion needed to persist long enough to ensure that she could take this prize. Ravnica could not escape. She would not allow that. And besides, she still had one more Void Inclusion that could turn the tide perfectly. She would fight through the indescribable pain. She had to.

She could sense that Kenpachi Zaraki had broken free from the frozen lake, though his power had… changed. When had he possibly obtained his Bankai?! Long before the Origin War began, he had been unique among the Gotei 13, being the only Captain to have not received the Bankai. Had the years been so long that he had done what seemed impossible for him?

…It would be no matter. Byakuya would be sure to deal with him, he assured herself. Regardless of their power, it was their Captain-Commander who truly outmatched them both. Butlerok had called upon Genryuusai Yamamoto’s own Bankai, melting the entire ice dome into pure steam. She had expected them to keep using fire to counter Elsa’s magic, but to burn through the dome in an instant? She could not rely on pushing Elsa’s magic past its limit. The time for a new Void Inclusion was now-


To the casual observer, a girl without a name was adding but a single spark of flame to the final rage of a thousand setting suns, yet Hollow Isamy could still feel her passion. Further still, Chandra had joined them with more fire of her own, the desperation, the sheer belief that they would defeat her that the nameless girl, Butlerok, and Chandra had all poured into their attacks. Unable to cover her face anymore, Hollow Isamy’s hands limped to her side. Her eyes were pitch black, yet still she watched through them. Blood streaked down her face, but she refused to beg. She did not even notice the chain that connected Byakuya to her had just been severed.

She blinked, and the image flickered before her of a lone pale child huddled in the corner of a room draped in absolute darkness. The child whimpered “No more,” but her cries fell on deaf ears. Hollow Isamy grit her teeth, as a cold wave breezed past her. With the last of Elsa’s Void Inclusion, two more chains wrapped around the Soul of Ravnica.

Finally. Ravnica was now hers for the taking. Reaching out one hand, her mouth opened wide, salivating with anticipation for the coming meal.

[ M I N E - ]

“My Queen!” Byakuya was calling to her. But why? Why did he sound so afraid? “LADY ISAMY! HELP M--!"

With a few more punches, slashes, and crushes, Kenpachi Zaraki had mercilessly slain Byakuya Kuchiki. She could hearing his soul screaming in agony as Kenpachi continued to attack the ground beneath him, ensuring that Byakuya did not even have the semblance of a corpse that could conceivably buried.

Slowly, Hollow Isamy closed her hand, at the chains wrapped around the Soul of Ravnica tightened, until the manifestation of the plane audibly popped like a bubble. A fake.

Byakuya was dead. Ravnica had escaped. Even as her body burned alive, Hollow Isamy let the flames run along her body. Her warped flesh and gnarled bones began to turn black.

[ Y O U U N D E R S T O O D ]

A said appeared in one of her hands, and the movement of the flames seemed to halt in place. Black flames began to melt through the lake, as smoke billowed throughout the forest, turning some of the snow black and lighting some of the restored tries on fire once more. The forest only seemed to keep renewing itself be struck down time and again, as the eternal testament to the power and scale that Hollow Isamy and opponents brought to this final battle.

[ C L E A N S E T H E W O R L D ]

The smoke spread faster and faster, stopped only by the towers of the Forgotten Forest. Byakuya, Ayame, and Jace had understood the true value in her offer. Two of her Heralds had died believing in the paradise she offered them, while Jace dared to turn his back on her. And what good had that done for those who had rejected her outright, without sparing even a moment’s consideration? Some of their allies had died, and who could blame her for that? They needed to die in this world, so that they could be reborn in the next. As part of a greater whole. Yet others still fought her in the name of petty vengeance. They sullied the memory of their fallen friends by trying to deny her the chance to grant each and every one of them their happily ever after.

Even Kenpachi had not spared Byakuya. To betray their own friends for the sake of an imagined slight only further proved why she needed to save them from their miserable little lives. So long as they sought to delay the inevitable, they would have no choice but to burn.

[ V O I D I N C L U S I O N :
- E D G A R I T H - ]

The smoke pulled itself inwards, concentrating back onto Hollow Isamy, and into Ed’s- no, her Zanpakuto. A Recollection had stolen Metarchus from her, and she could not risk anyone else using their own psychic abilities against her. A psychic pulse shook the forest, and while it was not meant to necessarily harm anyone physically, every illusion or psychic construct was dispelled. Perhaps they would try to continue using their tricks against her, but for the moment, the magic was gone. It would give just a small amount of time to finish off a few more of the others.

The still flames that had been ravaging her body turned black, as she held her Zanpakuto with two hands, and declared a familiar name.

[ K I O T S O
K U R O K Ō R I W A ]

Her Zanpakuto ignited with black flames of their own, and began to draw in the flames that had been burning her into itself. Although Hollow Isamy herself was no longer being struck with endless Firestorms and Infernos, the damage had been clearly done. It was her return to repay that pain a thousand fold, snarling as she raised her Zanpakuto directly above her.

[ B L A C K D R A G O N
S W O R D S T Y L E ]

The black flames shot out, and began to take shape. Long had Hollow Isamy aspired to the ideal of “Temperance”, but such follow would bring her nothing but complacency. Whether or not they would understand her ambition, she longed for souls to feast upon, for their own sake. She was hungry. No doubt they all say her as a creature of gluttony, and so she could give them one.

Ah, but of course. How could she have forgotten her old friend? That child’s playing card that had served her faithfully. The guardian that had protected her against the Avatar all those years ago. A Herald who would never betray her, and guide these infants to their new life.

For as long as she had waited for this day, this was perhaps the only friend she truly had left. Wiping blood from her eyes, she smiled and called its name.


[ G U L A ]
[ D R A C O L I C H ]

A skeletal dragon composed of black fire loomed over Hollow Isamy, sheltering her with its wings. Chandra, Dorian, and Butlerok could each feel Gula Dracolich inviting them to offer it a gift. It longed for their power, and they had only need answer its call. Against Hollow Isamy’s guardian, they would be nothing but moths to the flame.
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#7103976 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [OOC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 10 June 2018 - 02:41 PM

@Merciful Idiot , @ Dad , @Tesability Black , @ The Warden , @Chaos Sonic , @Maeriberii Haan , @Love of Ghibli , @Kingdom Xathers , @Reinforce

Going to be a bit erratic right now, but this is more of a preliminary post covering a few things.
Yesterday marked one year since my party of characters began their battle against @Merciful Idiot's Protheus Maximus. While I estimate that there are about two posts left in our collaboration, the point remains that my characters have long since been egregiously lagging behind. And that's on me. My activity on the site as whole suffered in 2014 through 2016, and the damage has been done. Even still, I am determined to finish this fight, and bring my characters to the final boss fight.
Speaking of which, there are three stages projected in this fight, and we are still only on the first. Given the nature of this first stage, I see the battle as having had multiple rounds within it. Sometime over the next few days, I will post a formal status update to keep everyone up to speed. Following that, I will write a boss post with Hollow Isamy, which I hope should begin the final round of this stage and serve as a prelude to Stage 2. This roleplay began on July 7, 2013. Our fifth anniversary is in less than a month, or just under four weeks. My hope and preference is that July 7 will be the date that Stage 2 begins.
Due to personal matters, @Tesability Black may need to step out of the roleplay. What will become of her characters is still being decided, so I will try to work out something there with some considerations towards that prelude to Stage 2 and the anniversary.


Although this is ostensibly our "endgame", this roleplay has dragged on for the better part of five years. While I do not have any intention of rushing this story to an anticlimactic finale, and hope to have some semblance of a satisfying conclusion in spite of what has happened, we do need to bring this story towards that conclusion, satisfying or otherwise. Please be prepared for this battle to advance towards the next Stage.


While we've been primarily discussing on Skype, in case anyone is more active on Discord, you may join this roleplay's channel here: https://discord.gg/C7sJyv


We've rarely used it, but I believe now is as good a time as any to plug it.

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#7103928 YCM Awards 2018

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 10 June 2018 - 08:16 AM

If something is not listed, assume I'm abstaining from him.

Writing Star - Maeriberii Haan (Nai)

Critic Star - Catterjune

Reality Star - Striker

Comedy Star - Yui

Classic Star - ~British Soul~

Star Manager - Flame Dragon

#7102957 [Fanfiction] Yu-Gi-Oh! Fast Forward Friends

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 04 June 2018 - 03:27 PM

1. Easy, give them a mini-arc to explain each of their characters, when plot is not involved.


2. Following tradition. The main protagonist has Yu somewhere in their name, and Yukina sounds like a female name to me, I mean six series and not a single female protagonist. What is this Pokemon Pre-Crystal Version?


3. It's so that Yukina can't be recognized. She is the owner of a Multi--decillion dollar company, that would make her a celebrity ad you know how the papparazi are about trashing people's good names. Refer to the episode of 5d's where Carly hangs out with Jack to get an interview with him. As for the check, Yukina sees Tea's group from atop a building, signs her name on the back of the check she gives to the shopkeeper, and since it's 3018, try to broaden your horizons a bit. Think for a while: The check can be a smart check, with an ai that can tell if the shopkeeper is planning to go over the total cost of the swimsuits for his own greedy reasons. The check can analyze the amount written, wipe itself clean and write in the correct amount.


4. Tea's group didn't have cash on them. I mean would you have cash or the correct currency when you're flung 1,000 years in the future?


5.  This is a synopsis. The actual chapter will have more dialogue. As for the heiress thing, That is explained in chapter 2. Is Seto Kaiba 18? Cause that's how old you have to at least be to run a company. Yukina is 16 so she's two years short of the mark, so the company is run by her half aunt, a woman named Madeline Usami, who does not have Yukina's best interests in heart. Madeline forbids Yukina from Dueling, but that does not mean she is willing to learn from her ancestors. As for Exodia, my guess Solomin had a backup set of Exodia cards which were preserved via lamination by another duelist. I mean 1,000 years and the cards would be dust by then. Remember, she does have a dueling museum in her mansion with relics from series past, like Yugi's Duel Disk and the Exodia cards. And yes, it was to scare off the goons.


1. I think you have a few too many characters for those mini-arcs. You might want to consider trimming down your cast.


2. I recognized that her name follows the tradition. My point is that her full name does not make much sense.


3. "Heiress" does not equal "owner". As you've stressed, she's too young to be running the company, so she does not own it yet. Besides, the check would still give away her identity. If you have to tell your audience "Try to broaden your horizons a bit", that's preemptively shutting down critique of your own. Suspensions of disbelief are of course to be expected when reading stories like these, but that assumption can only get you so far. The writer needs to make considerations to accommodate that suspension of disbelief, not demand that the audience keeps stretching it thin. The smart check that for whatever reason would keep the shopkeeper from being greedy is fine, but that's irrelevant to the issue at hand. My point is that if she's trying to be recognized, a blank check with her signature that cannot be cashed unless she takes off her cloak to confirm her ID defeats the entire purpose of going incognito, so she might as well just pay in cash. The blank check raises more questions and problems, while just paying in cash would be simpler, and if anything, works better as a contrast to Tea and the others having obsolete currency.


4. I get that their money would not be any good, and stating that is avoiding the point about them almost stealing the swimsuits until Yukina pays for them with a check that has her name on it and would require her to let the shopkeeper recognize her.


5. Even if she's too young to run the company, your previous point was that she is a celebrity as the heiress of the company. I figured that Madeline forbids Yukina from dueling. I wouldn't say you're "guessing" that Solomon had a backup set of Exodia cards. You're making that up for the sake of this story, even though that raises the question of why he had never given Yugi that set to replace them. Or you could even say that they were the original set that Yugi lost, but restored and preserved to be put in the museum.

#7102812 [Fanfiction] Yu-Gi-Oh! Fast Forward Friends

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 03 June 2018 - 10:01 AM

That synopsis for Chapter 1 has me vastly concerned, because it sounds like the introductions are incredibly rapid-fire. I understand the assumption that we as readers will all be familiar with each of the characters, but I personally can't imagine much more than "Hey, I'm ____, and this is ___" ad nauseam, especially when you're categorizing characters into different "groups". Just look at the sheer size of Mai's group. I understand the idea that the premise is to have characters from every series under one roof, but as Dova pointed out, how could you balance all those characters?
Maybe this is just old fashion talking, but I'm mostly used to women taking their husband's name rather than vice-versa. I understand that's not always the case, but I find it odd that Yukina's last name is Gardner rather than Muto. Not to mention the odd contrast between "Yukina" and "Gardner". If you're following the dub names, then typically the first and last name are Americanized, with the only exception I can think of being "Jaden Yuki". This is very much a weird hang-up, but "Yukina Gardner" really does not make sense as a name to me.
I don't believe the synopsis says that the girl in the cloak is Yukina, but I'm assuming that is the case. If so, then why is she even wearing a cloak when she meets up with Tea's group? I don't think she has any reason to hide her identity. These people don't know who she is yet, and a blank check is called that because the number to be cashed in is blank. The person would still sign their name, so even if Yukina wears a cloak when she hands the shopkeep a check, the shopkeep's could look at the signature on that check and know it's her. And stores also would not accept checks unless they could confirm the ID of the person handing them the check, so if some random girl is wearing a cloak, the shopkeep cannot confirm her ID, and therefore cannot accept the check. But hey, maybe laws are different in a millennium.
What I'm saying is that "mysterious girl in a cloak hands a blank check to help pay for the swimsuits that Tea and her friends were about to steal" is not as cool or ominous as I suspect you wanted it to be.
Even if she's not perfect, the notion of her being the heiress of a multi-decillion dollar company is ridiculous. I suppose another millennium is going to have a huge effect on inflation, but otherwise it just sounds like she has access to that much money because "decillion" sounds cool and it's, like, totally ten times better than a million, right? But her having had zero dueling experiences is hard to believe both when she's the heiress of a company that's all about dueling, and that the chapter seemingly ends with her summoning Exodia. Or does her summoning Exodia count as her first duel? Or is it not even a duel, and she only just summons Exodia to scare the goons off?

#7102366 Media conglomerates and mergers

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 30 May 2018 - 10:30 AM

Well, it's been a week since I update this thread, and plenty has happened in that time.




The U.S. Senate will hold a hearing on the Sprint/T-Mobile merger on June 27. Considering how it's two weeks the other merger madness coming up, this should hopefully give it a bit more distance to stand on its own.




National Amusements - or more specifically, just Shari Redstone - has cooled interest in merging CBS and Viacom. Redstone has confirmed the theory that her plan was to sell a combined CBS and Viacom. However, since CBS and Les Moonves have rejected the plan, Redstone may be stepping back from this deal. Right now, the main concern here is the lawsuit against Redstone, so we'll see where that goes, though I may not post on that too much, because while the lawsuit was prompted by the merger, I don't think it necessarily contributes much to the discussion here.




Analysis suggests that the government may succeed in blocking the AT&T/Time Warner deal. We still have a couple of weeks to see the decision there, but we are getting close.


Now for some updates on the Disney v. Comcast bidding war for Fox and Sky.


There's a good here article explaining Sky's position in all this. I was skeptical that if Fox alone is facing scrutiny for trying to acquire Sky, and that the combination of Comcast and Fox would be another problem, but this touches on how that would be more of a benefit. Essentially, Sky is bound to be bought up no matter what. The question is if, rather than any sort of bidding war for Sky, Fox could partner up with either Comcast or Disney to acquire Sky. That still puts the focus of the bidding war on Fox, though ultimately would result in Fox acquiring Sky.


Despite declaring their intent to make a bid, Comcast has yet to formally do so. As such, Fox and Disney have announced that they will be conducting a shareholder meeting on July 10. This puts more of a deadline on Comcast to make their bid, though they have nearly a month between when the AT&T/Time Warner trial ends and when this meeting will be held. It's possible that the meeting could be postponed, but at least we're getting more progress on this deal.


Sticking with Deadline, they go more into detail about why Comcast is trying to buy Fox. It's the usual "They need to bulk up to survive against FAANG", and really reiterates what I'm saying that I don't believe Comcast actually wants Sky, so much as they need Sky to get Fox. The theory is that whoever gets Fox will be the last "old media" to carry on into the next age of the media landscape, and whoever loses Fox is going to be at a serious disadvantage. While I think Disney will survive even if they don't get Fox, for Comcast I believe that this deal could very easily make or break them. Heck, this might break Comcast even if they win, since Comcast could be in serious debt from the purchase alone. The most I can think of is that Fox would get saddled with debt like Toys R Us did. So I don't see Comcast as necessarily wanting to use Fox in and of itself, and they'd only have Fox take the fall for them. Which… really just seems like business suicide, not trying to survive against FAANG. It would remove Fox as a player, and Comcast would end up back at square one.


But that's all assuming Comcast even gets far enough. Disney is supposedly preparing to offer an even bigger deal for Comcast. While that move was to be expected, I believe this is the first we've heard of Disney actually taking those steps. Disney would have five working days to prepare their counter offer if Comcast makes their own, so if Comcast makes their bid before Disney and Fox's shareholders meeting, then Disney would likely make their own counter before then as well. I don't know if Disney is waiting for Comcast's deal so they can raise their offer accordingly, or if they'll jump the gun and raise their offer before Comcast makes theirs.


We'll see what happens in two weeks, between the rulings on the AT&T/Time Warner deal, and Fox and Comcast's respective bids for Sky. Those three rulings should all be the catalysts for the next stage for these bids.

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#7101194 Rosa Parks being disrespected

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 22 May 2018 - 08:32 PM

I mean it's not like this is the first time Hillary's pushed Rosa Parks to the side.



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#7101190 Hey guys, the Skyfang Brigade were so offensive that they're now Fur Hire.

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 22 May 2018 - 08:10 PM

I'm sorry, but "monsters 'Fur Hire'" is too hilarious that I can't help but enjoy this. They made the most of the name change, and I think that's enough to make up for the otherwise needless change.

#7101182 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 22 May 2018 - 07:18 PM

Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh!…

[The Pathway to Remembrance]

Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods - Chapter 4: Convergence

#7100357 The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 16 May 2018 - 04:21 PM

The Bane of Ravnica - D4

Not only did Byakuya Kuchiki save Hollow Isamy from the spell one of the demon boy’s summons had cast, had evolved his Bankai to the next level. Excellent. He was making quick work of Kenpachi Zaraki, impaling the berserker with blade after blade. Yes. Yes. If anyone should understand the futility of denying her, it would be Byakuya. He knew Kenpachi. Surely if even Byakuya could not persuade Kenpachi, then there was no sense in expecting Kenpachi to see reason.

However, he was still dangerous. She could not underestimate his strength, and more than just his pure, unbridled rage, Kenpachi had a target. He wasn’t just coming for her. To the others, Byakuya would just be another enemy. The only reason to fight Byakuya would be to get to Hollow Isamy. For Kenpachi Zaraki, defeating Byakuya was personal.

As soon as Kenpachi fell into the lake, Hollow did not need to think hard about what to do. With the wave of her hand, the once-scattered lake froze over once more, trapping Kenpachi within the ice. Yachiru had been crying and begging for Kenpachi to hold back from the fight, and with a brief projection of words, Yachiru could hear Hollow Isamy’s voice taunting her.

[G I V E U P]

Yachiru was powerless without Kenpachi. There was no reason to be concerned with the lieutenant without her captain to help. Even still, Hollow Isamy could not be certain that Kenpachi was truly dead, so she commanded the lake to grow colder, concentrating on where Kenpachi had fallen. For now, the most she could hope for was to trap him within the ice.

While Kratos continued to be paralyzed in his fear and grief, Killua and Gon were taking the initiative, leaping into action as soon as Kenpachi dropped like a rock. She could not underestimate their skills; Killua was a trained assassin, and Gon already knew how to work in tandem with Elsa’s magic. No doubt he was prepared to counter it as well. Raising one hand in their direction, Hollow Isamy commanded the air around them to grow cold. From where the two Hunters once stood, snow gathered behind them into a wave, rising above to consume them.

As she focused one of her hands on Killua and Gon, the first of her six lasers landed harmlessly beside Ravnica. Where it struck, a white flower bud formed from ice and snow, and slowly began to bloom.

Then it was Chandra’s turn. The Planeswalker sent a phoenix to strike headfirst, but Hollow Isamy breathed cold air onto it, and the phoenix was extinguished in an instant. What did present a challenge, however, was the magma elemental that Chandra summoned in front of the tower. With another hand, she fired a beam of ice directly into the stream of magma, and though the magma easily melted through the ice, it did not overwhelm quite so easily. Using another hand to reinforce her ice magic, the magma instead began to slowly slide along the ice, the magma having melted the ice so quickly that it turned to steam. And yet, that steam formed a layer between the ice and the magma, and the magma itself began to cool. Hollow Isamy pushed forward with her ice, desperate to cool the magma as much as the elemental was to melt through her ice, locking them both in a stalemate.

With two more of her hands free, two more white flower buds bloomed around Ravnica. The demon boy was still flying in the air, while one of his demons continued to burn Hollow Isamy away. She could only endure so much of the flames; she needed to take Ravnica as soon as possible to heal from this, but even that would be pointless so long as Amaterasu could keep this up.

Of course, despite Amaterasu’s skill with fire, that could not necessarily mean she was immune to ice magic. As she held her standstill with the Magmatic Force, she was confident she could could somehow manage to overwhelm fire with ice, logic be damned. With another hand, just as she had with Killua and Gon, she commanded snow to envelope Amaterasu.

While keeping most of her hand in a fist, she looked up again at the boy. He drew his power from his COMP, and there would be no point in destroying his demons so long as he could keep summoning them. With the flick of her thumb, a shard of ice flew straight at Bel’s COMP.

And a fourth white flower bloomed around Ravnica.

Reimu had survived Hollow Isamy’s attacks, though she was relying far too much on those barriers. Surely there had to be a limit to them? Still, if Reimu was playing support, then as frustrating as that was, it did not necessarily make her a priority.

Thanks to Bel’s distraction, two of her arms had grown too lax in trying to counter magma with ice, and the Magmatic Force was able to push further against her power. Redoubling her efforts, Hollow Isamy sent more ice towards the Magmatic Force until it could not match her with its magma. Eventually, the ice was striking the elemental itself, and as steam began to coat the elemental, the ice cooled the Magmatic Force into a statue of igneous rock.

With two of her hands focused on keeping the Magmatic Force cooled, a third on Amaterasu, and a fourth on both Killua and Gon, Hollow Isamy had two more free hands. Just enough to counter Hapshiel’s pair for gargantuan air kisses. She hoped to merely repel them by summoning more frost against it, but the air kisses continued in their path. She had to be more direct. Ice formed into spikes along her free hands, and she stabbed them directly into the heart-shaped kisses.

The hearts began to freeze from where Hollow Isamy stabbed them, but Hollow Isamy felt any aggression in her halt as soon as she made contact. The frozen hearts quickly shattered, only to explode into 64 smaller cartoonish hearts that began to swarm her. Her entire body began to convulse, reeling back as her distorted voice began to heave and moan in guttural ecstasy.

As the last two lasers landed by Ravnica and sprouted two more white flowers in the snow, Hollow Isamy brought the two hands she had stabbed the air kisses with onto her chest cavity, even as she continued flailing. Her other hands were still focused the Magmatic Force, Amaterasu, Killua, and Gon, the snow twisting and pulling in an attempt the latter three towards the Magmatic Force.

Jovial love and absolute rapture led to her sobbing uncontrollably, then laughing, and finally manic cackling. Oh how she had hoped that everyone around could have become one with her. Of course, Hapshiel would no doubt have had a different expression of that idea in mind, but would it have been wrong? Yet the Encroachment demanded that she destroy them all utterly. Consume them. Then, and only then, could the Void Inclusion allow them to truly become one. Soon she would be willing to abandon Elsa’s power, and consign the Queen of Arendelle to oblivion. But not before Hollow Isamy had her next meal.

The first white flower she had planted finished blooming, and a chain of ice, not unlike what Elsa had used against Hollow Isamy, sprung from the flower, wrapping itself around Ravnica. When all six flowers would finish blooming, and the chains ensnared Ravnica, only then could she take the entire plane, and all its inhabitants who had survived the Distortions. As a part of her, they would finally know a happy ending.

With her two hands resting in her hand, she regained some command over the snow, with four hands trying to mold the snow into ice to further entrap the three passengers about to slammed into Magmatic Force. One of the hands commanding the snow and ice grabbed at her chest cavity, and her arms were evenly divided between her three current targets and the… pleasure… that Hapshiel was inflicting on her.

Since Hollow Isamy had her hands and attention fully occupied, she paid little mind to the colossal sword that was about to hit.

"Take this!", the short-haired blunette declared. The Sword of Hisou cleaved straight down the middle of Hollow Isamy’s mask, and when the sword finished its path, Hollow Isamy’s mask exploded into a scarlet mist.

The scream that wailed throughout the Forgotten Forest was second only to Ragnarok’s Screech Alpha, shattering all manner of ice in the area, and throwing aside anyone who dared to be near her, including Byakuya. Hollow Isamy covered her face with two hands, but it was not enough to stop the scarlet mist from pouring through her hands like blood. Smoke blew through her chest. Whatever Hapshiel had hoped to do to her soul, the sheer pain and rage from the girl’s attack had compelled Hollow Isamy to reject it completely.

[T U R N B A C K]

A cold wave of nostalgia hit all of them. When everyone had first entered the Forgotten Forest, they began to feel some of their memories slipping away from them. Some had already forgotten the people they lost. Everyone had their own reasons to fight Hollow Isamy, but the one thing that they all agreed on was they blamed her for their suffering. They believed that this would all end with her. She would remind them what they truly had to fear.

With another scream, a wave of cold shook the entire forest, and a dome of ice began to form across every side of the frozen lake, while another dome within formed around her own position. Between the two layers of domes, rows upon rows of solid blocks began to emerge on the facing sides, and began to extend, the blocks growing closer towards each other. Anyone caught between the two domes was about to be completely crushed.

Two more white flowers launched their chains around Ravnica. It was halfway trapped, and soon she would feed. With the amount of souls she would be sure to devour, it would be more than enough. By taking their souls into her own, she would evolve into something greater than she already was.

#7099957 Super YCM Discord 2

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 14 May 2018 - 08:47 AM

Yeah I'm not really attacking anyone. I'm noting that they made a false claim, and I gave an factual solution to clarify, and the get all quiet. I don't really have a problem with them holding their position. Hell, I noted Giga has a point about why Discord might be preferable

Okay, I'm just going to clarify this. I got quiet because I saw no value in continuing a conversation with you. It's not that my claims were somehow false, nor that what you call "facts" intimidated me into silence. No one was impatient to wait for a rebuttal.
You outright claimed that you are "actually objectively right here." What point is there in trying to have a discussion with someone who declares themselves to be correct but then claims it's everyone else who is "so set in their views"?

#7099459 Post Your Waifu and I'll Rate them /10

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 11 May 2018 - 08:12 AM

If the summon is brides again there damn well better be an Anna in it I s2g...

Ask and ye shall receive

#7099113 Media conglomerates and mergers

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 09 May 2018 - 08:21 AM

I hate this scenario because whoever wins, we lose. I'd prefer if both mergers were blocked, because I don't think Comcast would be much better than Disney, and would also become an even bigger conglomerate if they get Fox.

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#7096890 Venom (2018)

Posted by Phantom Roxas on 24 April 2018 - 08:21 PM

Chaos Sonic has it spot on that this seems more like Prototype, although that's only to this film's detriment. As Shradow pointed out, the whole point of Venom is that he was supposed to have been bonded with Peter first. I do like the idea of the Life Foundation using sim-bi-oats for experiments, but there doesn't seem to be any Spider-Man here whatsoever.


I mean, to put this in perspective, the Punisher did start off as a Spider-Man villain, but he grew out of that. He became so much of a character in his own right that him starting off as a Spider-Man characters feels more like trivia, like how Mystique was originally a Ms. Marvel villain, or Sabertooth fighting Iron Fist.


But Venom is not like any of those characters. You cannot just take him outside of his original context. Even when Venom becomes more an anti-hero, it's still in part because of his Spider-Man origins.


So it's... a little sad that Prototype actually does seem to be a more accurate comparison for this movie.