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Featherine Augustus Aurora

Featherine Augustus Aurora

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@Thar The piece on my profile I wanted you to see is there; always remember your endless struggles have immense value. Updated 09 Feb · 0 comments

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I know ultimately, without any self-doubt, that those who have attained confidence have already undergone and overcome Hell earlier in their lives and know suffering better than those in the midst of it. Confidence in the untested is in fact the transparent, rigid, hollow, glass shell named arrogance that shatters into sharp shards under pressure. This journey through Hell is what tempers the glass into bold, malleable steel, strengthening after every infernal trial. This is the same confidence that eliminates all fear and denotes escape from the collective thought. The same escape from Samsara sought by eastern monks—Nirvana. The same journey through Hell Dante bore to experience Beatrice and the beatific vision in Heaven. The closest dialogue between man and God.

The three primordial Moirai: Luck, Talent, and Willpower weave the imponderable tapestry of human destiny. A nebulous lottery are the first twoーthe eldest a capricious, sadistic Quixote; the middle a headstrong deterministーa compassionate reader the third. The cruel determinism of the elders, beyond human interference, is overcome only by appeasing the dreamy reader. Inspired by the actor's touching fortitude in the face of God himself's firmest domination, Willpower bestows the actor a rare, divine right to resist God. These inspiring stories are passed down ad infinitum as solid stardust steeples for the yet starry-eyed posterity so that they, too, can one day confront the sardonic nebulae as their own, proper arbiters.

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