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In Topic: Exceeds Summoned Skull

Today, 08:39 AM

Did they ever get a link?

They'll probs get one in the next Tournament Pack, just watch. If it happens, I really wouldn't be surprised tbph.

In Topic: [OCG] New Monsters from 20th Anniversary Duelist Box

Today, 08:31 AM

>Reads Signal Warrior

The immunity is quite nice, though it's basically a Speed World 2 on legs (gains counters during each standby, the effects depending on how many you remove mirror what SW2 did in the games).

In Topic: POKÉMON Detective Pikachu

Yesterday, 01:00 PM

How did I miss this? ...was this during the Det. Pika and Tim are walking through the scene before the "Pika Pika" talk? Damn, means I'm gonna have to watch the trailer a 5th time now.

To be I had to re-watch the trailer as I missed the London Underground logo at the beginning for some reason.

In Topic: POKÉMON Detective Pikachu

Yesterday, 12:33 PM

It has emerged that part of the movie was filmed in the Scottish highlands and a Highland councillor said that the crew were good users of the landscape and they got on well with the people in the area.


In Topic: [LVP2] Double Header Anger Knuckle

Yesterday, 11:15 AM

...So what you're telling me is... If you have 1 of these on field and 1 of these in grave... You can loop them infinitely.

...Or, if you have a Level 10 in grave and 1 on field, you could loop the Level 10s infinitely.

Unless, of course, this was mistranslated and it has a HOPT on the effects. ...I REALLY hope it is mistranslated and has a HOPT on both effects.

Yeah, it doesn't say that the effect you choose to use can only be done OPT, but I'd rather it was a hard OPT as well.