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Featherine Augustus Aurora

Featherine Augustus Aurora

Member Since 26 Jan 2010
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#7088335 How to avoid an ass whooping from Dad

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 17 March 2018 - 08:55 PM

But not as much as those who incessantly @ him.

#7087986 post change my mind edits

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 16 March 2018 - 01:21 AM

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#7086219 Super Smash Bros on Switch

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 08 March 2018 - 06:15 PM

Official site: http://smashbros.com/en_US/index.html

Let it be known that this is not a mere port, and that I will edit the thread title upon the reveal of an official name.

We'll probably have Bayonetta again, since she integrated into Nintendo since the previous titles, though my main hope is for Bomberman.

I resolve to update this post as we receive more information.

#7084609 Opinions thread

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 02 March 2018 - 07:12 PM

I appreciate you very much as a person. It has been great to hold discussion with someone who has incredible knowledge, but at the same time an incredible desire toward improving or moulding new concepts and perceptions in order to attain ideals or truth.
I recently decided that the value that i give humans should be based on their striving towards creation of their ideals or finding their ideals (who they are) and i find you have an incredible passion toward discovering yourself and ideology itself.
You also dont take yourself all too seriously, you have a likeable duplicity that many should be envious of.

Thank you very much. Know that the respect is mutual, and your appreciation of me is paradigmatic of my greatest source of pride: the posterity.

#7084432 Top 6 ycm avatars

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 02 March 2018 - 01:10 AM

I sense a bias in these choices.

Mine is objectively good anyway.

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#7084249 Top 6 ycm avatars

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 01 March 2018 - 04:21 PM

mfw I would have won if this wasn't rigged

#7084118 YCM Waifu Wars! Season 4 (nominations: closed)

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 01 March 2018 - 03:21 AM

Trishula counts as a waifu?

#7083692 Your role in anime

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 27 February 2018 - 08:44 PM

It's not an anime but Moriarty? (Sherlock Holmes)

God Emperor Cow is the tsundere in a mystery anime.
Lord CowCow is the tsundere in a romance anime.

[Real Name] is the comedic relief in a mecha anime.
See that makes sense.

Umineko is both a mystery with strong romance subplot and Jessica is tsun. @God Emperor Cow

#7083422 Anime Screenshots Without Context

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 26 February 2018 - 10:16 PM




#7083119 Have Fun~!

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 26 February 2018 - 02:27 AM






For @Mitch-Arei-Gensou-Engi-tan



#7083003 Post a Pic of the Real You!

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 25 February 2018 - 07:13 PM

@God Emperor Cow


#7082723 Not Opinions. Not Facts. What It Is.

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 25 February 2018 - 01:07 PM

You. You're one of those "dumb" smart people I talked about. You're super fucking intelligent, an avid reader, and you can be witty. But you are socially inept. Idk what it is but you simply fail to understand a lot of social constructs.

It would be hard a fuck to hang out with you and that sucks.

Social skills are very much learned. While personality traits and pathologies are mostly geneticーand these can be directly injurious to social ability, but usually as minor dynamics with eccentric trajectoriesーmasterful interaction is intuitive magnetoreception, first for computation and then for creativity. These are mostly trained, particularly as a major job for the parents, therapists and psychologists, and I'm already on that path, so we can still hang out.
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#7081175 Post and I'll give you a Umineko character

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 21 February 2018 - 02:29 AM

Yes the character descriptions outline elements I find are shared with or reminiscent of the person in question.

I love getting characters from things I know nothing about. Lay it on me and don't be afraid to share the juicy little details, even if it means spoilers.


Ushiromiya George

George is well-liked by and courteous with everybody. He's well-mannered, competent, and has the rare talent of getting along with people across the near-infinite spectrum, including the most petulant and whimsical. He has an admirable firmness on the decisions he makes for himself and remains unfazed in his dedication to them before even the most looming or furious authority figures. His presence dispels stagnant air in that he can deftly work out a tense atmosphere and move the mood somewhere better, culminating in someone who is difficult to truly dislike on a cursory level and easy to like. He's attractive as a community member and acknowledges the important of cooperation in that community and the importance of a positive environment, coming through with a respectable sense of honor and good sportsmanship. Unfortunately, he tends to show an emotional rashness and selfishness at times. His forte is in mass appeal through good superficial impressions and, while he follows through privately, if you dig at him enough, he can become venomous, though he's always a good sport about it (at least openly). He can reach a grotesque, ruthless pettiness he expresses secretively if something goes against him, but this one doesn't apply to you (as far as we can see of course :smirk:).

No track.

ngl that goat looks cool


Ushiromiya Jessica

Jessica's really fun and she makes for a good friend, which she shows through her enthusiastic interactions with Shannon. She's not necessarily upbeat, but she's extremely considerate—to a fault—and has a charming sort of drive and extraversion when she's with people she can let loose with. She's particularly timid when she's not in her comfort zone and this can extend to an inane but cute anxiety because as soon as she finds her footing she completely replaces that anxiety with an excited confidence, and I think this is a shift you'll soon undergo in your moderation. She's such a loyal person to her most cherished people that she would really do anything for them, and not in the wishy-washy sense you'll often find if you ask most people if they'd do anything for their loved ones. She has a sad inner conflict where she's fighting between living the life ordained for her and using her time away from home as an escape to really be her excited self, and it wears on her all the time, but she rarely brings it up. This conflict explains the anxiety she has in new situations and in putting herself out there, but she's overall a really nice and sincere person, and it's hard to not be happy for her when she succeeds.

These are all things that make me think of you and your circumstances with work and behavior here. Oh, and she's also athletic, which I know you like. The track I've chosen for you is a pop-rock song version of Hope. I chose it because I know you like Hope and because Jessica's actually a singer for a band, too.



Ushiromiya Ange

Ange is a tragic character who became jaded as a result of her past, but even in face of her hardships, she values the people she has like no other. Because she's jaded, she went from someone starry-eyed and curious to someone outwardly more cynical, cold and tired. Her demeanor is aloof and no-nonsense sometimes, but what's touching about her is that she's emotional under her cold shell and has trouble not having the few people she loves around her. Her emotions used to waver significantly before the struggles she faced, but after witnessing the lost magic left behind by her cousin, her world gained color and she found a spiritual bond with the people she lost instead of a nihilistic dread because they're not in her physical vicinity. The cold shell is an obvious facade; she cherishes her loved ones and feels more confident in herself through them and she lives not only for herself, but for them, too. She's very passionate about the endeavors she decides to invest in, which ends up in her projects all having a lot of heart and effort put into them with an air of melancholy about them. If her endeavors fail, she becomes very crestfallen and afraid of being hurt again, but she eventually learns to press on regardless.

I chose the track Wingless for you, because I think it represents your struggles through life perfectly and how you continue to walk forward—defeated as you may feel—and reach toward the sky. I know you like more sentimental tracks, too, and the track in general is one of Ange's main themes.

do it you wench



Ronove used to be one of my favorite characters when I was midway through the story until I was about three-quarters through. You can probably tell by his portrait, but he's a very clever and funny character. He's mischievous even with whoever he serves, and his cleverness is enough that he could get away with sly jabs at much more higher-ranked characters. While he's mostly mischievous and silly, he knows when to behave more solemnly, and in those times he's especially mature and felicitous about his conduct. He has a strong understanding of context and is generally a confident person, both of these resulting in social excellence. He's very good-humored and doesn't discriminate about who becomes the target of that humor, either, being very cordial when others mock or pull a prank back on him. Aside from all these, he's also actually a very educated and well-read individual, which most people tend to overlook or never dare take the time to find out. It's interesting how he's one of the more directly intelligent characters yet is generally in a position of subservience. For all his intelligent and good intellectual and comedic sportsmanship, he's very self-aware and knows exactly who he is and what his place is.

I chose the track Life for you because it has a confident and intelligent tone. I love how passionate and inspiring it sounds and, while it doesn't give that mischievous air Ronove reminds me of regarding you, I think you can understand the importance of the sort of call to arms this track sounds like it's making, for all the defeated and yet persisting people out there.

Goatdamn he got a body like a freighter



Kanon is slightly timid, like Jessica above, but he has different reasons for it. Where Jessica is timid because of her forceful surroundings, Kanon has visceral issues with himself that cause him to be self-destructive. He's very pragmatic, but he'll often find self-defeating reasons to not pursue a goal that could get him out of whatever bad situation he's in for false ideas that he's not worthy or not human enough to be given an easy way out. He has an inner anger that he shows mostly in private which comes up as a wry sort of bitterness and cynicism towards most other people. Pushed far enough, he can get rather aggressive, but these all stem from those visceral issues with himself. He doesn't need to have some of these issues, and he knows it even more viscerally than where his mocking self-loathing roots. When he gets beyond these, he's a very smart and sweet but naive, rash and misunderstood person. He actually has a pretty cute sense of humor when he opens up a bit, even though he's so afraid to and goes back and forth between opening and closing up. His rashness gets him into trouble with other people based on silly miscommunications, but his intentions are always either to defend someone he cares about or vent his anger. He's a really good friend, though. He wouldn't betray someone he became close to unless he thought it was for their own good, and he's much better a person than he gives himself credit for (also he was really good at school and succeeded academically, where I know you will too).

I chose the track Apathy for you, Snatch Steal. You can hear that begrudging self-defeatism in the tone of the track, and you can feel an air of innocent struggle of someone kind of lost, but you can also sense a relaxed and optimistic underlying tone. It's very hopeful and you can tell that even in one's inner struggles, there's a lot of genuine good behind most of the person's acts.



Ushiromiya Rudolf

Rudolf is a fun character and I actually think he fits you perfectly even though I barely know you. He's like Ronove, where he's funny, mischievous and felicitous, but in a more macabre sense. Now, I know you're not actually a macabre person, but this point shines through in its darker solemnity. Dae at his most serious feels much lighter than you being mildly serious. Rudolf is like this, where while he's often smug or silly, he an very quickly become almost grimly serious when the time calls for it, with remarkably keen insights that you wouldn't normally expect from someone of his ilk. He has a good understanding of leadership and strategy, and he's very much willing to act decisively to do what needs to be done. Outside of these, though, he's often messing around or making scathing but funny remarks about others. He's good in a team, too, and he's a playboy. Part of his history is that he used to date a lot of women in his youth, actually, and I think this all combined to make someone who is very adult when they have to be—to a more striking degree than Ronove would imply—but unable to really stand being bored as a result of always having someone to play with on a whim.

No track.

I don't even know umineko is but I'm ready.


K, posting a comment and hoping to get the one that i am thinking of.


Goat Butlers

#7081109 Post and I'll give you a Umineko character

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 20 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

While I write longer messages for the other thread—of which the first is yet days away—I'll do this now so I don't have to wait for Black to do it and help tide over the wait for my other thread.


They'll include short justification, (maybe) a track and the character image/name. The track is meant to further communicate the sort of tone and aesthetic you invoke.


**Plot spoilers will be in actual spoilers


If I don't know you, you're Mitch or a Lithuanian then you'll get one of these generic goats:




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#7080655 Super Showdown Society

Posted by Featherine Augustus Aurora on 19 February 2018 - 09:41 PM



I put it on OU/uber/AG teams it has no place on.