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In Topic: Paracides; A 22-card insect archetype based on a new way to play

17 February 2018 - 04:41 PM

One more update; changed Core and Stingers effects a bit.


Major update though is a proposed fix to the issue pertaining to "Lockdown". I was thinking of rebalancing the effects to include a Silent wobby style effect, that is whenever they are summoned by their infects they let your opponent draw a card; hence eliminating the possibility of a lockdown ever occurring. I would then be able to make a few of the effects topdeck Paracides without risk of draw stomping.

The only disadvantage is this might make the effects too weak; perhaps i would only have this effect apply during the draw phase (otherwise adding Paracides to the opponent's hand at any other point would just net them free advantage with the draws and dig your own grave)


The additional effect would go like this at the end of every first effect (excluding the guys who summon themselves to the opponents field who will just draw a card on summon): "If this card is summoned by this effect during the draw phase: your opponent draws one card".(this applies when its in the owners control just like wobby hence netting your opponent draw a free card as comensastion; if they draw into another paracide it will also let them draw but it can be a fun way of doing a "Paracide" chain of lockdown effects which is much harder to execute than simply placing any random paracides on top of the deck.

At first, i didn't think this idea could work but i think i could alter some effects to work well with this effect; not to mention it makes cards such as appropriate a fun tech choice that has ton of applications with this new ability


Edit: Liked this idea enough to go ahead with it and add it to every existing Paracide card that has an infect effect(excluding "C" as it now lets both players draw a card so the compensation isn't needed here). Also, several effects have been altered to re-allow topdecking of Paracides since its no longer game-breaking. I'll probably change or add a card or two to react to the draws the opponent is getting. 

In terms of wording most of them have this effect:

"If this effect is applied during the draw phase your opponent draws one card" (recall how Silent Wobby applies its effect if you're wondering about the wording here)

The guys who summon themselves to the controller's field just have a standard draw and any other cards; to avoid confusion, have this effect.

"If this effect is applied during the draw phase the player who activated this effect draws 1 card." 

In Topic: Paracides; A 22-card insect archetype based on a new way to play

16 February 2018 - 08:11 PM

Somehow when posting this archetype I completely overlooked one of the cards because im an idiot.

Added Paracide Stinger who was supposed to be there from the start but got left out by accident (so that explains the comments on more consistency; i accidentally left their basic searcher out. Whoops-a-daisy)

In Topic: Paracides; A 22-card insect archetype based on a new way to play

16 February 2018 - 05:21 PM

Wow didn't expect such an in-depth review. Thanks for that, its a good motovator


In response, I've made the following changes: (do note that these are currently only on the typed effects not on the cards as of yet)

  • Fixed incorrect card grammar on all cards such as incorrect use of semi-colons and the unnecessary "you must activate this effect" (thank you find and replace and past me for keeping those lines consistent.) 
  • Core- Changed banishing cards to simply sending them, however, they cant use their effects that turn to compensate. No longer banishes when battling instead shuffles into the deck (basically the same just themed a bit better)
  • Infector- Removed the free draw and replaced it with a way to gain ATK.
  • "C"- Fixed the second effect being unintentionally mandatory. Changed the last effect from stopping all link summons to just negating extra deck monster effects (fyi totally forgot Contract "C" was a thing until now and was already a link format "C" monster, whoopsie)
  • Puppet- Minor change, incorrectly declaring "summon material" changed to "link, synchro or XYZ material".
  • Glutton-  Minor; just split the last two effects up for better clarity.
  • Dweller- Changed  DEF gain to 1500(somehow i didn't notice it went past the max DEF threshold of 2200) Last effect changed; now causes the opponent to draw 2 and return 3 excluding paracides. May add an additional ability to the second effect later since he's a tad underwhelming right now.
  • Stinger- Fixed a major issue where I'm a complete idiot and forgot to add this guy.
  • Corrosive wing- Now only destroys monsters with less than 1500ATK. The opponent now chooses the card that is topdecked with the second effect. 
  • Queen- Reduced ATK gain to 500, last effect now targets.
  • Empress- No longer special summons a Paracide when synchro summoned; the paracide topdeck is more than powerful enough. Also added a missing OPT clause so you cant just make multiple and lockout the opponent (i thought the "Only control one" would be enough but better safe than sorry).

And i think that's all the changes to the monsters for now. Agree with most of what your saying and i understand the complaints. However, I want Paracides to be a unique specimen while still being a decent deck. I initially had designed all the paracides to summon themselves to the opponent's field but I couldn't find ways to benefit the owner then and they ended up inconsistent as heck and were just  Kaijus without the whole enemy tributing thing. Again the idea of paracides is NOT to totally lockdown the opponent; its a way to play them sure but it's not the main goal.

In Topic: [Witten] Self-Destroying Archetype (15/15)

14 February 2018 - 07:42 AM

I like them but I have a few critiques 

Fire kings already had the whole self-destruction gimmick, kinda feels like these guys are getting a bit in their gimmick. Not to mention they could be a bit broken when abused with fire kings splashed in. Especially with how easily the destroy effects go off here.


Blunt lancer seems like a bit of an issue. Two for two seems good on paper but that other monster is gaining advantage. You could get ludicrous advantage off it. Not to mention it isn't a opt, and it really should be. Most draw effects are for a very good reason. You could also combine it with demonic priest to get an insane draw 4 effect + any other destruction effects. Even Fluffal wing cant get that much advantage.


Incomipent magician has a free board wipe for almost no cost. Summoning her isn't difficult in the deck and she is super easy to abuse. Field wipes shouldn't be a summon effect unless that monster is difficult to bring out, or has some other prerequisite.


The last comment I would make is that all of the ritual spell cards seem to have the exact same summoning effect. They should have something different. Nekroz and Ghiskis are good examples of various ways to do ritual summing. Different graveyard effects aren't really making them unique


Another complaint I have as a whole is the lack of a theme in the typing; no consistent type, attribute or level. It makes supporting these guys a chore and getting out one of the element links is difficult with the attribute issues as is type reliant XYZs.


I like the deck don't get me wrong and I do like to see a bit of love for fire kings. I think a few changes here and there could fix these guys.

In Topic: Paracides; A 22-card insect archetype based on a new way to play

13 February 2018 - 09:03 PM

Thanks for the feedback

I had a feeling I had messed up the wording in a few places. As far as I can tell it is not gameplay affect so it should be okay but ill be sure to add those fixes into any cards that need other changes (since almost every card has the effect, it'd be a bit of a pain to correct them all for a small change.)


For the draw canceling this is a major issue I had when balancing the archetype as a whole. I originally had more cards with Jade insect style adding and such but I left those out for that exact issue; draw stomping is very powerful. Thus the majority rely more on luck and other effects to be drawn ie your not going to consistently lockout draws turn 1/2 every duel you NEED setup to pull that off and most decks can counter it easily. Only Corrosive wing and Empress actually let you topdeck a paracide and the former needs one to be in the opposing deck beforehand meaning setup is needed. 

Regarded the comments on consistency, I kinda had that in mind with the archetype though perhaps i missed the ball. Nest and Gathering are by themselves instant searchers and a large amount of the archetype can get the monsters from the deck or GY straight to the field. I almost felt as if more searchers would've been a bit overkill. Ill need to have a bit of a reevaluate perhaps.


I cant make the changes rn but ill have a look over some of the problematic cards and change them when I can. From the looks of it ill need to make sure topdecking paracides isn't consistent; relying more on just adding them straight to the hand. Keep in mind the opponent has many ways of stopping a topdecked Paracide to stop a lockdown such as any sort of search card (which will force a deck shuffle so unless you're really lucky it's not being topdecked again.)


Paracides in the opponent's deck can indeed cause a lockdown; its one of their win conditions, particularly when combined with Invader's discard ability but pulling that off usually requires multiple paracides in the deck as well as the opponent having lost a good bit of their own cards (via Desires and Core). It's not a gameplay state that's as consistent as one might imagine. Its nowhere near as consistent as Yata lock was, but at the same time not as horribly inconsistent as say a Fenrir lock. It wouldn't be a goal any competitive build be aiming for. The topdecking is more of a bonus power, such as with the draw canceling of Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

The biggest issue right now is balancing these sort of things is extremely tricky with no way of testing them in a real game.

Also, jade-insect whistle might be more powerful in this archetype than I gave it credit for