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About Me



The story of Frunk begins with a forum known as Yugioh Card Maker (YCM). Frunk, at the time just a naïve 14 year old boy exploring the internet for the first time, became the 37th member to join the site, in search of technical support. Two days after registering on August 30, 2006, Frunk was gifted the inglorious position of Moderator by YCMaker, a teenage prodigy turned aloof and wanton site Administrator. YCMaker required somebody with too much time on his hands to hold the fort for him, and Frunk fitted this bill in spades. Nobody would have suspected, though, given the already year-long history of that site and its complete lack of activity, just how far, and how quickly, things would progress over the next 12 months or so.

On Boxing Day that year, YCM abandoned its humble InvisionFree (IF) cradle and relocated to an at-first cosy MyBulletinBoard (MyBB), complete with its own domain name. Along with the brilliant Danilus, a fellow veteran of the IF incarnation of YCM,
Frunk was promoted to the newly-created position of Super Moderator. With YCMaker wholly absent, the pair oversaw the forum together until Danilus' activity waned towards midyear 2007.

Left on his own, Frunk ruled over the forum with benevolence. Wielding absolute power, he would gradually foster for himself a fearsome cult of personality, much more loved than loathed by the general populace at the time. Various
shitstorms did spring up throughout 2007, though, second-most notably the Grammar War. It was during a prolonged episode that came to be known as Sartorism, that Frunk would finally meet his match. Having just routed Sartorius with a one-month ban, a battle-weary Frunk was himself broken by a cunning antagonist named Static. In what might best be described as a rage-quit, Frunk turned in his badge to a mostly unperturbed YCMaker, and left the forum. Immediately, Frunk set up an InvisionFree forum of his own, aptly called Yugioh Card Maker in Exile (YCMIE).

The intelligentsia of YCM enjoyed a few golden months on Frunk's YCMIE, but its activity began to fade and members started to drift back to YCM, thanks in no small part to the reconciliation of
Frunk and Static. The pair, once sworn enemies, became the closest of allies and the most trusted of confidantes. So in the dying days of 2007, YCMIE was closed, Frunk ended his self-exile, and the community happily reunited at YCM once more.

With the new year came a renewed vigour for Frunk. Still a Super Moderator but now able to focus on his preferred forum, General, with new moderators such as God Kaze appointed to the various other sections of the forum, Frunk was free to eliminate (and often, cause) more drama, and toss more baddies out on their behinds.

It was a little over a month later, however, that, in February 2008, YCM
oldboy HORUS had an unfortunate run-in with some immigrants from GameFAQs. Frunk ruled in favour of his old comrade-at-arms and removed the majority of newcomers in a swathe of bans. However, a certain Crap Helmet, the David Aceveda to Frunk's Vic Mackey, and the only one of the GameFAQs group of any note, appealed to YCMaker. To the amazement of all, YCMaker, for once, actually did something, and overturned the bans. Betrayed by the very hand that had rocked the cradle, Frunk, outraged and embarrassed, again resigned, becoming everybody's favourite sad, washed-up forum cop...

It would be the last time Frunk could be considered a genuine, regular part of YCM. However, the story does not end there. Of greatest note amongst numerous comeback attempts - some genuine, most not - was a period several years later in March 2012.
Frunk had been reappointed to a (normal) Moderator's position of the General forum, whilst Crap Helmet itself occupied a Super Moderator's role. The controversial, much-maligned pair of moderators together orchestrated the ban of a particularly foul degenerate called J-Max, whom they considered a danger to YCM and its youthful member base. Popular opinion - or rather, popular ignorance - reared its ugly head, though, and the decision was overturned. Frunk soon received a dishonourable discharge from his moderation duties amid backlash from a misguided staff and an increasingly puerile citizenry.

Since then, Frunk has done little to assist 'the man'.
His returns, in between various failed forum projects of his own and numerous spells in rehab, have seldom lasted more than a few days. Some have speculated that, post-2008, he has only ever been a troll. Whatever the truth, as time goes on Frunk's legacy steadily decreases, on its way to becoming nonexistent. His unapologetic, authoritarian methods as a moderator are occasionally embittered by tendentious observers to this very day. Mostly, these miscreants wish to make a name for themselves, to appear "enlightened" and "in the know" regarding ancient forum history. Frunk, though, has been overheard saying that he'd do it all again...

A Virgo, he enjoys painting landscapes, writing about himself in the third person, and long walks along the beach.



My personal honour roll. These are people whose friendship I cherished:

  • BehindTheMask: The last bastion of brilliance this site could possibly boast, if only it were so enlightened. You are my brother, Ben.
  • Static: A true genius who made me a better person. Eli, I miss your wisdom.
  • Tkill93: My clan mate; fellow Sentinal [sic]. Ty you have even less interest in Yu-Gi-Oh than I do, but I'm so glad that for whatever reason, you came here and we became great friends.
  • Danilus: The greatest moderator this site ever had, forgotten in time. You taught me a lot, Daniel.
  • HORUS: If it weren't for you, who would I have had to post with in the early days? You turned this site from nothing into a hive of activity. Kramer is your real name.

Honourable mentions: 2sick4u, Andrew, Anthony, Azuh, Brushfire, Cameron, CrazyKev, Draco Straybyrn, GAK, Hobbes96, KA Flame, kid, Max, Mike, NP Sage, Nukyasu, OldMaster, OmegaWave, PowerlinX, rscrash94, Sammidysam, Sgt.Traveler, Shaco, steven, The Slime Lord.

If I've forgotten you, my apologies. I tend to have a pretty bad memory, coupled with an inability to keep track of everyone amid myriad name changes.

Whether you make the above list or not, please send me a message because I'd love to hear from you. I can't guarantee I'll respond straight away, or at all. I believe I'll visit this site once a year, until I never come back.

Alternatively, you can find me at Total War Center, under the same username, because Frunk
is forever.

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